How to clean the inside of the microwave from fat at home: 8 useful tips

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How to clean the inside of the microwave from fat at home: 8 useful tips
How to clean the inside of the microwave from fat at home: 8 useful tips

How to clean the inside of the microwave from grease and burning smell at home? Using folk remedies and household chemicals. Kitchen appliance care rules and video tips. The microwave is the simplest and most popular device in the kitchen. It saves time and energy, however, and requires regular maintenance. Since grease, fumes and dirt accumulate inside the chamber when heating or cooking food, you can clean them with special cleaning agents purchased from a store. But their price is quite high. Therefore, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the traditional methods of cleaning the inner surface of the microwave. They are in no way inferior to store-bought household chemicals, and even better cope with the task.

How to clean the inside of the microwave from fat - 8 tips

Girl cleans the microwave

Tip 1 - how to quickly clean the inside of the microwave using a steam bath

Two glasses of water inside the microwave for steam cleaning

Steam is suitable for cleaning lightly soiled microwave ovens without excessive accumulation of fat on the walls. If the microwave has a steam cleaning function, then this is the easiest way. Under the influence of steam condensate, the fat droplets will become soaked and can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Otherwise, add water to microwave-safe dishes. Put it in the chamber, turn on the oven and boil for 10 minutes at maximum power. If the dirt is old, then strengthen the action with vinegar or soda solution.

Tip 2: baking soda to clean the inside of the microwave

Three packs of baking soda

Pour some water into a bowl, put 50 g of baking soda and stir. Put it in a microwave and heat it at full power for 3 minutes. The baking soda mixture will absorb unpleasant odors and soften impurities. Remove the dishes and immediately wipe the walls with a wet sponge. Another way to clean the camera is to use a baking soda slurry. Dilute the soda with a little water, apply the mass to a napkin and wipe the walls of the device.

Tip 3 - how to clean the inside of the microwave from the fat with table vinegar

Bottle of table vinegar close up

Acetic acid will cleanse the microwave from old greasy stains and streaks to the state of a "bought new appliance". The tool softens fatty deposits well without damaging the coating of the walls of the device. The only negative is that the smell remains. Therefore, during the procedure, turn on the hood in the kitchen, and then leave the appliance open to weather. Pour water (1 tablespoon) into a plate and add a little 9% acid (2 tablespoons). Place it inside the microwave and turn it on for 5-7 minutes at maximum power. Then start wiping the inner surfaces with a cloth soaked in the same vinegar solution.

Tip 4: citric acid will easily deal with the fat inside the microwave

Microwave and three lemons

The acid dissolves fat well, kills mold with bacteria, removes soap stains and mineral deposits. 2 tsp dissolve in 100 g of warm water. Apply the solution to dirt and leave for 15 minutes. Remove the mixture with a soft sponge and rinse the chamber.

Tip 5: baking soda and table vinegar to remove grease inside the microwave

Table vinegar and a pack of baking soda

These elements enter into a chemical reaction that removes even very stubborn dirt and fumes that cannot be cleaned in the usual way. Cover contaminated areas with baking soda. Wet a sponge with clean vinegar and without wringing, apply to the dirty places, sprinkled with baking soda. A chemical reaction will begin that will remove the fat. Wait 5 minutes and wash off the baking soda and vinegar with plain water.

Tip 6: baking soda and citric acid

Microwave, soda bag and fresh lemon

The variation gives a similar reaction as with vinegar.The only thing is to add water to the mixture. First, mix two powders: 2 tsp. soda and 1 tsp. citric acid. Apply the mixture to a dry microwave surface and moisten with a damp sponge. A chemical reaction will begin immediately and will eat away at the fat. Wipe the microwave with a clean, wet sponge and remove any residue.

Tip 7: how easy it is to clean the grease inside the microwave with dishwashing detergent

Cleaning the microwave oven with detergent

Dissolve dish detergent, such as Fairy, in water. Place the container in the microwave. Preheat the chamber to bring the liquid to a boil. The soapy steam will soften the dirt and can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

Tip 8: laundry soap for cleaning the microwave inside

Several bars of laundry soap

Dissolve shavings of laundry soap in water and lather. From a spray bottle, sprinkle the composition on the walls of the microwave and leave for half an hour. Then wipe with a damp cloth.

Rules for caring for a microwave at home

The girl opens the microwave
  1. Disconnect the camera from the power supply before washing, that is, unplug it from the socket.
  2. Wire brushes and abrasive products must not be used.
  3. Do not use a large amount of water for washing, so as not to damage the internal elements.
  4. Do not use serious household chemicals either internally or externally.
  5. Do not accumulate large amounts of grease in the cooking space. Fat is a combustible substance that can ignite when using the oven.
  6. To prevent the appliance from becoming greasy, reheat food by covering it with a special lid.
  7. To prevent unpleasant odors from accumulating in the chamber, leave the inner door open for ventilation after each use.
  8. If the oven is equipped with a grill, do not wet the heating element, but wipe it with a dry sponge.
  9. Clean the device from all sides, not just the “insides”. Pay attention to the rear grill, which also collects dirt and dust.
  10. If you see dirt inside the appliance, never disassemble the oven. This is prohibited by safety precautions. Even if you disassemble and reassemble it, it can explode when turned on.

If you still have questions about how to quickly and easily clean the microwave, or if you want to clearly see how this is done, I suggest watching the videos:

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