How to remove fungus from bathroom tiles?

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How to remove fungus from bathroom tiles?
How to remove fungus from bathroom tiles?

Causes and signs of fungus in the bathroom. Caused harm to the bathroom and to the person. Prevention and methods of struggle with folk and industrial means. Video tips. The beauty of a bathroom is not only stylish tiles, exquisite plumbing and expensive furniture. It's still clean and tidy. However, the washroom often has high levels of humidity, and poor ventilation contributes to the appearance of fungus on tiles and seams. A dark coating not only spoils the appearance of the room, but also poses a threat to the health of the inhabitants of the house. However, regular cleaning will not help remove harmful bacteria. We will learn how to remove fungus on a tile in a bathroom at home.

The causes of fungus in the bathroom

Dark fungus on bathroom tiles

Black-gray plaque begins to germinate when the right atmosphere is created for it:

  1. High humidity above 90%.
  2. The air temperature is above 20 ° C.
  3. Poor ventilation.
  4. Lack of natural light.
  5. Condensate. It usually forms on cast iron pipes and cold walls.
  6. Poor waterproofing.
  7. Insufficient heating of the heated towel rail.

Signs of fungus on bathroom tiles

The tile and bathroom are affected by fungus

Plaque can be found on any surface: walls, seams between tiles, shower tray, plumbing, pipes … This substance is slightly fluffy to the touch and has a black, gray or greenish color. Sometimes the appearance of the fungus cannot be noticed, since it develops under wall and floor tiles or in places inaccessible to the eyes. Then pay attention to the musty smell in the room.

The harm of fungus in the bathroom

Fungus at the joints between the tiles in the bathroom

Mold can cause irreparable harm to the bathroom:

  1. Deteriorate the appearance of the finish.
  2. Destroy building materials.
  3. Collapse the structure.

Also, the appearance of black plaque entails a number of serious diseases and poor health. Some people report headaches and coughs. And if you do not fight the emerging fungus for a long time, then asthma, runny nose and rheumatism may occur. People with dermatological diseases develop dermatosis and candidiasis. Children develop allergies that can persist throughout their lives.

Prevention of the appearance of fungus on the tiles in the bathroom

Preventive cleaning of bathroom tiles

To prevent black mold from appearing in the bathroom, certain recommendations should be followed

  1. Install effective ventilation. Install it on mains if necessary.
  2. Keep doors open to ventilate the area well. This will increase the air exchange in the room.
  3. There must be sufficient heat transfer from the heated towel rail all year round. Therefore, if there is no stationary, then install a model that works from the network.
  4. Remove accumulated condensation.
  5. Seal the joints between the wall with the sink and the shower stall so that moisture does not accumulate in hard-to-reach places.
  6. Clean up the leaking taps and replace the gaskets on the mixer.
  7. Dry the laundry outdoors. Drying in the bathroom is a stimulus for the development of plaque.
  8. There is always water at the bottom of the toothbrush cup, which creates a moist environment that encourages the growth of the fungus.
  9. Install doors with ventilation holes in the room. Then there will be no stagnation of moist air.

Methods to combat fungus on bathroom tiles

Three ways to clean bathroom tiles from fungus

When black mold appears, you can try to get rid of it by establishing a microclimate in the room. If this cannot be done, then special improvised means or industrial antiseptics will help to remove it. Before starting the fight against fungal contamination, purchase the following items:

  1. Rubber gloves. They will keep the liquid from getting on your skin.
  2. Respirator. It will be needed for treatment with a chlorine-containing liquid.
  3. A brush. She applies the composition.
  4. Dishes. Concentrate is diluted in it.
  5. Glasses. They will protect your eyes.
  6. Spray. A solution is applied to them.

How to remove fungus from tiles in the bathroom with folk remedies?

The girl tries to clean the tiles from the fungus in the bathroom

Black mold in the bathroom can be cleaned with folk remedies.

Tea tree oil

2-3 tbsp. dissolved in 0.5 l of water and sprayed onto the contaminated area. The solution is not washed off. The bath is not taken for 12 hours.

Soda and vinegar

This remedy is suitable for damaged horizontal surfaces. Sprinkle the plaque with soda and pour over with table vinegar. When the foam settles, wash off the residue with soap and water.

Boric acid, vinegar and peroxide

Mix 4 parts water, 2 parts vinegar, 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and 1 part boric acid. The solution is used to wipe the affected areas.


The substance is dissolved in alcohol or oil and the damaged surface is treated. Creosote is used only for brick and concrete surfaces.

How to remove fungus from bathroom tiles - industrial remedies

Girl holding chemical agents for fungus in her hands

Specialty stores sell mold removers.

Copper sulfate

The original packaging contains detailed instructions for its use. Usually, for processing, 100 g of vitriol is diluted in 10 liters of water. The substance is applied with a brush.

Chlorine-containing liquids

High concentration solutions based on chlorine - domestos, toilet bowl sanitizer, whiteness, domestic bleach. The agent is applied to the mold with a spray gun, capturing more of the spot area. After processing, it is washed off with water and the room is ventilated.


Remove plaque from the affected area with a scraper, dry this place and apply an antiseptic. If necessary, carry out several treatments. And if the mold has eaten into the surface, then only repair will help. To do this, remove all the finishing and dry the room. An antiseptic, plaster is applied and finishing work is carried out.

How to remove fungus from bathroom tiles - video tips

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How to remove fungus in the bathroom

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