Gift options for the New Year 2018

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Gift options for the New Year 2018
Gift options for the New Year 2018

Gift ideas for the New Year 2018 for parents, loved ones, children, colleagues. DIY gifts. Tips and tricks. Preparations for the New Year begins suddenly. A few weeks before the main holiday of the year, we decorate our home, choose an outfit, prepare food and make a menu. But we always postpone the choice of gifts for children, loved ones, relatives, friends, colleagues, although we need to think about them in advance. We share useful tips to help you decide on the choice of gifts for the New Year 2018.

How to choose a gift for NG 2018: tips and tricks

Boxes withts on white background

To guess with the right present, take a closer look at what is close to your family and friends, what they talk about, dream about, etc. At the same time, keep in mind that the coming year will be held under the protection of your favorite pet - the Yellow Earth Dog. This is a peaceful, generous and good-natured animal that takes care of children and family values. Also, do not forget that the patron of 2018 of the ruling element is Earth. These aspects influence the choice of presents. Therefore, New Year's gifts should reflect the main qualities of the year:

  • friendliness;
  • sincerity;
  • generosity;
  • unselfishness;
  • Justice;
  • chastity;
  • developed intuition (amazing "flair");
  • sociability.

Characteristics of the element Earth: abundance, wealth, wisdom, fertility. Therefore, gifts should be expressed in an appropriate color scheme:

  • khaki;
  • yellow;
  • coffee;
  • Brown;
  • golden;
  • olive.

The neutral color is white. It is permissible to combine it with other colors. Of course, the gift may have a different color. However, in order for it to belong to the elements of the Earth, it should be wrapped in a package of the appropriate scale. For example, corrugated paper, cardboard box or bag.

We recommend that you make a list before choosing gifts. When you know what you are looking for, you will save time, effort and money. Also refrain from hygiene products or cosmetics if you do not know the person well, as there is a risk of not guessing with preferences. And do not give gifts associated with illness and reminiscent of age.

Gift Ideas for New Year 2018

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Gifts can be thematic, practical, creative and others. You can dwell on New Year's gift sets: care products, home decorations, household items. But it is better for parents, spouses, children, friends and colleagues to pick up individual presents.

New Year's gift for parents

Girl gives at to her mom

The most dear people for us are our parents. They need to be congratulated in a special way. Pick up a gift related to their hobby or home comfort. This can be a certificate for a pool, a beauty salon, a warm robe, a blanket, bed linen, home appliances. For mom, choose accessories for the kitchen or a service, for dad, something from technology or a warm scarf. For parents with an active lifestyle, present a skating rink ticket, a ticket to a concert or a video showroom.

New Year's gift for spouses

Married couple opens a box with at

You can choose the simpler path and limit yourself to a shirt for the husband and underwear for the wife. But it is better to take a closer look at the dreams and interests of the spouses or pick up a gift that symbolizes your care, love and attention. Perhaps the husband dreams of a thermo mug for work, a cooling pad, an electronic cigarette, a wireless mouse, cufflinks, a business card holder, an accessory for the car. And the wife will be happy with perfumes, gold jewelry or a trip.

New Year's gift for children

Girl holding a box with a New Year'st in her hand

When choosing a gift for children, you need to focus on the gender and age of the child. Do not please little children of any gender with Santa Claus and Snegurochka, but invite your favorite cartoon character home or arrange a small children's play with fairy-tale characters.Treat little boys with kinetic sand or a superhero toy, girls with a backpack with an animal image or a toy from her collection.

For a 10 year old boy, choose a phone or a camera, girls - jewelry, decorative cosmetics or clothes. At the age of 15, an interesting gift for a boy will be a magician's set, binoculars, a telescope, a telescope, a Connoisseur construction set or a set of young explorers. The girls will be delighted with the “Needlewoman” set, a cooking master class, the book “100 cocktail recipes”, and a set for playing Ping Pong. Surprise an adult son with a certificate for a tasting exhibition of elite alcoholic beverages or a tie clip, a daughter with a jewelry with the desired engraving on the surface or a stylish leather wallet.

New year gift for the elderly

Grandson giving his grandfather a new yeart

Grandmothers and grandfathers, despite their age, like children believe in miracles and expect attention from children and grandchildren. Therefore, they cannot be ignored. Present your grandfather a rattan rocking chair or a smoking pipe, grandmother a knitting kit, a flowerpot or houseplants.

As they reach old age, people begin to appreciate objects that resemble their youth. A family photo album made by hand will be a pleasant surprise for old people.

New Year's gift to colleagues and friends

Book wrapped in a Christmast ribbon

It is better for colleagues to choose practical things: notebooks, business card holders, pens, alcohol, tea or coffee sets, table clocks, parkers, ashtrays. Among the original gifts are a backlit keyboard, a desktop weather station, tickets for an event, a floor or wall biofireplace. For women, an aroma lamp, household items, dishes are suitable, for men - cigarette cases, ties or USB sticks.

Universal gifts for NG 2018

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Anything can be universal gifts for loved ones, friends and colleagues: an e-book, a simulator, sports equipment, a floor globe bar, a mantel clock, a flowerpot, silver kitchen utensils, a certificate to a store, accessories for a bath, an anti-theft device … Motorists can use a video recorder, breathalyzer, car coffee maker or kettle, rug, car communicator. Fans of fishing will be delighted with a beer mug with an inscription or a photograph, a brazier or a charcoal grill, an armchair, hooks. There is a large selection of computer accessories: mouse pad, USB-backlit keyboard, flash drive, mouse, laptop briefcase.

DIY Christmas gifts

Homemade snow globe close up

If you are a creative person, do your own Christmas crafts, it always looks original. As an improvised material, cardboard, textiles, jewelry are suitable. For example, candles and a photo frame look good from coffee beans. You can also decorate the photo frame with buttons or beans. Use old jeans to make a case for glasses, a cell phone, a cover for a passport or a book. The tops of unnecessary boots are perfect for key chains or photo frames. Use CDs for wall clock base, original balcony curtains, cup coasters. An interesting idea - interior design pillows for the home. Also, do not neglect homemade New Year's sweets in the form of a Christmas tree, snowflake, Santa Claus, a symbol of 2018. Looks beautiful, healthy and tasty - fruit basket. Delicious realization of the gift idea - chocolate figurines.

Gift ideas for New Year 2018 to friends:

DIY gifts for the New Year 2018:

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