Crafts from seeds with their own hands

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Crafts from seeds with their own hands
Crafts from seeds with their own hands

What are crafts from seeds, preparation of materials for creativity. The best ideas for crafts from seeds with your own hands: applications, volumetric figures, decorating souvenirs and household items.

Crafts made from seeds are a great opportunity to show your creative inclinations and teach kids to needlework. The lesson will help children develop fine motor skills and perseverance, and adults will have fun with their families. There is material for crafts in almost every home, because many people like to snap seeds. And the originality and attractive appearance of the products justify the efforts spent on them.

What are seed crafts?

Making crafts from seeds

In the photo, the process of making crafts from seeds

Souvenirs, decor items from cereals and seeds are far from a new idea. Even our distant ancestors used the gifts of nature to create amulets. The seed was considered the embryo of life, so it was treated with care. It was believed that nature laid tremendous power in the seed. If you have such a talisman in the house, there will always be prosperity and prosperity.

In our times, crafts are more popular as a means of self-expression, original decor in eco-style. For children, they are good because they improve fine motor skills, which is closely related to speech activity. Folk art is popular in kindergarten, elementary school as a way to develop attentiveness and perseverance in kids.

Hand-made crafts from seeds are also beneficial for adults. Immersion in creativity relieves stress and emotional tension, allows you to express yourself from a new side, reveals your creative potential, helps to find non-standard solutions to life's problems.

Important! Crafts from seeds will be useful to everyone. And the hostesses will get new ideas for interior decoration.

Preparation of materials for making crafts

Multi-colored seeds for making crafts

Any craft starts with an idea. Think about what kind of product you ultimately want to see what materials will be needed for it. Children can decorate a plasticine hedgehog figurine with sunflower seeds, make an applique. Housewives will be more interested in decorating flower pots or kitchen containers. Plant seeds provide a lot of room for creative ideas, so everyone will find inspiration in them.

To create appliqués and volumetric shapes, 3 types of seeds are mainly used:

  • watermelon;
  • pumpkin;
  • sunflower.

Sunflower and watermelon seeds are deep black, so they are mainly used without staining. If you decide to tint the material, you will need persistent saturated dyes, for example, acrylics. For dyeing dark seeds, choose colors that are close in tone - gray, white, blue. Too bright or light shades look dirty, untidy.

But for harvesting multi-colored material, pumpkin seeds are more suitable. They have a natural beige tint, so they can be easily painted with gouache, watercolors, acrylic paints or food dyes.

There are 2 ways to get a non-ferrous material. The first involves brushing each seed with a brush. After preparation, the material is dried in the sun.

The second method is suitable for harvesting a large amount of material:

  1. Dilute the paint with water.
  2. Pour it into a plastic bag. The richer the shade is required, the more dye you add.
  3. Place the seeds in a bag, tie and shake gently to color the seeds evenly. To obtain a lasting shade, hold the blank in the bag for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Remove the seeds and dry them in the sun.
  5. Fold into a craft container.

In addition to seeds, additional materials will be required for creativity. It is best to "plant" seeds on plasticine: they smoothly enter the material and hold firmly in it. The method is suitable for creating both appliqués and volumetric products. Plasticine is ideal for children's crafts from seeds: it is easy and safe to work with.

Adults can use silicone glue to decorate household items. It securely fixes the seeds to the volumetric surface. Handle the adhesive with gloves, remembering to ventilate the area.

For appliqués, you will also need colored paper or cardboard. Use cereals, seeds of other plants, nuts, dried leaves and herbs, etc. as additional materials. They will decorate the handicrafts, giving them originality and a unique design solution.

The best seed craft ideas

Contemporary applied art offers a wide variety of products made from natural materials: appliqués, voluminous handicrafts, souvenirs, panels, decoration of small household items. Prepare the necessary materials before starting work. If you are going to use silicone glue, ventilate the area. Young children should be supervised to avoid accidents.

Seed applications

Seeds applique

Applique is the simplest type of seed craft. To make it, you will need cardboard for the base, plasticine or glue for attaching the seeds. Whichever drawing you choose, first outline the outline on the cardboard, distribute the materials and colors. Only now can you get to work.

Further, popular crafts from seeds step by step:

  • Sunflower… This is the simplest app for babies. For her, you need a drawing of a sunflower with an unpainted center. Print or draw your own picture of a flower. Cut it out and glue it to a base, for example, blue cardboard. Lay out the middle of the flower with a thin layer of black plasticine. Place the seeds on it so that they fit snugly together. The craft is ready. The kid can demonstrate it in kindergarten!
  • Craft from seeds "Flowers"… The idea is simple, suitable for kindergarten kids. For implementation, you will need multi-colored pumpkin seeds, painted in one of the ways described above. Cardboard or thick paper is used as a base. For fastening and the middle of the flowers, take plasticine of different shades. Roll small balls out of it and glue on cardboard in random order. Now, in a circle, insert pumpkin seeds of the same color into each ball to make flowers. You can combine them into a bouquet, draw a basket or a vase: the flight of imagination is endless.
  • Craft from watermelon seeds "Hedgehog"… It is easy to make a watermelon seed applique in the shape of a hedgehog. Draw the outline of the animal on cardboard or paper. Color the spout brown or glue the corresponding figurine made of colored paper. Lay out the body with a thin layer of black plasticine. Now, placing the seeds on the edge, firmly fasten them on the plasticine in rows. These will be the hedgehog's needles. You can decorate the picture with pictures of fruits or mushrooms.
  • Craft from sunflower seeds "Owl"… It will be interesting for children to lay out an owl figurine on cardboard, especially since the bird turns out to be charming and cute. First, draw or print the outline of an owl on cardboard: for this you need to draw only 2 circles. Inside the first one, draw the eyes in the form of 2 ovals, touching each other. Don't forget the pupils. Cover the rest of the space with sunflower seeds using plasticine or glue. Make the paws of an owl from beige plasticine, claws from seeds.
  • Craft "Tree" from pumpkin seeds… A simple application that requires cardboard, brown paper, orange and red pumpkin seeds, and glue. Cut out the outline of the tree trunk from brown paper and glue it to cardboard.Arrange pumpkin seeds around the top of the tree to simulate leaves. Secure them to the cardboard with silicone glue. The application is ready!

Crafts from seeds for children in the form of applications are very simple. Any kid can handle them. Be sure to show your children this technique: it perfectly develops imagination and fine motor skills.

Volumetric figures from seeds

Volumetric figurine of a hedgehog from seeds

Natural materials are one of the best ways to make small gifts or crafts for a child's daycare center. Plasticine is used as a basis. Seeds are used as decor and to create a textured surface. You can connect other materials as well - beads, sparkles, pieces of cardboard, etc.

Further ideas for small souvenirs and crafts for kindergarten from seeds:

  • Laying hen… You can put a charming chicken on a plate or in a basket: depending on this, choose the size of the product. Prepare materials for crafts from seeds and plasticine. We will decorate the chicken with watermelon or sunflower seeds. Sculpt the body of a chicken out of black plasticine. Place the seeds tightly and fill the entire surface of the craft. If desired, make a white "plumage" on the wings and tail from pumpkin seeds. Sculpt the eyes, beak and comb of the bird from plasticine, fix them over the seeds.
  • Craft "Hedgehog" from seeds… Similar to the previous product, you can make a hedgehog-shaped craft. Sculpt the body of a hedgehog from dark plasticine, make the muzzle out of light material. Eyes, nose - made of black plasticine. Decorate the body of the animal with watermelon or sunflower seeds tightly spaced to each other.
  • Craft from pumpkin seeds "Dahlias"… To make flowers, you will need wire, green corrugated paper, plasticine, pumpkin seeds and black peppercorns. Wrap the wire with green paper, cut it into strips from above, forming a sepal. From plasticine, mold a ball the size of a ruble coin, put it on the wire. Place the pumpkin seeds in a circle, deepening them into the plasticine. Place a few black peppercorns in the middle.

Knowing how to make a craft from seeds, you can always please your friends and loved ones with an original souvenir!

Seed souvenirs

Flowerpot decor with seeds

With the help of natural materials, you can originally decorate household items and small souvenirs, for example, a photo frame or a flower vase. Crafts from pumpkin seeds, watermelon or sunflower are an ideal means of creating an author's design. When decorating objects, combine different colors and shapes as you like.

Further ideas for crafts from watermelon seeds, pumpkin and other seeds:

  • Frame… For decoration, take a ready-made frame or make it yourself from cardboard or wood. You will need to use silicone glue to secure the seeds. Do not immediately lubricate the entire surface: act in small spots or in small areas, as the glue dries quickly. Flower combinations of pumpkin seeds, covered with watermelon seeds, a combination of colored materials look beautiful.
  • Craft "Flower pot" from pumpkin seeds with your own hands… Pumpkin seeds are ideal for decorating a plastic flower pot with a flat, solid surface. Color the seeds in different bright colors in advance, and the pot green. When the paint is dry, glue the pumpkin seeds, arranging them in the shape of flowers. Use peas or black pepper as the center.
  • Casket… Any cardboard box is suitable for making a souvenir. You can create a decor design at your discretion, combining colors and patterns. Prepare seeds of the desired colors. Glue them randomly to the box with silicone glue. The combination of contrasting shades (black and white, light beige and coffee) looks beautiful. Create a vibrant box with red flowers on a green or blue background.In general, here fantasy can fully manifest itself.
  • Decorative "cactus"… If you don't like planting flowers on the window, but you sometimes want to see the coveted pot on the windowsill, make a decorative cactus from pumpkin seeds. Take a thick branch, place it in a regular flower pot and secure it with earth. You can put decorative stones on top. Roll a ball or ellipse from green plasticine to the size of the future cactus. Put it on a branch (choose its length at your discretion). Place the seeds painted in a green shade in plasticine. The cactus is ready. The pot can be presented to friends as a comic souvenir.

How to make a craft from seeds - watch the video:

Making crafts from seeds is an original way of self-expression, manifestation of imagination and creativity. In this area of ​​needlework, there are interesting ideas for both children and adults that can be easily implemented.

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