DIY gift for mom on March 8

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DIY gift for mom on March 8
DIY gift for mom on March 8

Features of making crafts, materials and tools. The best gift ideas for mom on March 8: paper, thread, felt and other materials. Recommendations of the masters.

A gift for mom on March 8 is a congratulation on the first spring holiday, but at the same time a declaration of love to the closest and dearest person. A sincere desire to please mom is welcome, of course, at any time, but a gift on Women's Day is also able to give strength, inspire, she understands how much she is loved and appreciated at home. It is better for mom to prepare gifts for March 8 in advance. Your efforts will be rewarded with delight and warm hugs.

Features of making a gift for mom on March 8

How to make at for mom on March 8

The tradition of celebrating International Women's Day is relatively young. In the middle of the 19th century, the first high-profile demonstrations with the participation of women were held, and in the early 20th these marches were intensified by the socialist political movement. The complex and completely unromantic story of the holiday already by the 60s of the 20th century was transformed into a triumph of spring, warmth and love. Each Soviet schoolchild considered it his duty to prepare a gift for his mother, teachers, classmates.

On March 8, it is customary for women to give flowers and sweets, but for the dearest and nearest, the list of gifts is expanding. Most often, gifts are presented to mom for March 8, made by hand.

This presentation has a number of advantages:

  • the type, shape and size of the gift is selected depending on the tastes of the woman;
  • the color scheme is fully consistent with the preferences of the lady;
  • the time and effort spent will truly be appreciated.

In addition, homemade presents are exclusive, worthy of the woman who gave you life. Of course, it is not necessary to limit yourself to just one product, your gift for mom on March 8 can be supplemented with sweets, flowers, wishes, but the solo role in such a set will still be played by the item that you made yourself. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that mom knows your creative possibilities very well, which means that the craft must be created on the verge or even a little more complicated than your previous creations. Thus, you will show without words that you put all your strength and love into congratulations.

Another important thing about gifts for moms is that they can be useful or very personal. This significantly expands the boundaries for creativity. To make a useful present, you don't have to learn techniques from scratch, creating new things, you can also alter or improve household utensils, for example, make a beautiful inscription on a cutting board or decorate the house with festive garlands. On March 8, you can give your mom whatever you want.

Note! Recently, the holiday has been increasingly controversial among supporters of the feminist movement. There are calls for canceling celebrations and refusing gifts, but, of course, these calls do not apply to gifts for mom by March 8. After all, any reason to please her is wonderful.

All gifts for mom on March 8 with their own hands are divided into several categories:

  • For emotions… Souvenirs and crafts that will delight you with pleasant wishes and your efforts in creating them. These gifts include postcards, children's drawings, decorative paper crafts, such as garlands for home decoration.
  • For decor… Figurines, paintings, embossings or other decorative items made by you personally. Such a gift, unlike festive garlands, will decorate the house even after the end of the celebration, and the exclusivity of the product will add a separate charm to the craft.
  • Useful… With your own hands, you can make a gift for mom on March 8 from a tree, for example, a cutting board, or knit a scarf with your own hands. You can easily figure out what exactly your mom needs by helping her around the house for a few days or asking leading questions.

First, it is recommended to decide on the category of the gift, and then pick up materials. So, for example, crafts for emotions can be made of paper, yarn, beads, and even candy wrappers. Of course, mom will be pleased with any gift from the heart, but psychologists say that crafts in the favorite colors of the person who are gifted evoke a greater response. It is noteworthy that the base material of emotional crafts does not have to be durable at all. But decorative and applied crafts are best created from strong materials. It is also better to choose the color of such crafts depending on the preferences of the mother, but take into account the general interior of the room.

Whatever idea of ​​a gift for your mom on March 8 you choose, do not forget about working tools. So, in addition to sharp clerical scissors, you may need needles, pistol glue, decorative glitter, or textile paints. Additional materials depend on the technique you choose to use in your work.

For mom, it is better to prepare a gift for March 8 in advance, then you will have time to make several crafts. In this case, it is better to present them gradually: in the morning, hand over a simple postcard, closer to lunch, a bouquet of foamiran with sweets, and in the evening - a beautiful homemade decoration. Prolonged congratulations are intriguing and increase the joy of new gifts.

Best gift ideas for mom on March 8

Gift ideas can be found online, but if you have never tried doing something with your own hands, it is better to choose master classes with simple techniques. These include applique, origami, flat beadwork and a number of others. Before starting work, carefully read the instructions and soberly assess your strength. Choose only an idea that you understand, but do not forget to experiment - change the color of the craft, personalize the shape. For the first gifts, paper or textile cards, felt needles or knitted jewelry are suitable, and as skills develop, the complexity of the crafts can be increased.

Paper gifts

Gift for mom on March 8 made of paper

Gifts from paper for March 8 are taught to mom to make in kindergarten. Greeting cards with cute children's drawings evoke a sea of ​​emotions and tenderness in adults. The easiest way to create a postcard is to use an A5 sheet as a base. Flowers are drawn on the front side, and a wish is written or drawn on the back.

Another simple idea for the little ones is to decorate the paper base of the card with pasta bows. Pasta should first be painted (you can use gouache), and only then attached to paper with PVA glue.

Older children, on the other hand, can make voluminous flowers out of paper using the origami technique. If you follow the instructions, it is very easy and quick to fold a bouquet of paper tulips, orchids or even roses. Garlands and decorative details for a festive home are created according to the same principle. However, it should be borne in mind that paper decor is short-lived.

Volumetric decoration of a paper base for a postcard can also be done using the quilling technique. It is simple enough, but it will take patience from you. Before starting work, it is necessary to cut a large number of blank strips from colored paper.

A gift for mom made of paper for March 8 can be practical. For example, make a jewelry box, stationery organizer, or photo frame with your own hands. Applied art uses the same applique and origami techniques that are necessary to create beautiful postcards.

Yarn gifts

Gifts from yarn to mom on March 8

Yarn is an ideal material for home crafts. From it you can create both souvenir products and useful ones.The most practical and at the same time stylish gifts for March 8 for mom will be independently knitted scarves, hats or shawls, because we are talking about the beginning of spring, which is still cool in many regions.

However, such crafts require knitting and crocheting skills. If you don't know how to handle special tools yet, try knitting on your hands. Using a simple but interesting technique, you will make an unusual blanket as a gift in an hour or less.

Knitting by hand, although a simple technology for obtaining unusual gifts, requires the use of special extra thick yarn. If you do not have the opportunity to buy such yarn, do not be discouraged, even classic postcards decorated using the isothread technique can please your mother.

Note! The beauty of homemade gifts is that every year you can repeat the techniques to create them (for example, work with only yarn), but the gift will be different each time. In one year, it may be a small potholder, and in another, a handmade hat or scarf. But you may enjoy experimenting with new technologies better.

Felt gifts

Gifts from felt to mom on March 8

Even if you never took a needle and thread in your hands, did not sew by hand, you will be able to make a wonderful gift for your mom on March 8 with your own hands, if you take felt as a basis. It is a fairly dense, yet soft fabric that can be found in textile stores or art stores.

Today's industry provides the widest range of fabric color palettes, so you can choose your mother's favorite shade. The felt does not crumble on the cuts, and the two parts are well connected with the help of a machine seam, and with the help of a hand-made stitch, and even with PVA glue.

Thus, felt can be used to create unusual soft cards, and for decorative or applied gifts. It is better to make the first volumetric crafts simple in shape, for example, a square pillow or a miniature needle bed. And only when you are well acquainted with the material, proceed to complex products - soft toys in the form of animals, felt flowers, decor.

Note! As a filler for felt toys, the synthetic winterizer, which is sold in creative stores, is best suited, but you can use cotton wool or silica gel (if the design of the product allows it).

Foamiran gifts

Gifts from foamiran to mom on March 8

Foamiran, foamy in structure, is perfect for creating artificial flowers, which in appearance practically do not differ from real ones. And flowers are, in turn, a traditional gift for mom on March 8th.

To surprise your loved one with a non-trivial present, in addition to a homemade foamiran bouquet, you can make an unusual decor for your home. Luxurious garlands are formed from the buds, compositions for table decoration are created.

But most of all, perhaps, home-made jewelry will surprise you. Small flowers from foamiran are attached to ear wires, pins for brooches, hairpins. You can make a real kit. Well, for modern mothers who follow fashion trends, flower headbands are suitable.

Flowers from foamiran can also be used to decorate purchased gifts for mom by March 8th. Attach the bud to a weekly journal, organizer or box of chocolates, and the purchase will sparkle with completely new colors. Even when the weekly planner is used, the organizer is hidden in the shelf, and the candies are eaten, the foamiran flower will remind you of your wonderful gift.

Wooden gifts

At from a tree to mom on March 8

Wood is the most relevant material for applied gifts. However, here you cannot do without the help of experienced craftsmen and special tools for processing the material. In addition to the base for a gift for mom on March 8 made of wood, you may need a drill, sandpaper, and a burner. So, from the cut of the trunk, you can make an excellent cutting board, and burn out the gift inscription with a burner.

If you want to surprise Mom, draw a small picture on the tree using a hot tip. In order for the work to look neater, on the cleaned base, first draw the blank with a pencil, and only then darken the required areas with a burner. Such a picture will undoubtedly surprise not only mom, but all the guests of the house.

But even the smallest ones can make an unusual gift for their mother on March 8 from a tree. To do this, you will need a small tube-shaped cardboard base and thin twigs. Peel the branches and cut into equal lengths, slightly larger than the height of the base tube. Glue the twigs to a cardboard blank with a dense palisade to create an unusual holder for pens and pencils or makeup brushes. Additionally, such a stand can be decorated with a soutache thread.

Instead of a cardboard base, you can also take a narrow glass jar. In this case, the craft can be used as a vase. The same technique of connecting branches is used to create unusual bracelets or pendants for mom. Wooden parts must be fixed on a rigid base to create an original decoration.

Note! Sweet gifts are favorites on March 8, but they can be presented in a special way for mom. Individually wrapped candies will easily fit into all the techniques described above. For example, a paper flower in the core can contain a little sweetness, make a basket out of felt, and add candy buds to a foamiran bouquet.

How to make a gift for mom on March 8 - watch the video:

A gift for mom on March 8 is a manifestation of your love and care for the most dear woman in the world. She will truly appreciate the time and effort that you spent on creating the craft, and especially if you learned a new non-standard technique for this. It is this light and warm desire to please the mother that makes the holiday atmosphere truly spring.

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