Do-it-yourself beautiful crafts for March 8

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Do-it-yourself beautiful crafts for March 8
Do-it-yourself beautiful crafts for March 8

Where did the tradition of giving gifts for March 8th come from? Materials and tools, the best ideas on how to make crafts for March 8: from paper, yarn, felt and other materials. Councils of the masters.

Crafts for March 8 are for many a symbol of the coming spring and sunny days. Self-made creations warm with the warmth that the master put into their creation, and remind of the happy hours of creativity. But most often, by March 8, such crafts are created not just to decorate the house, but as a gift to beloved and close girls, girls, women. In order to really like such a gift, you need to understand the nuances of the holiday and the traditions of giving.

Features of gifts for March 8

Gifts for March 8

March 8 as International Women's Day was established to draw public attention to the problems of the beautiful half of humanity. The first rallies and demonstrations were held at the beginning of the 20th century, but by the middle of the century, the political background had faded. Today, at the beginning of spring, women are congratulated on their day, presented with flowers and gifts. The very same celebration symbolizes the imminent arrival of spring, the flowering of beauty and warmth.

Most Soviet schoolchildren did their own handicrafts for March 8, while adults bought industrially made gifts. However, the values ​​of the holiday and its traditions are changing. Instead of slogans and the struggle for equality, March 8 is now associated with tenderness and gentleness, and instead of purchased boxes, homemade products are increasingly given.

This phenomenon was investigated in 2019 by the marketing company Nielsen (USA), which conducted a large-scale sociological survey on women's desires. As it turned out, modern women value their time most of all. Here we are talking about both their personal time and the hours that you are willing to spend to prepare a homemade surprise. But in the context of gifts, originality is also important. It is the hand-made crafts by March 8 that are truly exclusive gifts. And due to the fact that you took your time to create them, they will be appreciated with great trepidation and warmth.

For beautiful crafts on March 8, you can use almost any materials for creativity, depending on the technique you choose. But don't forget to keep the holiday theme in mind when designing your creations. So, the iconic elements for crafts by March 8 are the infinity sign or figure eight, the image of flowers or smiles.

In many countries, Mother's Day is celebrated on the same day, so you can place an image of a mother with a baby on the craft. It is better to choose the color scheme of materials in the favorite color of the girl for whom the present is intended, but if you find it difficult to decide, use light pastel colors.

If you have never created homemade gifts, then use simple techniques for creativity - applique on paper, sewing, isothread or knitting. Using detailed master classes, you can also make the most beautiful crafts for March 8 and in more complex techniques - creating artificial flowers, embroidery with ribbons, decoupage.

At the same time, you practically do not have to buy materials for work, everything you need can be found at home:

  • Paper… It is the basic material for handicrafts. A thick white sheet can be used as a basis for postcards, and you can decorate a craft with colored clippings. You can also make garlands from paper to decorate your home for the holiday.
  • Yarn… It is more often used to decorate fabric bases, but if you are ready to master knitting techniques, you can make the most original crafts for March 8 for mothers or grandmothers.
  • Felt or other thick fabric… Textiles add warmth and comfort to the craft. To create volume, two symmetrical blanks are sewn together and filled with cotton wool, padding polyester, foam rubber.
  • Satin ribbons… They look beautiful and are used both for decorating products with luxurious bows and for packaging crafts.
  • Foamiran… A modern material for creating artificial flowers. Crafts for March 8 with a revelor (another name for the material) are actually very simple, but they look like living things, the main thing is to master a few simple rules of working with foamiran.

You can also use various atypical materials in your work, for example, individually wrapped sweets or chocolates. In some cases, plastic cups and even empty plastic bottles will come in handy. Do not limit your imagination, then you will be able to make the craft for March 8 original.

If you decide to make a voluminous toy, pincushion, pendant as a gift, sprinkle the filler with a drop of the girl's favorite perfume. This will give the gift an unusual aura. As fillers, you can use not only soft synthetic winterizer, but also dense gel substances. They are purchased in specialized stores.

To work in various techniques, you will need sharp scissors, PVA glue or pistol glue, colored pencils, felt-tip pens or paints, DIY crafts for March 8 can be additionally decorated with sparkles.

Before starting work, carefully read the recommendations and check if the house has everything you need to work on the gift. The easiest to create are paper crafts for March 8, but to make a useful gift, for example, a needle bar, you will need to combine several techniques together.

The best craft ideas for March 8

The advantage of homemade gifts is that you can give a woman a lot of crafts. You can make a paper wish card, a bouquet of flowers or a soft toy, and decorate the house with homemade garlands and flowers. If you start preparing for the holiday in advance, then by spring you will have a whole set of exquisite gifts ready.



If we talk about paper crafts for March 8, then the thought of postcards immediately suggests itself. Even children can make a small beautiful souvenir. For the base of the postcard, you can take thick white cardboard or plain paper. To add color to the base, use watercolors, paint the blank in the desired color or combine several colors with a beautiful gradient.

You can decorate the card with cut flowers, butterflies or drawings. Volumetric decorative elements look very original - flowers made using the origami technique or glued to the base of the drawing using the quilling technique. Volumetric origami flowers can be created not only for decorating the base, but also for a gift bouquet. From colored or corrugated paper, you can make as many colors as you want. The buds are placed in a ready-made basket, vase, vase or just a decorated plastic cup.

Paper is also used to create festive garlands. Large homemade flowers are hung on a thread and placed in the house on the walls, near the ceiling, on bookshelves. A small garland can be used to decorate a festive table.

Note! Do not forget to provide gift cards with a greeting inscription and wishes. Warm words will make the gift even more pleasant for a woman.

Yarn crafts

Yarn crafts

DIY crafts by March 8 can be made in the form of an openwork flower, and for this you do not need to be able to knit at all. For work, you need cardboard as a base and templates of flower petals and sheets drawn on paper.

We wrap the cardboard rectangles in random order with yarn, and then grease abundantly with glue. When the glue dries, make a small cut on the side of the workpiece and take out the cardboard.Cut out the petals and leaves of the flower from the wound yarn according to the pattern, and then connect them together.

Another simple technique for working with yarn is to thread. A blank is drawn on a cardboard basis (sun, flower, bouquet). Holes are pierced along the contour of the drawing and a thread is laid. This technique is very easy to learn. Well, for those who want to really surprise their loved ones, we recommend trying to crochet the craft on March 8. Be prepared that it will take a long time to create a soft toy or napkin, but the gift is undoubtedly worth it.

Felt crafts

Felt crafts

Felt is very easy to work with, as the fabric does not crumble in the sections. The cut or template can be immediately attached to the base. Most often, for International Women's Day, a base is cut out of felt in the form of the number 8, and then it is decorated with felt flowers. A textile postcard and a soft toy attract attention with their uniqueness.

Felt crafts for March 8 can also be complicated. For example, make not a flat base, but a volumetric one. To do this, it is enough to cut a piece of the base of the same size, sew to the first one and fill it with filler. These small decorative pillows can be used as stress relievers, while larger crafts can be used as soft home decor.

If you don’t have the necessary materials at hand, don’t despair. Felt in work can be replaced with a cotton pad. Such flowers will turn out to be small in size, but in no way inferior in beauty to felt ones. An additionally decorated hygienic stick can serve as the basis for flowers. Experiment to get the most beautiful crafts for March 8th.

Crafts from foamiran

Crafts from foamiran

Crafts from foamiran for March 8 most often represent a variety of bouquets. Blanks in the form of rose petals, daisies, lilies and other flowers can be cut independently or bought ready-made in stores for creativity. Such petals combine into a beautiful bud, and then make up a whole single composition.

It is not necessary to arrange crafts from foamiran for March 8 in the form of an ordinary bouquet. Show your imagination to make the gift truly original. For example, you can make a flower tree or "flowerpot", flowers from foamiran can decorate a gift vase or decorate a box of chocolates. The material is perfectly combined with yarn crafts and allows you to create unique compositions.

Crafts from ribbons

Crafts from ribbons

Satin ribbons are considered to be an auxiliary decorative material. Indeed, a beautiful fluffy bow can be made from ribbons of various thicknesses, and a sufficiently long thread can be used as a basis for a garland. But it's also easy to use a 5cm wide ribbon to create neat colors.

From the ribbon, crafts for March 8 are created in the form of tulips, roses, cornflowers and daisies. To get a beautiful gift, do not be afraid to experiment with the sizes and shapes of the buds. When you have a sufficient number of flowers, connect them together, occasionally diluting with a green ribbon, imitating leaves.

Ribbons can also be used as an example of yarn for decorating cardboard backings. Such a base is decorated on top with folded buds or voluminous flowers using the kanzashi technique. Working in this technique involves soldering the ends of the tape over the candles or using a burner, so you should be very careful in the work. Safety precautions must be followed at every stage.

Useful crafts

Crochet crafts for March 8

Gifts can be not only beautiful, but also useful. Such crafts for March 8 are especially valuable for mothers. True, simple techniques for working with paper will not work in this case. The material is too fragile for daily use. But from yarn you can knit decorative napkins, sides for shelves, ornaments. For example, crochet crafts for March 8 are made very quickly. Optionally, the threads are additionally decorated with beads or beads.

Felt is also used to make wonderful applied gifts - bread baskets, decorative coasters and potholders, pin cushions. Observing the theme of the holiday, you can think over the design of a gift in the form of a flower or a wide eight. Foamiran flowers also look beautiful on jewelry. A self-made bud sits on a brooch pin, hairpin or bracelet base.

Most of the master classes on creating beautiful crafts for March 8 are freely available, you just need to look well on the net. The same goes for templates for crafts. If you don't know how to draw beautifully by hand, look for blanks on the Internet.

Important! We recommend adding a sweet surprise to a handmade gift. You can attach a chocolate bar to the card, and add a candy instead of one of the buds. But you can also make a full-fledged bouquet of paper and sweets.

How to make crafts for March 8 - watch the video:

Crafts for March 8 are a pleasant and creative preparation for the holiday. It is noteworthy that such a gift will be appreciated by both a young girl and a mature woman, because the gifts in which you have invested your time and love are most appreciated by the fair sex. Master classes on how to make a craft for March 8 will tell you in sufficient detail about each stage of creation. You will definitely get the most beautiful craft if you put in a little effort and time.

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