How to make artificial snow

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How to make artificial snow
How to make artificial snow

The best ideas on how to make artificial snow for New Year's decor with your own hands: from scrap materials, cosmetics, food. Making snow paint for painting.

Artificial snow is a must-have item in home decor on New Year's Eve. It is used to decorate a Christmas tree, New Year's wreaths and other compositions from coniferous branches, painting windows and other interior elements, decorating postcards, Christmas tree decorations and children's crafts.

Best ideas on how to make artificial snow

There is never much snow on New Year's Eve. On the real one, alas, only on the street. To decorate the Christmas tree and holiday compositions, paint windows, make snow from scrap materials or cosmetics. Fortunately, there are many ways.

Artificial snow from scrap materials

Artificial diaper snow

To make sparkling snow, just like real, fluffy and soft, you need the simplest ingredients found in every home.

Popular ways to make artificial snow from improvised means:

  1. Cotton wool… The easiest method for making winter frost. To obtain it, cotton wool or the soft inner part of cotton pads is suitable. Shred the material into small pieces. To decorate interior items, pre-dip each piece in glue. After creating the “dusting”, sprinkle glitter on the surface to achieve the effect of sparkling snow.
  2. From candle and talcum powder… Grind, using a kitchen grater, a candle, which must first be cooled. Mix paraffin crumbs with talcum powder. If this cosmetic product is not available, you can use baby powder. Prune the resulting composition with sparkles (glitter). Such snow can be used to decorate Christmas decorations, New Year's crafts, and paint windows.
  3. Styrofoam… Another easy way to get decorative material. The most common packaging from household appliances will do. You can use a fork or kitchen grater to crush the styrofoam. Artificial snow for crafts made in this way is light and sticky. Looks beautiful on a Christmas tree and holiday compositions consisting of coniferous branches. Use PVA to create the effect of a snow-crushed surface.
  4. Polyethylene… To obtain decorative material, packaging polyethylene is suitable. You can also use insulation made from it. Grind the selected raw materials using a medium-sized kitchen grater, and sprinkle the resulting shavings with starch. It is preferable to use potato. Add glitter and some water to the resulting composition. After that, the mass must be dried. To keep such a snowball on crafts, fix it using PVA glue.
  5. From diapers… An original method of making New Year's artificial snow, pleasant to the touch. To get it, we take diapers, they contain sodium polyacrylate - a substance that, when interacting with water, becomes like real snow. Remove the filler from the diapers and chop it up. You will get a mass that looks like cotton wool. Add water to it and stir. Such snow is suitable both for decoration and for sculpting snowmen.

Artificial snow from cosmetics

Artificial snow from shaving cream

There are many recipes for artificial snow, for the manufacture of which various cosmetics are used. Choose products with a good shelf life, since the spoiled substance does not have the desired properties and consistency.

Several options for how to make a snowball from cosmetics:

  1. From soap… Using this recipe, you will get original "silk" snow for decorating interior items and New Year's crafts. Pre-freeze the white bars of soap by placing a few bars in the freezer and keeping them there overnight. Grind them on a fine kitchen grater, add mint extract and rainbow glitter.
  2. Made of paper and soap… To obtain artificial snow, paper towels or toilet paper - 2-3 rolls are suitable. Chop the material into small pieces, sprinkle it on white soap and place the container in the microwave. After 30-40 seconds, take out the snow mass: it turns out to be airy and crumbly. To make it more plastic, add a little water. From such snow, you can make various figurines for room decor, snowmen, snowballs.
  3. From shaving cream… An easy recipe for artificial snow for decoration. Pour shaving cream and cornstarch into a working container, add glitter and peppermint extract.

Artificial snow from food

Artificial snow made from soda and starch

It is not difficult to make artificial snow using the food that every housewife has in the kitchen. In addition, the material obtained by the methods presented below is absolutely safe for children, unlike the store one, because there are no dangerous components here.

Methods for making artificial snow with your own hands from food:

  • From salt… To make a snowball, you will need ordinary coarse rock salt. Also prepare water, blue paint, copper sulfate, or ink. Prepare a saline solution using salt (1 kg) and water (1.5 L), bring it to a boil and wait until all crystals are dissolved. Add dye for a blue color. With the resulting solution, you can "paint" various crafts, Christmas tree decorations, dipping them into the liquid for a few seconds. Leave the snow items in the cold - outdoors or on the balcony, in the refrigerator, and then dry them well for a couple of hours.
  • From sugar… A quick way to create a snowball on a Christmas composition or Christmas tree decorations. Dissolve liquid glue in water in a working container, dip the crafts in the resulting liquid, and then sprinkle generously with sugar. After drying the garments, spray them with hairspray for a better hold of the frost.
  • From soda… This method allows you to make artificial snow at home, which will be as similar as possible to the real one in appearance and sensation. To make it, you need baking soda (1 pack) and shaving foam (1 bottle). Pour baking soda into a working container and squeeze out the cosmetic. Stir with your hands until the mass reaches the consistency of wet snow. If you add more foam, you get a snowball, which is easy to make a snowman from.
  • Eggshell… The crushed shells from white eggs are very similar to fine crumbly snow. To make it, pre-dry the raw material and remove the films located on the inside. Add sparkles to create shimmery fake snow for your Christmas tree and New Year's compositions.
  • Of flour… A simple snowball recipe, however, it turns out to be delicate and very aromatic. Whisk 2 cups flour with 1/4 cup baby oil. Add peppermint extract for a pleasant aroma.
  • From soda and starch… Prepare the following ingredients: baking soda (2 cups), cornstarch (1 cup), cold water (1 cup), peppermint extract (a few drops). Mix all the ingredients until a single mass is obtained and simmer over low heat until it acquires a thicker consistency. Stir the contents of the saucepan thoroughly and remove from the heat as soon as the mixture is mashed. Wait for the working composition to cool and add rainbow sparkles to it. Knead the mass until you achieve the desired plasticity.It is good to sculpt various figures on the New Year theme from such snowy "clay".

DIY snow paint

Painting windows with snow paint

You can not only decorate a Christmas tree, Christmas toys and a wreath with snow, but also paint windows. To do this, you need to prepare snow paint.

Chill the shaving foam and glue in the refrigerator beforehand, then mix in a deep bowl. Add glitter for a shimmery effect and peppermint extract for a fresh scent. The snow paint is ready! You can use it to decorate windows.

To make snow paint, you can also follow this recipe: mix toothpaste (1 tube) with potato starch, dilute the ingredients with water and beat until the mass foams.

To create a pattern on the glass windows, use special stencils for the New Year theme, with symbols of the coming year, numbers and letters. Apply snow paint to the glass with a toothbrush.

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