How to make a Christmas tree from candies for the New Year

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How to make a Christmas tree from candies for the New Year
How to make a Christmas tree from candies for the New Year

Necessary materials for creativity. The best ideas on how to make a Christmas tree from sweets: with various types of sweets, tinsel, tea and champagne. Councils for masters.

A Christmas tree made of sweets is an original gift for the New Year, decoration of a home room or even a desktop, because such a souvenir will be appropriate during the pre-holiday period in the office. And if you know how to make a Christmas tree from sweets, then creating it with your children can become a pleasant pastime and part of the joint preparation for the New Year, and possibly a new family tradition.

What do you need to make a Christmas tree from candies?

Materials for making a Christmas tree from sweets

New Year is a holiday of happiness, fun and joy. And what is a holiday without sweets? Such gifts delight children and adults not only with a rich taste, but also with bright wrappers. But, perhaps, you will not surprise anyone with a beautiful box or a shiny wrapper. It's time to show your imagination and arrange the sweets in an unusual way. And if a garland of sweets or decorating a Christmas tree with sweet "toys" is a simple and familiar activity, then a Christmas tree made of sweets with your own hands is an unusual and original attribute of the holiday.

Lined up in a characteristic conical shape, sweets can be completely different in size, decorated with tinsel or beads. Thanks to bright candy wrappers, such a "forest beauty" will always be smart, but it can also be supplemented with beautiful ribbons and small balls.

A Christmas tree made of candies is not only an unusual homemade product. If the toy is small, then it can become a wonderful souvenir for colleagues at work, friends, relatives. The fact that the gift is made by hand will undoubtedly add importance. And in your own home, a small Christmas tree can become a wonderful decor. And a large beauty can replace a natural spruce: it is very simple to make it, and there will definitely not be any problems with disassembling and taking it out at the end of the holidays.

Note! The number of candies and sweets for the New Year holidays is huge. Starting from the day of St. Nicholas (December 19), and sometimes even earlier, children and adults give each other delicious gifts. Making a Christmas tree out of candies with your own hands is also a great way to control the amount of goodies eaten and save a little for later. Those sweets that will be included in the craft will "survive" until the end of the holidays untouched.

It is quite difficult to navigate right away what is needed for homemade products, so many beginners start by purchasing master classes on a Christmas tree made of sweets. However, thematic video tutorials and articles with detailed photos are also freely available. After trying proven ideas, get creative and make your own unique models.

For a Christmas tree made of sweets for the New Year, of course, you will need sweets. Their number will depend on the size of the craft. For small trees 30-35 cm high, 1 kg of sweets will be required, but much more can go away, since their different types, depending on the filling, shape, size, weigh differently.

To make the candies take less, and they are all arranged in a beautiful cone-shaped shape, you will need a base for the toy. These blanks can be purchased at art stores. They are produced commercially from compressed foam in standard sizes (20, 25 and 30 cm heights). But you can make the foundation yourself. To do this, you need thick paper, scissors, glue and a pair of compasses. It is best to use special glitter paper for creativity, but if this is not at hand, you can easily decorate a regular Whatman paper, a sheet of a poster or a simple wallpaper.For toning, take gouache or special paints with glitter, while watercolor will not give the desired saturation for a Christmas tree base.

If desired, the Christmas tree is decorated with tinsel, rain, small Christmas tree decorations and, of course, the top. Even New Year's beads are suitable to create a festive mood. But it is better not to use an electric garland, especially if it is of old samples, where individual elements can heat up. Modern garlands are, of course, safe, but not designed for such items.

Note! If you have children or you yourself are a notorious sweet tooth, it is better to take sweets with a supply.

It takes from 40 minutes to 2 hours to make a Christmas tree from sweets. It depends on your ability to work with the materials and sizes of the craft. If you use a master class, a Christmas tree made of sweets will turn out faster, because the authors of such crafts in practice know how to simplify the design. But for many, it is not the quick creation of a toy that delivers much more joy, but the development of a model on their own. After evaluating the idea, you will make your own Christmas tree out of sweets and tinsel, Christmas balls and even tea, slowly and with pleasure.

How to make a Christmas tree from candies for the New Year?

The first crafts are best done small (up to 30 cm high), and only when you learn how to work with materials, then try to create large Christmas trees. It is easier to work with the same candies, thanks to the typical shape and size, they fit better in a row. But Christmas trees made of various sweets look very original and interesting.

Christmas tree made of jelly candies

How to make a Christmas tree out of jelly candies

Most store-bought candy gift sets contain caramels and chocolates inside. Therefore, a Christmas tree made of jelly candies will be a good addition to such an extravaganza of sweets. Jellies should also be chosen in small sizes and simple geometric shapes. And such famous candies as "Harribo" bears, in this case, will not be able to completely cover the base.

Important! For crafts, you cannot do without a purchased foam cone base, paper will not work.

Necessary materials:

  • jelly candies - from 900 g (depending on the size of the Christmas tree);
  • foam cone-shaped base - 1 pc.;
  • cling film;
  • toothpicks

Making a Christmas tree from jelly candies:

  1. For hygiene purposes, we cover the conical base with cling film.
  2. Cut the toothpicks in half and put the candy on the cut. The design should look like a pin: the sharp edge of the toothpick is free, and the cut is covered with candy.
  3. We stick sweet pins into the foam base in tight rows. Make sure that there is no free space between the jelly candies. In the finished Christmas tree, the styrofoam is covered with sweets.
  4. Decorate the top with the largest candy.

The Christmas tree, which is simple in design, looks very original, but it can be further complicated by adding garlands of jelly "worms". However, it is better to leave such a toy under a hood overnight. And if you create a Christmas tree from sweets for the New Year using homemade sweets, then you will have to store the craft in the refrigerator, taking it only to the festive table.

Note! You can also use marshmallows instead of jelly candies.

Christmas tree for the New Year made of candies with tinsel

How to make a Christmas tree from tinsel candies

A very simple and convenient way to make a lush Christmas tree out of sweets is to weave tinsel into the rows of sweets. The green garland looks beautiful, but you can combine different colors depending on the design idea. For such a craft, you can use any kind of commercial sweets, but the easiest way is to work with wrappers like "funky". In such sweets, the wrapper is tightly wrapped around the sweetness, and the top is twisted and one small "tail" remains.

Necessary materials:

  • sweets - from 900 g;
  • thick paper (wallpaper or whatman paper);
  • PVA glue;
  • Scotch;
  • tinsel;
  • top tape - optional.

Making a Christmas tree from candies with tinsel:

  1. We prepare the basis for the craft in advance.To do this, cut out a semicircle with a radius of 30 cm from thick paper (the height of your tree will depend on the selected radius). We glue the slices together to make a cone.
  2. You can further strengthen the base of the tree by gluing the bottom to it. Draw the outline of the cone on thick paper and cut out a circle 0.5 cm wider than the base. On these spare 0.5 cm we make cuts towards the center. This results in a round bottom and a chopped fringe that can be inserted into the cone. Glue the bottom to the cone with this fringe.
  3. When the base glue dries well, we begin to decorate the tree. To do this, glue tinsel to the cone around the base. Do not cut off the free edge of the tinsel!
  4. In the second row we put the sweets tightly, gluing them to the base with tape by the "tail" of the wrapper.
  5. Third row - glue the tinsel so as to cover the scotch tape.
  6. We alternate a row of sweets and tinsel until we reach the top. The top row should be made of tinsel to close the sweets holder.
  7. Optionally, decorate the top of the Christmas tree made of tinsel and sweets with a beautiful bow or star.

Before starting work, make sure you have enough tinsel to cover the entire surface of the workpiece.

Note! For this craft, it is not necessary to paint the base: the lush tinsel tightly covers possible gaps.

Christmas tree made of candies with champagne

How to make a Christmas tree from candies and champagne

It is not necessary to use strict cone-shaped shapes as a basis for crafts, because imperfect trees can often be found in nature. This idea is good to use to decorate a champagne bottle. A Christmas tree made from a bottle and candies will be a wonderful gift for loved ones, who will undoubtedly appreciate the creativity of the presentation.

For work, it is best to use light wafer candies in a tightly sealed package, and decorate the top with a gift bow.


  • sweets - from 1 kg;
  • bottle of champagne - 1 pc. (you can take another drink that will go well with sweets);
  • decorative bow and ribbon - optional

Making a Christmas tree from candies and a bottle:

  1. Glue a strip of adhesive tape to the candy that protrudes slightly beyond the edges of the wrapper. Glue the free edge of the adhesive tape to the bottle.
  2. Glue the first row of chocolates tightly.
  3. We decorate the whole product row by row. The candies on top should cover the bottom row of tape.
  4. We decorate the top of the Christmas tree made of sweets and champagne with a gift bow, which is easy to find in ordinary supermarkets in the pre-New Year period. One side of this bow is conveniently equipped with an adhesive backing.
  5. From the bow, for beauty, we bring down decorative ribbons.

It is not necessary to use champagne as a base; another drink will do. A Christmas tree made of a bottle and candies will be a wonderful gift. But to make such a present in a hurry will not work. Do not try to save time and effort by gluing candies next to each other, because then you will not be able to get each candy separately. Such a hastily made gift, although it looks presentable, in fact will turn out to be inappropriate. Glue each candy separately.

Important! At the end of the holidays, candies from the Christmas tree can be eaten, strictly follow that the expiration date of the sweets allows this, and also that glue and other materials that are unsuitable for food do not fall on the nutritious surface during work.

Christmas tree made of caramels

How to make a Christmas tree from caramels

It is not at all necessary to use a cone as a base. If you take the candy canes, which are strongly associated with the Christmas holidays, then you can do without the glued blank. The caramels will be placed on deck pallets. The idea of ​​such an installation was borrowed from pastry chefs who actively use tiers to form wedding cakes.


  • cane-shaped caramels - 2 kg;
  • cardboard;
  • lollipops for decoration - optional

Making a Christmas tree from caramels:

  1. Cut out several circles of different diameters from cardboard. The pallet size is best calculated with an online calculator.For example, if you want to make a Christmas tree with a height of 30 cm and three tiers with a radius of the lower pallet of 10 cm, then the next pallet must be cut with a radius of 6.5 cm, and the upper (third) one - 3.3 cm.
  2. As a support for the divider between the tiers, you can use a cardboard tube or box 10 cm high. The main thing is that there is space on the pallet for fixing the caramel.
  3. We make the top of the base in the form of a cone made of thick paper. We set the top on the third tier.
  4. We attach the caramels to the lower tier with tape: the rounding of the cane rests on the base, and the straight edge is glued to the upper tier. For convenience, you can use double-sided tape. We fix each caramel individually.
  5. In the same way, we place candies on the following tiers.
  6. The top of the candy Christmas tree can be decorated with round candy caramel or bows.

For the base of such a tree, you can use not only cardboard, but also dense foam. Decorate the finished caramel beauty with round candies, imitating balloons on a real Christmas tree. If you don't want to decorate the top with a bow or a foil star, try melting one caramel in the microwave until plastic and wrapping it around the top blank cone. When the mass hardens, you will get a very beautiful top without unnecessary decoration.

Christmas tree for the New Year made of sweets with tea

How to make a Christmas tree from sweets with tea

A Christmas tree made of sweets and tea is another original way to congratulate loved ones on the holidays. By presenting such a gift, you are essentially giving candy and tea in their original format. To work, you will need individually wrapped tea bags (it looks nice if this package is green), as well as sweets in a classic "twisted" wrapper, when twisted tails remain on both sides of the bow.


  • Greenfield tea bags - 18 bags;
  • Chamomile sweets - 108 pieces;
  • ribbon for decoration

Making a Christmas tree with tea:

  1. Place the tea bag on a flat surface. We glue three tightly fitting candies to it.
  2. Put 3 candies on top and glue 2 candies, and on top of two - another one. It turns out on a tea bag a pyramid of 6 candies.
  3. Put 2 tea bags on the sides of the "pyramid" and fasten them with tape. Thus, the pyramid is wrapped with tea on three sides.
  4. We make 6 such pyramids and lay out on the table as follows: below there are 3 tea pyramids, the second row - two, at the top - one pyramid.
  5. Fill the empty spaces between the pyramids with sweets.
  6. For beauty, we decorate the entire pyramid-Christmas tree made of sweets and tea with a ribbon with a bow at the top.

The same craft with an unusual wrapper can be created without tea, but using colored or holographic paper. In this case, not 6 candies can be enclosed in mini-pyramids, but one large one.

How to decorate a Christmas tree made of candies?

Christmas trees made of candies

When creating a beautiful Christmas tree from candies, do not forget to think about the place where it will be installed. A decorative plate or cake dish can be used as a pallet. Everything will depend on the size of your Christmas tree.

You can decorate the stand with decorative fir twigs or Christmas tree decorations. The balls can also be hung on the sweet craft itself if there are no very small children in the house.

Decorative buckets or pots for flowerpots also look good as a stand for a Christmas tree. Veil, netting, bows and corrugated paper can serve as additional decorations. The main thing is not to restrain your imagination.

How to make a Christmas tree from sweets for the New Year - watch the video:

A Christmas tree made of sweets is an interesting craft that can instantly create a New Year's mood. A bright and unusual toy will decorate any home and will become an unusual gift for loved ones. Such a present is even more valuable because it is created by hand in a single copy.

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