How to make Christmas lanterns

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How to make Christmas lanterns
How to make Christmas lanterns

How to use Christmas lanterns? Methods for making holiday crafts from different materials.

New Year's lanterns are a traditional attribute of festive decor originally from China, which is popular in many countries around the world. Initially, such crafts were used to decorate festive processions during the Chinese New Year. It was believed that in this way you can ward off evil spirits and attract good luck.

What are New Year's lanterns for?

What does a New Year's flashlight look like?

New Year's lanterns are an original decoration of the house. They can decorate both the home, placing it throughout the room, and the New Year tree, if you make products in the form of large balls.

A few New Year's paper lanterns will serve as an excellent basis for an openwork garland. To do this, you need to make holes in their upper part through which the toys are connected with a cord.

Place a small electric candle inside the craft, and you will have a lamp. Remember that it is recommended to use only safe products - LED. When using regular candles, be sure to place them in a glass beaker first.

Decorative lanterns are used to decorate vases and New Year's compositions collected from coniferous branches and Christmas tree decorations.

In addition, you can involve all family members in creating New Year's lanterns with your own hands, this is a great idea how to keep the children busy on the eve of the holiday.

How to make DIY Christmas lanterns?

For the manufacture of holiday lanterns, different types of paper are used - colored, tissue, cardboard, old postcards, cardboard boxes, glass jars, lace and even such waste material as plastic bottles. Thanks to their spectacular appearance and design, they will become a real decoration of the home and the Christmas tree.

Lanterns from old postcards

New Year's lantern from old postcards

The easiest way to make a New Year's flashlight. Old postcards are used to get decorative items, but if they are not available, you can get by with colored paper.

Instructions for making lanterns for the New Year from old postcards:

  1. Cut the material of your choice into strips of equal width. The optimum width of the workpieces is 2 cm. The length should be different. You will need one short strip - it will be the central one, as well as paired ones - each pair should be several centimeters longer than the previous one.
  2. In the correct sequence, fold the strips together.
  3. Align the blanks at one end and staple using a stapler. You can also fix them with glue.
  4. Next, do the same manipulations from the opposite end of the strips. Flashlight for New Year 2020 is ready!

Colored paper lanterns

Christmas lanterns made of colored paper

For making crafts, prepare colored paper - the sheets should be rectangular, as well as cardboard for the core.

Making a paper lantern for the New Year:

  1. Fold the sheets in half lengthwise.
  2. In parallel, make cuts from the fold line, keeping an equal distance between them. Do not reach the edges of the sheet by 2 cm.
  3. Unfold the sheet and roll it into a tube.
  4. Glue the ends of the sheet together.
  5. Squeeze the resulting tube from the bottom and top to make a flashlight.
  6. To make the core, make a tube using thick paper. The workpiece must have a smaller diameter.
  7. Place the core inside a colored paper lantern for New Years and connect the two pieces using glue or a stapler.

Tissue paper lanterns

Tissue paper Christmas lanterns

Lanterns made of tissue paper are light and graceful, so they look impressive. Despite the fact that the workflow takes longer, you will be pleased with the result.

How to make a New Year's paper lantern:

  1. Take 2 sheets and place one on top of the other.
  2. Fold them in half lengthwise.
  3. Unfolding the paper, collect it in an accordion. The depth of the folds should be about 1.5 cm.
  4. If you want to make a Christmas lantern out of smaller paper with your own hands, follow these instructions: trim the edges of the accordion at an equal distance from the center, turn the paper over and make sure that the center line with the convex side faces the table.
  5. Fasten with a thread one side of the sheet, previously assembled into an accordion. Tie the ends to create a closed circle.
  6. Do the same on the other side and distribute the folds evenly. Scotch tape is used to join the edges of the sheet.

Lanterns from cardboard boxes

Christmas lantern from a cardboard box

You can make original New Year's lanterns using even junk material. An excellent raw material for crafts will be cardboard boxes made from juice or milk. You will also need plain white paper to make festive decor.

How to make paper lanterns for the New Year 2020:

  1. Cut off the bottom of the prepared box.
  2. Glue the blank with plain white paper.
  3. Make a Christmas-themed applique on the box.
  4. Punch holes along the contour of the drawings using an awl if you plan to place an LED candle inside. These New Year's cardboard lanterns glow beautifully in the dark!

Make a house-shaped flashlight out of cardboard boxes. For this, windows are cut out on the sides of the workpiece and sealed with parchment paper. In this case, it is also appropriate to put an LED lamp inside a cardboard flashlight for the New Year.

Glass Jar Lanterns

Christmas lantern from a glass jar

Another interesting craft option can be obtained using glass jars, ordinary colored, parchment and corrugated paper.

How to make a do-it-yourself flashlight for the New Year from a glass container:

  1. Cut the crepe paper into long strips.
  2. Glue the prepared container with such blanks using PVA.
  3. To create a New Year's composition from colored paper, cut out a blank that needs to be glued over the corrugated paper.
  4. Use a satin ribbon to decorate the item.
  5. Place a candle inside such a craft.

Note! A glass container, pasted over with corrugated paper of different colors, looks beautiful.

You can also use parchment paper to decorate glass jars: draw a nice lock on it using a black permanent marker.

Lace Lanterns

Christmas lanterns made of lace

Another way to make original lanterns with your own hands for the New Year is to use lace. By analogy, you can make a craft from yarn. The ball is the basis; it is better to choose a product of large volume.

How to make a flashlight for the New Year:

  1. Inflate and hang the balloon.
  2. Saturate the prepared lace with wallpaper glue.
  3. Cover the ball with lace: they should overlap.
  4. Leave the workpiece overnight to dry thoroughly.
  5. In the morning, you need to pierce and get the ball.
  6. Insert a light bulb into the resulting lampshade, and you can hang the flashlight in the chosen place.

Note! To prevent the lace from sticking to the ball, pre-lubricate it with a greasy cream. You can also use petroleum jelly for this purpose.

Flashlights from plastic bottles

New Year'st from a plastic bottle

Holiday crafts can even be made from junk material - plastic bottles. Of course, such New Year's lanterns are not suitable for decorating a Christmas tree in the house, since they turn out to be too large, but they will come in handy for decorating coniferous trees on the street. For the manufacture of products, choose plastic bottles with an even central part.

How to make a New Year's lantern:

  1. Remove the label from the bottle, wash and dry the container.
  2. On top of the flat part of the container, make marks, the distance between which is 1 cm.
  3. Make a second row of marks from the bottom 1 cm from the previous row.
  4. Use scissors or an awl to make holes in the lower marks.
  5. Make cuts between the bottom and top marks and in the center of the bottom and cap of the bottle.
  6. Peel back each strip from the bottom and top.
  7. Pull the fishing line or wire through the bead through the hole in the bottom of the bottle and in the cap, which then needs to be screwed.
  8. Make a loop from the remainder of the wire.
  9. Fold all the strips in the middle.
  10. Use nail polish remover to erase the marks on the bottle.

After making a New Year's lantern from a plastic bottle, the product can be coated with golden or silver paint. Use rhinestones, sequins, sparkles for festive decor.

How to make a New Year's flashlight - watch the video:

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