15 ways to decorate the New Year's table

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15 ways to decorate the New Year's table
15 ways to decorate the New Year's table

Solutions for decorating the New Year's table, decor elements. How to set a New Year's table: 15 DIY jewelry ideas, edible decor.

New Year's table decoration is a decor used when serving and preparing dishes. It is necessary to create a festive atmosphere. Used tools, food items, Christmas tree decorations, etc. are used as decorations. Consider ways to decorate the table for the New Year 2020.

New Year's table decor elements

New Year's table decor elements

A beautiful New Year's table is an indispensable condition for creating a festive home atmosphere. To make it great, you will have to solve several problems:

  • serving;
  • additional decor;
  • decoration of dishes.

The decor of the room where the dinner will take place plays an equally important role. It should be in harmony with the New Year's table in terms of color and composition. To create jewelry, you can use the materials in the house, improvised means:

  • candles;
  • Christmas decorations;
  • serpentine, crackers;
  • paper crafts;
  • bright flaps of tissue;
  • sequins;
  • figurines, etc.

From the available materials, make items suitable for your table decor. Create a unified style that matches the decor of the room. Solve the problem depending on how and with whom you will celebrate.

For a dinner for two, create a romantic setting with candles and muted decor. If a noisy company is planned, a large festive New Year's table will be required. Decorate it in bright colors, take care of a sophisticated and unobtrusive decor. Close friends will need a simple and cozy setting.

Important! Be responsible for your New Year's decor. How the celebration will go depends largely on him.

Features of the festive New Year's table setting

New Year's table setting

The New Year is approaching, so you need to think in advance how your festive table will look like. The first impression of guests, the creation of a New Year's atmosphere, largely depends on the serving. The better the table is decorated, the more carefully the colors are chosen, the brighter the memories will remain.

To show yourself as an experienced hostess, take care of tablecloths. Its color is of great importance for creating a mood. In 2019, tablecloths made of dense fabric, preferably red, are in fashion. This shade contrasts with the cutlery, gives the event solemnity and solidity.

Of course, if the red tablecloth doesn't match the color scheme of the room, you shouldn't use it. Choose more successful tones that go with the New Year's composition indoors.

The style of simplicity and minimalism is popular this year. Don't create fancy decorations and fill the table space with many glasses, forks and spoons for each dish. Coziness, cleanliness and grace are important for meeting with family or friends, so a tablecloth in olive, peach, white shades can be an excellent choice.

Correctly selected devices are no less important for a successful holiday. Try to contrast the color of the tableware or decor with the color of the tablecloth or decorations. For example, white plates on a light-colored tablecloth are combined with sprigs of spruce, red balls or ribbons.

You can experiment with the shape of the plates. They don't have to be round. Custom glasses or cups with an interesting bright pattern will help to create an impression of contrast.

Candles remain an indispensable element of New Year's table setting. You can place them in small water tanks and create an aquatic composition. Candles look beautiful in a glass or inside a glass ball.It is better to buy candles golden or red: they are combined with jewelry of any shade. By placing a small candle in the plates for each guest, create a warm, welcoming environment.

If you are expecting colleagues at work or inviting dignitaries, familiarize yourself with the ways of table setting according to the rules of etiquette. This circumstance will not be superfluous: this way you will show yourself a cultured person, attentive to even the smallest things. In this case, all decorative elements should be combined in style.

TOP 15 decorations for the New Year's table

Decorating the New Year's table with wreaths

Non-standard ideas on the New Year's table, made by hand, look great. But it is important to observe the main condition: crafts should not look cheap or untidy. If you decide to make a do-it-yourself table decor, take this step responsibly.

We offer 15 ideas for New Year's decorations and compositions:

  1. Napkin "Herringbone"… If the shade of your tablecloth or cutlery matches green napkins, you can arrange them on herringbone-shaped plates. It is advisable to use cloth napkins. But if there are none, paper ones will do. Fold the cloth in half, then four times to make a square. Fold the bottom of the napkin into a triangle. Fold two thirds of the second part of the triangle in the other direction. Fold the triangle sideways on one side, then on the other. It turned out a pocket, turn the resulting triangles outward to make it look like a Christmas tree. Place the decoration on plates and place on the table. In addition to the Christmas tree, you can make covers for appliances from napkins or towels. To do this, just fold the towel in four and bend the corner. This decor looks great on pastel tablecloths.
  2. Candles in glasses… A New Year's composition with candles in glasses looks rich, but it is made quickly and easily. To make water candles, take festive glass glasses, put nuts, pebbles or beads on the bottom, and put small real or artificial flowers on top. Secure them to pebbles or nuts so they don't float. Pour the composition with clean water, place a floating candle on top and light it. To make flower glasses, put rose sprigs in a champagne container, turn the glasses over, put candles on the lower part. Glasses with pine nuts can be made as follows: place ordinary paraffin candles in low wide glasses. Fill the bottom with the inshell pine nuts. Light the candles. To make a snow glass, fill a tall narrow glass to the top with foam balls, place a candle on top. The color of the jewelry depends on the overall style of the decor.
  3. Decoupage style candle… To make the decoration, you need an ordinary white candle. Take your favorite New Year card and cut out the pattern with which you want to decorate the candle. Now heat a tablespoon and run it over the picture. Quickly apply the picture to the candle so that it seizes with the wax. Tie 2 plaits around the edges of the candle. The original table decoration is ready.
  4. Herringbone for decor… Natural jewelry always looks beautiful. Prepare small Christmas tree branches in advance. Make sure they are fresh and not crumbled. Divide them into smaller pieces. Prepare a stick for the base. Tie twigs to it in a circle to make a low Christmas tree. Install a candle on top that can be lit at a crucial moment. Hang 2-3 small balls on the tree for decoration.
  5. Garland with cones… Pick up the tree branches and cones with which you are going to decorate the table. Wash and dry them beforehand. Use fishing line or thin wire to make the base for the garland. Tie the tree branches to the fishing line with a colorless fishing line, fix the cones at an equal distance between them. Lay out the garland, stepping back 20-30 cm from the edge of the table. To make the decor look more spectacular, tie a luminous garland with LEDs to it.So you can effectively meet guests in the twilight.
  6. Cutlery glove… If you want to decorate the New Year's table in an original way, use a regular mitten-shaped potholder. Update the item by trimming it with a solid red cloth and decorating it with beads. Place the oven mitt on or next to a plate. Place forks, knives and spoons inside. The result is an original cutlery cover.
  7. Candles in flower pots… If your home has a lot of flowers in small pots, use them to create a festive atmosphere and table decor. Place the pots on the table in a wooden stand. This is necessary so that the earth does not accidentally fall on the tablecloth. Spread Christmas balls and garlands around. Place red candles in the middle of the pots, securing them to the ground. Light the candles. But be careful not to get wax on the plants and ruin them. The decoration looks lively and original.
  8. Homemade glasses… Let's try to decorate New Year's glasses with our own hands. If you have dishes, but they do not look aesthetically pleasing, this can be fixed. To decorate the glasses, use improvised means, for example, New Year's stickers (just attach them to the side of the glass), bows, ribbons (tie the glass with a red or gold ribbon), foam balls (grease the side or base of the glass with glue and carefully attach the foam balls, simulating snow). If the house has paint for painting wood, use it to paint patterns on glasses: it is better to make a decor template on paper in advance, attach it and paint over with gilding, let the pattern dry. Such simple decorations will create a festive mood without a lot of effort.
  9. Decorating with Christmas balls… Stock up on Christmas balls in 2 contrasting shades that are in harmony with the color of the tablecloth and dishes. Place 2 balls next to each fixture. You can tie them up with tape to prevent them from rolling away. Take the LONGER FRUIT Vase. Place balls on each tier. You can also alternate the balls with fruit or sweets. Place containers on the table at equal distances.
  10. New year wreath… In the West, such compositions are usually hung on doors as protection from evil spirits. But you can use Christmas tree wreaths as a festive table decor. It is not necessary to purchase an artificial wreath: make it from Christmas tree or pine branches. Dried herbs or flowers look original in the composition. Fasten the elements of the product on the base of the fishing line, rolled into a circle. Place the wreath on a platter. Install candles inside, decorate with cotton wool, foam, rain. Place 2-3 of these wreaths on the table.
  11. Mini gifts… This style of decoration is perfect for a friendly company. Prepare small surprises for each guest and pack them in small boxes with festive decor. It is desirable that each guest have their own surprise: then it will come out original. Place the boxes on or near the plates. Do this before the guests arrive. You can write the names of guests on the boxes. Let each of them find their present when they sit down at the table.
  12. Christmas tree made of oranges and candies… An edible decoration is a great decor for a sweet table. To make it, you need a stick on a stand. You can take the base from the children's pyramid. The height of the base determines the height of the tree. String oranges on a thick wire. Place the resulting "beads" along the base, fasten the edge at the top. Make a few more of these beads from oranges and candies and arrange them in parallel, alternating between citrus fruits and sweets. Tie the beads together. Place the tree on the table.
  13. Retro decoration… If you can find old children's toys at home, why not decorate the table with them in a retro style. What will work: old children's musical instruments, dolls, soft toys, railway, cones, lollipops, figurines of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, cocktail cups and straws. It is not necessary to put all the decorative elements on the table.You can decorate the room with them.
  14. Merchant style… Russian-style jewelry looks spectacular and bright. Please note that in this case you will have to decorate the whole room in this spirit. For a merchant's style, you will need: a Russian samovar, bagels and bagels (put them in the form of garlands, hang them on a Christmas tree), teapots, trays and other utensils in the Khokhloma style, silver bowls for sweets, and clay utensils. A thick linen tablecloth is suitable for the table: it goes well with bright elements.
  15. Decorations in the style of "dark chocolate"… To set the table, you will need a black or dark brown tablecloth. For contrast, table decoration with napkins and cutlery should be in white and gold tones. Use chocolate figurines, golden or beige balls, and glowing garlands as additional decor. Pair perfectly with chocolate-style coasters or edible Christmas trees with citrus fruits and sweets.

Edible compositions on the New Year's table

Gingerbread for New Year's table

Decorating the dishes of the festive table is an important component of the New Year's decor. The more appetizing the food, the more pleasant it is for the guests. We offer a number of ideas on how to decorate dishes:

  • Delicious tree… Using the base of a stick or skewer on a wooden stand, you can make a Christmas tree from any product: pieces of cheese or sausage, slices of fruit, sweets. The choice of elements depends on the overall style of the jewelry.
  • Egg pigs… Decorations in the form of animals are suitable for a children's table. Color boiled eggs pink with beetroot juice. Make a piglet and ears from the protein from other boiled eggs.
  • Gingerbread… This is a must-have element of New Year's decor. Baking them is easy. Use whipped egg white or icing for decoration. Place the gingerbread cookies on the table or hang on the tree.
  • Salad wreath… An imitation of a New Year's wreath from conifers is easy to make using green salad. Place it in a circle on a tray and garnish with tomato slices.
  • Snowmen made of eggs… Stick two eggs on a skewer so that they are located on top of each other. Pre-cut the top off them so that it becomes flatter. Make a hat from carrots.
  • Pickled ginger roses… This element will help create an original decor. Purchase pickled ginger from the store. Place the petals on a plate, forming roses from them.
  • Christmas tree made of buns or pies… When baking pies, place them in advance on a Christmas tree-shaped baking sheet so that the elements connect with each other during the baking process. Decorate the finished composition with herbs or powdered sugar (depending on taste).
  • Salad lettering… The snacks can be laid out on a tray in the shape of a New Year's greetings. Choose salads of different colors and arrange them on a wide platter in the form of letters of the inscription.

How to decorate a New Year's table - watch the video:

By connecting imagination, you can stunningly arrange a festive table. Use the tools at home to make decor. This way you can delight your guests at no extra cost.

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