Scenario of the New Year's corporate party 2020, games and contests

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Scenario of the New Year's corporate party 2020, games and contests
Scenario of the New Year's corporate party 2020, games and contests

The script for the New Year's corporate party 2020 will tell you how to spend a winter holiday for your colleagues, and what is needed for this. Games, fun contests will help create a relaxed atmosphere.

The script for the New Year's corporate party for 2020 will help to pre-assign roles, make costumes, and organize gatherings with colleagues.

Contests and games for the New Year's corporate party 2020

Since 2020 is the year of the Rat, then, of course, accepting the scenario of a corporate party, you cannot do without this character. It will be the famous rat Larissa, she will act as a presenter. This theatrical action also implies the presence of the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus. There will be 12 people in the episodes, according to the number of animals from the horoscopes. And also a vampire bat is needed. Therefore, many members of the friendly team will be able to be involved in this holiday. If you have a small team or not everyone wants to speak publicly, then instead of the participants, you can take puppets as representatives of the horoscope. You will find out how to make them with your own hands below. These characters can be controlled by one puppeteer, who will hide behind a screen or curtain.

New Year's party 2020

Taking this scenario of the New Year, you can apply it not only to a corporate event, but also to a home holiday. After all, it will be interesting to watch how events develop. And children will be happy to watch a puppet show, where the characters of the puppet theater created by their own hands will be in the roles.

First you need to create a festive atmosphere. To do this, turn off the light and turn on the projector, which will display the starry sky. You can buy this inexpensively or do it yourself. If you wish, then simply attach garlands with small LEDs to the ceiling. When you turn off the lights, they will light up.

Then the light of the lantern illuminates the presenter. This is Lariska the rat. If you need to quickly create a rat costume, then the main character of this holiday can wear a gray dress, gloves of the same color and a rim with ears. You can do it yourself.

Rat Larissa looks up at these stars on the ceiling and threatens them with a finger. She says that her name is the rat Larisa, she is starting the year, so this heroine will fine everyone. She says that all the animals stand at attention, look up to her, so that they line up in a round dance, take their paws and go to celebrate.

Then, addressing the audience, the presenter says that the horoscope consists of 12 animals, and it is she who begins each new twelve-year round. Although the smallest, she commands this animal parade. Even the Fire Dragon obeys her.

Now, addressing the audience, Larisa proposes to spend the Old Year.

This is where the first competition begins. It's quite interesting.

Kingdom of shadows

This is the name of this competition. To do it, take:

  • white sheet;
  • lamp;
  • push pins.

Hang the sheet with the buttons, direct the lamp at it so that you can create shadows. The presenter says that everything has a shadow side. And now the Old Year will turn its back and go away. And we will only see his shadow. But the light of new hopes will also surround this silhouette.

The presenter offers to guess who it is with the help of the shadow will now be portrayed. See how you need to fold your arms to create a silhouette of a pig.

Image of shadow with hands

But this is a competition, so all comers are invited in turn, who must portray this animal so that it becomes a shadow. Whoever does it better will win.

But soon a new competition begins.The Rat Lariska says that rodents like her are stockpiling. Therefore, the next competition is called that.

Mouse stocks

Prepare in advance:

  • 2 small tables;
  • two small tablecloths;
  • cutlery.

First, two couples are selected who will participate in the next competition. Its essence lies in the fact that in 5 minutes you need to have time to transfer as many products as possible from a large table to your small one and set the table beautifully. Whoever does it faster and better will win. Shopping bags can be prizes. After all, rats are thrifty creatures.

You can complicate the task, for example, tying the two hands of a couple. Then the participants will bring food and set the table in this way.

After this competition, you can offer guests another one.

Association game

Place photos in front of the participants in the next contest. One of them will be a regular canvas bag. On the second - a man in a fur coat, and on the third - a pack of cotton wool. Well, you can print it all and combine it into one photo. Invite the congregation to guess what unites the person and the objects in this photo.

Photos for the competition

Of course, this is Santa Claus.

Now take out the next photo. As you can see, there is a forest tree, lights, a heavenly star. Whoever guesses first that it is a Christmas tree wins.

Photos for the competition

The next photo will be: cheese, seeds. And the scenario of the New Year's corporate party invites you to guess where is the logic? Of course, these pictures are united by a mouse that loves these products.

Photos for the competition

Rat race

This is the name of the next competition. Take:

  • computer mice with wires;
  • pencils;
  • threads.

Tie the end of the string to a specific mouse wire. Tie the other end of the thread to your pencil. Now each participant takes their writing object and stands next to the other participants.

On command, they begin to twist the pencils to wind the thread here. Whoever first touches the mouse with his pencil, completely winds the thread, will win.

Even at the entrance to the New Year's corporate party, you can distribute lottery tickets to all guests. After fun active games, have some quiet drinking. To do this, prepare in advance not only lottery tickets, but also cut pieces of paper, each of which will contain a good wish for the next year.

Put these predictions in Santa Claus's bag. When it's time to take a break from intense games, let Santa Claus or his assistant Snegurochka bring a bag to each guest. Those will take out pieces of paper with predictions and read them aloud.

These are such interesting contests and games for the Year of the Rat 2020 you can plan. Now check out a script that will help you get many people involved in an interesting action.

Predictions for guests

Scenario New Year's corporate party 2020

It is written on the theme of the fairy tale "Teremok". But only here there will be characters that are related to the Eastern horoscope. There are 12 of them. Therefore, this is exactly how many participants you need. There will also be one more character - a bat. So that everyone understands who is who, you can sew costumes in advance, make them from scrap materials or create masks. The easiest idea is to make rings out of strips of thick paper, gluing the ends of each such blank. But in advance you will write on these subjects who is which character. You can also take children's headbands for hairstyles and stick accessories of specific heroes of the horoscope here.

Since 2020 is the Year of the Rat, when approving the script for the New Year's corporate party, give this character the main role.

New Year's party 2020

You will need to prepare, draw a teremok on a sheet of Whatman paper, make it out of a cardboard box, or simply protect part of the allotted space with fabric, curtains or chairs, so that this area turns into such a fabulous house.

  1. First, as in the fairy tale "Teremok", the mouse will find it. But in this case it will be a rat. Snow Maiden or Santa Claus, or the presenter will say that she is standing in the Teremok field, not low, not high.The little mouse ran, stopped and asked who lives here? Apparently, the living space is free. Therefore, the little mouse came here with pleasure and said that she would stay here to live.
  2. But not only this rodent liked the nobody's country house. In less than a minute, a bull came here and also asked whose apartment it was? The girl playing the role of a rat will say that she is a mouse and ask, who is he? This character will answer that he is a bull - pumpkin horns. The mouse will invite him to live with him.
  3. Then, in the same way, a tiger will settle here, which will say in rhyme that he is the champion of the Olympic Games. Then a rabbit will come, whose name is Tolik. Then there will be a dragon who has no written law.
  4. And every time a new guest appears, everyone, starting with the mouse, must introduce themselves in verse in this way.
  5. Now the snake will crawl. She is also the representative of the Eastern horoscope. She will say that she is a snake, which is their own on the board for everyone. Then the horse will gallop up, he will report that he is the leader like fire. Now the goat will come, which, according to her, has faulty brakes.
  6. The audience will have fun watching this action. After all, each character must speak in verse who he is. And if the guests are already a little tipsy, they may forget or confuse the words, then it will turn out even funnier.
  7. But we hope that the actor playing the role of a monkey will cheerfully say that he is a monkey - an ideal without a flaw. The next guest will also cheerfully introduce himself, because he is a rooster who has perfect pitch.
  8. Then the dog will come, which is from the North, however.
  9. The last guest will be the Pig, who will not hide her true goals, but will say that she is in search of housing.
  10. Santa Claus or Snow Maiden will comment that this is how the animals began to live here in the amount of 12 people. Other animals also came here, but all the rooms were already occupied, because accommodation had to be booked in advance.

Here's a funny re-enactment of Teremok can be.

But you can continue it. The Rat Lariska will say that he hears a strange rustle. She will ask who it is? Someone will say that it is a bat. To Kirkorov's song "Mouse", a man dressed as a bat will run, flap his wings and choose a "victim". Running up to the girls, he will tickle them. But then Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden will come out and put things in order. Santa Claus will hit with a staff, the light will come on. Then those present will see that he has a bat in his other hand, which Santa Claus is holding by the scruff of his neck. Larisa is hiding behind the Snow Maiden.

Santa Claus will say, referring to the Snow Maiden, that he did the right thing, that he ate garlic with ice cream. After all, he is very fond of ice cream, especially garlic. Therefore, he managed to cope with the vampire bat.

At the end of the holiday, a New Year's song sounds, Santa Claus takes souvenirs from his bag and distributes them to the guests.

New Year's party 2020

If you have a relaxed company, then at the end of yesterday you can hold such a competition. Santa Claus will announce that he wants to find out if everyone can get home on their own after such a feast and will offer to check them for sobriety. The following test will help for this. For him, you need to invite the audience to slowly pronounce the tongue twister so that the words sound the way they should.

To do this, print out tongue twisters in advance, each on a separate piece of paper. Then hand them over to the guests of the holiday.

Tongue twisters for guests

The next article, where there will be a master class with step-by-step photos, will teach you how to make costumes for the heroes of the Eastern horoscope. They will come in handy not only at the New Year's holiday, but also at other carnival performances. And kids will be able to participate in matinees in such outfits.

Now see how else you can entertain guests for the New Year. Show the following video. Let them guess what each movie is called and what is hidden behind the holiday boxes.

And the next video shows a fun competition, for a corporate party, which can be adopted.

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