How to make a cradle for a baby and a doll

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How to make a cradle for a baby and a doll
How to make a cradle for a baby and a doll

Knowing how to make a cradle will certainly come in handy in order to create one for your baby. And when the daughter grows up, you can make a cradle for the doll and please the child.

Cradle? This is a hanging baby cot that can be shaken a little so that the baby sleeps well. See how to make a cradle out of wood, fabric, knit it, and even make it out of newspaper tubes.

How to make a cradle made of wood with your own hands?

This is the classic version. After all, our ancestors made cradles for babies from just such material. The cradles have changed over time. And a master class with step-by-step photos shows several options for making such an accessory for a baby.

Cradle made of wood with your own hands

Before making this type of carrycot, take:

  • processed round bar;
  • rope rope;
  • thick plywood;
  • drill;
  • round drill bit;
  • drill.

If you decide to make the same wooden cradle, then, as in ancient times, you can make it without a single nail and without the use of glue.

First, take the round bars and cut them into pieces. Two sidewalls will be smaller and two larger.

  1. Now decide on the size of the bottom. Also cut it out. The corners need to be rounded so as not to injure themselves on them. Since the plywood is quite heavy, use a round drill to drill holes in it. They can be different. It is also additional ventilation. And this technique will allow the cradle to become lighter.
  2. Now determine where you will attach the rope. Using a centimeter or tape measure, draw holes with a pencil, which will then need to be drilled with a drill.
  3. You will also have paired holes in the slats. Lay them on a flat surface, creating a rectangle. Now firmly fasten the pieces of rope at the corners to assemble, and you have a rectangle. Also here you can additionally secure with clamps.
  4. Now cut the ropes to the same size. Pass the first one through the hole in the plywood, tie a strong knot at the bottom. Then pass this tip through a round bar, then the thread goes along it, enters the second hole and penetrates the hole in the plywood. Also at the bottom, you will tie this rope in a knot.
  5. Now take the same second segment and fix this sidewall with the help of it. Two pieces of rope are enough to attach the short sidewalls. And the long ones in this case are attached using four segments.
  6. Now you need to cut 4 identical threads from a strong rope. They should be large enough to hang the cradle and not be too high.
  7. Fix the ropes at the top of the ceiling on the hooks, tie them to the bars at the bottom.
  8. Now you can put the mattress inside, if you wish, attach the soft sides to the cradle and put the baby to sleep.

If you want to make a wooden cradle like in the old days, then see how to make this type of cradle.

Cradle made of wood with your own hands

It is semicircular in appearance. It can be made from plywood or made sidewalls on the frame, covered with durable fabric. You can also cover your baby's crib with a cloth on one side to keep him out of the daylight. But it is better to hang a tulle-type fabric here so that air can penetrate. This applies to the sidewalls. But the base of the fabric must be strong, because then you will attach a long durable shelf here.

Fix a ring in the ceiling, thread this slab here. When you press on its free end, the cradle will rise. Thus, you can swing it not only from side to side, but also from top to bottom.

Here's another master class to show you how to make a rocking crib. It does not need to be suspended from the ceiling. It stands on the floor, but the middle part is bolted and made in such a way that you can rock such a cradle.

Cradle made of wood with your own hands

The bed diagram will help you create the right size pieces. But if you wish, make an adjustment here to, for example, increase this carrycot.

Cradle diagram
  1. The height of this bed is 82.5 cm. Its length is 88 cm, width is 60 cm. The bed has 2 static sides, they are fixed at the bottom with two boards. A cradle is attached to this base. It also consists of two backs, they are connected by parts of the sidewalls, bottom.
  2. To make the racks, first create a cardboard template. Now attach it to the plywood.
  3. For such work, you will need a construction universal compass to draw semicircular details. It is easy to do it yourself. To do this, take a rail, drill a hole at its end, attach a pencil here. And at the other end, you will secure the nail by driving it in here.
  4. Now attach the template to the plywood and sketch out. Use an electric jigsaw to cut along the markings. Drill the holes for the dowels. Make two slots in the rack to secure the backrest here.
  5. Saw out other parts. Make holes for dowels in them. Connect the blanks. You can then paint the crib with a child-safe product.
  6. There are also easier options for how to make a cradle. To make the next one, you will need only 5 parts. These are 2 backs, two sidewalls and bottom details.
  7. The backs can be decorated with various curls by cutting them out with a jigsaw. Also, the burning technique will help create a unique decor. Such methods allow you to decorate the cradle so that it remains environmentally friendly.

Sand all wooden parts thoroughly so that they are perfectly smooth.

Assemble the crib with dowels and glue. It can be additionally reinforced with screws. Then tie a tight rope and hang your creation, but not very high.

Cradle made of wood with your own hands

You can only make the base out of wood, and weave or create other parts from fabric. See how to do it.

How to make a fabric cradle?

DIY fabric cradle


  • wooden slats;
  • durable metal frame;
  • nuts with bolts;
  • natural rope.

Take two slats and place them crosswise. Now add another pair as well. Connect these elements with two strips at the bottom and two at the top. To make such a basket, you need a metal frame. It will follow the shape of the bottom and top. Then, between these blanks, you need to place metal rods vertically.

Now sew a thick cloth over this cradle, or tie a lot of ropes vertically, then tie them horizontally in a checkerboard pattern. Place a cape made of soft fabric inside to keep your baby comfortable.

If you want it to be a rocking chair, then you need to fix the semicircular slats at the bottom so that you can rock the crib slightly. The basket must be well secured so that it is securely fixed.

Here's how to make a different type of carrycot. It has a steel frame. If you have one, use it. A removable cover is put on here, which can be removed for washing. Then a braided rope is attached to the metal loops to hang such a cradle.

DIY fabric cradle

You can hang the fabric bassinet on a tripod. To do this, you need to take 3 processed beams, fix them on the floor, connect them at the top to each other. A cradle is suspended here, it can also be made on the basis of a durable metal frame and fabric.

DIY fabric cradle

If you already have a crib, but still want to have a cradle, then make a cradle that you will fix inside the bed. To do this, cut out a rectangle from the fabric, lift its edges, sew them in the corners so that the rectangle takes on the desired shape. Make sidewalls on both sides.

To make the cradle more dense, make it from two types of fabric. You can put sheet filler between them.

Attach fabric straps here, they will need to be fixed on the sides of the crib so that you get a hanging cradle.

DIY fabric cradle

Braided options for baby cradles

If you know how to weave from twigs, then you can create a kind of basket. Pay special attention to the top. You will attach the carabiners here so that you can then secure the rope to them.

Wicker cradle for baby

You need to put a mattress in such a basket. Place the fabric collars to be wrapped on the outside of this basket.

Secure the straps or rope and hang this cradle in place.

Wicker cradle for baby

If you have a solid frame, and you are familiar with the art of macrame, then you can weave just such a beautiful cradle.

Cradle for a baby do it yourself

Also, with the help of macrame, you can weave such a wonderful cradle.

Cradle for a baby do it yourself

To do this, braid the sidewalls, but it is better to make them denser. Put on the mattress. Such a beautiful thing will turn out.

Here's how to make the carrycot a little differently. First you need to knock down the frame of four strong slats. This will be the top of the crib. Make another such blank.

Now tie the threads to the top bar, braid the sidewalls. Then create the bottom. Hang the cradle.

Cradle for a baby do it yourself

You can make a folding cradle. To create it, knock down a wooden frame from strong slats. On the sides they will be in the form of a cross. Braid the workpiece using macrame patterns.

Cradle for a baby do it yourself

You can even make a cradle from twine. The main thing is to take a suitable frame. Also decorate it using the macrame technique. Simple knots can be used for this. You will need to stagger the threads so that you get rhombuses.

Cradle for a baby do it yourself

The next master class will show you how to make a cradle also by the weaving method, for this use paper.

How to make a cradle for a baby out of paper - a master class and step by step photos

Cradle for a baby made of paper

Despite the fact that this cradle is made of paper, it is durable.


  • suitable paper;
  • wooden skewer;
  • glue stick;
  • wire or fishing line;
  • metal and wooden rings.

Take a sheet of paper, drop some glue there, this is in place of the lilac mug in the photo. Then also place a wooden skewer and wrap the paper around it. You will have a straw. It will be necessary to make many such blanks.

Cradle blanks

Draw a drawing of the future cradle. Start weaving from the bottom.

Cradle drawing

The bottom can be made of fiberboard, chipboard or plywood. But in this case, the craftswoman decided to make a fully wicker version and a lightweight cradle. You need to insert trimmer line or wire into the main posts. Then they will become more durable.

There is no need to insert wire into the working tubes. Start braiding the racks with these tubes. Frame the cradle this way.

Cradle blanks

Continue to weave the bottom.

When you run out of a tube, insert the narrower end of the next tube into its wider end.

This is how, by weaving in a circle, you will create the bottom. At the same time, do this work on a pattern to make such an accurate detail.

Cradle blanks

Now lift the horizontal tubes so they become vertical. At this stage, also put metal blanks on them so that you can then insert the straps here to hang the basket.

Cradle blanks

Weave baskets with two types of paper. As the second, you can take the gray packaging. Add wire here for a stronger weave. Fasten the wooden rings at the top.

Cradle for a baby made of paper

Now you need to prime your creation, trim off the excess. Paint it and it will remain varnished.

Use food coloring to paint such a baby product. For the varnish, use a water-based varnish that is non-toxic. After the basket has dried, you can hang the cradle and cover it with tulle.

Cradle for a baby made of paper

How to sew a doll carrier with your own hands?

DIY doll carrying

Any girl will be happy with such a toy. To do this, you will need:

  • bottle 5 l;
  • scissors;
  • the cloth;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • fringe;
  • scissors.

Carefully cut off the top of the bottle as well as the bottom. Cut off the screw neck from the top.

Cradle blanks

The rest must be halved. You will get a rectangle.Attach this piece to the fabric, cut to size. You will also need a piece of padding polyester of this size. To keep it firmly on the fabric, it is better to immediately sew it to it.

Cradle blanks

Now cut out the carrying handles. Sew not only a rectangular base fabric with padding polyester, but this one, as well as the neck.

Sew a semblance of a bag, sew it to the rectangle where the main part of the bottle is inserted. Place the bottom piece in the resulting pocket.

Cradle blank

Decorate the upper part of the neck in the same way. Sew the handles in place and in a circle? fringe.

And here's how else to make a cradle for a doll. You will create it based on a regular cardboard box. First you need to modify this blank.

DIY doll carrier

Take the box, straighten it, then draw an oval. This will be the bottom of the cradle. Now draw the sides of this product. They must be double. Glue these blanks with tape. Now take the foam rubber and make the same blank out of it.

From another part of the cardboard box, make the outer bumpers. They need to be pasted over with a cloth. Let this workpiece dry for now. During this time, you can sew a mattress. To do this, measure the bottom, create it using these markings.

It is more convenient to sew a mattress from foam rubber. Then you will wrap the fabric around it. From the outside, you can decorate this cradle with lace. Make handles. To do this, take a rectangle of fabric, fold it in half and fold the edges to match. Now sew on the face. Can be sewn on the wrong side, then turned out to the right side. Then you will stuff a soft filler inside.

Sew the handles into place. Such a wonderful carrying bag will turn out then. Do not forget to sheathe not only the outer, but also the inner sides of the product with fabric.

DIY doll carrier

The plot will tell you how to make a cradle for a doll. You will get an elegant openwork thing.

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