How to make original feeders with your own hands?

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How to make original feeders with your own hands?
How to make original feeders with your own hands?

See ideas with step-by-step photos on how to make unusual feeders from vegetables and fruits, from lighting fixtures, from kitchen items. You will also learn how to weave a feeder.

Birds have a hard time in winter. To make you want to create a dining room for them, see how to make unusual feeders. They will help to get rid of old, junk things and decorate the suburban area, city courtyard.

DIY original fruit and vegetable feeders

Not everyone knows that you can feed birds not only with grain, bread, but also fruits and vegetables. After all, such a feeder will add vitamins to the diet of birds.

Pumpkin feeder

If you have removed the pumpkin pulp to cook it, then do not throw away the shell. She will still serve.

To make an original feeder of this type, take:

  • pumpkin;
  • knife;
  • strong rope;
  • food for birds.

When you remove the pulp from the pumpkin, first scratch with a knife on both sides of the peel where there will be large holes, so that you can then cut out exactly here.

Cut with a knife, use this tool and a spoon to remove the pulp. You can also do it with your hand. Now, using a knife, draw a window on the outside of the pumpkin, a door. Let this makeshift feeder dry slightly to prevent the flesh from rotting. After that, hang the pumpkin by the tail on the branch. Pour your favorite bird treats inside.

If you have a harvest of apples this year, we also suggest making a feeder out of them.

Apple feeder

To make one, take:

  • Apple;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • rope;
  • knife;
  • spoon;
  • food for birds.

Use a knife to make a hole in the top of the apple. Then you put the food here. Pre-mix it with a little peanut butter to keep it from spilling out. Screw four self-tapping screws into the apple, tie a rope to it and hang it on a tree.

For such products, you can use a wide variety of fruits, for example, citrus fruits.

  1. If you ate an orange or grapefruit, then do not throw away the shell of these fruits. But, to make an original feeder, immediately cut the fruit in half with a knife, then you will have two containers out of one at once.
  2. Remove the pulp, lightly dry the peel, then make two or four holes in the upper part at the same distance. They are needed in order to then thread a thread here. Add dry food or premix with peanut butter and place inside the halves.
  3. Hang up the feeders. Thus, you can decorate a street tree for the New Year, and not only you, but also the birds will enjoy this holiday.
Orange feeder

How to make original feeders from lamps?

When the chandeliers hanging in city apartments get bored, summer residents take them to their country houses. Here, such a lighting device will still serve, but then this chandelier can get bored or break down here. If you're sorry to throw it away, don't do it. If your chandelier consists of several horns, several birds can feed near this one.

Lamp feeder
  1. Unscrew the shades first. Remove the wires. Now see if additional work needs to be done. If the lamp is in good condition, then it is not necessary to paint it. If over time the chandelier has lost its gorgeous original look, then paint it. And for this you can use a brush and regular paint or take paint in a spray can.
  2. It is best to do the next stage of work on the street. If this is not possible, then lay cellophane on the work surface, then paint the chandelier.
  3. When it dries, you need to glue the containers here. They can be plastic, glass, ceramic. Hot glue each gun into place.
  4. Now you can pour food here, hang a chandelier and wait for the arrival of the welcome guests. If you hang such a device in the country, then the birds will become your allies in the fight against pests. Some of the birds will eat harmful insects not only during the summer season, but throughout the year. So, tits in winter are not averse to feasting on larvae, pupae of pests. They deftly get them out from under the bark and in other habitats, like some other birds.

Also, such a feeder will be a wonderful decoration of the garden. If you like pink, then use paint of this shade, and you will have such a dining room for birds.

Lamp feeder

And if you have several lamps, then paint them and hang them on a special metal holder. Then in one place you will have two such chandeliers at once.

Lamp feeder

If you also have sconces in the kit for lighting fixtures that you also do not use for their intended purpose, then you can make an unusual feeder as follows.

Lamp feeder

For this you will need:

  • wall chandelier;
  • soup plate;
  • a bowl;
  • durable glue;
  • dye.

Remove the light bulb and shade from the sconce. If this product is in mediocre condition, then you can sand it first. Then you will paint the metal base and the part where the light bulb used to be.

After the paint has dried, glue a deep plate here, fix the cup on top in the same way. You can hang this chandelier. But it is better to drive a nail into the wooden support of a fence post or barn and fix the feeder here in this way.

Ideas for original feeders from kitchen utensils

They can also be used to make bird feeders. If you no longer need crystal or glassware, you will get such a beautiful bird feeder from it.

DIY feeder

Steel-colored chains look great with such transparent things. Take a flat glass dish, use invisible glue to glue a vase on top. You will fill it with food. Now think about how to hang this type of feeder. If you have a drill and a special attachment for it, then make a hole in the bottom flat container using these tools. If not, then you can just glue the chain here.

To prevent sediment from entering the container, place the second vase on top, turning it over. Secure the feeder in this position with chains or a metal pin.

DIY feeders

You can make a cup feeder. Then take a spacious container, glue a pin to it in the center. Place an inverted container on top, first you need to make a hole in it.

DIY feeder

You can do it easier when you make an original feeder, take plastic containers and make a hole in the center of each with a hot nail. Why would you put a strong rope here, tie knots to fix the two halves of the feeder in this position.

DIY feeder

If you have unpaired items left from the tea service, or you are tired of an old teapot, cup, saucer, you should also not throw these things away. See what kind of original feeders will turn out from them.

DIY feeder

To make such an original do-it-yourself feeder, take:

  • teapot;
  • a plate;
  • durable glue;
  • suitable hook.

Remove the lid from the kettle, turn it with its nose down. Now glue this container to the plate. Then hang the structure on the hook that you want to attach to the branch. All that remains is to pour the seeds of cereals, sunflowers, crumbs of white bread here and you can feed the birds in this way.

You can use a cup and saucer for such products. Also glue the two together. Then hang the cup by the handle. Now you can pour food into it. If he wakes up, he will remain in the plate and will not fall to the ground.It will be convenient for birds to eat from such a container.

DIY feeder

Place the cup not diagonally, but glue one of its sides to the saucer. Then you get this design. Then you can hang it with metal hooks.

Feeder from kitchen utensils

Kitchen items will also serve more than once. If you have a beautiful dish, use it. Then you can decorate your plot and feed the birds. If the dish has such carved holes along the edges, then you don't have to do anything else. You will need to fix the wire here and hang the device.

Feeder from kitchen utensils

And if you have a teapot with a cup, then drill a hole in the teapot, use self-tapping screws to attach it to the board. Now you need to screw the wire here, at the same time fix the lid, further strengthening the kettle. A horizontal plank must be attached to the board. To do this, cut a groove in the main one and put this small board here. Additionally, put it on glue and secure with self-tapping screws.

Saw holes in this small plank so that you can thread the wire here and fix the cup in this way. Now you can pour food inside and feed your favorite birds.

Feeder from kitchen utensils

Watch a master class with step-by-step photos that shows the process of work. As you can see, you need to drink such a rectangular groove to the size of the second board, then put it here and fix it with glue. And with the help of self-tapping screws, you attach a wire to this wooden base in order to then fix the teapot and cup.

Feeder from kitchen utensils

If you have an old kitchen whisk, it will also make an unusual bird feeder. Just hang it on a branch, and between the coils of the spring, you can put a dry treat for the birds. It can be white bread, pieces of unsalted bacon.

Feeder from kitchen utensils

See what else you can do with your kitchen utensils good for birds.

If you have a leaky cupcake pan or just bought a different one, don't throw the first one away. There are several compartments in these designs, so you can put a lot of treats here. So that snow does not fall inside and rain does not fall, take a lid of a suitable shape; it can also be plastic. Make holes in the corners, insert metal rings here. Make the same holes in the corners of the muffin tins.

Connect these elements with chains.

If the feeder is too light, then it is better to make it heavier so that it does not spin under the gusts of wind. To this end, attach a chain at the bottom in the center and hang something heavy on it.

Even egg boxes can be transformed into original feeders. You can use such a cardboard one. And if you want the feeder to be more durable, then take a plastic one. Make holes in the corners in this container and hang it up.

Feeder from kitchen utensils

A wide variety of kitchen items will be wonderful feeders. You hardly guessed that an ordinary wooden kitchen spatula will become an item for which the birds will thank you. After all, pieces of bacon can fit here, which tits and other birds will surely appreciate in the cold season.

Materials for creating a feeder


  • 2 wooden shovels;
  • drill;
  • harsh thread;
  • pieces of unsalted bacon without spices.

Make four holes in the shoulder blades, and if there are already notches on both sides, then two are enough.

Materials for creating a feeder

Now cut into pieces of bacon. Place them between your shoulder blades and on top of each. Then connect it all with a harsh thread. In this case, you need to pass it through the grooves and holes. See what a wonderful and original bird feeder you get.

Original bird feeder

Here's how to make a spoon and fork feeder. These cutlery will be great holders that need to be bent and screwed onto a vertical support using self-tapping screws.

Original bird feeder

Now you can place a plastic tray here. To keep the food on it, mix peanut butter with dry cereals, seeds, then apply this mass to a tray.Then you can install it on the holders, you get such an original bird feeder.

Original bird feeder

How to make wooden bird feeders with your own hands

Original do-it-yourself feeders from sticks - ideas and photos

If there is also a thermos napkin lying around in the kitchen, on which they put hot stuff, then use it. There are also such plastic boards, you can take them too. Punch four holes in one corner. Then insert the sticks here, fix them in this position. Attach the bottom. The feeder with the roof is ready.

Original do-it-yourself feeder
  1. Can be used for poultry ice cream sticks. First, take a few pieces, place them side by side, then attach 2 sticks across at the same distance, they are located closer to the edges. Place one in the middle.
  2. Now attach the following ice cream sticks to these around the perimeter. In this case, place 2 paired rooms opposite each other.
  3. Then put two more perpendicular to this. When there is enough height, finish the job. You will need to tie ropes here and hang this feeder.
  4. And you can make a roof of sticks for it. To do this, assemble the roof elements in the same way as the bottom. Connect them in the middle, you can paint your creation to make it look so bright.
Original stick feeder

You can take sticks of wood, saw them off and turn them into small logs. Make a log house like a real one. Pull off the roof too. You can also attach a ladder here. This house-shaped feeder will help you practice if, over time, you want to build a large house on the site. It will also become a wonderful element for decorating your summer cottage.

Original stick feeder

Or you can take tubes for chips or other products of a similar shape. In the lower part, make two holes opposite each other. Then you insert an ice cream stick in here. Pour food inside, cover with a lid, after making a hole in it and tying a rope. Birds will sit on sticks, eat food, it will not end for a long time, as it will gradually start to get enough sleep instead of what was eaten.

Original do-it-yourself feeders

If you have a cardboard box, slide a sturdy bag over it. Fold its edges up. Also at the top you need to make 4 holes, thread the rope here. Make two holes in the middle on both sides. Put your ice cream stick in here. Fill the container with food. Birds will be able to eat it and rest on this perch.

Original do-it-yourself feeder

You can take a sheet of cardboard or plywood or hardboard, make holes along the edges and tie sticks here. Connect them with a string. Tie a rope and hang up such an interesting feeder.

Original stick feeder

The sticks will also serve as the basis for another bird canteen. You will need to take the toilet paper rolls. Lubricate them with a mixture of oil, seeds, cereals and dry corn kernels. Now make through holes in each bushing using the sticks. Several pieces can be strung together.

Original stick feeder

Tie a rope on top and position such a bird's canteen at a sufficient height.

How to weave original vine feeders?

You can make a very beautiful bird feeder from this natural material. For this, for example, wild grapes are suitable. But classic pieces of this type are mostly made from willow. If you can get this natural material in late fall or early spring, use uncut twigs. If you mine at other times of the year, then you will need to pre-clean the rods.

After you have prepared the vine or willow twigs, take the base. It should be pretty tight. In this case, the master used OSB, the thickness of the material is 8 mm, and the diameter of this circle is 20 cm. First, drill holes around the perimeter of the circle with a distance of 2 cm from each other.

It is necessary to make holes not only on the top on the perimeter, but also on the ends. Insert the prepared rods into the holes at the end of the end. Then you need to gradually bend them. First, fold the second into the third, placing it outward.Then fold 3 by 4 also from the outside.

Now you need to make the first pair of rods. To do this, circle the fourth with the first vine and wind it behind the fifth. Add the fourth segment to the first one, print all this before the sixth.

Weaving a feeder from a vine

Continue braiding further. When the whole circle is designed like this, the excess will need to be cut off.

Weaving a feeder from a vine

Now you will need to create the walls of the trough. Insert the rods into the holes made around the perimeter, start weaving already using these elements.

Here's what happens at this stage.

Weaving a feeder from a vine

To weave the feeder further, put vertical sticks in the remaining holes, braid them at the bottom, then at the top.

Weaving a feeder from a vine

Now you will need to make a roof for the feeder.

To do this, take two beams of the manhole, start braiding them in the center. pre-make a ring for which you could then hang the feeder.

Weaving a feeder from a vine

Step back a little, braid the sidewalls on the side, so that the structure holds better and looks even more beautiful.

Weaving a feeder from a vine with your own hands

Using a wire cutter, cut off 2 vertical sticks from the side so that the birds can fly in here. And now you can put food and hang the trough.

Here's how to make original bird feeders. If you want to look at the process of making such poultry tables, then turn on the first video. From it you will learn how to make original feeders.

And the second plot will tell you how to weave a broom feeder.

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