How to make edible gifts for men, women, children?

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How to make edible gifts for men, women, children?
How to make edible gifts for men, women, children?

It is a pleasure to make edible gifts with your own hands. It is interesting to create bouquets for men from alcohol and snacks, delicious sets for women in baskets, bacon roses, delicious gifts for children.

Edible gifts are good because they will help to congratulate a person in an original way, to please with delicious products.

How to make edible gifts for men?

Delight a loved one, relative, friend or boss by presenting him with an edible gift. Edible bouquets are gifts that will not leave anyone without a smile.

Ediblets for men

Such a bouquet can be made on February 23, presented for the New Year, for a birthday, just to please a loved one.

Ediblet for a man

Everything that men love will be collected here. Take:

  • wooden skewers;
  • thin loaf of raw smoked sausage;
  • hot red peppers in pods;
  • hunting sausages;
  • small bagels;
  • pigtail cheese, another smoked;
  • lemon;
  • a sprig of rosemary;
  • a bottle of a man's favorite drink;
  • corrugated paper;
  • gray wrapping paper;
  • beautiful rope;
  • knife;
  • cling film.

Master class on creating:

  1. Take a loaf of raw smoked sausage and cut it diagonally into 3 pieces. String the sausage on skewers so that the cut is at the top. Wrap these blanks with cling film and secure it with narrow tape.
  2. You also need to arrange hunting sausages. There is no need to cut them.
  3. Take a pigtail cheese, another dry cheese, string each such delicacy on a skewer and also wrap it in plastic wrap. To secure the bottle, attach about 15 skewers to it from the middle down, spreading them evenly. Now roll up the tape to attach them to the bottle.
  4. Cut a half of a lemon, string it on a skewer. But if you plan to give the bouquet after some time, it is better not to use cut fruits and vegetables, otherwise they will run out of juice.
  5. You can string a whole lemon on a skewer, and give a bunch of grapes to a bottle of wine. Skewers are also applied to it and rewound with tape, the berries are wrapped in cling film.
  6. In the same way, arrange other elements of the treat, so that you get an edible bouquet for a man. They will certainly appreciate gifts of this type.
  7. Take a piece of crepe paper and fold it in half with the fold on top. Now place the prepared food with the skewers down. You can additionally rewind them with scotch tape. Wrap them tightly in this package. Then place it on sturdy wrapping paper, form a bouquet and tie it with string or ribbon.

An edible gift for a man is ready. To make it clearer how to create such a bouquet, you can watch a step-by-step master class, which shows the stages of work.

The next edible gift for men also contains a lot of delicious. Having received it, it will be possible for the whole company to celebrate some event. Brisket is a great snack for spirits. Since smoked meat is quite heavy, it will take several skewers to fix it in the bouquet. Attach them evenly with skewers from the middle to the bottom. Wrap with wide tape.

Blanks for an ediblet

If there are sausages in the edible set, cut them up to make portions. You can also attach them to alcohol, snow each on a skewer. It is convenient to stick this wooden stick into the bottom cut. Now apply these sausages evenly to the bottle and wrap with tape again.

Blanks for an ediblet

Take slices of smoked cheese, it works great too. They are usually sold already packaged.Therefore, it remains only to attach scotch tape to them and thus also decorate the cheese with a pigtail. You can decorate your creation with hot red pepper, which diversifies the picture.

Blanks for an ediblet

Now look at how to make an edible gift for a man by including in the next bouquet the favorite drink of many of the stronger sex. This is beer. There will also be an appetizer in the form of dried fish, nuts, crackers, bagels, sausages, cheese. The result is such a gorgeous creation. And if this is a bouquet for a birthday, then add banknotes here, and the gift is ready.

Ediblet for a man

Watch a master class that will teach you how to make an edible gift for a man in the form of such a bouquet.

Master class with step by step photos


  • wooden skewers;
  • roach;
  • smoked cheese;
  • peanuts in shells;
  • pistachios;
  • crackers;
  • bagels or salted cookies;
  • beer;
  • cling film;
  • Scotch;
  • packaging for a bouquet;
  • rope;
  • hot glue gun.

Place the skewers on the beer bottle, distribute them evenly and secure with tape. Decorate two more bottles in the same way.

Make cellophane bags. Pour crackers here, turn the bags over, put a skewer in the larger part and fix with tape.

Blanks for an ediblet

Place the pieces of dry bread between the beer bottles and rewind with tape.

DIY ediblet blanks

Take a hot glue gun, using this tool you need to glue peanuts with shells on skewers. Place it in such a way that it looks like it is twigs. Decorate the pistachios in the same way.

You need to glue the pistachios just behind the shell so as not to stain the kernels, so you will have these nuts, split partly upwards.

DIY ediblet blanks

Now place a wooden skewer on the fish's tail, secure it here with duct tape, generously wrapping this duct tape.

DIY ediblet blanks

Combine some salty snacks together to make these butterflies.

DIY ediblet blanks

Take raw smoked sausages, string them on skewers. In this way, arrange the smoked cheese as well.

DIY ediblet blanks

To make an edible gift further, place pistachios and peanuts in shells between the bottles and crackers, which are attached to sticks and look like plant sprigs.

DIY edible bouquet blanks

MK continues with step-by-step photos. Take the threads and tie the resulting snack butterflies to the necks of the bottles. Then arrange the sausages, cheese in the same bouquet.

DIY edible bouquet blanks

If you don't know how to give money, then see how to do it with such a delicious bouquet. Roll each bill and rewind it with twine. Attach money to the bouquet.

DIY edible bouquet blanks

Now put your creation on the newspaper. You can pre-create it in a special program so that there is a congratulatory article, photos of the hero of the occasion. Also decorate this creation with scrapbooking paper or other.

DIY edible bouquet

Here's a gorgeous edible bouquet for a man. Such a gift will certainly be appreciated by the hero of the occasion.

DIY edible gifts for women

Here are some tips for the fair sex. Many gifts are easy to make with your own hands, with a minimum of effort. The main thing is that it is interesting to pack them.

It is known that nuts and dried fruits are very useful. Take a cardboard box, line it inside with cling paper. Arrange here in strict order almonds, pistachios, dried fruits from apricots, prunes, mangoes, dates. Then cover all this tightly with cling film and tie a ribbon in the corners.

Ediblet for women

You can make a plate on which you will write who this gift is from or there will be pleasant wishes.

Ediblet for women

To make the following type of edible gift, take:

  • a wooden box with a lid;
  • glass jars with lids;
  • honey, nuts, peeled pumpkin seeds;
  • twine;
  • cardboard.

Crafting workshop:

  1. If you already have a suitable wooden box, then make spacers for it. To do this, take cardboard and cut it into even strips.
  2. Lay them horizontally and vertically so that sectors are formed. In order for the strips to be securely fastened, you need to make paired cuts in adjacent areas. Then you will lay out these blanks, combining the sections and so fix them. You can optionally attach these paper strips to the box with pieces of clear tape.
  3. If you do not have such a box, you can make it yourself from treated wood planks. And you will create the bottom and base of the lid from plywood.
  4. Take metal hinges, fix them on the lid and on the box. Then your creation will close. Attach the latch to fix it in this position.
  5. Take clean glass jars and fill them with different types of honey. And transparent honey, mix with peeled walnut kernels. Also fill one of these containers.
  6. In the same way, combine cashews, peeled pumpkin seeds, almonds, peeled pistachios with honey and fill the jars as well.
  7. Cover each with a lid, place a beautiful paper or piece of fabric on top and tie the lid with twine. Also arrange other containers.
Ediblet for women

You can take a suitable cardboard box and put edible gifts in it. Place the nuts in pretty clear bags or plastic wrap. Tie each bag with a red ribbon. Fill a small jar with honey, close it tightly, place a circle of gray wrapping paper on top and tie it with twine. Cover the box with a lid, which you can also decorate first.

Ediblet for women

Great if you have homemade jam. If it is also exotic, then it is doubly interesting. Write the name of the sweet dish. Take the box. Attach text written on the corner of the paper to it, from which it will be clear what you put here.

Delicious gifts can be created with your own hands or resemble pleasant moments of the trip, where the future owner of the gift has already tasted such sweets. Put such a creation in a suitable container and you can give a present.

Ediblet for women

Make candies with your own hands, decorate some of them in the form of flowers, which you can also present as a present. A woman will certainly appreciate such an edible gift.

DIY ediblet for women

And if you can make homemade marshmallows, baklava, then use a suitable form for this, so that you can then bandage the finished product and hand it over right there. But it is better to wrap it in plastic wrap first.

DIY ediblet for women

When you think about what to give a woman for the New Year, then try to bake such gingerbread cookies in the form of figurines. There may also be snowflakes here. Then you will decorate them with icing so that it looks like the snowflakes are covered with snow. And then the figures will dress up.

DIY ediblet for women

Use the leftover dough to make heart-shaped cookies. Decorate them with icing as well. You can use protein. Then garnish with edible pearls. Such a sign of heartfelt attention will be appreciated by every woman.

Heart-shaped cookies

If you don't know how to bake, but you want to make an edible gift, then just take clean glass jars, fill them with candy, close the lids and tie them with ribbons.

Attach a sign with the words of the best wishes to each such container.

DIY ediblets for women

A bouquet of sweets will also be a great gift for a girl.

DIY ediblet for women

To do this, take a styrofoam ball. Now use round candies like Yves Rocher. Wrap each one in a green organza strip that is folded in half. Fix the toothpicks on the back. Then use them to stick the candy into the styrofoam ball. It remains to bandage the bouquet with a piece of organza, then fix it with satin ribbons.

Take shiny beads of the same tone and sew them on packaging for sweets, for a bouquet, thereby additionally decorating the elements of the composition.

Unsweetened gifts

If a woman is not sweet or follows her figure, then present her with fruits and berries. They can also be gifted in an original way. Place strawberries, cherries in beautiful bags, tie with ribbons.Place harder fruits such as strong peaches, oranges and tangerines at the bottom of the basket. Place the melon in the center, then add the pineapple and berries. Decorate with sprigs of mint or lemon balm. You can also put light wine here.

DIYt for a woman

It will also be appropriate when you create your next edible gift. It will be appreciated by real gourmets.

Place the gourmet cheeses in a regular cardboard box. You can put burlap here to complement the look of the gift. Dry white wine is perfect for this present.

DIYt for a woman

If you want to make a gift for an anniversary to a woman or just amaze her with your generosity, buy famous brands of cheeses, various types of smoked sausages.

DIYt for a woman

If the loaves are large, cut them obliquely and set them cut up. Small ones can be placed directly entirely. Attach the tomatoes to the skewers with tape and place these decoration elements between the delicacies. Brisket, raw smoked meat will also be appropriate here. Also place it with the slice up.

Add smoked dry cheeses, gourmet cheeses, halved lime.

If this is a New Year's gift for a woman, then rosemary sprigs in such a grocery basket would be very appropriate. After all, this grass smells like pine needles, New Year.

If the woman you love loves coconut, then you can buy a jar of mashed coconut and place it in your next gift. Divide the coconut in half, drain the coconut milk separately and chop the pulp. You can also put in a box and coconut with whole pulp. Attach a handle to a wooden box, you get such an interesting basket.

Basket with coconuts

To create sets, you can use low wooden boxes, which are lined with sisal or velvet fabric. Here you need to put a bottle of wine, a glass, an orange, dried slices of this fruit.

DIYt for a woman

If you want to make a traditional gift for a woman in the form of a frying pan, present it in an original way. Bake a delicious crust that will fit the pan. If it's not sweet, then it might be cheesecake. Cool it down.

DIYt for a woman

Take the basket, put the prepared gift here. You can also place tangerines, a jar of vegetable or fish caviar. And wrap a small loaf of sausage in waxed paper.

An original ediblet for women

And here's another original edible gift you can make. Attach garlic, red onion, hot peppers, smoked sausage, tomatoes to the skewers. You can also put a loaf of bread here. Rewind all this with waxed paper, and then with colored paper and tie with thread.

An original ediblet for women

What woman doesn't like flowers? But she will appreciate such a bouquet even more. After all, here, in addition to flowers, there are fruits. Cut a small pineapple in half, and do the same with grapefruit and lime. Place these fruits on a skewer. Also attach persimmons, apples and oranges. Connect these blanks, lay flowers and plant branches between them.

An original ediblet for women

If you didn't know how to make bacon roses before, then watch the master class. He will show how to surprise a woman by presenting her with such an edible bouquet.

See How To Make Edible Slimes At Home

How to make do-it-yourself bacon roses?

DIY bacon roses

To do it, take:

  • portioned bacon;
  • chopsticks;
  • toothpicks;
  • lettuce leaves.

Fold the bacon slice almost in half, but with one edge lower than the other. Now twist this blank so that you get a bud. In this case, the fold will be at the bottom. Secure this creation with a toothpick. Decorate the rest of the roses in the same way. Place them on a wire rack in the oven or on a baking sheet.

Do-it-yourself bacon roses

Bake these meat flowers to brown. This usually takes about 25 minutes.

Then cool the roses. Take Chinese sticks, lettuce or spinach leaves, pierce the leaf in two places with this stick. And on the tip of the skewer, string a bacon rose.

Do-it-yourself bacon roses

In this way create some roses. Then form a bouquet of them. Tie it up.

You can take green stem sticks or paint them that color.

Some people use artificial flowers, removing the buds from them. Instead, a bacon rose is attached.

DIY bacon roses

DIY edible gifts for children

Children will also love the bouquet of goodies created for them. Put what they love in it. Thus, you can give presents for a holiday in kindergarten, in elementary school, or to please your son or daughter.

Ediblets for children

To do this, take:

  • small chocolates;
  • candy in the package;
  • Bon Pari;
  • a bag of juice;
  • wrapping paper;
  • wax paper;
  • wooden skewers;
  • Scotch;
  • rope.

Attach two sticks to the chocolate bar, fix them with tape. Also arrange the candies. For Bonpari, you may need to attach four sticks, and for juice - 8.

Match all these edible things, wrap the bouquet with colored paper, then wax and bandage.

If you need to give your child a chocolate bar, then make a pocket on the cover for it. To do this, take a leatherette, cut a rectangle out of it. Now glue two large cardboard rectangles here, which will be the first and last pages of the cover. Place the spine of the same material between them. On one side, attach a cardboard for a pocket to put a chocolate bar here. Place three small pockets on the other. You can put small sweets or small greeting cards here.

Gift blank

You can make not only an edible gift, but also packaging for it. Then knead the waffle dough, bake waffles from it. While they are still hot, place a small tall bowl on top of the waffles. Lift the edges of the pastry and secure them in this position with thread. When this food cools down, you get this shape.

Blank for an ediblet

You can put candies, chocolates and other tasty things in this edible package that children will happily eat. You can also turn this basket into a fruit and berry basket by placing fruits and berries here.

Place the cupcakes in cardboard molds. If you don't have one, then take a cardboard box and cut holes in it. Then put the cupcake in here. Garnish with cream and strawberry slices.

Ediblets for children

You can give cookies to children. Make shortbread dough, then using molds or just with a knife, cut out Christmas trees, wreaths, and other attributes of the New Year's holiday. Bake cookies, decorate with icing. Decorate Christmas trees, wreaths and a door.

Ediblets for children

See how to make an edible balloon gift for your baby.

The second video will show you how to make bacon roses.

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