How to make a costume for the Nutcracker and other characters in this fairy tale?

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How to make a costume for the Nutcracker and other characters in this fairy tale?
How to make a costume for the Nutcracker and other characters in this fairy tale?

Summary of the fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" - how to sew the costume of the Nutcracker, the Mouse King and Marie. For a puppet show, character-making workshops will come in handy.

According to the eastern calendar, 2020 is the year of the Rat. This animal is one of the main characters in the fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King". This magical story also takes place on New Year's holidays. If a children's institution is planning to stage this fairy tale, then you will need to take care of costumes for staging this Christmas story.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King - Summary

Staging a fairy tale

Before staging a fairy tale, making costumes, familiarize yourself with the plot of this story. This will certainly come in handy. Summary "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" will help you familiarize yourself with the plot in 15 minutes.

The fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" was written in 1816 by Hoffmann. These are the main characters of this magical story:

  • Nutcracker;
  • Mouse King;
  • Marie Stahlbaum is a kind seven-year-old girl;
  • Fritz Stahlbaum is Marie's brother;
  • Drosselmeyer is the godfather of Fritz and Marie.

On the eve of Christmas, a Christmas tree is decorated in the hall. Marie and Fritz are impatient, they are waiting for when it will be possible to run to the tree and find there gifts for themselves.

The wait is over, the children go to the tree and find what they want there. An elegant dress, toy dishes, beautiful dolls have been prepared for Marie. Fritz receives a toy horse and a squadron of hussars.

The children were really looking forward to a gift from Drosselmeyer. After all, this senior counselor of the court and part-time their godfather is a jack of all trades. And the man did not disappoint his godchildren. He made a musical castle for them, which has golden turrets, mirrored windows and dancing figures.

Then Marie saw that there was another present under the tree. This is the Nutcracker. This character has a large mouth so that you can put nuts there and chop them in this way.

It was the Nutcracker. The summary moves on to the next part of the story. It's time for the kids to sleep. But before going to bed, they put their toys in a special glass cabinet. Suddenly Marie sees the mouse king, who has seven heads with crowns. He wants to get into the toy closet.

The Nutcracker interferes with this. He becomes the commander of the toy soldiers and begins the battle. Marie cannot stand aside to save the Nutcracker, she throws her shoe at the mouse king.

Staging a fairy tale

The next morning, Marie began to have a fever, she fell ill. Drosselmeyer comes to visit her. He tells the girl a fairy tale about a nut.

Here is a summary of this story. Princess Pirlipat lived in one kingdom. She was very beautiful. One day, her father, the king, asked the queen's wife to cook her favorite sausages. The queen was kind, she shared a piece of bacon with the queen of mice Myshilda. Many mice came to such a treat, and they ate almost all the bacon.

The king got angry and expelled Myshilda and her subjects from his kingdom, but Myshilda decided to take revenge on the king.

She kept her word. One night, Princess Pirlipat crept into the chambers and turned her into an ugly child. The king ordered his watchmaker Drosselmeier to restore beauty to the princess, gave him this month.

He learned from the court astrologer that it was possible to save Pirlipat from the curse with the help of the krakatuk nut. It should be presented to the girl by a young man who has never shaved before and has not worn boots.

Drosselmeyer wandered for 7 years in search of a nut and a youth.By chance, after this time, he found a krakatuk nut in his hometown of Nuremberg, with a cousin. Drosselmeyer's nephew, the beautiful Nutcracker, played the role of the hero who will disenchant the princess. The young man was able to disenchant Pirlipat, but he stumbled and became ugly himself.

Marie realized that everything told by the godfather was true. Then, at night, the Nutcracker killed the mouse king and turned from a toy to a human. He presented Marie with 7 crowns of the mouse king.

That was how brave the Nutcracker was. The summary is coming to an end. Our hero led Marie to the doll kingdom, which was in the wardrobe. Before the amazed eyes of the girl appeared the Orange Stream, the Christmas forest, the Almond-raisin gate. Then the girl, together with the Nutcracker, went to the capital of the puppet kingdom on two golden dolphins, which were harnessed to a shell.

Together with the Nutcracker, Marzipan entered the Marzipan Castle and began to cook sweets with the sisters of her new friend, while the Nutcracker talked about his battle with the mouse king and his troops.

Then Marie tried to tell her parents about her adventures, but they did not believe her. After some time, a handsome boy came to their house. It was the godfather's nephew. He told Marie that he was the Nutcracker, and she delivered him from a terrible curse. The young man proposed to the girl, and a year later he took her to the puppet kingdom.

Such a beautiful fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" was written by Hoffmann. Now you know the twists and turns of the plot and can make the appropriate costumes to then create a production.

DIY Nutcracker costume - master class and photo

DIY Nutcracker costume

The outfit for this character can be made from a wide variety of materials. The cardboard box is especially useful here. From it you can make both the lower part and the character mask.

  1. If you want to make clothes out of a box, then find such a container of a suitable size. But you can make a suit out of a large box, making this container smaller, so that you can then put it on a child. Make a hole in the top of the box so that the child can put on this container. Also make two holes for the arms.
  2. Now take a box and paint it. On the top, draw the Nutcracker's big teeth, his mouth. Color the box. When it's dry, glue the golden paper aiguillettes onto your shoulders.
  3. You can do it easier, take only two sides of the box, in the middle at the top you need to cut a hole for the head. Then the sides will be free, and the child will be able to put on the Nutcracker costume without hindrance.
  4. Now we need to create other details for the Nutcracker costume. Such a cocked hat can be made of cardboard or thick fabric. To do this, cut a circle out of it, but you need to create small branches on both sides of this shape.
  5. Now fold the circle in half, pulling one and the other side towards the center. In this case, the elongated branches will be on the sides. Lock the hat in this position. To do this, you can sew a button up.

And if you have an all-cardboard Nutcracker costume, then also use a narrow base box. Color it by painting the eyes and the big mouth of the Nutcracker with teeth here. Make a cardboard hat using two identical pieces. Color it in as well.

DIY Nutcracker costume

You can take a cardboard box and cover it with two types of fabrics. In this case, red will be at the bottom in the chin area, and light at the top. Glue fabric eyes, eyebrows, nose.

At the junction of these two canvases, glue the golden lace braid. In the same way, you will decorate the sides of the headdress. Also create it from cardboard. To do this, you need to cut out two identical parts for the front and back. Connect them with a cardboard rectangle. But first you need to cover these elements with fabric. Then you will decorate the hat with braid.

You will make these white curls for a hairstyle from a light-colored fabric. To do this, you need to take suitable tubes and cover them with fabric.And from a few scraps of white cloth, make hair for the Nutcracker.

DIY Nutcracker costume

See how to make such a headdress for this hero.

Make a tricorne hat out of cardboard and cloth, or one thick cloth. Now for the hair you need to knit such bouclie tubes. They will be on the right and left above the ears. Take yarn of the same color and glue it on the back. Then you will weave a pigtail out of it. See how to stick hair for bangs. This is also clearly demonstrated by the photo.

Nutcracker costume pattern

And if you are going to make a Nutcracker costume, then you can make a cocked hat from thick paper or even from wallpaper of a suitable color.

Nutcracker costume pattern

Take a rectangle of this material, fold it in half and mark the middle. Then bend the opposite corners to it and bend the lower parts, as shown in the photo. Now rotate the headpiece 90 degrees and fold back the front and back triangles. Turn the hat again. You can decorate it with a feather or other elements.

If the child is not hot in such an outfit, then you can use a whole box to make a Nutcracker costume. From it you will create the top and bottom part of this character.

Color it in, make a small cutout for the nose and two for the eye. You will also need to cut holes for the arms.

So that the child is not hot in a cardboard outfit, it is better to leave this part free on top so that air can penetrate here.

DIY Nutcracker costume

You can sew a hussar costume, make an appropriate headdress, and put a paper mask on your face. Then you will also make curls from this material. And when the Nutcracker becomes beautiful again, then the child depicting him will simply take off the mask and remain in his outfit.

Nutcracker Costume

Here's how to make a different type of Nutcracker costume. A box is also suitable for its base. From it you will make the lower part, create a cocked hat for the upper one. Between these two elements, you will need to glue a red mesh, then the child will be able to see through this hole, and the integrity of the suit will not be violated.

Nutcracker Costume

If you have sewing skills then create a fabric Nutcracker costume. In this case, you can take dark trousers that the child already has. And the mask can be made not only from cardboard and fabric, but also from papier-mâché.

To do this, you need to create such a mass, then stick it on a football ball so that it is the size of a child's head. Create the necessary holes for the eyes, for the nose. When this deed dries up, it remains to paint it.

Nutcracker Costume

Here's how to make a Nutcracker costume. Now see how to make costumes of heroes for the fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King".

How to sew a dress for Marie with your own hands?

If the girl has a dress that looks like a princess dress, then you can use it. If not, sew an outfit out of a suitable fabric. It would be nice to use gold brocade. She perfectly holds her shape and looks gorgeous. Cut-off dress at the waist, zipper at the back. A fluffy skirt is sewn down. To keep it in shape, use a petticoat. Sew it from taffeta.

To prevent the underskirt from getting fat around the waist, it is better to sew the subsequent tiers of the petticoat below the waist.

Also, Marie's outfit from the fairy tale about the Nutcracker implies the presence of long pantaloons. After all, this is how they dressed in rich houses at that time. They are made of light-colored fabric with an elastic band. It needs to be sewn to the bottom of these wardrobe items and to the top at the waist. And additionally decorate the bottom with a lace frill.

All that remains is to give our heroine a haircut. To do this, you can tie your hair with a satin ribbon to match and make curls in advance.

DIY dress for Marie

Her brother will dress like the boys at the time. But you can use the existing child's costume, put on a white shirt under it.

Watch a master class on creating a Pinocchio costume

The costume of the mouse king from the fairy tale about the Nutcracker - master class and photo

This is another character in the tale. Since this is a mouse king, there is a mantle in his attire. It can be made from matching faux fur.If not, then use a thick fabric. To it you will sew small pieces of fur that differ in color.

The mouse king had several heads. For stage performances, the image with three heads is usually used. To do this, you need to sew the head of the mouse king in the form of a hood and put it on the character who plays this role. The other two heads are sewn in the form of soft toys and sewn on the shoulders to the mantle.

Mouse King Costume

Attach the crown to the main head. Then the mouse king will look like this.

Mouse King Costume

If you are planning to stage a puppet show "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King", then see how to create the images of these characters.

How to make a nutcracker out of felt - a master class

Such a character will become not only the protagonist of the puppet show, but also decorate the Christmas tree. Then you will have it not only beautiful, but also fabulous.

Felt nutcracker


  • white, red, beige and black felt;
  • filler;
  • scissors;
  • gold fittings;
  • some pink felt.

See what parts you need to cut.

Blanks from felt for sewing the nutcracker

Two identical blanks must be cut out of red felt. This is the base of the back with the head and the base of the front with the head. Place a beige fabric rectangle on this front side. Place the bangs of white material here.

Attach eyes, nose, glue pink ovals under the eyes. Then you get rosy cheeks. Place a strip of white fabric on top and bottom of a rectangle of black felt. Stitch it with black thread to make it look like teeth. Decorate the front of the uniform with gold hardware.

The back also needs to be done. As you can see, you put a strip of beige felt under your head, and a blank in the form of a hairstyle with a braid made of white fabric is placed on top.

You also need to carve out the details for the sides in red felt with white trim. You will sew these elements together. Now lay out the blanks for the Nutcracker in this way.

Blanks from felt for sewing the nutcracker

Sew them, then turn this blank out onto the front side and stuff it with filler. Attach the hardware downwards in the form of a gold belt with a buckle. Now, on your hands, start sewing the details of the hat, at the same time attaching a finishing gold cord here, a loop, stuffing this toy with filler.

Felt Nutcracker Head

Cover the seams with a golden cord. Make curls. To do this, take a white felt, cut four ribbons out of it and roll them into a roll. Then you will sew these blanks to the right and left of your character.

Felt Nutcracker Head

To take the Nutcracker further, cut out the details of the arms and sleeves. To do this, you need to sew a narrower strip of beige felt to a square of red fabric. Then you fold such a blank in half and sew on the side, leave a free line at the top, then turn your hands to the front side.

Blanks from felt for sewing the nutcracker

Now sew a narrow gold tape between the palms and sleeves. And from an openwork golden ribbon, create epaulettes and attach them to the top of the sleeves.

Blanks from felt for sewing the nutcracker

To sew the Nutcracker further, pin the arms in place.

Now you need to make legs for this character. To do this, take a white felt and sew it with a black one. Then fold in half and stitch the large and small sidewalls, twist to the right side and fill with filler. That is, legs are created in the same way as arms with sleeves. Pin your legs in place.

Felt nutcracker

It remains to make a saber and an ornament for a hat from dense gold fabric. Pin these elements in place. Here's a Nutcracker for a New Year's fairy tale.

Felt nutcracker

DIY dress for a doll from the fairy tale about the Nutcracker

If you are planning a puppet show, then create the image of Marie by making this character out of a doll.

Doll from the fairy tale about the Nutcracker

Then you need to sew a dress for the doll. To make it fit her figure, in the upper part you can make a trim, which is called puffs. Sew on puffy lantern sleeves with cuffs.

For the skirt, cut out a rectangle, sew on the side, and gather at the top. Sew this skirt to the top of your dress.

Sewing a fluffy petticoat, you will also put it on the doll.All that remains is to do her hair, put on her shoes. Here is such a Marie from the fairy tale about the Nutcracker will turn out.

Now look at how the negative character is created. You can even use unnecessary tights for this.

How to make a mouse king with your own hands?

Boy with doll

To create this character, you will need to fill tights with padding polyester. This is an excellent material, with the help of a needle and thread, you can give such a blank any shape. Here's what you need:

  • plastic 5 liter bottle;
  • tights;
  • scraps of tissue;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • bow;
  • eyes for the mouse king;
  • rope;
  • foil;
  • multi-colored ribbons;
  • wire.

Take part of the tights and stuff it with padding polyester, now start shaping the muzzle. Using a thread and a needle, create a constriction in the narrow place of the tights, this will be the nose, then shape the face.

Blank for the creation of the mouse king

To make the mouse king further, create only three such faces. Make ears for them. To do this, you need to take nylon footprints, cut each in half, fill with filler, shape the ears and sew in place.

Blank for the creation of the mouse king

To create a body, wrap a 5 liter bottle with filler, then put tights on top of it. Sew in place of the head. Close the bottle with nylon and bottom.

Blank for the creation of the mouse king

Cut out blanks for paws from the rest of the tights. Using the constrictions, create four fingers on the hands and three on the legs.

Glue eyes on each mouse head. Paint the noses brown.

Blank for the creation of the mouse king

It remains to dress this character, for this various pieces of fabric are suitable. Pass a wide strip of satin ribbon through the buckle and make a belt. Dissolve the fluffy bow, then collect it on a string with and create a frill.

Secure the red satin ribbon over your shoulder. Secure it with hardware. Use black satin stripes to decorate the lower legs of the character.

Mouse king do it yourself

To make a crown, you first need to create it from wire, then wrap it with foil. After that, twist it with a yellow thread. Tie a tail from brown threads, insert a wire there and stuff with padding polyester. Stick it in place. From a shiny satin fabric, you need to sew a cloak with a high collar of the king and put it on this character.

Mouse king do it yourself

Here's how to create carnival costumes for the fairy tale The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. For even more inspiration, watch an excerpt from the famous Nutcracker ballet.

And how to make a Nutcracker out of paper, the second story will tell.

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