Rest in the country: we create a paradise with our own hands

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Rest in the country: we create a paradise with our own hands
Rest in the country: we create a paradise with our own hands

What is vacation in the country? These are kebabs, swimming in the pool, playing in nature. See how to make a straw pool, a barbecue from improvised means, entertainment for children, a relaxation corner and more.

When you think about what kind of active rest in the country to offer to children, do not forget about water games. It's so nice to enjoy the water splash. To do this, you can make a gun with your own hands. The master class will teach you how to make it from polypropylene tubes.

Rest in the country will help you forget about the bustle of the city and embody great ideas in your suburban area.

Making childhood dreams come true in a corner at the dacha

If as a child you dreamed of building your own city, now you can realize this desire. If you have children, they will gladly work with you.

Children's corner in the country

To do this, use a suitable area. This corner is hidden from neighbors' eyes by fences. Here you can retire to feel like a real city planner. Then the rest in the country will be very creative.

Plan where things will be. There is a place here for small beds of greenery. Then these products can be delivered to the table.

  1. Also arrange small flower beds. You can plant miniature evergreens in one place, which will decorate this site in the cold season.
  2. Everything that exists in a real town or village can be here. Create a carport. To do this, create a base of metal or wood, cover it on top with a piece of polycarbonate. Make paths from small stone, from fragments of tiles.
  3. Homes for a decorative garden can be made by hand. Walls can be very different. Make them from what you have at hand. If there are boards, then cut one into four sections, drill small square and rectangular holes in some that will become windows, others will turn into doors. Connect these blanks at the corners with self-tapping screws. Or attach metal corners inside.
  4. The roof can also be made from planks. If you wish, then create structures from clay, sand and cement, add water here, mix well.
  5. Then this mass is poured into molds. When it dries, using the same substance, you need to glue the elements together to make a small house. On top of the roof, you can attach small pebbles, shells to steal it.

If you have such small stones, then you may well create a small house.

House of pebbles

Then the rest in the country will be combined with a pleasant creative process.

To make a house, take:

  • five liter plastic bottle;
  • glue for woodwork;
  • a plastic container for picking berries;
  • disposable plastic salad bowl;
  • uritane or shellac;
  • small beautiful stones;
  • small toys for decoration;
  • tweezers.
House blank

If you wish, cut the neck off the plastic bottle. At the bottom, cut a semicircular hole for the door. Degrease the surface of this container, start applying glue here and attach flat stones.

You can do it differently if you want. Take a laundry net, put it on the shot cellophane and start applying glue on top. Then attach the pebbles here. Then the workpiece dries up, on the upper side the glue should be dry, and on the back it will be a little more damp. Then you attach the blank to the bottle.

To make a roof, use a bowl of a suitable shape. Also glue pebbles to it. Then fasten these two blanks one on top of the other.To make the work more durable, cover it with shellac or uritane on top.

You can put such a house in your decorative garden. To make your vacation at the cottage excellent, install a pool here, a table with shading from the sun. All this and much more will help you to make ordinary straw. See how to do it all.

Do-it-yourself corner for summer cottages - straw pool ideas

Stock up on this natural material in the summer. So that you have straw when you mow tall grass, spread it out to dry. Then fold into briquettes, tie them with twine.

DIY straw pool

Such blanks will be an excellent material for the pool. They are soft, keep their shape.

Spread straw briquettes around the perimeter of the future pool. In doing so, you can give it the desired shape. It can be rectangular, diamond-shaped, round and even triangular.

DIY straw pool

Now prepare a place for the pool, put straw here for a softer bottom. Hay can be used instead of straw. When mowing, you should also leave the grass in the sun to dry. Sometimes stir it up. Then place in a dry, ventilated area. When the need arises, you will begin to use it for its intended purpose.

To prevent the sides of the straw pool from diverging, you need to rewind them with twine around the perimeter of the walls.

Now you can lay a suitable film here. But take a strong enough one. Use a waterproof film. this blue material is perfect. The water will look amazing in it. Place the edges of the plastic pool on the straw sides, fix them here. To do this, you can stick metal pins into the ground, take pegs to attach the greenhouse film to the soil, use stones.

  1. If you need to make a resting corner in the country, straw will also help you. If you have a parasol or a regular parasol whose fabric has deteriorated, remove it and use the frame.
  2. Take the wire and lay it on your work surface, curling it up into a triangle. Now lay bundles of straw in parallel here and attach them to this shape with a thinner wire or rope.
  3. Create as many sections as you have on your parasol. Now attach each triangle to a section of the frame and tie it here with wire or rope. You will get a wonderful awning from the sun. In the same way, you can decorate an old umbrella, which will also help create a shady corner.

On a hot day, you can hide in a bungalow, which you can also make with your own hands from straw.

You will have an unusual holiday in the country with such buildings. Indeed, on a hot summer day, you can read or play in a building made from natural materials.

Watch a workshop that teaches you how to make a straw gazebo. A step-by-step description, photos will help you.

How to make a gazebo in the country with your own hands - photo, instruction

Make such a suburban attribute, then the rest in the country will be even more wonderful.

Arbor scheme for giving

This is a hipped gazebo. There is no floor, no windows, no doors. Therefore, the design looks very original. But in such a gazebo, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, so it will be convenient to relax in the country in such a place.

First, you need to purchase or find softwood lumber on your farm. It:

  • 4 beams with a section of 10 cm by 5 meters, these parts are needed for the frame rack, they will be located obliquely;
  • 4 beams with a section of 8 by 12 cm and a length of 2.5 m for strapping;
  • one beam with a section of 15 cm, length 3.2 m, from which the central post will be made;
  • 4 beams with a section of 6 by 12 cm and a length of 3.2 m for rafters;
  • 4 bars with a section of 6 cm, 60 cm long for struts;
  • edged boards for lathing with a width of 10, a thickness of 5 cm, in total 33 meters of this material are needed.

You will need straw to cover the roof. First, look at the diagram of the gazebo.

Arbor scheme for giving
  1. Prepare the site by removing all unnecessary from here. Mark the foundation for the inclined posts.To do this, you need to dig holes 60–70 cm deep, pour some sand down.
  2. As a result, the hipped gazebo will have a diameter of 3.5 m. If you need to make it larger or smaller, you will change the number of submitted materials at your discretion.
  3. Treat the ends of the beams that will be in the soil with grease, bitumen, waste oil, or wrap them in a double layer of roofing material. Then these racks will be more durable.
  4. Place them in the prepared pits, connect them at the top to form a triangle. The upper parts of the beams must be secured with a central bar.
  5. Now make a concrete slurry with 400 grade or higher cement. You carry out the following work when the concrete hardens.
  6. Reinforce the raised edges of the rafters with small uprights. In the presented diagram, they go under the number 5. Then you need to fill the crate on this frame of the tent.
  7. To make such a resting corner comfortable and cozy, make benches and a table. They can be portable or you will need to make them from the logs that you dig into the ground. The height of the table will be 80 cm.
  8. Its width is 180 cm. First, you will also dig depressions on 4 sides, pour sand there, put processed thick logs. Now attach the tsars made of thick boards or bars to the legs, in order to fix the countertop on the structure, you can attach it from the back side with metal corners or nail it down with nails or fix it with screws.
  9. For the bench, you will also need to dig in the logs, put a thick board on top. It will be possible to make a backrest to relax in the country with comfort.
  10. Now we need to make a thatched roof. First, take a bathtub, trough, or other large container and place the clay here. One part of this building material needs two parts of water. Leave this mass overnight. Then stir it to make a homogeneous mixture. Soak the straw here, which is tied in bunches.
  11. Tamp these sheaves so that only 5 cm of mortar remains on top.
  12. In this position, the straw will lie down for 2 days. On the 3rd, you will take out bundles, wring them out and hang them on poles.
  13. You need to make a thatched roof from the bottom, gradually move upward. So that the load on the structure is the same, after laying the first row of the roof on one side, arrange the first row on the other side in the same way. Then proceed to the second and the next.
  14. When the straw is dry, use a rake to carefully comb it out so that the material lies as it should. If there are any bald spots, cover them with straw. Look, the diagram shows how to cover the roof with this material. You can see that they begin to do this from the bottom with an overlap, laying the straw on the pre-attached horizontally rafter boards.
Joint diagram for the gazebo

From the remnants of such material, you can make a cozy table for the originally created umbrella from the sun. To do this, take a coil from the cable, paint it, and tie bundles of straw in the center. Then your relaxation corner will be decorated in the same style.

DIY gazebo
  1. When you learn to weave from this material, you can make a teapot-style straw veranda. No one else will have such a corner of rest in the district.
  2. You can also weave such a gazebo from vines or twigs. To do this, you need to collect them when they are most flexible. And the rods for this can be pre-soaked for several days in water. First, make a frame, for this, stick the sticks vertically. Now start braiding in a circle, leaving a place to enter.
  3. When you get to the top, here you will need to make the frame of the top, spout and handles. To do this, use a strong wire. And you will also decorate the opening of the entrance with a vine.
  4. This corner of rest in the country will be even more comfortable if you make such a decorative fence from the same material, which well closes from the glances of passers-by.
DIY gazebo

Next to the kettle, you can put the same large samovar, which will turn into a resting corner or a decor item.

How to make a shady corner in the country with your own hands - ideas

You can also create it from branches. A house from such material can be made in place of a growing tree. It will become the foundation.

Shady corner in the country

Draw a circle around it. Take high sticks, place them on the perimeter of this circle. Lean against a tree and rewind here with wire. But do not tighten, as the trunk will grow in breadth. Therefore, you can use twine.

Take branches that have been stripped of leaves and begin to braid these uprights. Weave in a checkerboard pattern. Where you skipped in the lower row, a branch behind a stick, in the next you need to skip it in front of it. Thus, create a hut. Decorate the opening. You can further decorate it.

If you wish, make wood floors, place a soft covering on top.

You can root tree branches. Then you will braid them to create a semicircular tent like this. And when the branches turn green, there will be a longed-for coolness.

You can also make a shady resting corner if you put the sticks in a cone. To do this, you can root them so that they then put out the leaves. Or plant girly grapes, varietal grapes, sweet peas, or other plants outside. Over time, they will close the frame so that you have a resting corner.

If you want to get the coveted coolness so that there are blooming roses above you, then plant climbing arches on both sides. Place the arches next to each other. Put a folding table with armchairs inside the resulting gazebo. Here you can arrange a cobbled floor to keep it dry in any weather.

Shady corner in the country

And upstairs you can hang such an interesting chandelier, light candles in the evenings, and then the rest in the country will be beautiful and romantic.

Shady corner in the country

It is also great to sit in the original gazebo, which is decorated with natural plants.

Shady corner in the country

First you will need to create a wireframe for this. On the left in the photo, the roof is made of wire. It needs to be twisted with curls so that the grapes will eventually braid this support and get such a gazebo. For the base, you can use a dry tree trunk or dig in a block.

In the next three photos, the gazebo is made in the form of a tent. To do this, weld a frame of this shape, which consists of several arches. Plant near the base of each plant so that it then braids this base.

You can also use artificial greenery to decorate this area.

Another shady corner can be created if you stretch the mesh. At the bottom, secure it with hairpins, nails and fix it at the top under the roof. On the reverse side, you need to dig up the beds, plant cucumbers, beans or other climbing plants here. See how original such a wall will turn out over time. And it will not be hot in the house, as these plants will give shade.

Between such a curtain and the wall of the house there will be a space where you can place a table, a bench and sit in a cozy corner. Rest at the dacha in such an environment is pacifying.

Shady corner in the country

And in the evening the LED lights will light up, it will become even more comfortable. To create such a paradise on your hacienda, it is enough to attach two bars vertically to the wall of the house. Then you fix two more horizontally and reinforce these blanks with a bar. Attach several boards horizontally upward to form a roof. Cover it with a sheet of polycarbonate.

You will get a translucent roof that protects from precipitation. Also fix the curtains here so that you can close this gazebo on the sides. Put a small bench or even two, a low table inside. It will turn out inexpensively and beautifully.

Do-it-yourself shady corner in the country

You can make a more spacious extension. On this one you will erect the floors from the board. Use hardwood to make your floors more durable. Cover them with special impregnation so that they do not get wet from precipitation. Stuff the roof here, cover it with polycarbonate.

Place the hearth inside, place LED garlands on top.You can hang several lanterns on a nearby tree for a romantic setting in the evening.

Do-it-yourself shady corner in the country

Do-it-yourself decorative pond in the country

It is also very pleasant to rest in the country if there is a reservoir here. The gentle murmur of water soothes, and it makes the air more humid in hot weather. And it's just nice to look at the streaming streams.

  1. We offer to make a decorative reservoir. To do this, you can take a flower stand, put bowls with spouts or holes here. If you know how to work with clay, then try making a mortar out of clay, cement and sand. Find a suitable shape with a spout. Lay cellophane in it so that after such a blank has dried, remove it.
  2. Make three and place them on the compartments in the flower rack. A clay jug can be placed on top. Place a larger container at the bottom, place river stones here.
  3. Move the small pump from the bottom to the top. Secure it to the rack. When you turn on this design, the water will smoothly flow upward, and then will drain from the jug into the bowls and into the main container. Thus, a decorative reservoir is made in the photo on the right.
Decorative pond in the country

And on the left photo there is a beautiful jug and bowls of the same color. You will bet the smaller one on the larger one.

You can pre-apply a drawing on these objects yourself or decorate them with mosaics.

Also, bring a hose with a pump here, which will help the water flow in the right direction.

The next decorative pond is also man-made. To create one, you will need to take flat stones and drill a hole in each in the middle. Now you will collect them on a metal pipe that is empty inside. Connect it to the water supply system that connects to the pump. An electric wire with a plug is connected to it. Place the structure in a suitable container. Then place the base here on which the pebbles will be located. You can take a commercially available pump that is well insulated.

Decorative pond in the country

And if you make such fountains in suitable containers, then you can cool off on a hot day and admire such a beautiful picture.

Decorative pond in the country

If you wish and there is such an opportunity, then make a vortex fountain.

Decorative pond in the country

More attention can be paid to this aspect.

How to make a vortex fountain for a summer residence - ideas and photos

First, you can make a large fountain for your home, and then take more spacious containers to make such an accessory for a summer cottage more ambitious. Take:

  • rounded container;
  • square or rectangular plastic container;
  • screwdriver;
  • hot glue gun;
  • plastic tube;
  • scalpel or office knife;
  • small motor;
  • small pump;
  • decorative stones.

Take the first small container, if it has a one-piece lid, you need to cut it off, then align the top edge of the container. Drill holes in the lid of the rectangular container. To do this, it is convenient to put it on a board and work with a screwdriver.

Blanks for a vortex fountain at the dacha

Now apply glue to the bottom of the jar and attach this container to the lid to connect them.

Blanks for a vortex fountain at the dacha

Now let the glue dry. When this happens, then drill two more holes on the back side. One will be on the side and the other in the middle.

Blanks for a vortex fountain at the dacha

Take a plastic tube and cut a triangular hole in it, near the end, to then fold the tube at a right angle. Fix it here with hot melt glue.

Blanks for a vortex fountain at the dacha

Now you need to put the tip of the tube into the resulting side hole and glue it to the lid at the bottom. From the reverse side, bring the water pump to the tube.

Do-it-yourself blanks for a vortex fountain at the dacha

To make the vortex fountain further, you need to glue the decorative stones in advance on the outside of the rectangular container. You can use everything that is available on the farm. These can be shells, beads. Now, using a drill, drill a hole on the side of this container and insert the motor wires here. And put the motor itself in a container. Close the cover.

Do-it-yourself blanks for a vortex fountain at the dacha

Glue decorative stones around the edge of the small container.Now close the lid, which also needs to be decorated properly. Pour some water into the small top container and start the construction.

Do-it-yourself vortex fountain at the dacha

Rest in the country with such relaxation items will be calm and balanced.

When you plan a recreation area in the country, you can create such a fountain or others here. To give you a choice, read the following information.

DIY garden fountains in the country

DIY garden fountain

Water will flow from top to bottom, touching stones. Then she goes into a container covered with pebbles. To make a fountain, take:

  • plastic flower pot;
  • bag of decorative pebbles;
  • small pump for the fountain;
  • three bricks;
  • a plastic pipe with a diameter suitable for the pump outlet, its length is 70 cm;
  • bars of red granite.

Dig a hole and place a flowerpot here. Then place the three bricks vertically inward so that they touch the walls of this structure on three sides.

This trick with bricks is used so that you then need less decorative pebbles.

DIY garden fountain in the country

Such bricks will also serve as an additional means of weighting, and the structure will stand more firmly.

Place a pump between these bricks, put a tube on it. Pour water in here and see how it works. If ok, then start drilling holes in the middle of the stones. But first, lay down the pebble so that the first flat stone rests on it.

We make a garden fountain with our own hands

Mark on the pipe where you will have the stone. Saw one centimeter below this mark. Put the stone back on. Then the pipe will not be visible and it will seem that the water is running straight from the stone. Now you can start the pump and enjoy the beautiful sight.

A master class with step-by-step photos, instructions will help you make a pump of another design.

We make a garden fountain with our own hands

A tall flower planter or other suitable container can be used as the main container. Place a pump with a flexible hose on the bottom and install bricks here. They are needed for weighting and will keep the pump in this position. Now place the grill of the desired diameter on top and lay the hose. Place beautiful stones on the surface. Also fix the snag here. Attach a piece of pipe to it, start the pump. When you turn it on, water will flow from top to bottom onto the stones, then using a pump will rise up. A very interesting and simple design.

DIY garden fountain

When making a pump for your home, garden, use bamboo sticks. To do this, cut them off at an angle so that you get three pieces of different sizes. Insert the pump into a suitable container and put the tallest stick on its valve. Then tie them up, fill the container with stones. Then you can turn on the pump and check it in operation.

We make a garden fountain with our own hands

You can also make a kind of column out of bamboo sticks. Then the big one will make up the main part. Attach a small, angled stick to it with duct tape. This will be the spout of the column. Of course, you first need to drill the same hole at the top of the large stick and glue these parts together. You can also put bamboo here for decoration. Fill the container with stones, you can plant greenery here to make this relaxation fountain even more picturesque.

Garden fountain in the country with your own hands

And if you want greenery to grow in your decorative reservoir, to have water lilies, then you can do the following. To do this, you put clay soil in a suitable container. Divide it with a plastic partition. There will be more soil on the side, less in the center. Now plant the selected plants in the ground, place the water lilies.

We make a garden fountain with our own hands

The diagram of the next fountain will tell you how to make it.

Garden fountain scheme

As you can see, a container is dug down into the soil, a stand is installed in the center, a pump is located on it. A tube leaves from it, which will be slightly higher than the level of the grate placed on the top of the container. You put stones on it.Run the power cord to a reliable extension cord to then turn on the pump. How to implement this, show the following step-by-step photos.

We make a garden fountain with our own hands

As you can see, a rectangular container was taken, in which the pump was installed. Then the electric cord goes through a tube, which is dug into the sand so that it cannot be seen. Now you need to place a metal mesh on top, fix it around the perimeter with an aluminum profile. And for strength, you can install several boards on top, then cover them with stones. This is how such a decorative fountain in the garden will look then.

DIY garden fountain in the country

You can make it in many different shapes. If you have similar slabs, place them on top of each other, place a fountain in the center.

If you put light stones around such a structure, you will get a very interesting and beautiful sight.

DIY garden fountain in the country

For lovers of the extraordinary, we can advise you to make the following design. In this case, water is poured from an old watering can onto a pebble of stones. In fact, here the hose from the pump is brought to the watering can from the back side. He fills it, water flows down onto the stones. And here a pump is hidden under the stones, which lifts the moisture up again.

DIY garden fountain in the country

If you wish, make a fountain near the wall. Check out his diagram. It is written where the electrical wiring, water, concrete bowl and paving are located.

Garden fountain scheme
  1. Screw the pump to the plate so that it does not float. Look, there is usually a special hole in the pump housing for this. To prevent the wall from being washed away with water, cover it with a special moisture-proof compound. It is better to take a transparent one so that the color of the wall does not change.
  2. You can create a fountain to look like an old one. If you wish, then make a more modern object, but which will be in a natural style.
  3. As you can see, such a fountain is fixed on the balcony. Great idea. To do this, you will need to make bumpers out of concrete using formwork. Then attach decorative stones here.
  4. When this bowl is completely solid, then install the pump, fix it here. Lift the hose up so that the water then flows down.
  5. Place the stones here, which will be made in the form of a terrace. Plant a plant in coconut fiber. It will also blend in perfectly with your surroundings.
Garden fountain in the country

When making a relaxation corner in the country, you can use old items. So, even unnecessary cars, rusted from time to time, will go into business.

The main thing ? lead the hose unnoticed, fix the pump. Attach the hose to the shovel for this interesting inlay.

Garden fountain in the country

You can also use old teapots, tubs. Refresh this instruction by planting flowers in the container. There is high humidity here, so they will grow well.

Garden fountain in the country

You can make a fountain so that it throws a high stream of water. Anchor it in the center of this pond, cover with stones and plants. And to dig such a flat pond, put a flexible hose, draw a circle. You can use a compass. To do this, drive a peg into the center, tie a rope of the required radius to it. You will attach an ax to its end. You will move the rope and make marks in the soil with an ax. Then you will have a perfectly even circle. It remains to choose the ground, make a depression, pour stones on the bottom of the pit.

Garden fountain in the country

Do-it-yourself recreation area in the country: photos and instructions

It's nice to relax in such a cozy corner in the fresh air. At the same time, you can make furniture for a summer residence with your own hands.

DIY furniture
  1. Craft it from wooden pallets. Place two pallets one on top of the other to create a low table. Pre-paint such items.
  2. Then you can make a corner sofa out of them. To do this, also place pallets in two rows, connect them with metal corners. All you have to do is sew foam and fabric capes and put them on the seats.
  3. Pads made of variegated fabric will also be appropriate.
  4. The floor here is also made of pallets. You can disassemble them, lay the boards horizontally and stuff other boards across them.
  5. Make the elements of the wall from the timber, create the roof.Even the walkway can be made from leftover wooden pallets.

And the photo on the left shows how to quickly make a bar counter. Take two barrels and place a wooden board on top of them. It must first be painted with a varnish that is resistant to atmospheric precipitation. Saw a hole in the board and attach an umbrella here to protect from the sun.

See how, in the right hands, an ordinary cable reel will turn into a cozy table.

  1. To make such a device as in the left photo, saw off the bottom of the coil. Then divide it into 5 parts. You will have so many small shops. Attach the legs to each board crosswise and connect the front with a wooden crossbar to fix the legs in this way. When you need it, you will remove the benches under the table, and they will take up very little space.
  2. You can take two coils, make a table from one, cut the other in half, make the legs lower to create benches like in the upper right photo. The bottom right photo also shows an interesting design. Take the circle from the cable reel and attach 4 wide planks obliquely here. At the bottom, stuff 2 paired boards crosswise. Insert into them the wooden elements that are fixed under the countertop.
  3. Now fix at the ends of these planks other pieces of wood to which the round seats are attached. It remains to make the legs for these stools. Here is such an interesting design then it will turn out.

You can also make a do-it-yourself rest corner from an ordinary wheel. Attach tempered glass here to create an original countertop. And create a chair from car tires. Which need to be cut, turned out, and attached round seats here. Combine them with belts made of tires or leather. Those need to be twisted crosswise and secured with decorative nails at the end of the base.

DIY furniture

Place in a seating area and barbecue. You still have metal discs from the wheels, connect the two and cut a hole for the door on the side. This is where you will lay firewood. These discs have holes at the top, so you can cook soup, fry meat and other dishes here.

And if you have a spare part from an old washing machine, such as a stainless steel drum, then weld the legs to it so that it becomes a little higher. Inside you will lay firewood and set them on fire. Since there are many holes in the drum, there will be excellent traction here. This kind of thing looks great and is free.

Homemade for a summer residence

When making a recreation area, you can arrange metal pipes so that smoke rises through them and contributes to the smoking of food. Then at one time you will cook sausages below, and from above you will be able to smoke meat, chicken, fish.

Homemade product for a summer residence

Entertainment for children in the country - ideas

So that the guys are not bored at the dacha, make games for them from the material at hand.

Entertainment for children in the country

For such a game, Angry Birds will only need:

  • carton boxes;
  • balloons;
  • Scotch.

Take the boxes and place one on top of the other. It can be flat from pizza, small from kitchen appliances and more spacious. Build a wall like this using duct tape. Insert green balloons into some holes. Let the children step back and shoot a bow or throw darts in order to train accuracy in this way to have fun in the country.

Whoever manages to burst more balls will win.

How to make a water gun with your own hands?


  • a polypropylene tube, the length of which is 14 cm;
  • two polypropylene tubes of 76 cm each, with a narrow diameter of 2 cm, and a wide one - 3.2 cm;
  • one plastic wine stopper;
  • one clutch;
  • one plug;
  • ballpoint pen.
Blanks for homemade water pistol

Take a thin tube with a length of 76 cm, connect it with a short one, the length of which is 14 cm. You will connect them with a coupler. But first, heat the end of the first and second pipes with a construction hairdryer or on a burner, and then insert them into the sleeve. Then they will fix well.

Cut a circle from a wine stopper and use hot glue to attach it to the hole in a long thin tube. If the ends of the plug protrude beyond the ends of the tube, use sandpaper to fix it. Now take the tip with the plug and insert it into the wider tube that has a plug at the end.

Now make a hole with a drill, insert the handle here without the rod. When you need to draw water, you simply pull on the end of the tube and do it. The liquid is drawn in like a syringe. Then you slide the movable part of the tube to fire the fountain from the end of the homemade water pistol.

Blanks for a homemade water pistol

Active rest in the country for children

It is useful for children to temper here, and they will also be able to spend time interestingly, learn new things.

Make a fountain using the methods described above. But it's easier to connect a flexible hose to a tap or pump. In the latter case, then the pump will need to be lowered into a barrel with heated water. And the water in the garden tap flows through the pipes and is already flowing out warm. Then you will lay a sturdy wrap on a flat area. And if you have a leaky pool, you can use it for such games. Get a suitable tool in which you can punch a hole with an awl. From the back side, bring a hose to it and turn on the water. It will function, and the children will be able to ride on this slippery surface and have fun in this way, relax in the country.

If you have a sloping area, then place the film here. It would be nice to pre-make a groove so that it is convenient to roll down. Fix the film. It is better to take a double dense one so that it does not tear. Now, at the top, turn on the pump or put a hose from the tap so that warm water flows along the slide. These water activities will help make your vacation at the dacha fun and desirable.

Entertainment in the country for children and adults

Not only children, but also adults will be happy to have fun in this way. Throw a foam party, add soap for even better glide. To do this, you can take liquid soap and stir it with water. And use any film, the main thing is that it is slippery.

Entertainment in the country for children and adults

Fill the rubber inflatable mattress with water. Then you can also arrange fun games on it. And if you do not have such an item, then take a strong film in the form of a sleeve, fold its edge on one side, fill it with water on the other side, and wrap the edges securely too. Now you can arrange fun games for children and adults. For this, even inflatable rings are used. The participants in this action will have no limit to their delight.

Entertainment in the country for children and adults

You can also please the kids on a hot day if you make it rain for them. And nothing if you don't have a spray bottle. Screw onto the end of the hose into a plastic bottle that you need to make holes in first. Use special fasteners to secure this tip. Turn on the water and see how delighted the children will be.

Entertainment for children in the country

And for the tip, you can use a variety of objects. If there is a plastic tube, use a heated awl to make many holes in it. Also fix it at the end of the hose and enjoy the pleasant water in the heat.

DIY entertainment for children

You can make impromptu rain. To do this, dig in two thick pillars, use ropes to tie a thick bamboo crossbar to it.

But you also need to make a lot of holes first. Supply water here, turn it on. At the bottom, you can dig a suitable container into the soil, lay a film inside to make an impromptu mini-pool.

DIY entertainment for children

And if you do not have the equipment for this, then use what is available. Usually many people in the country have old baths. Paint this outside, fill with water. On a hot day, it will quickly heat up, and the children will enjoy swimming in this pool.

Do-it-yourself entertainment for children in the country

If you have a rubber mattress, lay it on a flat surface. Make a stand out of propylene pipes. Make holes in the horizontal cross member.Install a hose into one of the legs of this device. When you turn on the water, it will drip from here and pour a little in pleasant streams. The child can lie on a damp mattress and roll on it like on water.

Do-it-yourself entertainment for children in the country

And if you assemble a square from propylene pipes, connect them with adapters and install valves here, you can open them, and the supplied water will function.

Then put a container in the center of this children's recreation area, a small slide made of the same material, so that the baby can be tempered in the fresh air and have fun.

Do-it-yourself entertainment for children in the country

If you need to take a warm bath, for adults to spend the evening in a romantic setting in nature, then we suggest building such a device. It is made in the form of a furnace with a brick tube. The main elements are made from the same material. At the bottom there are 2 fireboxes where firewood is placed.

Place tubs that you will fill with water. But make sure that the masonry is reliable and can withstand heavy cast-iron baths. To do this, additionally reinforce the ovens with a metal base. You will flood the stoves in advance, you will know empirically how much wood must burn in order for the water to be at the right temperature.

Romantic adaptation for adults in the country

You can make entertainment for children in just 5 minutes. To do this, stretch a rope between two adjacent trees in several tiers. Let the guys try to overcome this impromptu obstacle, at the same time I will train my dexterity, have fun in the fresh air.

Do-it-yourself entertainment for children in the country

So that they do not paint on the fence, and rest in the country was interesting for them, try hanging a piece of roofing material, dark waterproofing for the roof or other similar material on the fence. Give the children crayons, let them develop their artistic abilities. You can fix a bucket of water nearby so that the kids wash a rag here and then wash the drawings behind them in order to create new ones.

Do-it-yourself entertainment for children in the country

This is how you can wonderfully relax in the country with your family, have fun and gain strength.

Take a look at how you can organize a backyard seating area.

And how to make a pool from scrap materials, the second video will show. For a large pool, you only need polypropylene pipes, adapters to them, tape, film and cardboard. It will cost only 500 rubles!

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