How to make a rat craft for the New Year?

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How to make a rat craft for the New Year?
How to make a rat craft for the New Year?

See how a rat craft is created from tights, socks, felt, cotton wool, paper, plasticine and polymer clay. You can also make a piggy bank rat to store small change there.

The upcoming 2020 is the year of the Rat. According to the Eastern calendar, it is this animal that begins a new cycle, consisting of 12 years. As the legend says, this cunning animal managed to come first to the Buddha. Let the crafts for the Year of the Rat become your talisman, which will help you to be as persistent, persistent, savvy and determined as this little rodent.

DIY rats made of cardboard and paper for the New Year 2020

Almost everyone has this material at hand. See how to make a cardboard rat. For this, corrugated is especially useful. Cut out circles of different sizes from it, collect them so that you get a rat figurine. To do this, you need to take a large, strong needle, thread a thread here and put on each circle in turn.

For such a craft, you don't even need to glue. Then lock the thread at the front and back. You will also make a ponytail out of it at the back. In the process of assembling toys, one part needs to be made round, but with ears. Also string it on the thread in the same sequence.

DIY rat crafts

Here's how to make a paper rat.

  1. Take a colored one and draw an oval on the back. Now fold it in half and straighten it.
  2. Cut the oval piece with the smaller ears out of different paper. Also fold in half. Glue this blank on the front, this will be the muzzle. It needs to be painted accordingly.
  3. Make a tail out of a strip of paper. To do this, wind it on one side of a pen or pencil, then glue it. Many of these toys can be created. Then the children will give them to friends or take them to the kindergarten for the competition.
DIY rat crafts

For the next paper craft, you'll need a template. Then you get a voluminous rat. It is better to immediately use paper of the required color. Transfer the template to it, cut and glue the elements so that you get a voluminous craft. Or you can print the presented template on a color printer and use it.

Diagram of a paper rat craft

The next rodent can become both a craft and a postcard at the same time. After all, it's nice to present such an original postcard for the New Year.

DIY rat crafts

To create one, you will need:

  • white cardboard;
  • glue;
  • pink cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • felt-tip pens;
  • narrow satin ribbon.

Crafting workshop:

  1. And to draw a template, you will need to take a piece of paper, pencil or pen and ruler. With these tools, you will draw a triangle like in the photo. Make marks on it so that you end up with several triangles. On the top, draw two semicircles for the ears.
  2. Transfer this template to cardboard and cut out. Now fold the two lower triangles up to create a rat face. Draw her eyes with eyelashes and a nose. You can wrap a string around a pencil and glue that mustache into place.
  3. Make a hole in the corners of these two small triangles. Here you will thread the ends of the thread, which is glued on top, and thus tie such a card.

Here are some other handicrafts for 2020 of a metal rat made of paper you can advise.

  1. Take blue paper and cut out a circle and a heart-like shape out of it. Cut a radius on one side of the circle, then overlap the two sides to create a wide cone. Make a hole on the other side of it, thread the thread here and fix it. She will become a ponytail.
  2. Now take two mugs of light paper, stick them on the top of your head, they will turn into ears.
  3. Make the eyes, the nose for the mouse. Fold this shape in half, unfold and glue to the glued part of the cone. You will get such a voluminous mouse.
Diagram for making a rat out of paper

See how you can make more and more instances. If you wish, create a piece of cheese with holes in yellow paper.

DIY rat crafts

You can also make a rat with a piece of cheese from other materials.

Crafts of a rat for the New Year 2020 from a cork from wine and twine

Rat crafts for the New Year 2020

The rat craft made of these materials will turn out to be charming. To create it, first take the cork and use a knife to remove the excess from it. You will get such a cone with a blunt end.

Rat craft blanks

Stick the pieces of metal staples here to create a skeleton for the mouse. Now start wrapping twine around it. First, close the muzzle in this way, then go below.

Buckle the lower legs. You can create a piece of cheese from foam rubber. To do this, you need to paint this material, cut a triangle out of it and make holes. Give this treat to the animal's paws.

How to make a rat for the New Year from salt dough

You can also make crafts for the year of the rat. Take:

  • 320 g flour;
  • 100 ml of cold water;
  • 1 cup fine salt
  • clear nail polish;
  • acrylic paints;
  • PVA glue;
  • rolling pin.

Pour salt and flour into a bowl, add water, some glue and stir. Knead the dough well first in a container and then on a floured work surface. Now separate some of the dough from the bulk and form the head of the animal out of it. Take the main dough, turn it into cheese. Make holes in this piece of cheese using a suitable tool.

Let the workpiece dry completely. It must become firm. Then paint it. Use paints of the appropriate color. When they are dry, cover the work with varnish.

Making a rat craft from salt dough

You can also make a more voluminous craft from this material. Step-by-step photos will teach this.

Making a rat craft from salt dough
  1. First, form a ball out of the salted dough. Then give it a pear shape. You will need to make two such blanks. One will become the body and the other the head of the rat.
  2. You need to attach a toothpick to the upper body. Use this wooden skewer to put your head in here. Two ears must be attached to the head.
  3. Create a sausage out of the dough, make an animal tail out of it. Form the front and hind legs. When the salt dough craft dries, then you need to decorate it to your liking.

You can create an equally charming mouse on which there will be such a festive New Year's dress.

Since this is also the year of the white rat, use acrylic paints of this color when you paint it. Make ruffles and a bow at the bottom of her dress. When they are dry, you will paint them as well.

Rat for New Year

Crafts of a rat with your own hands for the New Year 2020 from felt

This material will make a soft and cozy rat craft. With your own hands, you need to cut out three such blanks from felt. The mice are one-piece, you need to cut the blank of the belly and head for the front. You will also need more details for the ears, paws and tummy trim.

Sew the details of the ears, place them between the two halves of the head. Place the paws on the tummy, sew the blanks along the edge, creating a mouse out of them. Sew a ponytail from a light rope at the back.

Crafts of a rat from felt

If you want to sew a voluminous rat, then take:

  • felt of the corresponding colors;
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • a needle;
  • soft filler;
  • some gray yarn.

In the year of the Rat, it is very interesting to create crafts of this type with your own hands, but it is better to do this in advance, on the eve of the holiday. Then, preparing for the New Year, you will not be in a hurry and can then present such toys to your friends and relatives.

Crafts of a rat from felt

From gray felt, cut out two ovals with pointed edges and another oval, as well as two blanks for the ears. You will also need to cut out the same elements for the ears from pink felt or drape.Now place the oval on the work surface, attach the first semi-oval to it on the side.

Sew the sides of these blanks. Now place the same semi-oval on the other side of the bottom part and also sew it to this bottom on the wrong side.

Then sew the ears in pairs, turn them out to the right side. Make a line at the top of the mouse, leaving free space in the tail area for now to put a synthetic winterizer here. Using a crochet and thread, tie a ponytail for a mouse, sew it in place, and at the same time close this gap through which you stuffed this symbol of 2020.

Sew the ears in place; small black beads can be used for the eyes and nose. Also attach them. The rat pattern will help you create another soft toy out of this warm material.

Rat pattern from felt

As you can see, on each detail it is written how many of them need to be cut out, and what elements they are. Connect the ears in pairs, sew them to the head. Then cut out two parts of the face, connect them together with a thread and a needle and sew on the head. Lock the bottom of the muzzle here as well. Create a torso, tail, sew them on and stuff the animal with filler.

Craft rat for the New Year from tights

Watch an interesting master class. After all, creating a rat from such materials is very exciting.

Craft rat from tights

Here's what a rat will turn out. You can dress it up as you like. For this kind of work, take:

  • nylon tights;
  • filler;
  • threads;
  • a needle;
  • decor elements;
  • wire.

You will create a body from tights. Sew at the bottom, stuff with filler, then make a narrower neck at the top and sew here. Make arms and legs from small sections, also sew them in place. Create toes and feet for this animal. But how to make the head of this rat, clearly shows a master class with step-by-step photos.

Pantyhose blanks to create a rat

Take nylon nylon tights, cut them off at the top and bottom. Then sew at the bottom, fill with filler and close the remaining incisions with a seam.

Cut a circle out of a piece of black nylon tights, collect it on a thread and fill it with filler. Sew this nose into place.

Don't take the needle out of here, start marking the nasolabial fold. To do this, you need to lower the needle and thread down to the chin and make several seams.

Pantyhose blanks to create a rat

Now pull the needle a little higher and start creating the pads on which the mustache grows. Make the right and left halves.

Pantyhose blanks to create a rat

Then start also using a needle and thread to mark the tongue. To do this, pull the place at the bottom of the head with your fingers a little and stitch here. At the same time, bring the needle back to where the cut part of the pantyhose is assembled on a thread with a needle.

Pantyhose blanks to create a rat

Now also use a thread and a needle to make holes for the eyes.

Pantyhose blanks to create a rat

Then this rat craft will acquire ears. To create them, you need to form circles from two pieces of wire, cover them with nylon and then sew these blanks into place.

Pantyhose blanks to create a rat

Now it remains to attach the eyes, make a mustache out of threads. Now you can color your creation with blush by doing this makeup on your mouse. Stick the head in place, and the New Year's craft is ready.

Craft mouse for the New Year 2020 from a sock

You can make such a character not only from tights, but also from a sock. If you have lost one or these pairs have broken over time, then use them to make toys.

Craft mouse from a sock for the New Year 2020

Usually the heels are wiped first. If this part has also fallen into disrepair, then see how you need to cut out such blanks from whole parts. From the bottom you will make an oval torso with a head, and from the top you will make two ears. Cut out these blanks. Now take the bottom large one and fill it with filler. Now close the remaining holes with a needle and thread.

Craft mouse from a sock for the New Year 2020

Now the rat craft will acquire beautiful ears. To do this, cut two circles out of the sock, then fill them with a little filler and sew each inside to make the ears get the desired shape. From the buttons, you will make the eyes, and from the small pompom, you will make the nose.Take a needle thread and create some mustache.

Craft mouse from a sock for the New Year 2020

Thus, you can create not one, but several rats and then present them to children or friends.

Craft mouse from a sock for the New Year 2020

How to make a rat craft for the New Year 2020 using the felting technique

It is just as exciting to do this needlework. See how you need to play, so that you get such a wonderful New Year's rat. Maybe someone will think that she is real.

Craft rat for the New Year 2020


  • wool carded gray, pink and white;
  • felt mat for felting;
  • hairbrush;
  • felting needles number 40, 38, 36;
  • beads;
  • white thread;
  • scissors.
Blanks for creating a rat for the New Year 2020

Draw out a few strands of white wool. You need to take a little more of this material, since after felting its amount will decrease. Roll this bed in a cone, place it on a felting mat and shape the head and body.

Blanks for creating a rat for the New Year 2020

Now, using a felting needle, give this blank a harder shape, put a little gray wool on top and also weld it on.

Blank for creating a rat for the New Year 2020

Take a little strand of light wool for the feet and felle them with a felting needle as well.

But leave the tops of these small pieces fluffy so that you can weld them on later.

Take the pink wool and make the hands and feet for the mouse out of it.

Blanks for creating a rat for the New Year 2020

In the same way, you will make the tail. Take the first piece, attach its fluffed edge to the body of the rat and roll it over. In this way, attach all the limbs as well as the ears.

Craft rat for the New Year 2020

If you want to see how to make wool ears then take a look at the following photo. You will need to take some pink wool, bend it in half and felted such ears with a felting needle.

Blanks for creating a rat for the New Year 2020

Sew on beads in place of the eyes. Make a nose and a mustache. Here's a rat craft.

See how to make interesting do-it-yourself burlap crafts

Craft rat for the New Year 2020 from plasticine

Such a do-it-yourself rat craft is done pretty quickly. Children will especially like to create such figures. Teach them this. To do this, take a gray plasticine and roll a cone out of it. This will be the foundation for the body.

Use a plastic knife to cut through the bottom of the body on both sides to mark the upper legs. Now roll the beige plasticine into the layer and cut out a shape for the belly from it.

Stick it in place. To make the lower legs, roll up two circles, pull them out and use a plastic knife to mark three fingers on each.

Molds for creating a rat from plasticine

Now take the same light plasticine and roll a thin sausage out of it. This will be the tail. Glue it and paws in place. Make the front legs the same way.

Roll out the gray and beige plasticine and cut out two circles from each. Connect these parts and attach these ears in place. From blue and white plasticine, you need to make a blank for the eyes.

Molds for creating a rat from plasticine

Attach a sharp nose to the face, as well as eyebrows, eyes, use a knife to make a smiling mouth. Here's how to make a plasticine rat.

Plasticine rat

You can make crafts for the New Year and from other materials.

See how to make fishnet pasta crafts

Do-it-yourself rat for the New Year 2020 from plastic bottles

Such containers are usually in excess. If you have bottles like this, then take felt and wrap it around the bottle.

Cut this bottle in half across and remove the excess middle section. Now cover it with fabric and sew this flap.

Blank from plastic bottles to create a rat

Cut out a narrower tape from the same fabric and wrap it around the cork. Glue the blank here. Then roll up four rolls of tape and attach the resulting legs to the tummy of the mouse. Add her ears, eyes, make two points on the nose.

Blanks from plastic bottles to create a rat

How to make a piggy bank in the form of a Rat for the New Year 2020?

She can also be created in the form of this animal. The symbol of 2020, the white rat, will give you financial benefits. Take:

  • felt of the desired colors;
  • a jar of olives or olives;
  • beads;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • a needle.

Take the jar and remove the lid from it.

Piggy bank tin

If you want the white rat symbol of the year 2020 to have this color, then take white felt.But you can use gray, and only the paws can be made white. See what kind of blanks you need to cut.

Blanks from felt for a piggy bank

You will need:

  • a rectangle to wrap the side of the can;
  • 2 identical circles for the bottom and top;
  • 2 ear pieces and two smaller pink fabric blanks;
  • 2 blanks of white felt for the front legs and the same for the hind legs;
  • 1 small black nose circle.

Take a rectangle, place 2 ears previously sewn in pairs on top of it. Sew on two beads for eyes and a circle of black fabric for the nose. You can also sew on or glue on the front and hind legs.

Blank of felt for a piggy bank

Take a circle of felt for the front, cut a slit in it, and overcast with a seam over your arms.

Wrap the jar with a rectangle of felt, sew its sides. On top, attach the just made circle with a slot. In the same way, you will sew the bottom of the piggy bank here.

Piggy bank in the form of a Rat for the New Year 2020

Here's a rat craft you will get.

Do-it-yourself coffee mice for the New Year 2020

To make your creation not only look amazing, but also smell delicious, make coffee mice. Here's what pattern you need for this.

Pattern of a coffee mouse pattern


  • dense matter;
  • a glass of coffee;
  • needle and thread;
  • coffee beans;
  • paints for working with fabric.

Cut out the elements for the future mouse. Pour these fabric blanks with a glass of coffee. If it is not enough, then you need to increase the volume of this liquid.

When the fabric is soaked, wring it out, dry it and iron it. Then sew the mouse, stuff it with coffee beans. Using textile inscriptions on the toy, create its features, as well as any inscription. You can weave a jute tail and attach it at the back.

DIY coffee mouse

Craft rat for the New Year 2020 from cotton wool

You can also make this symbol of 2020 from this material. You also need felt. Cut 2 semicircles from it, glue their lower parts separately. These will be ears. Now take cotton wool and roll three circles of different sizes out of it.

Prepare a cotton pad, cut it at the top and bottom to make these feet. Then glue a small one on a large cotton circle. This will give you a head and a muzzle.

To make the face of the rat more elongated, take a small lump and form a long nose out of it. Sew this blank into place. Glue two eyes, paws, after which the cotton rat is ready.

Craft rats from cotton wool

You can make not only it, but also these symbols of 2020 from various materials. Polymer clay is also suitable. Use it to make not only figurines of rats, but also candlesticks. When forming them, you need to take a candle, when you make a candlestick, then put it in a suitable container and put polymer clay between this container and the candle.

Then you will have a candlestick of the desired shape with a hole inside. But to make it easy to remove the candle then, first wrap it in cellophane, and let its edges hang down. Then you pull on them to remove the candle. When the polymer clay candlestick hardens, it remains to paint it and you can put a candle inside.

Crafts rat candlesticks

Here's how to make crafts for the New Year of the Rat in the form of the 2020 patroness. To complete the picture, it remains only to see how video bloggers create such things.

And if you need to make a rat out of salt dough, then the second plot will come in handy.

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