DIY paw patrol

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DIY paw patrol
DIY paw patrol

Check out how to make a DIY Paw Patrol. You can sew these characters, draw them. And also for you the base "Paw Patrol", which you can also make with your own hands.

The cartoon "Paw Patrol" is loved by all kids. Therefore, toys with the images of these heroes are now very popular. But they, and the attributes of the paw patrol are not cheap. However, you can knit, sew toys with your own hands, and make the base from scrap materials.

How to make a base for a paw patrol with your own hands?

Paw Patrol Base

To do this, you need:

  • plastic pipe with a diameter of 8 cm;
  • cap for plastic pipes;
  • acrylic paints;
  • bamboo skewer;
  • rope;
  • wooden dowels for furniture;
  • a piece of plywood;
  • disposable cardboard plate;
  • metal hook;
  • glue.

Crafting workshop:

  1. Take a plastic pipe and cut a piece 30 cm high from it.
  2. Using a plywood jigsaw, cut out two rings. The inner diameter of these blanks will be 8 cm, like pipes, and the outer diameter of the first one is 23 cm, and the second one is 25 cm.
  3. You also need to cut out a couple of circles for the elevator, the diameter of which is 7.5 cm. Using a jigsaw in the pipe, you need to cut out the exit to the upper balcony and the entrance to this elevator.
  4. To make a descent, cut a disposable plate from the side, cut out the middle. Glue this blank at an angle. Fasten this and other blanks with the colorless Moment glue.
  5. You need to paint your creation. To do this, use acrylic paints. Decorate the upper balcony with wooden dowels. To do this, you must first make holes at the same distance with a drill, then insert the dowels here and fix them with glue. Make a fence on the upper platform with a rope, tying it to the dowels.
  6. Make a periscope from a small propylene corner. Paint it. When dry, fix on the roof.
  7. Take the heroes label and stick it on. You can draw such an icon yourself, print it, or take it from the Paw Patrol toy box.
  8. We need to take the elevator. To do this, fix a wooden skewer at the top horizontally, wind a rope around it, at the end of which tie a hook. Now you can twist this skewer to raise and lower the puppies.

Now see how you can make DIY Paw Patrol toys.

DIY Paw Patrol Heroes

First, check out the names of the main characters of Paw Patrol, these are:

Ryder, this is a boy. He gives tasks to his Paw Patrol. The boy is 10 years old, he is a good student and loves to design.

Paw Patrol Hero

Racer Chase is a German Shepherd dog. He is a police officer.

Paw Patrol Hero

Skye? This is a charming Cocker Poodle girl. She is fun and works as a lifeguard.

Paw Patrol Hero

Marshal? dalmatian. He is curious and cheerful, but often gets into extraordinary situations due to his inattention.

Paw Patrol Hero

Strong guy. This hero is a bulldog breed. He is a builder.

DIY Paw Patrol Hero

Zuma? dog breed labrador retriever.

DIY Paw Patrol Hero

Rocky? cur. But this does not make him less charming and beloved by children.

DIY Paw Patrol Hero

Captain Halibut owns a ship. When water rescue operations take place, the crew will transfer to this watercraft.

DIY Paw Patrol Hero

The Paw Patrol also has a girlfriend. This is a Siberian husky named Everest. She helps in rescue operations.

DIY Paw Patrol Hero

This is what the main characters of Paw Patrol look like. Now, having studied their image, you can create adorable people and dogs from a variety of materials. Show the children how to draw them.

Paw Patrol Heroes

PAW Patrol: how to sew cartoon characters

Paw Patrol Hero Pattern
  1. Let's first create a boy from this story. To keep his arms and legs in this position, create a wire frame before stitching the doll out of fabric. Now carve out the details that you see in this pattern.
  2. Cut out his head and palms from felt or flesh-colored fleece. To make the vortices stick out so funny, cut them out of dense matter. Felt is also good. Open the blouse and vest for Ryder.
  3. First you need to cut out the details of the back, which consists of the neck, arms, body and legs. Now start sewing on the details of the clothes. To add volume, you can fill this doll with padding polyester. The same goes for other characters as well.

You will have a Paw Patrol racer if you use the following pattern.

Paw Patrol Hero Pattern
  1. If this toy is flat, then sewing it is even easier. Take brown felt and sew your flesh-colored face to it. Then attach the whites of the eyes, pupils, other details of the face, nose here. Inside the ears, you will glue the pink details. They are also on the pattern.
  2. Cut out the body, including the tail and tops of the legs, out of brown felt. Sew the lower legs of the flesh-colored material here. Then attach the vest and hat.
  3. And if you have a double paw patrol toy, then first create blanks from paired parts. Then make the same whole part, but from patches of different colors, as in the photo.
  4. Then you will stuff this toy from above over your head with a padding polyester. The final touch will be the cap with which you will cover the remaining hole.

Now watch how to sew a Paw Patrol character named Zuma.

Paw Patrol Hero Pattern

A dog pattern will help you do this. At the bottom, the paws turned out to be such that the fingers became visible on them; with the help of a needle and thread, you will make a constriction of these parts. Then you can do it too. You will create the dog's mouth using the same technique.

The next character is Marshal. This Dalmatian is easy to make. If you have fabric with such black specks, use it. If not, then they can be drawn or sewn on, made from black fabric.

For a volumetric toy, you need to create two parts, then sew them in pairs. After that, attach the tail here, sew the head with the ears. Then it remains to put on a hat and a vest made of red fabric on the dog.

Almost exactly the same, but in a different color, the next character has it. His name is Rocky.

Paw Patrol Hero Pattern

Create a body and head for it from dense gray matter. Then the eyes, nose and inner parts of the ears can simply be glued here, just like a hat. Put on the vest and the heroic dog is ready.

Paw Patrol Hero Pattern

To make clothes for Skye, use a girlish color. Of course, her vest will be made of pink fabric, just like the headpiece. The pattern shows the smallest details, even the forelock of the dog. Cut out these elements, connect them, and you have another Paw Patrol character.

DIY paw patrol hero pattern
  1. It is even easier to make a strong man. See what a simple pattern for this dog. On the left, you see a detail of the face. Make it out of brown felt. On top, you will glue the white fabric element for the bottom of the head. Cut out the whites of the eyes from it.
  2. And make the pupils out of brown felt. The nose will be black. The mouth must be embroidered with dark threads. Then cut out the body, tail from brown felt, sew these two elements. The next is a yellow vest, boots.
  3. It remains to carve out the upper part of the cap from yellow material, and the visor from black. This pattern is at the top left. Such a dog is flat, so it will not even need filler for it, and you will make this Paw Patrol hero pretty quickly.
DIY paw patrol hero pattern

You can create bulky toys or flatten them. In the latter case, such figures can be used to decorate the photo. See how to do this job.

How to make a Paw Patrol photo frame?

Paw patrol style photo frame

To make such a photo frame, take:

  • felt of different colors;
  • hot glue gun;
  • a needle;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • pencil.

First, use a ruler and pencil to mark the back of the yellow felt. Then cut out the parts with scissors and a utility knife.

Now, using the patterns suggested above, make flat characters from the cartoon "Paw Patrol". It is enough to make three dogs and a paw print of one of them.

To add volume, you can cut out two paired pieces and then sew them with a seam over the edge.

Paw patrol style photo frame

Then glue the resulting characters in the corners of the frame, attach the paw to a free corner with a glue gun. Now you can glue this artwork to a photo frame to add a Paw Patrol style to it.

Also, these characters can be tied with threads or drawn. It is interesting to do such arts together with children. Then you will show them how to draw cartoon dogs.

How to draw Paw Patrol?

See how to draw Paw Patrol dogs using Chase as an example.

Paw Patrol Hero Drawing
  1. This visual step-by-step master class demonstrates the stages of work. First, draw a circle on the left. To make it even, you can use a compass or a coin, circling it. Now draw an oval body just below. These diagrams will help you create a Paw Patrol hero. In a circle, begin to depict his muzzle with a nose and mouth.
  2. Further, the step-by-step drawing of the dog suggests drawing a curved line from the bottom of the head to the body. This will create the outline of the animal's chest.
  3. On the right side of the oval draw the hind legs of the dog, at the top on the head draw its cap. After that, move on to the front legs. Use a zigzag line to draw the places on the paws where the dark coat changes to light. Draw the racer's rescue backpack, outline his vest, draw the facial features. After that, you will need to decorate the character.

Based on this drawing, you will now be able to draw Chase the racer with a pencil. And if you want to do it with paint, then watch the next master class.

Paw Patrol Hero Drawing

First, take a simple pencil and draw the outlines of this character. In the next step, add details. To do this, draw the outlines of the muzzle, nose, add features to the paws, draw a vest and outline the ears.

Paw Patrol Hero Drawing

Step by step drawing with a pencil suggests using this tool to select the eyes, nose and mouth of Chase. Add finishing touches to his headdress and backpack. And also highlight the vest.

DIY paw patrol hero drawing

Take a blue paint, a thin brush and start covering your cap, vest, backpack with this color.

DIY paw patrol hero drawing

Take brown paint and draw the paws, the circumference of the muzzle, the ears and the tail. Now, with the help of pink paint, select the inner part of the ear.

With the help of light beige, close the muzzle, the lower parts of the legs. Add strokes with white paint and dark blue. Also use yellow. Racer Chase is very believable.

DIY paw patrol hero drawing

The children will surely like this drawing lesson, and you will help them in creating a character. But if the children are still young, then they can use the Paw Patrol coloring pages, which can be bought or printed on the Internet. And how to draw the characters of the Paw Patrol, you can see in the plot. You will learn how to create Chase in this way, then look at how to draw Marshal.

Kids will certainly be interested in watching an excerpt from this cartoon. We invite you to see how Paw Patrol rescues beavers with them.

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