How to make a decorative garden with your own hands?

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How to make a decorative garden with your own hands?
How to make a decorative garden with your own hands?

See how beautiful a vegetable garden can be. You can give it strict geometric shapes or make the beds semicircular, triangular or unusual.

Some summer residents practically do not grow vegetables, as they think that the beds will disturb the beauty of their hacienda. But if you make a decorative garden, then it will decorate the surrounding space and allow you to enjoy fresh vegetables, berries, herbs.

DIY decorative garden - design in strict geometric shapes

If you prefer to use them, then take a look at the following diagram. When setting up such a garden, you will need:

  • roulette;
  • rope;
  • pegs;
  • hammer;
  • scissors.

Decide where such a beautiful vegetable garden will be located. It is better to do it not very close to the house, since a recreation area and a flower garden are usually located in the immediate vicinity of the dwelling.

This scheme is suitable for those who groom and cherish their decorative lawn, but still decided to grow edible useful crops.

Take a tape measure, measure the area on which you will arrange such a beautiful garden. Now take 4 pegs and drive them into the corners of this rectangle. Pull two identical ropes between the two diagonals to make this platform even. Now pay attention to the diagram.

Ornamental garden scheme

1 - under this number there are indeterminate tomatoes that give red fruits. These are tomatoes, the bushes of which have unlimited growth. Therefore, support is required. But, having made it, you will achieve an additional decorative effect and will be able to use the vertical space to the maximum.

Then, in a small area, you will have enough bushes that will bear many fruits. But, when planting these plants, pay attention to the fact that tomatoes in the middle lane are planted in open ground with seedlings when the threat of frost has passed. If they nevertheless come, then temporarily put arcs here, cover the tomatoes on top with high-density non-woven material. Then, when it gets warmer, the tomatoes start to grow, you remove this shelter, remove the arches and put other nice vertical supports. See what they can be.

DIY decorative garden

Such supports are made from a metal rod. It is necessary to weld the segments together to get a similar structure. You can then stain it. Here's another option.

DIY decorative garden

For such a support, you take a netting netting, you need to cut off a rectangle from it, then roll up a kind of wide pipe from it. Connect the ends of the rectangle and tie them with metal wire. You can also make a spiral support.

DIY decorative garden

To make one when you plant tomatoes, immediately place a sturdy stick near this seedling. Wrap the wire around it in a spiral. When the tomato grows, she will support it. You can also make supports from bamboo or ordinary sticks. Then you will certainly have a decorative garden.

DIY decorative garden

Cut the sticks to the length you want, then take four of the same tall ones and place them vertically. Horizontally at each level, attach four more small ones to these and tie them with twine. Then you will plant the tomato under such a support, in the center. As he grows, these sticks will support him. Or you can use the option in the middle photo. To do this, connect three identical sticks at the top, at the bottom, fix them in the ground.

2 - red beans are located under this number. To make it a decorative garden, first make a kind of wigwams.To do this, you need to take 5 pegs, place them vertically in a circle on the ground, plunging their tips into the soil. And at the top, you will tie these sticks. Plant bean seeds inside and out under the wigwam. When she braids these supports, it will turn out very beautiful. But for this it is better to additionally tie these sticks with green garden wire or twine.

If you want, then you can take ordinary branches, sticks, remove leaves from them and make such a hut. And if you want you to have a perfectly even, beautiful garden, then take slender sticks, for example, bamboo and put them in the same way. For one such hut, 7 pieces are enough. Then braid them with twine so that the beans curl here. You can plant several bushes in groups and make several supports.

DIY decorative garden

3 - there are very decorative varieties of squash, pumpkins, zucchini. Use varieties with orange or yellow fruits for such an ornamental garden. In this diagram, these landings are located at number 3. As you can see, they are on the right.

Yellow pumpkins

4 - on this site there is a place for determinant tomatoes. They are located under this number. You can plant tomatoes that will produce fruits in a wide variety of colors. It can be:

  • orange;
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • pink;
  • crimson;
  • almost black;
  • green;
  • with drawing.

Yes, yes, there are varieties of tomatoes that, when ripe, have a green color. And red tomatoes with orange splashes will also add decorativeness to your garden. You can plant tomatoes with different fruit shapes, such as oval, round, ribbed, small and large.

Tomato yellow

5 - you will have a very beautiful garden, and even bear many fruits if you plant sweet peppers. You can also find many varieties with different colors. One of the new products? it is the purple color of the peppers. But you can buy varieties with orange, red, yellow fruits.

The "Fang of the Elephant" is very decorative. These peppers have long, cone-shaped fruits, similar to the canine of this animal. But this pepper is late in season, so seeds for seedlings should be sown earlier than for early peppers. And if you want to get large fruits as soon as possible, plant the Big Mom pepper variety. It is early maturing.

Pepper Seed Packages

For a decorative garden, plant a few eggplant bushes. Many varieties have decorative fruits. For example, "Matrosik" will delight you with lilac eggplants with white splashes. You can buy purple eggplants or small whites like Ping Pong.

Eggplant seed packaging

Now you will definitely see that an ornamental garden is possible with such crops. But that's not all of the vegetables you can plant in a well-shaped area. On this one, you will have the necessary plant foods.

7 - the bow goes under this number. You can plant it on a turnip or on a feather, and all summer you can be able to pick vitamin greens. It is enough to select a very small bed for this product.

8 - garlic is located opposite the onion. It is also enough to plant just a few cloves at the end of September in order to pick the vitamin feathers of garlic the next year, and in July dig up its heads and eat them.

9, 10 - by all means plant the basil with dill. These crops are not only very healthy, but they will also make your ornamental garden even more beautiful.

11, 12 - the same applies to curly parsley with celery. You will plant celery on the bed number 11, and parsley on it, but on the other side.

13 - if you like salad, then set aside a little space for it. This culture is located under this mystical number on the diagram.

14 - if you prefer radish more, then plant it here. And if you like mustard mustard, then give preference to it.

15 - you will have a wonderful beautiful garden, if on such a bed above and below you make a border in the form of a marigold border. These flowers also repel pests.

16 - place it so that the vegetables in the diagram under the number 16 are in the North. After all, here you will plant high crops such as corn, Jerusalem artichoke, sunflower. They will help the rest of the plants to protect themselves from the north wind and will not block the sun with them. But keep in mind that Jerusalem artichoke grows a lot, so it is better not to plant it a lot and periodically adjust the number of root crops so that they do not flood your garden.

17 - as you understand, there is a lawn in the center of this beautiful place. You will be able to look after him, mow. It is convenient to do this since it is located in the center. You will also have a beautiful path and a convenient approach to the beds. But it is better to plant a lawn that is intended for intensive use, such as a sports lawn. Then he will not trample.

Now look, for lovers of strict geometric shapes, what kind of arrangement of the beds you can still advise.

Ornamental garden in strict geometric shapes
  1. In such a small area, everything you need will also fit. Vertical supports will help curl cucumbers. And on the other side there are supports made of wood and chain-link, they support the tomatoes.
  2. On the North side, there is corn, which covers the heat-loving plants from the winds.
  3. There is room for cabbage, onions, and green crops. Select one of the strawberry beds if you wish. You can plant a remontant so that you can feast on its fruits all summer until the autumn frosts.
  4. The borders for the beds are made of planks. In the corners, it must be fixed with corners. To make the beds last longer, cover them with an antiseptic impregnation for wood in two or three layers.

In this case, the beds can be framed not only with wood, but also with stones, bricks, cobblestones. These are even more durable structures that will help keep the beds beautiful for many years. So that grass does not grow between them and to achieve decorativeness, you can fill these gaps with colored chips or pebbles or some other small pebbles. But first you need to lay a dense geotextile so that the weeds cannot overcome the obstacle.

Ornamental garden in strict geometric shapes

You can give preference to the vine when you make a beautiful vegetable garden. Such rectangular beds will also appeal to lovers of strict shapes.

Ornamental garden in strict geometric shapes

See how to make beautiful beds and decorate a vegetable garden

DIY decorative garden - various forms of beds

You can make a beautiful vegetable garden in a variety of ways. Even the most common sand will help this.

Various forms of beds

But in order to get such an even pattern, you need to make the correct markup. Using the methods listed above, create a rectangle in the area allocated for the garden.

Now, with the help of pegs and ropes, you need to mark the symmetrical pattern. In the center, these will be two semicircles. There is a path between them, it will help you to conveniently go to any place in the beds to process them. The same applies to other sectors of this garden. These beds are small, so each can be approached from different sides.

These were high beds, when you make them, spread loose earth from the paths on the hills. Then the paths will be lower and the beds higher. Now plant the crops. You can sow seeds of vegetables, herbs. Then take the sand and fill it with a layer of 3 cm. If over time it will be washed off from the rains and watering, you will renew this layer again, adding more sand.

But if you want to make durable beds of this type, then make curbs for them. For this, even asbestos-cement, which sometimes cover the roof, are suitable. Also use old slate if you have changed your roof covering.

Various forms of beds

There is also a figure in the center, but it is 6-sided. Metal rods will help to install curbs for these beds. You just hammer them into the ground with a hammer to fix them in this position. You can also use flat pegs. In the same way, you will complete the rest of the framing of the beds.Make a path, it can be closed with sand or other loose material.

And if you want, then put cement slabs here. You can make them yourself. And frame the round central zone with a light fence. It is in harmony with such plates.

Various forms of beds

The plants themselves look very beautiful. Therefore, you can do without framing when making a decorative garden. Observe symmetry here. So, if this is a round bed, then plant one crop in the center, for example, green leafy lettuce. Frame it with a purple salad.

Around you can sow basil, beets, marigolds. At the same time, observe the symmetry of the arrangement of the plants.

Various forms of beds

Since a flower garden is usually made near the house, you can frame it with stones. Place some arches here for plants to trail along.

In order not to go far for greens and vegetables, you can arrange the beds right behind the flower garden area. Also frame them. In this case, nothing is allowed between the beds. Here you need to mow periodically so that it is a beautiful vegetable garden.

Various forms of beds

To the right of the house, you see a gazebo that can be turned into a summer kitchen. Climbing plants such as grapes add to the charm of this place.

Even if you have a small area set aside for a vegetable garden, you can arrange it so that everything you need fits here. As you can see, the garden bed is arranged in the shape of a circle, which is divided into how many sectors. In each, you plant a specific culture. This arrangement resembles a cake cut into pieces. You can also dream up and plant the plants in such a way that on the edges of these pieces there are cultures that resemble cream cake. These can be flowers or, for example, a red salad.

Various forms of do-it-yourself beds

And here is another example of how to arrange a vegetable garden in a small area.

Various forms of do-it-yourself beds

The framing for this round bed is made in a spiral pattern. Sprinkle the path with chips. This element is in good harmony with the stone border. The bed is made on a small hill. Here you can plant herbs, spicy crops.

There is a seating area and a table with chairs nearby. When necessary, you will pluck a fragrant spicy culture, brew tea and drink it with pleasure.

You can plant various varieties of mint, thyme, lemon balm and other aromatic greens for tea here.

You can also combine a garden area and a recreation area.

Various forms of do-it-yourself beds
  1. In this example, even the vertical space of the fence is used. Take wooden pallets, stick them here, plant some plants. Or you can just fix the wooden boxes here.
  2. Nearby on the fence is a portal from the fireplace. If you have such a thing that you no longer need, use it. You can also put a table on which you will hold a watering can, a small gardening tool, so that it is always at hand.
  3. There are mirrors on the fence to the left. This will help to visually expand the area and you can observe your appearance. Such accessories help not only to get a beautiful garden, but also to decorate an unsightly fence.

There are flower beds around this zone. And in the center of the site is the garden furniture. It is bright in color, which adds to the beauty of this place.

You can make the outermost bed oval so that you can bypass sharp corners. See how neatly the curbs are made for these wood beds. But you can also buy ready-made plastic. This is exactly how the garden bed in the foreground is made.

Various forms of do-it-yourself beds

Here is such a beautiful vegetable garden. The photo clearly conveys it.

As you know, flowers are a decoration. Therefore, you can plant such low plants at the end of the beds. In addition, the smell of some flowers prevents pests from appearing. And you can place the flower bed next to the garden area.

See how all these objects fit together wonderfully, as well as the swing and pool nearby.

Various forms of do-it-yourself beds

Place the pepper bushes next to the orange marigolds, which will produce fruits of the same color. You can also plant a couple of zucchini bushes with fruits of the same color. A small fence will add decorativeness to this area.

Do-it-yourself beds

Play with color combinations. You may not even make a border for the beds, but create them yourself in such an arbitrary shape. But symmetry is also observed here, since each row is seeded with a certain culture.

Do-it-yourself beds

Such a beautiful garden, as in the photo, then you will succeed.

And here is another example of how to make a snail garden. Start at the bottom tier. Pour the earth in a circle. Now make a border of cobblestones and stones. When you reach the second edge of this bed, start lifting the frame up and making another turn. Here it will already be necessary to fill in more earth so that this loop is higher than the first. And the third will be even higher. Frame all this with stones, then plant the selected crops. And for the path, make a border and pour chips here.

Do-it-yourself beds

How to make a bed box with a trellis with your own hands - a diagram

Do-it-yourself boxes with a trellis

This will allow you to conveniently care for plants, place climbing crops here. Such a bed is durable.


  • bars;
  • processed wood planks;
  • door hinges;
  • metal chain-link;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • film;
  • antiseptic for wood;
  • instruments;
  • roulette.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Decide on the location of this bed. Indeed, on a specific site, it will be for several years. Now measure out a rectangle with equal angles. Determine the length and width of the bed. Based on this, cut boards of this size, you should have the same amount for long and short sides.
  2. If you also have drop sides, then you attach door hinges here to open and close those sides. Such sides are made of bars. Inside this base, you need to attach a mesh. Or you can make such folding boards so that they are in the open position, and if you need to huddle the plants, you raise the sides and just pour the soil inside the bed. Using thinner bars, knock the boards together for the box. In the corners, you will attach them with metal corners.
  3. To make a trellis, take four bars and knock them together. Attach the netting inside. Place this trellis vertically and attach it with bars to the sides of the garden bed. Moreover, place the bars obliquely.
  4. Inside this structure, you first lay a film so that weeds do not germinate and pests do not crawl out from below. But in order for excess moisture to flow out, you can make several holes in such a film.
  5. Now pour fertile soil on top. Water it several times. When the ground has settled enough, you will plant your chosen plants here. You can make several such comfortable beds so that you have a beautiful vegetable garden.

To make the bed box durable, cover all wooden elements with antiseptic impregnation.

But you can make a bed box without a trellis.

Do-it-yourself boxes with a trellis

As you can see, thick boards are taken. For each sidewall of one bed, two or three pieces are needed. See how interestingly they connect at the corners. To do this, the ends of some boards need to be sawn off in half at the bottom, and others? up. At the end of each board, the same holes are cut with a drill. Then these blanks are connected to each other, and the resulting holes are matched and metal pins are hammered here. You can also place the metal rods horizontally in the middle of the bed. They will help maintain perfect evenness. Then these wooden components are painted with impregnation.

Do-it-yourself unusual beds in a decorative garden

They will also help you create a beautiful vegetable garden. Agree, not everyone has such beds.

Unusual beds in a decorative garden

Their beauty is that, if you wish, you can move the plants to another place. To make such an interesting vegetable zone, take:

  • wooden pallets;
  • paint;
  • plastic buckets;
  • plastic canisters;
  • fertile soil;
  • awl;
  • scapula;
  • seedlings.

Paint the plastic pallets in your chosen colors. But you can leave them unpainted. Now take the buckets, make several holes in the bottom of each with an awl. Cut off the tops of the canisters and also make indentations in the lower parts to allow excess moisture to drain out.

Now pour drainage in the form of pebbles or other small stones or crushed brick down each container. Place fertile soil on top. To make it less dry, immediately pour the hydrogel into the container and mix the contents of the buckets and cans. Now plant seedlings of tomatoes, zucchini and other vegetables.

For growing in containers, it is better to use low varieties of vegetables.

If you have tall tomatoes or cucumbers, then immediately put supports in the container. You can connect multiple supports with twine. Then cucumbers, beans, peas will curl on such. Do not forget to water such a container garden in time so that its pets do not dry out.

You can make small beds in which you can grow everything you need.

Unusual beds in a decorative garden

It is also necessary to knock down pre-sawn boards. Connect them in the same way at the corners, as mentioned earlier. Cover the beds with an antiseptic and plant seeds, seedlings. See how these containers look great. And the path is covered with fine gravel for beauty, and so that weeds do not grow.

You will have a very beautiful garden if you use unnecessary plastic containers of sufficient volume for its device. A lot of land will fit in such, and you can plant several copies of peppers, tomatoes in each container. And since curly cucumbers, it is better to immediately place them near a vertical support. In this example, I used a metal shelf with coconut fiber. It retains moisture well, then gives it to plants when needed.

You will put soil inside and plant seedlings or tomato seeds.

Unusual beds in a decorative garden

Here's how to make a vertical wooden plank garden. It is necessary to saw the boards into blanks of the required size, put together small boxes from them. Nail sturdy planks vertically to a wooden fence and stagger the boxes onto them.

For such a garden, you can use pallets by disassembling them. Then make boxes from the resulting boards. Also put soil inside and plant the seeds of the desired plants.

Unusual beds in a decorative garden

Allocate a separate area for the garden. Arrange beds of 100 mm beams. These frames are very durable, and when you cultivate your crops, you can sit down and work comfortably without stress on your legs.

Enclose your garden with bars or planks. Place a bench here so that you can relax in such a wonderful corner.

Garden beds

See how ornate the beds can be. For these, use a decorative stone. But first make the markup. The hose will help you. It is flexible and you can make the shape you want. Then, according to her, lay out the extreme border. On the one hand, it consists of two rows of stones, on the other, five. Make a fence for the path from decorative stone, pour white gravel on it. Pour fertile soil inside the resulting bed. Here you can plant not only vegetables, but also berry bushes.

Garden beds

So that you have a beautiful garden, and it remains neat for a long time, immediately organize the space as needed.

Garden beds

Look, here the vertical supports and the frame for the beds are all in the same color. It is best to treat wooden surfaces with wood stain or a special coating such as pinotex or aquatex. Dark wood tones have been chosen here.

Place a black, high-density non-woven fabric on the garden bed, having previously cut holes in it. Then you can then plant plants in each hole. And to work less with watering, immediately lay the hoses here according to the number of rows.Such material will have special holes at a distance from plant to plant.

A tile or stone makes up a weed-free path. Between the vertical supports, you will pull a plastic or metal mesh so that cucumbers and beans curl here. Here is such a beautiful vegetable garden.

In the center of this complex, you can arrange a table at which you will work, place here the necessary equipment for gardening.

Some block the vegetable grower's area with such devices.

Do-it-yourself beds in a decorative garden

The walls here are made of beams and metal mesh. The vegetable beds are tall enough to work comfortably. And the root system in such containers develops faster than in low beds. Therefore, you will have an unprecedented harvest.

A beautiful arch will also help to decorate the garden. Set up a bench here as well. For this, blocks with holes are taken and bars are threaded through them. Such a shop takes literally 15 minutes.

Do-it-yourself beds in a decorative garden

To have a beautiful garden, you can use this trick. Make the paths wide and the beds small. Then it will be convenient for you to move around here, and such a markup will add decorativeness to this place. You can place a flower in the center, which will also help this goal.

Do-it-yourself beds in a decorative garden

See how you can turn a garden bed into an alpine slide. On such a hill, ornamental vegetable cabbage, curly parsley and marigolds, basil and artichokes get along well with each other. Artichokes can be grown as seedlings, you plant them here in May. Then, in the second half of summer, you will have rather tall plants that will give these exotic products.

Do-it-yourself beds in a decorative garden

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