DIY gift ideas for New Year 2020

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DIY gift ideas for New Year 2020
DIY gift ideas for New Year 2020

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020: original ideas from improvised things. Surprises from paper, wood, knitted and sweet gifts.

DIY New Year gifts are memorabilia that you can make yourself from scrap materials and present to friends and family for the New Year. Sheets of paper, cardboard, candy boxes, tea bags and much more are suitable ingredients for future products. The main thing is that there is desire and imagination, and the skill will follow.

Ideas for New Year's gifts from improvised things

Christmas tree made of tea bags for the New Year 2020

Surely there are things in the house that you do not use or are about to throw away. Think if they are not suitable for gifts for the New Year 2020 with your own hands. People create masterpieces even from rubbish.

We offer some interesting ideas for New Year's gifts:

  • Christmas tree made of tea bags… Paper bags with or without tea will serve as the basis for a decorative Christmas tree as a gift for a festive table. If the bags are empty, you can put sweet surprises (such as small candies) in them. Take cardboard and form a cone out of it, glue the edges so that the figure does not fall apart. Cover the cone in staggered bags from top to bottom. Place the gift in a box filled with rice or cotton wool.
  • Mitts made of socks… If there are woolen socks lying around at home, make mitts out of them - fingerless gloves. Such a do-it-yourself gift is suitable for a girl or a girl. Socks should not be too worn out, be sure to wash the thing before work. Cut off the heel and toe, hem them and finish the edges so that they don't get shaggy (make the seams from the wrong side). Turn the sock to the right side, sew a congratulatory felt lettering or other embellishments.
  • Zipper Makeup Bag… If you still have zippers from old things, make a cosmetic bag for your friend out of them. Such small gifts with their own hands are very valuable and speak of the attention given. For work, you need 10 zippers up to 20 cm long. Sew the zippers from the seamy side. Wrap the resulting "canvas" in a ring and sew it. Look at the product: there should be no unplanned holes or holes in it. Turn out the cosmetic bag, decorate with sparkles if desired.
  • Felt tablet case… An old coat is perfect for making an original DIY gift for a young man who is keen on gadgets. Cut a piece of felt to fit. Fold it down so that the bottom is about the size of the tablet, and the top is shorter (this is the future case cover). Cut the cover in a wave, sew a button in the middle. Fasten the second on the case and make a loop between them. Sew on the magnet on the sides from the inside. You can decorate the case with embroidery or sequins.
  • Candlesticks with photo… Original gifts with photos with your own hands will always delight your family and friends and will remind you of the warm moments of the outgoing year. For manufacturing, you will need transparent cylindrical vessels made of plastic or glass - vases or jars. Crop the photographs to the length of the vessel. Using double-sided tape, attach the photo to the front of the jar. Place a small candle inside.

Gift ideas for the New Year can be varied. Look around, sort out old things and think about what original and useful products you can make from them.

DIY sweet gifts for the New Year 2020

Sleigh made of candies for the New Year 2020

The best option for congratulations is delicious DIY gifts. Usually they give sweets made by hand, or candies collected in an unusual composition.

We offer a number of gifts from candies with our own hands and sweet surprises:

  • Hot chocolate set… It doesn't take a lot of money for original gifts. For lovers of liquid chocolate, there will be nothing more pleasant than having a sweet surprise at the table. Pour cocoa powder one third into a small glass jar. Top with slices of chocolate or candy. Fill the rest of the container with marshmallows. Close the jar and decorate with ribbon or other accessories. You can present a gift together with a bottle of champagne or wine.
  • Sleigh made of sweets… Such simple DIY gifts will appeal to both children and adults. To make 1 toy, you will need 2 narrow chocolate bars, 3 wide ones, a small chocolate bar in a wrapper (for 4 windows), cane-shaped lollipops. Use a glue gun to glue 2 narrow bars together. Glue one wide one on top of them, and a small chocolate bar on it. Then 2 more wide sweets on top. Tie a ribbon around the pyramid. Turn the craft over, pass the candies under the ribbon. You can decorate the composition with chocolate Santa Claus.
  • Homemade lollipops… If you can find lollipop or candy molds at home, make your own. DIY surprise gifts will appeal to everyone, especially when they are delicious. For cooking, you will need 0.5 tbsp. sugar, 2-3 tbsp. l. water and a pinch of citric acid. Cook a thick syrup from the specified ingredients. Pour it into molds and insert a wooden stick. When the candy has solidified, remove it from the mold. To make the candies look attractive, add food coloring or cook them in fruit juice.
  • DIY gifts from kinders… Kinder chocolate eggs are a welcome surprise for kids and girls. To present it beautifully, pack the kinders in the shape of a heart. To do this, take a cardboard package of the appropriate shape (or make from sheets of cardboard), line its bottom with corrugated paper or satin fabric. Cut a long strip of cardboard and run it around the perimeter of the box as a side. Place a narrow strip of corrugated paper between it and the box, forming ruffles. Glue the satin over the side. Decorate the box with a ribbon and a bow, and put the kinder eggs inside.
  • Sweet Christmas tree decorations… Lightweight DIY gifts are perfect for those who love to make cookies. To make a dough, mix 120 g of sugar with half a packet of butter. Enter 250 g of honey. Add ground cloves, 3 yolks, 1 tsp. grated ginger, the same amount of cinnamon and 1 tsp. cardamom. Thicken the dough with half a kilogram of flour. Roll out the dough 0.5 cm thick and cut out Christmas figures (Santa Claus, Christmas tree, balls, snowflakes). Bake the gingerbread cookies at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Decorate the finished products with sugar and lemon juice icing, dip the gingerbread cookies in liquid chocolate. To hang the cookies on the tree, make holes in them and thread them with fishing line or tape.
  • Sweet ball on the Christmas tree… To make a sweet Christmas tree toy, take a transparent ball and carefully remove the top. Fill a bowl halfway with the cocoa and powdered sugar. Fill the other half with small multi-colored candies, marshmallows, chocolate drops. Put on the top and you can give.

Delicious gifts for the New Year with their own hands can be made not only from sweets. Holiday drinks, sausages, cheeses will do. If packaged beautifully, any product for the New Year's table will become a gift.

DIY Christmas gifts made of paper

Christmas ball made of paper for the New Year 2020

DIY gifts for the New Year 2020 from paper can be made within 10-15 minutes. It won't take long, and your friends and family will be happy.

We offer DIY gift ideas that even a beginner in the field of paper crafts will make:

  • Coloring book-antistress… Such toys are very fashionable today. They are used by both children and adults to distract and relax. This is a kind of meditation method, art therapy.If you know how to draw, it will not be difficult to come up with a coloring theme and draw outlines. In the absence of artistic ability, you will have to resort to using a printer or templates. Draw the outline of the composition on white cardboard or print out a coloring book. Pack or put in a holiday bag and your gift is ready.
  • Decors-stencils for windows… For manufacturing, you need templates and white paper. Print (draw) and cut out holiday inscriptions, snowflakes, figures that look good on the window. Combine them in a composition or put them in a festive box and hand them to the addressee.
  • Christmas ball made of paper… Such decoration looks beautiful and original. For manufacturing, you will need 24 blanks of paper in the form of curved lines of 2 shades. Cut out the drawing on the lines, also prepare several circles of different sizes. On a small circle, place the lines in the shape of a flower. Secure them by gluing another circle on top. Braid lines in a checkerboard pattern, alternating shades. To prevent the weaving from falling apart, fix it in several places with clothespins. When the base for the ball is ready, lift the ends with the clothespins and glue the strips, attaching them to the circles. Attach the loop from the tape to the top of the product.
  • Snowflake from souvenir banknotes… Of course, instead of souvenirs, you can give real money, but it's better to do it in an envelope. But it's easy to decorate it with a money snowflake. Twist the bags of 12 souvenir bills of the same value and glue them together at the base. Attach the snowflake to the base. In the center, lay out a circle of souvenir Chinese coins, connecting them with a thread. You can present such a gift with wishes of financial well-being.

Popular paper gifts are homemade Christmas cards. When making them, act under the influence of fantasy. The heroes of the plot can be snowmen, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, a tree and gifts, snowflakes and other elements of the New Year's Eve. Make a postcard using the technique available to you - quilling, decoupage, applique, etc. The choice depends not only on your skill, but also on the status of the person to whom the do-it-yourself gift is intended.

DIY knitted gifts for the New Year 2020

Knitted toys for the New Year 2020

Do you know how to knit? Present your family and friends with a warm and useful souvenir. Use ready-made things in the house, threads: you can make a completely new thing out of them.

We offer a number of DIY knitted New Year gift ideas:

  • Chanterelle cap… Remember: at one time it was fashionable to wear a hood? This is a hat and scarf tied together. If you need a gift for a girl, tie a hood in the shape of a pointed ginger hood, and sew black and white ears to it. You will get a real chanterelle costume!
  • Hat "Bunny" for a newborn… If you go to visit a family where there is a baby under one year old, tie a gray hat with strings for him, and sew on gray ears on top.
  • Clothes for the animal… Pets of exotic breeds are often walked by the owners in knitted clothes. If your friends or acquaintances have a cat or dog, make a hat or sweater for her. Both the animals are warm, and the owners are pleased.
  • Plaid blanket… These products, made using the technique of chunky knitting, look great as a gift. They are voluminous and really useful. Of course, it is expensive to purchase knitting materials, so use threads from old sweaters, hats that you and your family no longer wear.
  • Scarves, mittens, socks… These do-it-yourself clothing items will be appreciated by friends and family. The gift is useful, memorable and will certainly come in handy to the owner.
  • Sweaters, half-overs, handmade vests… Original knitted items are always valuable. But the complexity of the gift is that for knitting you will need measurements from the addressee. In this regard, the products are suitable only for close people whose sizes you know.
  • Baby carrier… If a child is born in the family, and you are going on a visit, tie a "kangaroo" to carry the baby. The gift is original and really useful in winter.
  • Knitted toys… The surprise is not only suitable for families with children. It will delight even adults. The toy can be hung on a Christmas tree, made in the form of a pillow.

When choosing ideas for knitted gifts, try to make them unusual. Think about how you will give the product. Tie socks in the form of fish scales or dragon paws, a hat in the form of a knight's helmet or lamb's wool, etc. The brighter the image, the more original the gift.

Original gifts made of wood with your own hands

Wooden candlestick for New Year 2020

You will need special tools to make wooden surprises. Gifts made of wood with their own hands are made mainly by men: this is their "territory".

Since woodworking is time consuming, choose practical and beautiful ideas for surprises:

  • Christmas tree decorations… This is the easiest way to please your loved ones. You can make a craft together with your child. For a simple product, you will need a wooden circle with a diameter of 7-10 cm. Use oil paints to paint a snowman, Santa Claus, cartoon characters, etc. on it. When the paints are dry, open the product with clear wood varnish. Make a hole in the block and thread a rope or thread through it to hang it on the tree. More complex options for toys will be flat wooden figures of animals and other New Year's characters.
  • Snowflakes on the Christmas tree… It is easy to make a snowflake from wooden sticks. Cross thin sticks of the same length with each other, tied in the center with a rope or thread. Paint the snowflake blue or white, decorate with a branch of a Christmas tree, buttons, sparkles or other decor.
  • Wreath on the wall… Make a Christmas wreath from the round cuts of the tree. Glue them together in 2 rows in a checkerboard pattern, overlapping each other. Decorate the product with a ribbon, a Christmas tree branch, cones, artificial leaves, berries.
  • Crafts from ice cream sticks… Having painted the sticks and fastened them in a certain order, we get figures of Santa Claus, snowflakes, stars, Christmas trees. We decorate multi-colored toys with sequins, ribbons, rhinestones and hang them by threads on a Christmas tree.
  • Rough wood products… If you know how to handle tools, make deer or other New Year-themed figurines from hemp, log cabins, branches.
  • Crafts from branches… Soft, not dry twigs will serve as the basis for interesting gifts. Twisting a bunch of branches in the shape of a cone and securing them with wire, you get a Christmas tree. It remains to fix it on the stand and hang the toys. A Christmas wreath is also easy to weave from bare twigs.
  • Candlesticks… Small wooden log cabins, branches are great for making candlesticks. Remove the bark from the branches, polish the logs and install candles on them. Spread fruits, candies, Christmas tree branches around as decorations.

How to make a gift for the New Year - watch the video:

It doesn't take a lot of skill to present your loved ones with an original gift. It is important to take a close look around you: ideas of surprises are hidden in the most simple, everyday things.

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