How to make doll hair and hairstyles - master class

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How to make doll hair and hairstyles - master class
How to make doll hair and hairstyles - master class

60 photos and a master class will teach you how to make a doll's hair from satin ribbons, fur, threads, fringe, sanitary flax, mohair. You will also learn how to do hairstyles for dolls.

If you decide to create such a toy, then the knowledge of how to make doll hair will come in handy. You can create them from mohair, fur, yarn, and even sanitary linen and satin ribbons. You will also learn how to make a wig to attach to the head of your new toy.

How to make a doll's hair from satin ribbons?

Doll with hair made of satin ribbons

Beautiful curls are obtained from satin ribbons. Depending on what you want your doll's hair color to be, take satin ribbons of this color. The same applies to their width. If you want to do a lush hairstyle, then use wide enough ribbons.

Cut them into strips of the desired length and then begin to loosen, removing excess strands. At the top, you will leave a small part untouched, behind which you will then sew the doll's hair.

Blanks from satin ribbons

If you want straight hair, then you can already sew these blanks to her head. But in this case, you need to make curls. To do this, take a cocktail tube and wrap a few strands of satin ribbon around each. Then cover that fake hair with foil, wrapping this material around each strand in here.

Blank for doll hair

Now the fun begins. Place a pot of water. When it boils, put these blanks here.

If you want the curls to be firmer, then boil them longer. But you don't need to delay this process too much, otherwise it will be inconvenient to unwind the resulting curls.

And when they cool, you will need to shake them slightly so that the hairs unwind and turn into chic curls.

Blanks from satin ribbons

To make the doll's hair, start gluing the curls from the bottom of the neck, gradually moving to the back of the head and frontal part. To do this, grease the head of this toy with glue and attach the strands here. It is more convenient to glue them when they are still a little damp, then the curls are more pliable.

Doll hair from satin ribbons

When the glue dries, then you can make the doll different hairstyles, gently comb it. But if you want her to stay with these wonderful curls, then nothing needs to be done. You can only occasionally correct a disheveled hairstyle with your hands.

Doll hair from satin ribbons

How to make a fringe doll's hair?

This interesting material will also make wonderful doll hair. Here's how to make them.

Take this fringe. Above it has a fairly wide strip. Therefore, you need to remove some of the threads from here so that it becomes thin. Do it.

Fringed doll hair

Cut off the bottom of the fringe if it is too long. Now fluff it up.

Fringed doll hair

Why, just as in the first case, wrap cocktail tubes with such a blank. Then wrap it all in foil and boil for 15 minutes.

Fringed doll hair

Remove the workpieces from the water. Do not remove the foil, let them dry completely. Then carefully remove the foil and tubes, you will get such beautiful curls.

Fringed doll hair

Here's how to make the doll's hairstyle further, also start gluing these blanks from the bottom. They can also be sewn on if you have a textile doll. And here's how to make a doll's hair from threads. This is one of the most common options.

Fringed doll hair

How to make a doll hair from yarn?

Take a book of the correct size for the base. Use the color of yarn you want to make the doll's hair. Wind these threads around the book. Then cut through them on one side.

Doll hair made of yarn

Now take a small strand from these threads, put them on the doll's head, having previously tucked them up. Then you will have her bangs on one side, on the other side there will be a ponytail.

Doll hair made of yarn

Here's how to make the doll's hair from yarn next. Take the next section of hair and place it perpendicular to the bangs. Sew on this blank.

Doll hair made of yarn

Take the next strand and sew it closer to the back of the head. Thus, this part of the head has been filled in for you. Then take a strand, twist it a little and sew it to the right side of the head. Design the left one in the same way. You will get a beautiful hairstyle for a doll made of threads.

Yarn hair doll

Here is another option for such work. He will also show you how to make your doll hair from threads. Take:

  • yarn;
  • scissors;
  • book;
  • a needle and thread;
  • centimeter tape.

Apply a centimeter to the doll's head and determine the volume of its head, the desired length of the strand. Write these calculations down.

Blue doll

Take the threads, wind them around the ruler on one side. This will make a bang. Then measure the distance from the crown of your head to your forehead and multiply by 3. Find a book of this size and wind the threads around it. Then cut them off on one side and sew in the center on a typewriter with a knitted stitch, placing paper under the work.

Blanks for doll hair

To make the strand hair further, carefully tear off the paper. You will have a tight seam.

Blanks for doll hair

Thus, make several blanks. Now take the first short one and sew it as a bang on the frontal and temporal part of the textile doll.

Blue doll

Now start putting on long curls and sewing them on. In this case, it is convenient to temporarily collect the occipital hair with an elastic band.

Blue doll

Thus, fill out one half of the head. Then move on to the second. At the same time, you can braid pigtails out of yarn, make a hairstyle for a doll of this type.

Blue doll

How to make a doll's hair out of plumbing linen?

A very interesting option on how to make a doll's hair. Pour hot water into a basin or bucket. Add a glass of whiteness. Soak this material in this solution in this container. Then sanitary linen will get rid of its inherent greenish tint. To do this, it is enough to soak the flax here for 15 minutes. If you want this blank to become very light, then hold this material in this mixture for two to three hours.

Plumbing flax doll hair

So that the whiteness solution does not corrode your hands, it is better to work with rubber gloves.

Rinse the sanitary linen several times in clean water to get rid of the whiteness smell. To make the doll's hair softer and smell good, then rinse this linen in a solution of fabric softener. Then dry it. You can dry the flax using a hair dryer. Now fold your hair in half, hold it in the middle, and comb it gently.

Plumbing flax doll hair

It is better to use a bristled brush for combing, then there will be less waste.

How to make a doll's hair out of fur?

If you have a fur coat with long enough fur, then you get a very interesting hairstyle for a doll.

Doll with fur hair

To make one, you will need:

  • llama skin;
  • tissue-based adhesive plaster;
  • cling film;
  • scalpel or office knife;
  • inexpensive hair dye.

First, wrap the doll's head with cling film, then stick the plaster here, cutting it into appropriate tapes. Determine the border of hair growth, draw a future pattern.

DIY doll

Transfer the resulting pattern to paper, cut all these elements out of it.

Paper pattern

Now transfer them to the llama skin. Using a utility knife or scalpel, cut out the necessary parts. In this case, only the flesh needs to be cut. Try not to touch your hair.

Blank for doll

To make the doll's hairstyle further, you need to sew the resulting blanks into a single wig with a seam over the edge. Put it on your doll. But it turns out to be so light. If you like, then you paint it.

Doll with fur hair

To do this, use inexpensive hair dye. When you have dyed your hair the desired color, then dry the wig on a shape that follows the shape of the doll's head.Or, first wrap the doll with cling film, and then dry the wig already on it.

And here is how to make the hair of a doll out of fur in the second way. For him, you need a one-piece pattern, see which one.

Pattern pattern

First you need to create such a semi-oval with darts, which you then sew to get the desired shape. Transfer the pattern to the paper, then place it on the back of the skin and draw with a regular ballpoint pen. Cut out this blank. Then sew the darts and sew this hairstyle to the doll's head. You can additionally decorate it with such a hat.

Skin pattern

How to make a wig for a doll with your own hands?

If you need to do hair for a new doll or update an old one, then you can make a wig. First, take a thin jersey, cut a circle and a rectangle out of it. Then, cut the circle in half with scissors.

Doll Wig Blanks

Now take a plastic egg or other shape that is equal in size to the volume of the head. Place a rectangle in the middle, and sew two jersey halves to it from the edges. Try this blank on a prepared blank or directly on a doll if you don't have any supporting material.

Blank for doll wig

You can even use a sock that stretches well, but first cut off the excess from it, then try on whether such a thing will work. If so, you can continue to make a wig for the doll.

You need to stick your hair on the disc so as not to spoil the doll. As a last resort, if you don't have a suitable base, then wrap the doll's head in two small plastic bags.

Blank for doll wig

Now determine what kind of hair she will have. You can buy special curls that are used to extend your hair. Cut a small strand of this material and drop the Moment glue here. Then bring this strand to the bottom of the wig, press it down. But keep your finger just below the adhesive. And help yourself to fasten the curl with a toothpick.

Blank for doll wig

But periodically wipe the toothpick to remove the glue from it. Then attach the second curl in the same way. It should be located next to the first. Then attach the first row of hair in a circle, covering the knitted base with them.

Doll wig

Here's how to make the hair for the doll next. The second row is next. Then make the third row so that there are no bald patches. Here's what happened at this stage.

Doll wig

Now you need to do the parting. To do this, gradually in a checkerboard pattern distribute the strands obliquely, carefully gluing the parting area with a small amount of glue.

Doll wig

To prevent the wig from sticking to the pig, it is better to put cellophane on it, which must then be removed.

Let the doll's hair dry, then see if the knitwear is visible anywhere on the edge. If so, cut it off carefully. Here is such a wonderful hairstyle with curls for the doll.

Doll wig

How to make tresses for a doll with your own hands?

You can not immediately glue the hair on the doll's head or on a knitted base, but first make tresses from curls.

To do this, you need tulle to match the curls. Cut off a small strip of this material and place a bun of hair over it. Pour some Moment Crystal glue on top and use a toothpick to distribute the hair evenly on this base.

DIY doll tress

When the glue is dry, fold each tress to the floor, comb through your hair. Then you can glue them to the tulle base, directly on the doll's head, or also first on the prepared elastic cap.

DIY doll tress

Here's how to make doll hair from tress. You can leave your hair like this or use a perm.

  1. For the latter option, take a glass of water and put PVA glue here on the tip of a teaspoon.
  2. Then stir this solution. It should become cloudy. Now soak the resulting hair in this product, wrap the curls tightly on pieces of foil. Leave to dry.
  3. The curls should become completely dry, if they are even a little wet, they will unwind.

After that, carefully peel off the foil and see what curls you get.It is better not to comb them at first, but to shape them with your hands.

How to make mohair doll hair?

Here's how to make doll hair out of this material. You will also need tresses. You will also need to sew a kind of tulle hat. On a typewriter, start sewing the prepared strands to this base. First sew the wefts in a circle, filling in the bottom row.

Mohair doll hair

You will make such wefts from mohair threads. First, they need to be glued to the tulle strips with Moment Crystal glue, then washed with shampoo and styled with hair foam.

Make the second row one and a half centimeters from the first. Thus, arrange eight rows, approaching closer and closer to the crown.

Mohair doll hair

Now you need to fill in the rest of the parting. To do this, start overlapping and sewing on the weft. One strand to the right, the other to the left, while observing the overlap so that the tulle under the hair is not visible.

How to sew a doll's hair?

If you have a textile doll, then you can simply sew the hair to it. To do this, use the yarn of the desired color. Use a fine knitting yarn so that it will thread through the needle. Now, with a water-based marker, divide the doll's head into four parts crosswise and begin to fill each one with threads, laying the stitches in these sectors parallel to each other.

If you want to make such a chic braid, then wind the hair around your fingers and at the same time around the doll's head. Then cut through them on one side. Leave some of the hair on the doll's head, just turn it back. Remove the yarn from your hands and cut through it on one side. Braid a braid from this material and tie it with an elastic band or a bow.

Sewing the doll's hair

You can not only sew on the hair of the doll, but also roll it over with a special felting needle. Start this process from the bottom of your head. Reinforce the seams with additional PVA glue.

Glue the hair to the doll

Now draw on a piece of paper the area of ​​the head where the bald patch remains. Lubricate it with glue stick and put your hair in here. Then sew them on a typewriter. After that, the paper can be torn off. Lubricate the place on the head where you want to attach that wig with PVA glue, let it dry a little. When it is still elastic, put the wig you made here and sew it neatly with a thread and a needle.

How to make hair for a Barbie doll?

If your beloved ward's hair has lost its original appearance over time, you can make others. To do this, remove her head from the base and remove the hair that she had. Then wash the doll's head and dry it.

Making hair for a Barbie doll

Take a fishing thread, cut the ropes to the desired length. Insert the first thread into the English needle and start piercing the doll's head with it from below. At the same time, bring the needle point upwards into the existing holes.

Making hair for a Barbie doll

For thicker hair, try to pierce each hole with a needle so that each hole has its own hair.

If the needle does not pull out well, then use pliers to help yourself. Pull this tool with them.

Making hair for a Barbie doll

See how thick your hair is. Now you can make your Barbie doll any kind of hairstyle.

Barbie doll

DIY hairstyles for dolls

Now that you know how to make doll hair, you can create different hairstyles for these toys. If your doll has straight hair, but you want it to be curly, then do this.

Take a balloon stick and cut it into pieces to make these curlers. Now take a rubber ball and slice it across to make the rubber bands. Wash the brush after PVA glue in a glass of water, use this solution to wet the doll's hair. Then you will wind each strand on the prepared curlers.

Let your hair dry completely. You can use a hairdryer for this. After that, carefully remove the curlers, you get wonderful curls.

Doll hairstyle

If you wish, do a braid hairstyle. To do this, comb the doll's hair and divide it into three sections. Now secure each with an elastic band.Take the first part, divide it into three and weave a pigtail from each.

Doll hairstyle

Then, from the remaining two parts, also create three braids. Then weave the three large pieces together and intercept them at the bottom with an elastic band. You will get such a gorgeous fluffy hairstyle.

Doll hairstyle

Here's how to do hairstyles for dolls, so that they also have a braid at the base.

Separate the bottom lock of hair from the doll, start weaving braids from this lock.

Doll hairstyle

Wrap it around your head and on the other side, take another lock of hair below, continue to weave the pigtail, but it will be small on this side.

DIY hairstyle for a doll

Cover it with basic hair. Here's what happens.

DIY hairstyle for a doll

Before you do your doll's hair, you can dye her hair not even in one color, but in several. In this case, hair dye of different colors can be applied to different strands.

See how else you can make a braid for Barbie or dolls with long hair.

Take the left strand and put the second on it. Now take the third strand and place it perpendicular to the middle one.

DIY hairstyle for a doll

Take the next strand, intertwine it with the main strands, and then take the strand from the bottom. Thus, weave a spikelet. Then braid a braid of three strands, twist it in a bun and fix it here with a hairpin or elastic band.

DIY hairstyle for a doll

Here's how to style your doll's hair. If you want to know more precisely about this, then watch the video.

And the second video will remind you how to make hair for a doll.

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