How to make flowers from foamiran, a bezel?

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How to make flowers from foamiran, a bezel?
How to make flowers from foamiran, a bezel?

If you love tinkering, then you will probably be interested in how to make flowers from foamiran with your own hands. From them you can make a headband, step-by-step photos of the process are attached.

You can make crafts out of foamiran with your own hands, the master class will teach you how to create flowers, lamps, decorations and much more.

How to make a rose from foamiran?

Multicolored foamiran

Now on the market there is a wide selection of this material. See what type it is. Based on this, you will choose exactly the foamiran that is suitable for your needlework.

If you want to make flowers with a print, then choose a fom with a pattern. If you want it to be three-dimensional, then 3D is for you. There is also a thin marshmallow, delicate silk and shiny glitter material. From the embossed shape, voluminous crafts are obtained, and from the velvety one - works that are pleasant to the touch.

See what kind of rose from foamiran will turn out if you take the appropriate materials.

Foamiran rose

Here's what you need:

  • red and green fom;
  • scissors;
  • instantly solidifying glue;
  • iron;
  • foil;
  • teip tape;
  • wire;
  • black and green pastels;
  • leaf mold;
  • ruler;
  • stationery knife.
Materials for the manufacture of products from foamiran

Take the red foamiran and use scissors to chop it into rectangles measuring 4 x 3 cm. Now fold each in half lengthwise and use scissors to make the upper parts more rounded, cutting off the sharp corners.

Step by step making a rose from foamiran
  1. Heat the iron and bring the first petal to it so as not to burn yourself, it is better to hold this workpiece with your hands in fabric gloves or with tweezers. The workpiece will become pliable, then you will stretch it in different directions.
  2. The petal will become thinner. Twist its edges outward, also, taking tweezers, bring the blank to the lighter, heat this part of the petal and make a fold here.
  3. Cut a 15 by 10 cm rectangle out of foil.Fold an egg-shaped figure out of this fabric and pierce it from the thick blunt end with wire. Lubricate part of this shiny core with glue and attach the first petal here.
  4. Then you need to lubricate other parts of the flower in the same way with glue, where you will fix the next petal. In this way, attach all the petals to make a lush bud.
Step by step making a rose from foamiran

Take the wire and carefully wrap it with tape. Glue the ends and turns.

Cut out the leaves from the green foamiran.

Step by step making a rose from foamiran

And to make sepals, take a square of foamiran, fold it in half once and twice. Then make the required cutouts. When you fold this blank, it will be the desired shape.

Step by step making a rose from foamiran

Take a green pastel and crumble it with a clerical knife. Remove the top shavings. In the same way, get a crumb out of black pastels. Mix the two together. Dip a sponge in them and process the edges of the sepal and leaf. Make these elements more realistic, put them on a heated mold, add texture.

Step by step making a rose from foamiran

How to make flowers from foamiran - a master class on creating a peony

You will also create it using foamiran. Flowers from this material will be replenished with another wonderful plant.


  • green, light and dark pink foamiran;
  • acrylic paints;
  • gun;
  • teip tape;
  • brush;
  • foil;
  • foam sponge;
  • floristic wire.

The photo shows how to make flowers from foamiran. Take a look at the pattern, here you can see what details you need.

The scheme for creating a peony from foamiran

You will need to cut out the details under the letter A from light pink.From the same material, cut out 10 blanks under the letter B. Also, according to this pattern, make 5 petals from dark pink foamiran. Under the letter C there are 10 petals of light pink foamiran. D is 5 petals of dark pink fom. The letter E is followed by dark pink petals, and Z is 3 green leaves. M means making 6 green leaves. K, L are 5 sepals of green color. Under the letter Ж there is a blank made of light pink foamiran.

Based on these tips and photos, cut out the blanks of the required colors of a certain amount according to the template.

Take the petals and cover them with pink paint in some places. Now paint the green texture over the green parts. Take the blanks of the petals, roll them up with an accordion, you get this texture.

Step by step creation of a peony from foamiran

Design the petals under the letters E and D so that they become concave. To do this, place the thumbs of both hands in the middle of the petal, press them forward, and with the index fingers - back.

Now take the green foamiran, fold it with an accordion from a thin edge, then unfold it.

Step by step creation of a peony from foamiran

Now take the leaves, consisting of 3 parts, start twisting their tips to give these blanks a realistic shape. Now set these details aside and take the foil. From it, create a ball with a diameter of 2 cm.

Step by step creation of a peony from foamiran

Take a wire and pierce this foil circle on one side with it. Pour some glue in here. Now take a piece in the shape of a sun with rays, made in one copy, wrap it around this workpiece. Tie up with a thread at the top. And the ends of the rays need to be painted with yellow paint to make the stamens.

Step by step creation of a peony from foamiran

Take 10 petals marked with the letter A, start gluing them to this blank, just below the stamens, in a checkerboard pattern.

Step by step creation of a peony from foamiran

To further make flowers from foamiran, now you need to glue the rest of the petals here, according to the photo. You also need to glue the leaves.

Do-it-yourself step-by-step creation of a peony from foamiran

Take large leaves and tape them together to form twigs. Glue them to the wire and wrap the tape with tape.

Do-it-yourself step-by-step creation of a peony from foamiran

How to make flowers from foamiran - original colored daisies

Do-it-yourself flowers from foamiran

They will surely like such foamiran crafts for beginners. Even children can create such things. Take:

  • foamiran of different colors;
  • cocktail tubes;
  • glue squares;
  • glue stick.

Take the revelor and cut equal strips from it. It will take 12 pieces for one flower. Now join each piece in half and glue the ends together. After that, you need to connect these petals in the center to make a flower.

DIY step-by-step creation of colored daisies from foamiran

To make the core, you need to cut two circles from the yellow foamiran. in this case, one will be larger than the other. Then attach these parts to the stem and hold them together using glue squares.

DIY step-by-step creation of colored daisies from foamiran

On one side of the flower, you will fix the cocktail tube. You can also do this with a glue square.

Use the color of your cocktail tubes so that they look like the stems. Then glue green petals to them.

How to make tulips from foamiran step by step?

You can also create these wonderful spring flowers with foamiran. For beginners, this craft will also be very interesting.


  • foamiran;
  • dry pastel;
  • floristic wire;
  • wet wipes;
  • cardboard;
  • a toothpick;
  • floristic bud;
  • iron;
  • ruler.

Take a cardboard, depict a leaf of this flower on it. This will be the template. Also draw a petal on the cardboard, which will also be the template. Cut out these two blanks. Now apply them to the foamiran of the corresponding colors and trace with a toothpick. Then it remains to cut with scissors according to this marking.

DIY step-by-step creation of tulips from foamiran

Take dry pastel and apply it to some areas of the leaf and petals. Make the petal more realistic. To do this, heat it on a warm iron, then pull it with your hands in different directions.Then fold in half lengthwise.

Make three such blanks and then gradually attach them to the bud that you want to cover. Place three more petals in a checkerboard pattern in relation to this one.

DIY step-by-step creation of tulips from foamiran

Put a leaf in front of you, glue the floral wire to it. Take the stem, cover it with type tape, and at the same stage, attach the prepared leaf. When you figured out how to make flowers from this type of foamiran, now you can create a whole bouquet of tulips.

DIY step-by-step creation of tulips from foamiran

How to make flowers from foamiran - chrysanthemum with your own hands

See how a step-by-step photo master class for beginners can help you create a wonderful chrysanthemum. Take a sheet of this material of the desired color, divide it in half with scissors. Now take one piece, fold its large sides in half and glue it in half. After a while from the fold side, cut this folded strip into a fringe.

Step by step creation of foamiran chrysanthemums

Then take the hot glue gun again, start to squeeze the molten silicone little by little onto the bottom of the piece and roll it into a bud. On the reverse side, you will insert the floristic wire into the hole and secure it with a hot glue gun.

Step by step creation of foamiran chrysanthemums

Foamiran flowers - how to make a lily

This flower from foamiran turns out to be no less realistic. A master class with step-by-step photos shows the stages of work.

  1. Take a piece of cardboard and draw a petal pattern on it. Then attach this cutout template to the white foamiran, cut out. You will need to make six of these petals. Use dark pastels to tone them.
  2. To shape the lily petals, you need to heat them. Take a toothpick and create streaks on the warm petals.
  3. Using a brown felt-tip pen, make dots on the petals, and also darken the bottom of each petal with a brown felt-tip pen.
  4. Take wire, foil and foamiran. From these objects, construct the upper part of the stem and stamens. Attach 6 petals to them by gluing them.
  5. Then fix three leaves on the back side and attach a stem of green wire to this magnificence.
Step-by-step creation of a lily from foamiran

White chamomile from foamiran - step by step master class and photo

If in the master class above you created colored daisies, now you can make classic white ones.

  1. First create three different sized circles. These will be templates. Cut three blanks from white foamiran along them. Cut the edges of each wavy. Then use scissors to cut from the edge to almost the middle of all the petals.
  2. Take each element in turn with tweezers, heat over the flame so that the petals bend slightly and become like real ones.
  3. Cut a strip out of yellow foamiran, chop it to make a fringe. Glue this piece to the floristic wire and wrap it tightly, under the gluing.
  4. On the reverse side, put the prepared four blanks on this stem so that the small one is at the top, the large one is at the bottom.
  5. Cut out a round sepal from the green foamiran, cut its edges. Glue this blank on the back.
Step by step creation of white chamomile from foamiran

How to make poppy from foamiran with your own hands?

First, take a bead with holes, thread a wire through it, take out these two ends and connect them by twisting. Cut a circle from the green foamiran. Put the prepared bead in its center, lift the edges of this material and tie them with a black thread. Then use this thread to make veins on this poppy core. Cut off excess threads.

Take the coil again, start winding it with two fingers or onto an auxiliary object. Then tie the workpiece in the middle, cut at the edges to get such antennae. You will need several of them to overlay the prepared core around the edges. Take a petal template, cut it out of red foamiran, then remember these blanks to make wavy petals.Attach them to the core, glue the petals cut from green foamiran on the back.

Step by step creation of poppy from foamiran

Such a poppy is suitable for decorating a hairstyle, it can be attached to the lapel of a jacket as a boutonniere or as a gift.

Foamiran flowers - how to make ranunculus

This small lush flower looks wonderful. Cut out the patterns of the heart-shaped petals from cardboard. In total, you will need 7 or 8 different sized petal patterns. Apply them to the red foamiran and cut them out. To facilitate the work, you can cut several petals at once. Now take the foil, create a bullet-like detail from it, tint the upper part with green pastel.

Take several petals of the same type, overlap each other and glue them to the core. The little ones come first. Now take the second kind of petals, which is a little larger. Attach them in the same way. So, using blanks of different sizes, you can make flowers from foamiran.

Step-by-step creation of foamiran ranunculus

See how wonderful ranunculus turns out to be. If desired, make several of these flowers to combine into a bouquet using wire and green foamiran, which will become leaves.

Foamiran ranunculus

How to make a sunflower from foamiran step by step?

You will have numerous flowers from foamiran of different colors, if you create them by studying this master class, step-by-step photos for it and instructions. Take a piece of cardboard and draw petal patterns on it. Now apply them to the yellow foamiran and cut out. Then heat the petals, twist them. When you spread these blanks, they will take the desired shape.

Take a strip of black foamiran and cut it into 2/3 fringes. Roll it into a tight roll, glue the tip. Now turn this blank over and glue the petals to it. Make a lush flower. It remains to glue the green sepal behind.

Step by step creation of a sunflower from foamiran

Such a sunflower from foamiran will turn out.

Foamiran sunflower

What can be made from foamiran flowers - a master class on making a rim

Now that you know how to make Thomas flowers, you can create a headband. It will be decorated with man-made plants.

You recently learned how to make poppy from foamiran. You can create a similar one to style your own hair.

Foamiran headband
  1. Take foamiran, cut out the petals and, using mold or other methods, make them embossed. Attach these petals to the same core made of foil, green fom, and black threads.
  2. You can make a couple of buds from foamiran. To do this, take a strip of red color, roll it in half and roll it into a roll. Glue this blank with three or four petals of green foamiran.
  3. Collect the flower, glue the carved green leaf on the back. Using a hot gun, attach this plant to the already finished rim.
  4. Before that, you made ranunculus from red foamiran. It can also be crafted from lilac. To do this, cut petals of different sizes from this revelor using templates. First take those crafted from green foamiran. Wrap a small core with them and glue. Outside, attach lilac petals to them, which are slightly overlapped with respect to each other.
  5. Create three flowers. Two will be small and the third larger. You glue it in the middle. Attach leaves to these blanks and fix them on the rim using a hot gun.
Foamiran headband

A hoop made of foamiran, on which such delicate roses flaunt, will also not leave anyone indifferent.

Foamiran headband

Make delicate roses. To do this, cut a strip from the foamiran and roll it several times. Now cut a square from this blank, draw a petal on top of it according to the pattern and cut it out. You will be able to get several at once.

Now, in the same way, it is necessary to cut leaves from the green foamiran. You will also get the outer green petals from this material.

Take a brush and use it to cover the edges of the petals and leaves, painting them in the appropriate colors with pastels. Now take a small piece of foil, make an oval out of it and glue the first row of petals. They must completely cover this foil. Then start placing the rest of the petals.

Finally, you will glue the green sepals. Make a bud if you wish. Then you can glue the created foamiran flower onto the rim.

Step by step making a flower from foamiran

You can use not one, but several flowers at once for the rim. Check out how great the next beginner's craft looks.

DIY foamiran bezel

It combines yellow, white, blue and silver colors. You already know how to make a rose from foamiran. It remains to make the following flowers.

  1. Take a blue fom, roll it up several times. Draw a circle on top and cut out several blanks at once. Now on this circle, mark five petals with a solid center.
  2. Take a wire and string a few of these flowers on it. Place a suitable bead on the top end of the wire. Fix it here with glue. Also collect a few more of these small blue flowers, then braid the wire that is on them around your headband.
  3. Attach roses in the same way. Take more different beads and also string them on the wire.
  4. On the reverse side, close the rim with a strip of thin foam rubber, on top of which you can glue a tape or a velvet rectangle.
  5. If you want to make a headband of two colors of roses, then you can also use white and lilac fom. Create such plants from this material. Glue green leaves behind them, and then fix it all with a hot gun on the rim.
DIY foamiran bezel

A headband can also be created using foamiran. Take an elastic material, sew such a headdress from it. Then take the yellow foamiran rectangle and fold it in half lengthwise. Where the fold is, you will need to cut it with scissors to get the same parallel stripes.

Now you start to fold this blank into a bud. Then spread it out, fix it with a hot gun.

DIY foamiran headband

Cut out paired leaves from foamiran. Put a toothpick in the middle of one, glue the second here, hiding it. You will get streaks on the leaves. Glue the leaves along with the flowers to the bandage. Thus, you will make such wonderful spring dandelions.

If you have beads, you need to paint them the same color as the foamiran flowers. Then glue all this evenly on the bezel to get such a great headdress.

DIY foamiran bezel

Take a ready-made headband, decorate it. To do this, first cut out the petals from the foamiran. Now heat them on the iron to make them bend slightly.

Take the wire and paint it yellow. When this coating is dry, string the prepared petals here. Cut the yellow threads with scissors. Glue them to the top of the wire. To do this, you need to grease these areas with glue, then dip them in yellow threads. Get stamens.

DIY foamiran bezel

Take ready-made beads or make them out of plastic, glue to the created flowers. Fix it all to the rim.

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