Winter wedding: the image of the bride and groom, design ideas and entertainment

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Winter wedding: the image of the bride and groom, design ideas and entertainment
Winter wedding: the image of the bride and groom, design ideas and entertainment

The winter wedding will be quite fun, you just need to dress warmly. The master class and 67 photos will help to sew the bride's wedding cape, make a bouquet, decorate the hall, treat and entertain guests.

A winter wedding is suitable for those who do not want to wait until summer, do not like the heat, or want to celebrate when pure white snow is everywhere. But it is important to provide clothes for the bride and groom, so that the outfits look not only beautiful, but also the young ones feel warm in them on the street.

Wrap for the bride for a winter wedding

Cape for the bride

If the bride has a classic white dress, then the cape can be of the same color. If the young woman does not want to hide her thin waist, then let her wear a bolero cape. To make it warmer, it is better to sew this new thing out of fur. You can make the main product from a material with a small pile, and trim the cape and the bottom of the sleeves with white fur with a large pile.

Cape for the bride

Redraw the pattern. As you can see, it is quite simple and for one bolero vest for a winter wedding you only need 1 piece of a pattern. But since this is a fur bolero vest, you will need not only the main, but also the lining fabric. White satin crepe is perfect as the latter. Take this canvas and cut out exactly the same detail from it.

Pattern pattern
  1. If you have faux fur, then fold the base and lining fabric right sides together and sew on a typewriter so that the neck remains unstitched. Then turn the bolero through it. And if it is natural fur, then you need to sew these two fabrics on your hands.
  2. When you turn the cape for the bride to the front side, sew the sleeves that were previously sewn on the sidewalls here. Now you need to decorate your product with fur with a large pile, sewing it onto the sleeves and through the entire bolero from the middle of one part of the neckline on the back to the other.
  3. Also, winter wedding clothes for the bride can be replenished with a cape. This product will also be warmer at a winter wedding. Vary the length of the cape at your discretion. If you want the resulting sleeves to be up to the elbow, then you can sew the same cape as in the photo. If the sleeves are longer, then the cape itself should be longer.
  4. You will determine this figure when you measure with a measuring tape from the beginning of the shoulder to the place on the arm where the drape is. In this case, it is 30 cm. But you can also make 40 or 50 cm. Look at the pattern how you will need to fold the fabric in half. Then you draw on it such a ring, which will be the main product. The inner semicircle will also come in handy. Cut out a collar from it.
  5. Decide on its length and width 10 cm. Transfer the pattern to the fur, cut out the base of the future cape from it. Now take the collar blank, fold it in half lengthwise with the right sides to each other. Sew small cuts on the wrong side. Turn the collar over your face and place the top of the cape between the two pieces. Sew the collar to the main garment.
Pattern pattern

To fasten the drape, secure the loop and button or other type of fastening at the top. You can use a special one for fur.

You can sew a longer cape so that the bride's arms are completely covered. Then first determine the length of the future product, then put it aside on the pattern. See how a darker mink looks good on lighter fabric. In this case, the dress may not be classic white, but to match the trim.

Cape for the bride

Here's what else a drape for a bride can be.In this case, you don't even need to make a fastener. The pattern here is the same as in the previous case. But you need to sew a cape with a lining and then sew the side cuts so that you get such a ring. Then you will sew a ring from the tape of the appropriate color, which will help to gather the cape at the front.

Cape for the bride

Such a cape of the bride will effectively hold on the shoulders, as in the left photo.

Cape for the bride

And on the right photo there is a warm cape with a hood. It is also quite simple to sew. First, you will make a semblance of a long cape, then sew a hood here.

Provide a drawstring to secure this garment. You can also sew a clutch, which also looks impressive. Then the winter wedding will be great, because the bride will be the most beautiful at this celebration and she will be comfortable in her outfits.

The bride can warm herself as she wishes. If she has a light coat, then let her put it on. Various scarves, stoles are appropriate. The main thing is that the young should be warm in such a dress. Now you can buy beautiful light warm fishnet tights, stockings. These will not only decorate her legs, but also warm them.

Stockings for the bride

As for shoes, as this is a winter wedding, it is not recommended to walk in shoes in the snow. Therefore, short ankle boots are perfect for this purpose; you can buy them with fur trim.

How to dress for a winter wedding groom?

The beloved must also be sufficiently insulated. But unlike the bride, the groom will have a suit that is not as cold as a dress. Therefore, pondering over the dressing of the groom, it is possible to advise him to put on a sheepskin coat or coat that will complement the image of the spouse. Let him attach a boutonniere made in winter style to the lapel of his jacket, then the image will be complete.

To complement the image of the bride, you also need to take care of the bouquet for her. Since this is a winter wedding, the floral arrangement should be in line with this time of year.

How to choose a wedding dress for the bride and a suit for the groom in the style of "Scarlet Sails"

Bridal bouquet for a winter wedding, groom's boutonniere - ideas, photos

As for the bride, her bouquet does not have to be made in light colors. Since this is a winter wedding, so there will be a predominance of white in the surrounding nature. Therefore, you can make a bright accent on the bouquet, using, for example, red.

Bridal bouquet for winter wedding

These can be the following flowers that are resistant to cold:

  • gerberas;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • roses;
  • carnations;
  • peonies;
  • snowdrops;
  • tulips;
  • hydrangea;
  • cotton;
  • eustoma.

Sometimes the bride's winter bouquets include cones, cinnamon sticks and even Christmas tree decorations.

The needles and cones will perfectly complement the bouquet. It can be diversified with other colors, including cotton.

Especially original brides can make a bouquet of cones with their own hands. This is complemented by small light or silvery colors.

Bridal bouquet for winter wedding

If you want bright notes, then you can add red gerberas, other flowers of the same or a different color to the composition.

Bridal bouquet for winter wedding

To make the bouquet not only look beautiful, but also smell delicious, use cinnamon sticks. They are tied and thus attached to the overall composition. There may be blossoming white roses, cotton of the same color, cones, as well as cinnamon sticks.

Bridal bouquet for winter wedding

Since winter is inherently connected with the New Year, you can make a bouquet of Christmas tree decorations. Basically, these will be shiny balls of different sizes. Attach them to the base, complete with twigs and a satin bow.

Bridal bouquet for winter wedding

Also, when making a winter bridal bouquet, you can decorate it with golden and silver elements. Attach snowflakes, curls, balls of this color here.

DIY bridal bouquet for winter wedding

Knitted bouquets and fabric bouquets also look interesting. For the latter, you can use burlap. Complement it with paper flowers.

DIY bridal bouquet for winter wedding

Another great idea for a winter wedding is to sew flowers directly onto the bride's muff. Then the girl will not have to hold the bouquet in her hands all the time, and they will be warmed by the warmth.In this case, the status of the bride will be respected, since the flowers are right next to her.

Bridal Clutch for Winter Wedding

If you want summer warmth in winter, then include berries in the bridal bouquet. These can be bunches of rowan, which retain their original appearance well for a long time. Such berries look wonderful surrounded by white cotton, scarlet roses.

DIY bridal bouquet for winter wedding

If you want to make sure that the flowers in the bouquet don't wither, then we suggest making them out of polymer clay. Such a bouquet is durable. After the celebration, it can be saved for a long time as a keepsake.

DIY bridal bouquet for winter wedding

If you want to create a bouquet of fruits, then include apples, pomegranates, which also look wonderful. Then you will need to string them on wooden skewers, which then stick into a special floristic round shape. You can also use oranges, tangerines.

Hands of the young

Now watch the master class so that the winter wedding goes by like clockwork. You can learn how to make a bridal bouquet in advance to collect it the day before. For safety net, you can make not one, but two bouquets. With this, you can create a pair of identical or different compositions.

How to make a cotton bridal bouquet?


  • bamboo skewers;
  • lace ribbon;
  • burlap or a strip of similar material;
  • rope;
  • glue;
  • 13 white roses;
  • a small bunch of lavender;
  • a scabiosa branch with three fruits;
  • a sprig of cotton;
  • a branch of a blue fir;
  • 3 branches of brunia.

Divide the cotton into inflorescences, with a bamboo skewer remove the hard cup around the soft villi.

Blanks for a bouquet

The bouquet is assembled using a spiral technique. First take the roses, then place a sprig of lavender between them. Lay scabiosa and fir branches outside.

Blanks for a bouquet

To further make a bouquet for a winter wedding, complement it with roses, alternate them with cotton, brunia flowers, then tie a cotton bouquet with a rope, and then wrap it with twine and tie it with a lace ribbon.

Bouquets for the bride

Trim the ends of the plants so they are flush. Here's how to make a bouquet for your winter wedding. You can also attach shiny brooches to the flower ball. You can complement such a bouquet with flowers made of white fabric.

Such a creation will not freeze. The only downside is that this bouquet is quite heavy. Therefore, you should not throw it to the bridesmaids. It is better to use a bunch of understudy with real flowers for this.

Cotton bridal bouquet

See what other bridal bouquet you can make and a ring pillow to boot. Such accessories for a winter wedding are perfect. These flowers will not freeze, wilt or crumble. But you only need to make this bouquet in advance, since it usually takes a lot of time to make it.

Cotton bridal bouquet

Take half a ball, the diameter of which is 17 cm. You will cut this blank in half with a sharp knife. You will also need a tube, which usually has a baking foil wrapped around it.

Cut a half of this pipe. Make a hole at the bottom of the styrofoam ball so that you can insert the pipe here and glue it with a hot gun. Wrap these creations in white satin ribbons.

Cotton bridal bouquet

To further make a winter bouquet, you will need to knit such charming roses. Do this with a crochet hook and matching thread.

Rose for the bride's bouquet

See how you need to knit them.

We knit a rose for the bride's bouquet

Knit the yellow ones on 80 loops, and the white roses will be smaller, knit them on 50 loops. Fill the gaps in the bouquet with such flowers, but you can make not 6, but 5 petals.

Knitted roses will need to be decorated with small beads by gluing them.

On the leg of the bouquet, weave ribbons in a checkerboard pattern, passing the rows through each other.

Knitting pattern

Now take a wide lace ribbon with wavy edges and glue it around the edge of the bouquet. Below this ribbon, attach pieces of wide white satin ribbons, laying them in the form of petals. Then there are scraps of golden ribbons. Close to the handle, place the silk ribbon, decorating it in this way.

DIY bridal bouquet

Now start glueing the roses onto the bouquet with a hot glue gun. Cover the base with them. Glue knitted flowers of 5 or 6 petals between them. You can also attach larger beads here. Tie a ring cushion that will blend in with the bouquet.

DIY bridal bouquet

DIY winter wedding decoration - ideas, decor options

Arches are now a significant attribute of weddings. If you decide to conduct an off-site registration in nature, then see how you can arrange a wedding arch.

Young near the arch

For this, you will need to make a frame from strong thin sticks. Make it in the shape of the letter P. Then decorate the frame with conifers, cones. You can also add flowers here, including cotton.

If you want to celebrate a wedding in the country and you have such a platform, then put an arch on its edge. You can also, when planning a wedding in a restaurant, make an arch here in the open area. For this, sticks are also taken. They need to be securely fixed in the created form. Then attach flowers to the arch. You can make a path to this structure out of carpet or fabric. Sprinkle many rose petals, decorate the path with candles in glass containers.

Winter wedding decoration

The winter wedding takes place not only during the day, but also in the evening, so provide a backlight. Attach lanterns to the wedding arch. Also, this place will be a great place for a photo zone.

Winter wedding decoration

See how you can arrange a table.

Winter wedding decoration

Place candles here. Since white is predominant in winter, red candles are appropriate to add brightness. In vases of the same color, place flowers with greenery, as well as branches of conifers.

Also, when you have your winter wedding, place candles in various candlesticks on the tables. See what kind they can be.

Winter wedding decoration

Also, cotton twigs will be appropriate here.

When planning a scenario for an event called a winter wedding, you can include motifs from the Chronicles of Narnia movie here. Then let the door become the entrance to the closet, here you will hang several fur coats. When guests want to go for a walk, they can wear them to keep themselves warm this way.

Bride with a bouquet

Great if you can celebrate your winter wedding in a barn-like room with high wooden ceilings. These are now all the rage. Place chairs here, invite a harpist to play during the wedding ceremony.

Winter wedding decoration

You can rent a restaurant that looks like a village house. Near the walls of this, you will get a lot of photographs for memory. Place a table here, decorate it with different dishes and sweets and you can start photographing a couple in love.

Young kissing

Jars of honey and jam will also be appropriate on the table. Then, after the celebration, you can present them to your guests.

Also decorate such tables with cones, floral sisal skeins.

DIY winter wedding decoration

Young people can be seated at a separate table. If there is no such thing, then it can be made with your own hands in literally an hour. To do this, you need to saw off 4 strong branches, connect them in pairs at the bottom with segments of sticks. At the top, also connect these table legs. Then knock down the countertop from the boards and attach it here.

And from driftwood it is easy to make a candlestick on which you place candles. In this cozy corner, you can arrange a photo zone, take pictures of the newlyweds.

DIY winter wedding decoration

Use cones to decorate your winter wedding. They can be placed in such simple wooden boxes, also put cotton inflorescences here. If you photograph such paraphernalia, then you can place the newlywed rings here. Another interesting idea is to use such a props as a pillow for the rings.

DIY winter wedding decoration

If you want a bright celebration, put the arch right at the newlyweds' table. Decorate it with lights. Place bright flowers, candles on the tables. This area will also be a great place for a photo shoot.

DIY winter wedding decoration

When thinking about what winter wedding invitations to send out, use envelopes and sequined cards. After all, at this time of the year, there is brilliant snow outside the window and the lights everywhere also shine fervently.

Winter Wedding Invitations

Use a stencil. Also use glitter colors and complement them with other shades when creating wedding cards.

Winter Wedding Invitations

And if it is possible to deliver the invitation in person, then you can do it the way such messages were delivered in ancient times. Put a feather on a shiny dish, place such an invitation on top. The addressee will certainly be very pleased with such a sign of attention.

Winter Wedding Invitations

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Winter wedding treat

Since it is quite cool at this time of the year, samovars will be very appropriate. Then guests can drink hot tea at any time and warm up. Such attributes will also perfectly decorate tables.

Treat for a wedding

Combine old traditions with modern ones. When you set up a Candy bar, place not only sweets here, but also citrus fruits. Cut the oranges in half so that the scent is everywhere.

Treat for a wedding

Also put in a lush meringue that looks like snowdrifts. Place marshmallows, small cakes, and other sweets.

Treat for a wedding

The cake can be pretty simple. Decorate it with white cream as it is a winter wedding. Put cones, pine needles, rowan berries or lingonberries on top. You can also decorate the upper part of the second tier with berries. Place this cake on a tree cut to show how much you value folk traditions.

Winter wedding cake

When you make a Candy Bar for a wedding, you can decorate it with tablecloths. And hang snowflakes made of fabric or paper on the wall, which you can decorate with glitter.

Treat for a wedding

If you are having a rustic wedding, you can create pancake cakes. They look pretty simple, but they are delicious.

Winter wedding cake

The bride can be photographed with one of these.

Winter wedding cake

The pastry is decorated with blackberries. When you coat the cakes with cream, then you can not achieve evenness. Let it flow down, as it were, carelessly. This cream can be alternated with berry cream. If the bride has time, let her bake some of these small cakes herself. Then the guests will make sure that she is a wonderful hostess.

Girlfriends can help her too. Then you don't have to create your own baked goods. Buy ready-made cupcakes, decorate them shortly before the wedding with cream in a spray bottle. It remains to put a berry here and you can serve these sweets.

Treat for a wedding

To make the cake enough for all guests, bake it this big. To do this, you need to create several cakes, then smear them with whipped sour cream or butter cream and decorate with raspberries, blackberries, blueberries.

Winter wedding cake

Here's how else a winter wedding cake can be decorated. For this, you use candied tangerines, sugar cherries, cinnamon sticks. Also put a sprig of pine needles here, which will show the seasonality of this event.

Winter wedding cake

To keep your guests warm when you make your winter wedding menu, be sure to include mulled wine. Place this drink in metal containers that need to be covered with lids. Then it will remain hot for a long time, and any guest can come here and pour himself a cup of aromatic mulled wine.

Guest pours a drink

But in addition to it, the tables should be traditional for this event bottles of champagne. See how you can decorate them.

Winter wedding decoration ideas

Tie the bottles with a crochet hook and white thread. Then you will have a prototype of the bride. Look, such a fluffy dress will be due to the ruffles. Decorate the bottom with thread roses, just like the newlywed champagne flutes. You will also create these ornaments from threads and tie the glasses with ribbons, decorate them with imitation pearls. And for the groom, tie a semblance of a black tailcoat with a white shirt, a black bow, a bow tie and a hat.

If you can handle such needlework, then, when thinking about how to arrange a winter wedding, make knitted accessories in advance.Put napkins, tied containers on the tables. And cloth napkins can be tied with strips of cloth with pom-poms attached here. Such accessories can even be on invitation cards and on plates that are located near the device of each guest.

Winter wedding decoration ideas

Think about what the light will be. You can make it in such blue shades, then there will be a pleasantly mesmerizing action at the wedding celebration. Decorate tables with painted branches, beads. When light falls on them, they will also begin to flicker mysteriously.

Winter wedding decoration ideas

If you prefer shades of red, then place dishes with pomegranates of this color on the tables. Decorate the napkins with rowan berries, some plates will be white, others red. Candles and drinks of the same color are on the tables.

Winter wedding decoration ideas

Then you can also decorate your wedding invitations in these colors. Print postcards with drawings of red-breasted bullfinches, rowan branches.

Wedding invitations

Or decorate your winter wedding invitations with white paper snowflakes. Then you need to decorate them with lace.

Wedding invitation

Hearty meals are prepared for the winter wedding. To keep from freezing, they usually eat more at this time of the year than in summer. Serve stuffed pig, boiled pork, other meat dishes and side dishes. But also fruits and vegetables should be in abundance on the tables. Decorate them nicely. You can make lilies from tomatoes, and cut orange slices into circles and partially remove the zest. Pickled cucumbers, pickled cabbage will also be a wonderful addition to this celebration.

Treat for the wedding

To make it not only satisfying, but also fun, see what games can be included in the wedding scenario.

Fun at a winter wedding

This is what you can call the games and contests that you offer to guests.

Fun at the wedding

The winter wedding promises to be fun. Include in the celebration the arrival of the groom, bride and witnesses in a carriage drawn by three frisky horses.

Fun at the wedding

You can offer guests a variety of entertainment. Organize round dances for the older generation. Young people will enjoy skating and playing snowballs.

You can arrange a free competition and sculpt a snow woman. Whoever does it faster will win.

Don't forget to present the Audience Award for the most adorable snow woman.

It is possible to organize the construction of a fortress from snow. But prepare everything you need so that you have the attributes for this action.

You can take ice cakes, modern cheesecakes, sledges and ride a slide. If there are no such attributes, even cardboard will do. Such a fun pastime will surely cheer up the guests and the bride and groom. You just need to dress warmly.

If you wish, organize a fairy tale style winter wedding. It can be "Snow Maiden", "12 months", "Nutcracker", "Snow Queen". Then you need to make the costumes in advance with your own hands and distribute them to the guests.

As you can see, the winter wedding will be no less interesting and fun than at other times of the year. Therefore, if you decide to hold a celebration in winter, you will not go wrong. And to further strengthen your desire for such a celebration, watch the clip of the bride and groom who decided to postpone their wedding to this particular time of year.

In the second plot, a funny scene awaits you. Laugh with the viewers of this program. Of course, you don't need to invite such a photographer to a wedding, or you shouldn't give in to his persuasion in pursuit of a spectacular photograph.

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