How to make paperclay, doll and house out of it?

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How to make paperclay, doll and house out of it?
How to make paperclay, doll and house out of it?

Paperclay can be made by hand. See how to make dolls, wood from paperglue, how to work with this material.

Many people like to sculpt. To do this, use plasticine, clay. Now there is polymer clay on sale, but it is not cheap, and in small settlements it is often not for sale. See how to make paperclay, which will also harden over time, and you can make a lot from it.

How to make paperclay - the best recipe


  • 250 g dry gypsum plaster;
  • 50 g PVA;
  • 100 g flour;
  • 100 g starch;
  • 40 g paper napkins;
  • 40 g of toilet paper;
  • 20 g Johnson's Baby olive oil or baby oil.

Take napkins or toilet paper. Any color can be. But your paper-glue will turn out to be about this shade. Place this ingredient in a suitable bowl. Then completely fill the napkins with hot water and wait until they open well. Then you will take these lumps and squeeze out the excess water.

Take the required amount of PVA glue, add it to squeezed napkins or toilet paper. Now pour dry putty here, mix again.

Since this dry cast dries out the skin, wear rubber gloves. It is more convenient to take medical ones for this.

Now measure out the required amount of flour and start gradually adding it to this mass. Then add baby oil or olive oil and stir well. Finally, add starch, it is better to use potato, but you can also use corn. Knead the mass.

From the specified number of components, you get a little more than 800 g of clay. Place it in a lidded container or plastic bag to keep the material from drying out. Then, when you need to make crafts, you will take the required amount of paper paste, use it, and store the rest in a tightly closed container again.

Paper paste making

Now you can sculpt all sorts of things from this mass. See which ones.

How to make a paper glue doll - master class

See what you need. In the photo you can see a purchased paper-glue. This was invented by the Japanese. It contains papier-mâché, clay and volcanic ash. But if there is no way to buy such a mass, then make it yourself according to the previous recipe.

Materials for making dolls
  1. Take the wire and form the frame of the future doll from paperglue from it.
  2. For convenience, use a suitable stand, you can take one where you need to put pens for writing. Screw the blanks for the legs onto such bases. Now take some foil and wrap your creation with this material. and then you need a sheet synthetic winterizer.
  3. Wrap the doll with it and generously grease it with PVA glue. At this stage, give the doll the necessary position, since after the glue dries, it will be very problematic and almost impossible to do this.
  4. The paper-glue layer does not fit very well on the synthetic winterizer. Therefore, you will also wrap the base of the doll with paper duct tape. This is done only when the glue is dry. Usually, for this, the doll is left overnight or for a day.
  5. Next, for this doll, you need to make palms from paper glue. To do this, also take a wire, first create palms from it on the leg. Now cut 5 pieces of wire, form the base of the fingers from them and attach them to the round palms.
Blanks for creating a doll

Fix small parts on larger ones with thin wire. Then you can anchor them better to the base.

Blanks for creating a doll

Now cover these wire blanks with paper glue. Stick the end of this wire into a piece of Styrofoam to allow the mass to dry.

In the same way, you can create the lower legs along with the shoes.

Blank for creating a doll

By this time, the base of the doll is dry, so you can start polishing it, removing the blemishes. You can take regular fine sandpaper and do it with it, or use a fine sanding tool.

Take PVA glue and generously coat your creation with this compound. Now the doll has become smoother, then you can start painting it. To do this, take acrylic paints. If you want your creation to shine, then you can varnish it. But this is undesirable, since after drying, a film forms on the surface, and the doll will be too glossy. But if you wish, do this work too.

Paperglue dolls

Now take the pieces of the dry palms. Use a wire to attach them to the base of your arms. In the same way, you will secure the legs. Sand the junction of the parts, cover with paper glue and let it dry.

Read also how to sew clothes for a Paola Reina doll

Allow these parts to dry after sanding and painting with acrylic paints. Then it remains to dress up your creation. Create pigtails from threads, tie at the ends of each bow. You can knit a hat for a doll, sew a dress for her. Give this toy a paper glue bunny, made just like her. Or you can sew it and fill it with filler.

See what other paperglue dolls can be. Dress them up

in national costumes.

Paperglue dolls

To create such adorable characters and save paper glue, you can use plastic bottles instead of the body. Create paper glue palms. To do this, first form your hands from wire, then stick paperglue around your palms and fingers.

Form a head out of paper glue, attach it to the top of the bottle with a wire.

While paper-glue blanks are drying, sew national costumes. These can be such charming sundresses. To make a shirt, take a white fabric and cut two puffy sleeves out of it. Tuck at the bottom, sew on the seamy side of the elastic. Insert your arms into the sleeves, then place the fluffy filler inside and sew the top of the sleeves to the armhole of the sundress. Bright kokoshniks will complement the images. To do this, glue them with fabric, beads, beautiful braid.

If you want the dolls to bend the arms and legs, then create these parts separately from the wire. Also use wire when creating the body. Fold it at the ends of the loop and attach the created arms and legs here, they will bend.

Blanks for making dolls

For such a paper glue doll, you need to sew clothes according to its size. As you can see, darts are used here so that the robe fits well on the figure. Draw the doll's facial features, then it will look so realistic.

If you wish, use special hinges, then the arms and legs of your ward will rotate. They are used in the elbow and knee joints, as well as in the area of ​​the shoulders, hands, when the legs are connected to the soles.

Blank for making a doll

If you don't have wire, then see how else you can make paper glue dolls without this material.

Paper-glue doll - a master class with step-by-step photos

Take a foil, tear off a small piece from it and roll it into a ball. This will be the head of the doll. Now you need to make her body. To do this, use a sheet of cardboard folded several times. Wrap strips of unnecessary fabric around it.

Now you need to connect these parts. To do this, use wooden skewers. From these materials, you will make a neck, two legs and two arms.

Paper-glue doll

We continue to make the paper glue doll further. Wrap its blank with foil, then start winding the thread to get a figure of the required volume.

Paper-glue doll

Take a ready-made paper paste paste or make it yourself. Now, starting with the shoes, attach paper glue here. First, you will apply this mass to the shoes to stabilize the figurine. Then start gluing it on all sides.

Make a nose, apply mass to the chin, cheeks to highlight them.Then use a plastic knife to make the eyes and other facial features.

Paper-glue doll

Sculpt the hands separately, glue them in this step. Now let the figurine dry until the end, only after that you need to sand it and cover it with acrylic paints. Think about what your doll will be wearing. Sew these items for her. Make hair, stick it in place.

Paper-glue doll

How to make a house out of paper glue?

House of paper-glue

This one is created from a soft wood called balsa. It cuts well with an ordinary clerical knife. Here's what you need to create this type of paper glue craft:

  • balsa;
  • thin wire;
  • glue;
  • sphagnum moss;
  • acrylic paints;
  • paperclay;
  • rope.

Look, the diagram shows what size blanks you need to cut to make a house.

DIY blanks for the house

Now cut a 5 x 2 mm piece out of the balsa. This is necessary so that then you get bricks. Dip this blank in paint and apply it to the facade of the house, you can use paint of the same shade as in the photo.

DIY blanks for the house

Now paint parts at number three brown. Then glue them horizontally onto the vertical part of the house. Attach the sides as well.

DIY blanks for the house

Take a nail file or sandpaper and start sanding the wood. Drill a groove in the roof of the side part so that you then need to thread a pipe through it. Also glue it.

DIY blanks for the house

Now draw on the bottom side of the door. Make a visor out of balsa, paint it and attach it over this door. Draw the windows.

Houses made of paper-glue

You ask, where are the paper paste crafts? Now you will see this. After all, this is not just a house, but a whole composition. Take pieces of thin wire, bend each in half and twist. Now combine these elements to make such a fluffy tree. And the fold will be at the bottom. You see, in this case, these are the loops.

Do-it-yourself deoevce

Now take paper-glue, start applying it to the tree. Then let this mass dry, paint the tree. After a while, apply more paper glue. Chop the moss finely and start sprinkling it over the tree. This will attach the created needles. Drill a hole in a small board, thread the lower part of the tree there. Take out these wire loops from the back side, fix them with glue.

Do-it-yourself deoevce

Next, to make a composition, form a ring out of paper glue. Paint it black. Let this piece dry. Tie the ring on one side to the rope, and on the other side tie this thread to the branch of the tree.

House of paper-glue

If you want to see how to make paper paste mass, then watch the following video. Then you can create various crafts from it.

And what, the following story will tell you. See how to make the doll's bottom leg and shoes out of this material.

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