How to make a doll from foamiran - step by step photos

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How to make a doll from foamiran - step by step photos
How to make a doll from foamiran - step by step photos

Foamiran dolls are durable. You can create a variety of characters from Thomas, dress them to your liking.

Foamiran is a very pleasant material to work with. It holds its shape well, has a rich palette of colors, you can make beautiful dolls from it.

What is Foamiran?

It would be useful to get acquainted with this interesting material. It is fairly new. Craftswomen can now use this craft foam. It is also called fom, revelor, plastic suede.

Multicolored materials

In the CIS, this material is called fomiran, since the country of origin is Iran. Hence the second part of this word. But you can buy not only Iranian fom, but also other manufacturers. Plastic suede from different countries differs in density, size of pieces, color palette.

The material is very lightweight. Therefore, even life size puppets made of foamiran are practically weightless. Even a child can move them. If you heat the foamiran blanks, then let them cool, they will remain the same shape. For example, to make flowers from foamiran, individual petals are heated. They get their natural shape. When it cools, it remains the same.

Three flowers from foamiran

Foamiran is not afraid of water. Its bright colors will last for a long time, as they do not fade. But you can apply selected patterns to such products. It is easy and pleasant to do this.

If you buy foamiran, you can make not only various crafts, but also carnival costumes. Also, puzzles are made from this material, which can be bought to collect. Well, if you craft from foamiran, you can make puzzles for free.

Multicolored materials

Foamiran is usually sold in sheets or rolls. Its thickness varies from 1 to 1.5 mm.

If you manage to buy a thick fom with a thickness of more than 1 cm, you can cut various patterns on it, use such material when creating certain things.


Foamiran can be one-color, as well as with prints. Then on its surface are depicted similar stars, leaves, motives of Paris or another city.


There is also glitter foamiran. There are many glitter on its surface. This is suitable for creating crowns, headbands, bows, bright accessories.

Multicolored materials

Silk foamiran has such a nice silk surface. Marshmallow flavor becomes thinner and almost transparent when heated.

See what tools are needed to work with Thomas.

In order to create crafts from foamiran, you will need scissors. If you create twisted blanks, then you will need to take a special iron. There are irons for needlework, on the sole of which there is already a certain pattern, for example, a flower. By pressing on the foamiran with such a tool, in a few seconds you can make an imprint on this material.

Well, if you need foamiran for beginners, then you can use a lighter, tongs and other available tools to add texture.

To create texture on the leaves of the petals, molds are required. And to glue these elements together, you will need a hot glue gun.

Taking everything you need, now you can make wonderful crafts out of this interesting material.

DIY foamiran dolls - a simple master class

Foamiran doll making tool


  • foamiran with a thickness of 1 and 2 mm;
  • Styrofoam egg 6 cm high;
  • a foam ball with a diameter of 5 cm;
  • scissors;
  • a toothpick;
  • glue gun;
  • acrylic paints;
  • iron;
  • CD-ROM;
  • wood skewers;
  • figured hole punch;
  • red gel pen;
  • terry towel;
  • Super glue;
  • ruler;
  • linner;
  • stationery knife.

We begin to make a doll from foamiran by making its legs.To do this, cut out a couple of rectangles. Their dimensions are 11 by 4 cm. Take flesh-colored foamiran. Place a skewer on the small side of the first rectangle and twist it with it.

Foamiran dolls

Also make a blank for the second leg. Take a pink foamiran, wrap each rectangle around the lower part of the leg, so that you then get tights of this color.

Blanks for doll legs

Use a clerical knife to mark the lower part of the legs so that the sharp tips of the skewers become visible. Take a Styrofoam egg and cut it in half. Take a pink foamiran measuring 10 by 12 cm.

Place the first cut egg-shaped half on a glass. Put a cloth on a sheet of foamiran and warm it up. Then pull the hot foamiran over the sole and glue with a hot gun. Cut off the excess. Likewise, you will make the second foot in the shoe.

Blanks for doll legs

Then, for this foamiran doll, you will need to do the following. Pierce the shoes with the tips of the skewers, glue here with a hot gun. Thus, you have connected the feet with the legs. Take the pink foamiran and wrap it around the legs where the doll will have knees.

Blanks for doll legs

Now you need to make the head. To do this, take a glass slightly smaller than the diameter of the foam ball, lay a terry towel on the glass and place this round blank here. Place the orange foamiran on the work surface, lay a cloth on it and heat with an iron. Take this warm blank and pull it over the ball.

Heat the flesh-colored square in the same way and wrap the ball on the other side. And these blanks should initially be squares with sides of 13 cm.

Blanks for the head of the doll

You will need to take an orange foamiran and cut out a rectangle of 10 by 18 cm from it. Use scissors to cut this blank with a fringe, having previously given it a semicircular shape. You can heat the foamiran with a curling iron or first heat it, then screw it onto the handle. Now glue the hair in place, close the joint at the back with a piece of orange foamiran.

Blanks for the head of the doll

Draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth for the doll. Cut a rectangle one and a half by 5 cm from the bodily foamiran, screw it onto a toothpick, attach this blank under the head. It will become the neck. Then cut out the details for the dress from the purple material.

Blanks for the head of the doll

The required pattern is shown below.

Drawing patterns for a doll

Fold the pink foamiran in folds. This will be the ruffle of the petticoat. Roll the lilac foamiran blank into a cone, glue the pink frill at the bottom. Or first glue it to the not yet complex piece of purple foamiran, and then glue everything together with a cone. Cut out other details of the garment and from the bodily foamiran? pens.

Pattern of a skirt for a doll

Glue the sides of the vest. Then glue items of clothing in two colors to your hands. Glue the handles and vest in place.

Pattern of a skirt for a doll

To make a stand, take the disc and place it on the purple foamiran. Cut this soft material with a utility knife. Now glue the disc with foamiran. Glue the legs of the doll here.

DIY dolls

To make ponytails for the doll's hairstyle, cut two rectangles from foamiran 12 x 10 cm. Cut them on one side with a high fringe. Then twist it up and glue the ponytails in place. And from pink foamiran you will make bows. To do this, cut out two squares, cut off the excess triangles at the top and bottom and glue the lower parts of the bow here, having previously formed it.

DIY dolls

Make a hat for the doll out of lilac foamiran. Stick it in place. Create a purse and give it to this character.

DIY foamiran doll

You can make a doll from foamiran in the national style. If you wish, then play a fairy tale with your child, where Mashenka will be the main character. Then from this material you can create a bear, as well as other characters in magical stories.

How to make Masha from a fairy tale from foamiran - step by step photos

Making Masha from a fairy tale from foamiran

To make such a heroine, take a foam ball, draw the markings shown in the photo on it and cut it out with a clerical knife.

Foamiran blanks for dolls

Take sandpaper and remove excess with it. Heat the foamiran, and cover the foam blanks with it.

Take a flesh shape, pull it over this workpiece. You will have a foamiran doll face.

Now take a thin yellow fom and make a fringe on one side. The result will be hair. Form them so that you get a braid. Use red foamiran to make a handkerchief for Masha. Put it on her by gluing. From the same foamiran, make an elastic band for the braid.

Foamiran blanks for dolls

Draw the facial features. Now make the legs for the heroine. To do this, cut out two rectangles from red foamiran and fix them on foam blanks. These will be the soles. And for the side parts, cover the foam blanks with strips of this color. And to make the legs, take pieces of wire, wind strips of bodily shape around them.

Foamiran blanks for dolls

To make a doll from foamiran further, take the braid and glue it to the red foamiran, which will become a sundress.

Foamiran blanks for dolls

Pull the green foamiran over a semicircle of large foam. This will be a clearing where Masha is standing. Glue her legs here. And to make the body of this heroine, wrap a foam cone with a shape. Attach the girl's dress here.

Foamiran blanks for dolls

Also cut out hand blanks from this flesh-colored base material. Glue them to the wire. It must first be fixed on the cone by piercing it. Make the sleeves of the Thomas for the dress.

We decorate the meadow. To do this, cut out the details of a small fence from a brown Thomas and glue them together.

DIY foamiran blanks

Cut out the details of the flowers. To do this, cut the strips of yellow foamiran, chop them with fringe on one side. Roll the blanks into a roll and attach to the green wire. From the main material of this color, you need to make leaves, details for flowers. Cut the daisies out of the white Thomas. Glue the yellow cores to them.

DIY foamiran blanks

Here is such a doll made of Thomas against the background of a picturesque meadow.

DIY foamiran blanks

How to make a fridge magnet from foamiran?

Don't be surprised, but these will also be foamiran dolls. They stick tightly to the refrigerator.

Foamiran fridge magnets

To make such ladies, you will need:

  • foamiran of different colors;
  • magnet;
  • foam circle;
  • scissors;
  • iron;
  • glue gun;
  • gel pens.

Cut a square with sides of 10 cm from the fleshly foamiran. Heat the iron only slightly and lay a sheet on it. While the workpiece is warm, wrap the polystyrene previously cut into two halves with it. From one circle, you will get two dolls.

Foamiran blanks for fridge magnets

Using scissors, remove excess material and glue the edges of the fom to the foam. On the other side, glue a circle made of the same material, firmly attach the prepared magnet to it. To make hair, take a brown foamiran, roll it in half and cut it into narrow strips on one side.

Foamiran blanks for fridge magnets

If there are two tails, then cut this blank in half, fluff it up. Cut out the elastic bands for hair from another revelor, glue them. Cut out two blanks from brown Thomas and glue them on the doll's head.

Foamiran blanks for fridge magnets

Take bodily foamiran, cut handles out of it. To make colored nails, paint them with a gel pen. Add facial features to the character. Do this also with a gel pen. Create a lollipop, take a strip of colored foamiran, twist it in a spiral, glue it to a toothpick. Glue this sweetness into the handles and give it to the foamiran doll.

Foamiran blanks for fridge magnets

Here's how to create such wonderful characters. If you want to see how foamiran dolls are made, then do it.

And how to make a doll's face from Thomas, the second video will show.

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