What can be made from ball plasticine?

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What can be made from ball plasticine?
What can be made from ball plasticine?

Get to know what ball plasticine is, and what it is. Master classes will help to make a children's picture, a panel of CDs and ball plasticine, as well as voluminous works from it.

This unique novelty helps children develop fine motor skills, tactile sensations, and creativity.

What is ball plasticine?

Only conventionally, this sticky material can be called plasticine. Indeed, in fact, it consists of many small balls. Most often they are made of polystyrene, but they can also be made from other materials of similar properties.

Ball plasticine product

With the help of glue, small fractions are held together.

You can buy ready-made ball plasticine or dry mass. In the latter case, you will need to independently combine the balls and glue, mix them.

Ball plasticine is not a very strong mass. Therefore, it is better not to make especially large toys out of it, so that they do not fall apart. It is enough to create small sculptures.

Ball plasticine product

It is best to do flat work from ball plasticine. With its help, you can create beautiful panels, paintings, decorate the base, for example, a jar, an egg.

Ball plasticine product

What is ball plasticine?

Most often it is classified according to the durability of use and the size of the components. So, plasticine is fine-grained and coarse-grained. For young children, it is recommended to use a ball plasticine with large grains. It is more convenient for them to work, and if suddenly the child pulls him into his mouth, then there will be less chance that he will swallow him.

It is convenient to make pictures with fine-grained ball plasticine, to add volume to the figure.

Ball plasticine in containers

As for the classification of ball plasticine on the basis of durability, then there is one that freezes in air. Then you will need to make your masterpiece on the first try. After some time, it will gain strength and cannot be disassembled.

Another plasticine is reusable. If necessary, it can eventually be removed from the surface of the decorated product or disassemble a toy created from plasticine and create a new one.

In order for the hardening plasticine to be well preserved, it is sold in plastic jars without air access. If you do not use the whole mass at once, then take as much as you need, put the rest in a container and seal it with a lid.

Most often on sale you can find foam plasticine with balls made of this material. It is lightweight and not expensive. It is pleasant to work with such material, and its sufficient elasticity opens up great scope for creativity.

You can buy ball plasticine for a girl or a boy. Usually these sets differ in color. Also, the composition sometimes includes accessories, such as molds, sculpting tools.

You can also buy ball plasticine with picture templates already attached to it. The child will need to cover the elements drawn with contours with plasticine in order to color the picture in this way.

You can choose a set that suits your child. There are motives from cartoons, fairy tales, simple plots for kids. If you want your child to get acquainted with the animals, then buy a ball plasticine with the image of these animals.

Manufacturers recommend starting to use plasticine for children from 5 years old. By this age, babies are more intelligent, no longer pull objects around in their mouths and have the skills to work with ordinary plasticine.

But in any case, adults should follow the creativity of children, help in time, explain that this is inedible material and cannot be tasted by mouth.

Now look at what you can make of ball plasticine.

Children's picture from ball plasticine

Children's picture from ball plasticine

To do this, take:

  • ball plasticine of different colors;
  • cardboard or plastic tray;
  • seashells;
  • glue.

Crafting workshop:

  1. If a small child makes such an application from ball plasticine, then help him first to make the coastline. Then, below it, he will lay out yellow plasticine, which will act as sand. Above this line is blue or blue plasticine. This is an impromptu sea.
  2. You need to make a body from a large shell, from small tail and one fin on both sides. Small shells will need to be stuck into the yellow plasticine.
  3. To keep the shells in place, take plasticine, which hardens over time.
  4. Using a hot gun or super glue, you will need to glue a small bead that will become an eye. And a shell can turn into a nose. It can be pre-painted with varnish of the corresponding colors. This also applies to other seashells. Nail polish is great for decorating your nails.
  5. It remains to make a side of pink plasticine, after which the work can be considered finished.

To save ball plasticine, to make the finished product more durable, first take a base. Then it is covered with plasticine and allowed to dry.

The next panel from ball plasticine is made on the basis of a CD-disc. Take apricot pits, wash and dry them. The child will stick around these blanks with ball plasticine.

Then, from the same material, he will make cores for these flowers. You need to glue the decorated bones to these cores.

Now let the child attach the reverse side of the middle of the flowers to the disk. Over time, the clay will harden, and the work will turn out to be of the required hardness.

Children's picture from ball plasticine with their own hands

Ball plasticine can be combined with various materials, such as salt dough.

Children's picture from ball plasticine with their own hands

To make this childish painting, take:

  • salty dough;
  • ball plasticine of different colors;
  • paints;
  • varnish;
  • suitable base.

Take a base. As it, you can use a circle made of cardboard or a processed board.

Take green plasticine, make a background with it. You need to pinch off small pieces, then spread them over the base. Then take the salted dough. From it you need to sculpt such a flat horse. It is better to do this in advance so that the product dries up. Then you color it in. Then cover with varnish.

Now we need to attach the shape to the base. It remains to make flowers from ball plasticine.

If the marine theme is closer to you, then we suggest making a panel on this theme. Also get a suitable base. Even disposable cardboard plates can be used. But it is better to glue two or three together so that the base is more durable.

Now cover it with blue or light blue ball plasticine. Then add green algae from the same material. Attach the salt dough fish in advance to the work center. Then fix colored stones and shells around it. Leave the work to dry. At this time, plasticine and a figure of salt dough will freeze.

Then you paint it, after which the work is completed.

Children's picture from ball plasticine with their own hands

See how cute a kitten turns out if you make it out of salt dough and paint it. Attach it to a base of ball plasticine. You can additionally decorate it with fluffy pom-poms on a thread.

Children's picture from ball plasticine with their own hands

And here is another children's picture. You can save plasticine and make a more solid base if you take a piece of foil, wind it up so that you get a ladybug. At the same time, make the upper part more even out of foil. After that, you can grease it with regular or ball plasticine.Cover the base with ball plasticine, just what you need to make on it a white flower around this ladybug.

Children's picture from ball plasticine with their own hands

Also, in order to save ball plasticine and make a denser base, figures from ball plasticine are made using foil. Watch the fun process.

What to make from ball plasticine - figurines

Figures from ball plasticine

To create one, take:

  • ball plasticine;
  • foil;
  • eyes for toys.

First, you need to make the base of this character out of foil. Please note that the top layers must be flat. Therefore, first you need to make the base of the figure from the crumpled foil, and then wrap it on top with non-crumpled foil. After that, start sticking a little plasticine here. It is more convenient to do this from above, move down. Make a mouth out of red, and a pattern on the ears out of white plasticine. Then create a flower from foil and stick it with plasticine as well.

You can make figures from ball plasticine not only on the basis of foil, but also by taking polystyrene. You cut this piece, then decorate it as you like.

Figures from ball plasticine

To make such a machine, take:

  • a piece of thick foam;
  • ball plasticine;
  • four wheels and 2 axles for wheels;
  • 2 toy eyes;
  • stationery knife.

Take the styrofoam and use a utility knife to shape it into a typewriter. You can first draw the necessary features on it with a pencil.

To make the corners more rounded, you can walk over the surface of the foam with fine sandpaper.

Now take small pieces of ball plasticine and attach it to this base. Make headlights and glass from plasticine of a different color.

Attach two toy eyes to the glass. If you do not have such eyes, then take blisters for pills, cut off two pieces and put a black button in each.

Take the wheels from the old car, remove one wheel and pierce the foam blank with the remaining metal rod. Then you attach the removed wheel to it. Attach the second pair in the same way.

If the child has a toy that needs to be updated, then also let him decorate it with ball plasticine.

Figures from ball plasticine

Thus, this dragon has been updated. You can make a base for it yourself, so that you can then decorate it with ball plasticine.

Crafts from ball plasticine: panels based on CDs

They are great for making circular paintings.

Crafts from ball plasticine

Take ball plasticine of different colors. It is necessary to make cores for plants from it, and create petals from blue plasticine. Flowers can be of different sizes. Now you need to make a ladybug and place it in the center of the work.

It remains to take a green ball of plasticine and fill the space between all these objects with it, so that it looks like fluffy grass.

You can combine a CD and salty dough to use these attributes when your child makes a ball-play craft. First, let him mold a fish from the dough. When it dries up, it needs to be painted and then varnished.

Now you need to smear the blue ball of play dough on the surface of the CD. After that, a salt dough fish is attached to the center, and small shells need to be placed on the disk around it.

Crafts from ball plasticine

Leave the work for a while, so that the clay hardens, and the fish also becomes stronger.

And here is how you can make a craft from a CD disc and ball plasticine so that it turns out to be voluminous.

Crafts from ball plasticine

First, the child will smear green ball plasticine on the disc to make a kind of grass. Now you need to sculpt such a funny snail from yellow plasticine. To keep it in shape, it is advisable to use some kind of base.

The figurine will be even more durable if you take fine-grained solidifying plasticine for it.Add the missing features, after which you will need to attach a shell to it, which will become its house.

You can play out a real fairy tale if you take:

  • CD-ROM;
  • ball plasticine;
  • small bumps;
  • ordinary plasticine;
  • eyes for toys.

Manufacturing instruction:

  1. First, using green ball plasticine, grass is created. Now you need to attach a brown plasticine stump here. Let the child roll Kolobok out of the ordinary. For this, it is better to take yellow plasticine.
  2. Then you will need to attach two eyes and a mouth made of orange plasticine here. The baby will make a chanterelle out of it.
  3. It remains to fix a few cones here, which will personify small trees.

Here are how many ideas ball plasticine gives. It is interesting to observe how they mold from this material. See how to make a bear out of ball plasticine.

You can make surprises out of this material. To do this, you need to put a small toy in front of you and wrap it with ball plasticine. Children will be delighted with such a surprise. They will be able to play with mechanical toys, and then they will sculpt from ball plasticine.

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