Quilling postcard - ideas and reasons

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Quilling postcard - ideas and reasons
Quilling postcard - ideas and reasons

Postcards from paper for the holidays. TOP 5 quilling crafts: for Birthday, New Year, Easter, February 23 and March 8. Popular items of products.

Quilling is a fashionable hobby for paper crafts. The peculiarity of this direction of needlework is that thin paper strips are required to make a thing or a postcard. They are rolled up, and compositions are made from small rolls. Having mastered the quilling technique, you can make postcards for every taste and for any reason.

Popular elements of quilling cards

Quilling postcard

In the photo, a quilling postcard

The quilling technique is that thin strips are cut out of double-sided colored paper. Then, using a toothpick or wooden stick, rolls, spirals, curls are twisted from them. The resulting elements are glued into a single composition using a paper or cardboard base.

For greeting cards, the following elements are suitable:

  • flowers, floral ornaments;
  • imitation of lace (for decoration);
  • snowflakes (for New Year);
  • Easter eggs;
  • Jewelry;
  • accessories;
  • pigeons.

These are the most popular elements, but you can add any designs you like to the cards.

Important! Quilling gives room for creativity. Add any component you want to your composition.

TOP 5 quilling cards

A greeting card is an integral part of the holiday. You can purchase the finished product at the store. But if you create a composition with your own hands, it will be an unforgettable memory for many years. Moreover, the postcard can be voluminous.

Quilling birthday card

Quilling birthday card

The easiest way to please a birthday person is to make a postcard with a picture of flowers. Even beginners will master the proposed composition.

For a quilling postcard "Happy Birthday" you will need:

  • white and colored quilling paper, cut into strips;
  • curling stick or toothpick;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • cardboard for the base;
  • tweezers.

Instructions for making a birthday card:

  1. Take a strip of white paper up to 30 cm long and 2 cm wide.
  2. Make small cuts on it, leaving 2 mm at the top edge.
  3. From the pink strip, twist a tight roll and attach it to the white strip.
  4. Keep winding up.
  5. Remove the flower from the stick and straighten the fringe. It turned out to be a chamomile. Make 2 more of these flowers.
  6. Cut a small strip of pink paper, leaving 2 mm to curl.
  7. Wrap it around a toothpick, secure the edge, and fluff up the fringe. Get a small flower that looks like an aster.
  8. Add some scrolls of paper and the words "Happy Birthday".
  9. Place the elements on a piece of cardboard (flowers at the edges, lettering in the middle) and attach with glue.

The craft is ready. It can be given to the birthday person.

Quilling card for congratulations on March 8

Quilling postcard from March 8

If you want to please women, present a postcard using the quilling technique for March 8th. Flower arrangements are popular on this holiday. It is easy to make an eight from the elements and place it on the base.

For the next craft, you will need strips of white, yellow, and green paper.

Instructions for making a quilling postcard by March 8:

  1. Make rolls of different sizes from the green stripes and secure the edges.
  2. Shape them into leaflets by squeezing them in several directions. Form several elements in the form of drops.
  3. Attach a few drops to a paper green stem.
  4. Use the green and white stripes to make some curl-shaped elements (form a roll, but don't glue the edge).
  5. Add green and white curls to the stem with drops.
  6. Roll the white loose and yellow tight rolls. Give the white a crescent shape.
  7. Glue the yellow rolls on the flat side of the white ones.
  8. Combine green leaves with white and yellow elements on one stem, placing them on opposite sides of the strip.
  9. Connect 3-4 of these stems, making an incomplete figure eight out of them.
  10. Form rolls from green paper and give them the shape of rhombuses.
  11. Make yellow loose rolls and give them a drop shape.
  12. Combine 5 pieces to form a flower. Make the middle with yellow fringed twisted stripes. Make 3 of these flowers.
  13. Fill in the missing part of the figure eight with green diamonds and flowers.

Attach all elements on a colored cardboard base.

Quilling cards with Easter

Quilling card with Easter

It is very easy to make a greeting on Easter using the quilling technique. To do this, take a sheet of paper or cardboard, draw or make a basket applique. To give the image three-dimensionality, twist long bundles from strips of paper, form weaving and a basket handle from them. Add colored bows for beauty.

To make Easter eggs (eggs), take multi-colored paper and roll tight rolls. Press lightly in the middle to make them bulge. Arrange them randomly around the edges of the basket. A quilling postcard for Easter is ready.

Quilling card for congratulations on February 23

Quilling postcard from February 23

The basis for quilling on February 23rd will be a regular white sheet. Cut free-form blots out of yellow or green paper of any shade. Glue them to the outside of the postcard to create an imitation military camouflage.

On one side, cut the postcard in the shape of a semicircle and paste over the edge with yellow tight rolls. On the second sheet of the card, mark the numbers 23 from the inside so that they are visible in the cut-out part of the sheet. Paste them along the marked contour with green rolls. Your postcard is ready.

Quilling card for the New Year

Quilling card for the New Year

The simplest type of quilling for the New Year is the image of a Christmas tree with gifts.

To make elements, you will need:

  • hole puncher;
  • pin;
  • red, green, brown and yellow paper in stripes of 5 mm;
  • glue;
  • cardboard or paper for the base.

Decorate the rectangular sheet for the base with an openwork edge using a hole punch. Then make loose rolls out of green paper, forming droplets from them. Arrange them like a Christmas tree on the base. Use a drop of brown for the trunk.

Roll small, tight rolls of red and yellow paper and place them on the tree like balls. If you wish, draw snowflakes around the tree, write congratulations.

How to make a quilling postcard - watch the video:

Quilling postcards look rich and unique. Use this technique to create voluminous postcards that will delight the eyes of your guests and loved ones.

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