How to make squishies at home?

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How to make squishies at home?
How to make squishies at home?

We suggest you learn how to make squishies out of paper, from socks, from light plasticine, cellophane and whatever is at hand. At your service - a master class, photo and video.

Knowing how to make squishies, you will create these anti-stress toys from paper, foam, sponge and other materials.

Making squishes with your own hands is very exciting. It is pleasant to play with such objects, they allow you to spend time interestingly, have an anti-stress effect.

How to make paper squishes with your own hands?

This is one of the simplest materials available at work, at the place of study. First you need to take pictures for sketching, then transfer these templates to paper. Here's what you need to get started:

  • paper;
  • Scotch;
  • scissors;
  • filler;
  • simple pencil;
  • decor elements.

The squishy filler should be soft. Various materials can act as it: a crushed sponge, synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, cotton wool, a bag chopped with scissors.

Now take a squishy picture, print it. After that, you need to decorate the template with pencils, markers or paint.

Making squishies out of paper

The antistress toy will be voluminous. Therefore, you need to immediately cut out two identical pictures, one of which will be in front and the other in the back. Then you will paint them and cut them along the outline.

Now take two parts and glue them with tape. To have fewer joints, it is better to take a wide tape right away. But if you don't have one, then a narrow one will do.

Making squishies out of paper

Now take the two decorated halves and glue them together on the sides and bottom. Then you will have a kind of bag. Put filler in it. If it is a sponge or foam rubber, then finely chop these materials first. Then the squishies will be soft. If you want to make it more elastic, then immediately cut the sponge to the size of this bag and put it there.

To further make squishies out of paper, you need to glue the upper part. Also use scotch tape for this. Now you can play a lot with this toy. Thanks to the scotch tape, the surface of the squishy will be more durable and will not tear. Click on the toy, then it will regain its shape.

Making squishies out of paper

You can carry such a paper squishy with you so that when you are waiting in line, on the road or at the moment when you need to calm down, you can start squeezing it.

Also see how to make bulk squishies out of paper. You need to immediately draw a part that will have sidewalls. See how it is when unfolded. Draw the same one on your sheet, then cut it along the contours.

Blank from paper

In this case, the paper squish resembles a slice of watermelon. To do this, on the outside, you need to paint this blank so that it looks like this fruit.

Making squishies out of paper

Then you glue this blank on the outside with tape. Then the paper will become stronger, and when pressed, you will not tear it. In addition, the squish will additionally produce rustling sounds.

Now bend this blank to make it look like a ringlet. After that, it remains to put the selected material inside, close the paper lid and glue it.

Making squishies out of paper

See what else you can fill your paper squishy with.

  1. If you have small foam balls, then use them. In this case, when you press on such a toy, it will make the sound of rubbing foam balls. But such a product practically does not restore its original shape.
  2. If you want the toy to become the same after pressing the squish as before this impact, then use holofiber and synthetic winterizer or cotton wool.
  3. The antistress toy, filled and cut into small pieces with baby diapers, is also quite good at restoring its shape. If your baby has grown up, the diapers bought for the future have become small, then you can use them in this way.
  4. You can also finely cut paper bags, fill them. After clicking on such a squish, it will almost take its original shape, but this will not happen soon.
  5. If you have cling film, take it. Also cut into small pieces. This filling will help the toy to regain its shape faster than using paper bags. Antistress will make a rustling film sound, much the same if you take pieces of scotch tape. If you still have scraps of this material, use them for such a craft.

But this is far from all the materials from which you can make a squish, and now you will see this.

How to make squishies from a sponge - a master class and a photo

These materials can be found in almost any specialized store. Often housewives have sponges for dishes in stock. Use these materials. Then you can give these products a different shape.

An edible theme is often used. You can make a slice of watermelon, a slice of bread, and others will not immediately guess that this is an inedible toy.

Sponge squishies

If you want to play a prank on a friend or girlfriend, then make an inedible sponge donut. To do this, take:

  • foam sponge for dishes;
  • food colorings;
  • gouache;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • shaving foam.

Such a donut can be conditionally divided into two parts. You will make its dough from a sponge. To do this, first cut it out with scissors to give it a rounded shape. Then make a round indentation on the inside. After that, dilute the gouache with water, dip a sponge there for a while so that it acquires the desired shade.

If it's a chocolate donut, then use a brown dye. If vanilla, use beige. You can make a lemon donut. Then you take the yellow gouache.

Sponge squishies

Let this product dry, then saturate it on top with the so-called cream. To do this, squeeze out shaving foam into a container and add PVA glue and a little food coloring. Stir everything and place the resulting mixture on top of the sponge, which has become the dough. You can then cover the item with baking powder to make it look like a real donut.

Sponge squishies

Try turning a sponge into a wedge of watermelon. To do this, cut it out with scissors so that it resembles a slice of this fruit. Now cover the flesh with red paint, then create a crust with green paint, and with white paint a semicircle between them. Now you can draw a funny face, after which your product should dry. Then it's time to play with this squishy.

Sponge squishies

Almost this will turn out from foam rubber. If you have this stuff, then create an anti-stress out of it. You can make many of these toys, then give them to your friends. If you wish, turn this interesting handicraft into an income item and sell your creations.

DIY foam squishies

Foam Squishy

Take a rather thick sheet of foam rubber, now cut a circle out of it and use a knife or scissors to divide this blank in half. Paint most of them red. First paint the edge with white paint, and below with green.

The red paint will dry, then paint some black watermelon seeds on top of it.

You can also make a squish from foam rubber such that it will resemble a piece of cake, but so delicious.

Foam Squishy

For this, the following are suitable:

  • foam sponges or sheets of thick foam rubber;
  • air plasticine;
  • self-hardening clay;
  • brown paint;
  • wire;
  • white cotton wool;
  • ribbon;
  • glue "Moment".

Crafting workshop:

  1. Take four sponges or the same number of foam sheets. Cut four circles out of them using the template. Each one needs to be painted brown. When the blanks are dry, glue them with the Moment glue.
  2. Mash up the airy plasticine, turn it into icing. Glue it with glue as well. To make it look like mouth-watering whipped cream is on top, glue fluffed cotton wool here.
  3. Take self-hardening clay, create a cherry out of it, pierce it with wire. You can take a floristic one, it is already green, or paint the usual one in this color.
  4. Attach the cherry. All that remains is to tie this cupcake with an appetizing beautiful ribbon.

In this way, you can make a variety of inedible sweets. If you need to make a slice of cake, use two or three triangular slices of foam rubber. Color them as you wish. Can be coated with pink paint on the top and sides.

Glue these slices together. On top, decorate your artwork with pieces of cotton wool or shaving foam, which is pre-mixed with PVA glue.

Foam Squishy

How to make squishy from sealant?

There are several recipes for making squishy from this basic material. Try making a silicone toy that feels so good to wrinkle in your hands.

Sealant squishy blank


  • silicone sealant;
  • felt-tip pens;
  • starch.

Squeeze the sealant into a non-food container and add the starch here. Start kneading the dough. It is more convenient to do this with your hands in rubber gloves.

When the mass becomes the desired consistency, you need to give it the required shape. It could be a muzzle. Leave your piece to dry for an hour, after which you will need to paint it with a felt-tip pen and leave it overnight to dry.

In the same way, you can make inedible fruits and vegetables, other toys from this material.

Sealant squishies can be made with a slightly different recipe. Here is a list of the essentials:

  • silicone sealant;
  • soft plasticine;
  • vegetable oil;
  • acrylic paint;
  • brushes;
  • scissors;
  • dots;
  • suitable capacity;
  • Super glue.

Take a light plasticine and use a dots to squeeze out a figure of the required shape. As a result, you should get a mold, where you will subsequently pour the prepared mass.

Sealant squashy blank

Using gloved hands, knead this squishy mass in a non-food container. It will be composed of vegetable oil and silicone sealant. You can also add acrylic paints here.

When the mass is of the desired consistency, put it in the prepared mold, leave to freeze. Then you will need to get this creation and decorate it at will. See what kind of swish cats are obtained as a result of such actions.

Sealant squishy blank

Now see how you can make squishies at home and from other materials.

Squishes from a sealing harness - master class and photo

We propose to create inedible rolls from this material. Take a tourniquet and cut it with scissors so that the pieces resemble rolls.

If you do not have such a bundle, then take a white backing under the laminate and roll it tightly into a roll.

Girl cuts with scissors

Now paint the outer layer with a darker paint. It will imitate nori sheets. You can paint other rolls orange on the outside. As if it were red caviar or fish. Glue a few pieces of plasticine on top so that it looks like the components of the rolls.

Squishy from sealing harness

How to make squishies from gelatin?

See how to make squishies using this substance. You will get a toy of pleasant consistency and beautiful in appearance.


  • gelatin;
  • liquid soap or shampoo of white or transparent color;
  • red, green and white dyes;
  • three jars of yogurt of different sizes;
  • black permanent marker;
  • water.

Pour 3 tbsp. l. gelatin with a glass of water. Leave this mass to swell for half an hour. After this time, divide it in half and place one part in a suitable container over low heat.

Heat this mixture, add shampoo or liquid soap here. Then add red dye, stir, remove from heat. Thus, you have made a mass for the juicy pulp of the watermelon.

Gelatin Squishy Mix

Pour it into the smallest yogurt jar and put it in the refrigerator to freeze the liquid there. Then you can pull out this circle and put it in the middle form.

Then divide the remaining soaked gelatin mixture in half. In one, you then add a white dye, you will also heat this mass over a fire. Then you need to cool it a little and pour it into a medium-sized mold along the edges, where you have the red flesh of an inedible watermelon.

Put this mass in the refrigerator to solidify completely. After that, take the rest of the gelatin, heat it up and add the green dye.

Remove the frozen blank into a third large jar, fill the future watermelon outside with the prepared green gelatinous mass. Remove this squish to set in the refrigerator.

Gelatin Squishy Mix

When it hardens, remove it from the container and cut it in half with a sharp knife. It remains to draw watermelon seeds on the surface of these two circles with a black marker.

Squishy from gelatin

DIY balloon squishies

We offer to make a beautiful cat. These animals are known to relieve stress. The toy will also help this. Take:

  • rubber ball;
  • funnel;
  • plastic bottle;
  • scissors;
  • markers;
  • filler.

In this case, you can use starch, flour, foam balls as a filler.

Balloon squishies
  1. First inflate the balloon slightly to make the rubber more pliable. Now you need to insert a funnel into its hole and pour the selected filler.
  2. Tie up this toy with anti-stress tape or string. But it is better to tie a knot from this tail, and cut off the excess.
  3. Take a marker and draw a cat on the surface of the balloon. Now you can have plenty of fun with such an adorable pet.

See also how to make balloon squish.

Balloon squishies

There are many examples in this photo that will help you make your plans come true. You will take small rubber balls, use a funnel to fill them with filler. Then you will need to tie the tail of the ball and cut off the excess. It remains to draw the features of a funny face. See what you can fill the squishy with more. Sugar, rice, sand, peas, beans or beans, flour, buckwheat, semolina, plasticine, nuts or round pebbles such as pebbles will do for this.

And if you want a lot of bubbles to come out of it when you click on the squish, as in the photo, then take two balls. Fill the first one with water, tie it up, and in the second, make many holes. Now put the first one in it. When you press on this structure, the bubbles of the inner ball will come out of the holes in the upper one.

You can also use a mesh to achieve this effect.

How to make do-it-yourself soap squishes?

Try another nice donut. For him you will need:

  • white or clear liquid soap;
  • rice flour;
  • dyes;
  • wide cocktail tube;
  • knife.

Put 6 tablespoons of rice flour in a container, add 3 tablespoons of liquid soap, stir. Divide the resulting mass into two equal parts. The big one will be the dough, and the small one will turn into icing.

Add to most of the yellow dye, knead this mass with your hands.

DIY soap squishies

Then give it a donut shape. Cut a hole in the center of this piece with a knife or a wide tube.

DIY soap squishies

Take some of the glaze paste and add pink or blue paint here. Stir well until smooth and place this makeshift frosting on top of the donut. Sprinkle with various decorations as desired.

To ensure the two pieces stick well together, place the soap squish in a water bath for 5 minutes. Then you can put the toy into action.

This way you can craft non-edible fruits, vegetables, berries, and even a quarter of an egg. For her, you need to use white liquid soap, and make the yolk from the same dough with the addition of orange dye.

DIY soap squishies

How to make edible squishies?

You can not only play with them, but also then enjoy themselves.

Cooking edible squishies
  1. Take gummy worms, bears, crocodiles. You will also need to use molds.
  2. Place the marmalade in a suitable container and microwave to melt. Then take out the mass, mix it and pour it into the molds.
  3. After that, you need to wait for the mass to freeze. Then it can be stretched and played.

You can also make an edible squish with gummies. When you melt them in the microwave, add powdered sugar, and if desired, raisins, candied fruits, nuts. Shape the toy into the desired shape. When it hardens, you can begin to stretch it and at the same time feast on it with pleasure.

But these are far from all examples when such elastic materials turn into an antistress toy. See how to make a burger squish and then play with it.

How to make a paper burger?

Making a paper burger

This one is made of paper in the same way as in the first master class. You will need to craft different parts of this large burger. It will be two buns, a lettuce leaf, a slice of cheese, a cutlet, a tomato ring:

  1. To make a bun, take yellow paper, cut out two identical circles. Glue them together with tape and reinforce the top and bottom of this bun with this material.
  2. Then use the same principle to make the second one. To make a slice of cheese, take two yellow rectangles of paper and glue them together.
  3. Remember to leave holes between two identical workpieces in order to place the filler inside the workpiece and then glue the notch.
  4. The lettuce leaf will be made of green paper, it is wavy at the edges. Sketch it with a green felt-tip pen so you can see it is a lettuce leaf.
  5. Use the same principle to make a tomato slice. Place all the ingredients in the correct order so that the buns are one on top and one on the bottom. Glue all the components together. Then you can take this toy and play with your friends or play with it.

Squishy from light plasticine with your own hands

Such a mass is easily molded, then it hardens in air for several hours. Take 3 pieces of different colors, roll a circle out of each, then give them the shape of a cat's head and pull out triangles on each blank to make ears.

Light plasticine squishies

Now fasten all these blanks together. Press them tightly together. When the cat dries out a little, then draw each eyes, nose, mouth and tongue.

Light plasticine squishies

Now let the workpiece dry overnight, the next morning you will have a wonderful squishy.

You can make such crafts from light plasticine of any shape. If you wish, then also create a donut, and the icing for it can be made from plasticine of a different color. Create bears - flat and voluminous.

Light plasticine squishies

How to make squishies from a cellophane bag?

This is also very accessible material.

Squishy from a cellophane bag

Take a regular clear plastic bag. Determine what kind of squishy you want to do. If also in the form of ice cream, then you will need white and yellow filler. First, place the yellow filler in the corner of the bag. Then place white on top. Tie the bag, cut off the excess.

Mark with black marker where the cone ends and the ice cream begins. You can also use it to draw a smiling face. Now is the time to crunch on this anti-stress.

Squishy from a cellophane bag

How to make squishies from foamiran?

This is a delicate material, pleasant to the touch, from which you can make such a toy. To do this, take this lightweight foam material. If you want to make candy out of it, then roll the rectangle into a roll and tie on both sides to make a candy. But first place a foam rubber blank of the desired shape inside this roll.

You can tie the ends of the candy with an elastic band or ribbons. If you wish, you can make ice cream, a cloud, toys, and other items from foamiran.

Foamiran squishies

If you need to make squishies out of fabric, now you will learn how to do it. The scraps of matter that you put into action will do.

DIY fabric squishies

  1. Take a soft material that holds its shape. It can be drape, flannel. Cut the toy in duplicate to the shape you want, with one side on top and the other on the back.
  2. If you need to decorate squishies, then do it at this stage. You can embroider the mouth, sew on buttons that will become eyes.
  3. Cut out the same crown if you wish. Now the squishy needs to be designed in such a way that it is at the top between the two planes.
  4. Put any of the selected fillers inside, sew two canvases in a circle around the edge on your hands or on a typewriter.
  5. You can additionally sew a bag from the same cloth to put squishies there, and it does not get dirty.

Other different figures can be created from fabric.

DIY fabric squishies

How to make squishies from socks or tights?

If the paired object is lost, or the child has grown out of these socks, golfs, then use them. If you are using pantyhose, in this case you need to cut them off at the ankle.

Now fill such blanks with foam balls, cotton wool or padding polyester. Sew up the hole at the top. Add features to the toys. You can embroider eyes, nose, mouth. And if you wish, then take knee-highs or socks with animal drawings. Here's a squishy will turn out.

Squishy from socks or tights

DIY cover squishies

If you have schoolchildren in your family, they still have transparent covers for books or notebooks, then use these items. See how to make a diamond from squishy covers. Take:

  • transparent cover;
  • paper;
  • pastel;
  • black marker;
  • cotton wool or synthetic winterizer for filling the product;
  • sequins;
  • Scotch;
  • scissors.

Manufacturing instruction:

  1. Draw a diamond on paper. Place one half of the cover at the top and bottom of this sheet. Cut it out along the contour.
  2. Grind the pastel with a fine grater. Sprinkle this powder over cotton wool. To make the diamond multi-colored, sprinkle each piece of cotton with a pastel of a certain color.
  3. Then place this filler inside the two-piece cover. Then they need to be glued along the edge with tape. Take a marker and draw a rough diamond facet. To make the squishy look more realistic, you can glue this blank with electrical tape around the edge.

If you wish, then make a volumetric diamond that consists of several faces. Then you will be able to make 3D squishies.

DIY cover squishies

Here's how to make squishies out of paper or other materials. Make sure it's easy. The video will help you with this. It tells you how to make a great squishy burger.

And how to create a squishy soap, you will learn from the second plot.

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