DIY snowman: 5 options

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DIY snowman: 5 options
DIY snowman: 5 options

If you know how to make a snowman, then you can make it with your children, and they will take creative work to the garden or school. This attribute of winter and New Year is created from various materials, from unnecessary things. If you do not have yarn of a certain shade, you can replace it with another one. So, a hat, a scarf, a character's legs can be of a different color.

Such a knitted snowman is made using the technique of the front surface. That is, on the front side, you will knit with front loops, and on the back - with purl.

To change the color to another, twist the thread of the desired shade with the one with which you finished knitting the last loop. Then the junction of different yarns will be invisible and neat. A knitted snowman with knitting needles is created from the first loop of the bottom row. In the diagram, this is the lower right corner. As you can see in the figure, 10 loops are knitted from right to left until the number 20, and then 7 more loops with blue thread. Next, the snowman's leg begins. Twist the yellow and blue thread, knit 6 front loops with yellow. Knit with knit but blue yarn to the end of the row.

Knitting a snowman on fabric

Turn the work inside out, knit 39 stitches with blue yarn, then 8 with yellow and the remaining 16 with blue. In the same way, focusing on the knitting pattern of a snowman, create the entire canvas. It consists of 92 rows, and 60 loops are involved horizontally. In the diagram, 1 cell is one loop.

When you need to finish knitting a piece of a certain color, cut and tie the end of the thread so that it does not bloom. The threads, when alternating colors, should be on the seamy side.

To make the drawing look good, after completing the work, put on the front side of the knitted snowman, on it - wet gauze or cloth and iron it with an iron. If your knitted garment uses an elastic pattern, you do not need to iron it, otherwise it will stretch.

Kindergarten snowman made of plastic yogurt bottle

If your beloved child was asked to make such a New Year's attribute, use the materials at hand for this. Even a small child can make a toy using empty Rastishka containers.

How to make a snowman from a bottle

A snowman from a bottle is made easy, for him, in addition to her, you will need:

  • green corrugated paper;
  • glue stick;
  • scissors;
  • soldering iron;
  • a piece of red plasticine or cardboard of the same color.

Remove the label from the bottle. Roll a rectangular sheet of paper to make a narrow strip, start wrapping it around the neck of the bottle, not forgetting to arrange the neck. This will close the hole and make a DIY snowman hat at the same time.

Now poke a hole in the bottle with a soldering iron. If you are creating a craft with your child, take on this part of the work. And let the baby roll a piece of plasticine in the form of a snowman's nose between his palms for now. Attach it to the resulting hole, you can use a folded piece of colored paper or cardboard for the nose.

Use glue to hold the paper better. Use it to attach sparkles or circles in the middle of the snowman's body, these are improvised buttons on his clothes. Use colored paper to make the eyes of a new toy. After the glue dries, the New Year's crafts for kindergarten and school are ready.

Video tutorials on how to make a snowman out of fabric with your own hands and other photos:

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