How to weave a newspaper basket

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How to weave a newspaper basket
How to weave a newspaper basket

A basket of newspapers is an original and functional product. It is very easy to learn such weaving, and then you can use the accessory to store small things or as a gift to friends. Step-by-step weaving techniques are in our material. Content:

  1. Preparing the material for the basket
  2. How to weave patterns
  3. Round two-color basket
  4. Round basket with lid

    • Bottom
    • Walls
    • Lid
    • Decor
  5. Rectangular newspaper basket

    • Base
    • Weaving walls
    • Cover and handles
  6. Weaving egg baskets

Weaving various products from newspaper tubes is not an innovation for a long time. The variety of options is very large. Despite the fact that products from newspaper tubes are budgetary, they look very original. They can decorate the interior of your home or be a wonderful gift for your friends. In addition, you can learn this craft pretty quickly.

Preparing material for a basket of newspapers

Newspapers for weaving baskets

For weaving baskets from newspapers, you need to prepare tubes. For this, in addition to newspapers, we need PVA glue and knitting needles.

The process is as follows:

  • We tear across a double sheet of newspaper into four even parts.
  • We put the knitting needle on the edge at an angle of 20 degrees and grease the edge of the paper with glue. The thickness of the tube depends on the thickness of the needle.
  • We wind the paper on the knitting needle. We try to tighten it as tightly as possible, but make sure not to break.
  • We roll it to the tip of the knitting needle and continue to wind it without it.
  • At the end, glue the tip of the paper with a tube.

It will be ready to use in a few minutes. In this process, it is important to "fill" your hand in order to understand with what force to tighten the newspaper and how to scroll the knitting needle.

How to Weave a Newspaper Basket Using Patterns

The order of weaving a basket of newspaper tubes

If you want to do weaving with a child or make a product quickly, then you can try to weave a basket of newspapers according to the pattern:

  1. Cut out two identical templates of the desired shape and size from thick cardboard. This will be the bottom of our basket.
  2. For weaving, we use newspaper strips bent in half lengthwise. To do this, bend each part in the center so that the edges are in a perpendicular position relative to each other. Apply a little glue to the fold and press it with a clothespin until it dries completely.
  3. We fold the resulting "corners" one on top of the other in the horizontal direction.
  4. Having reached the desired length, we continue to weave from above until you get a canvas.
  5. We glue individual strips with PVA, if necessary.
  6. We fold the opposite edges together, connecting them with stripes intertwined in a checkerboard pattern. The diameter of the product must be equal to the diameter of the cut out bottom.
  7. We try to maintain symmetry. At first, you can use a container to keep the shape.
  8. Bend the ends of the resulting product from the bottom by 90 degrees.
  9. Insert the first template inside and glue it to the bent ends.
  10. Glue the second template on top. Thus, the ends of the walls must be between the two cardboard bases.

To make the product stick well, it is recommended to put a press on the bottom. Further, the basket can be trimmed in any way you like.

How to make a round two-color newspaper basket

Weaving a two-color basket from a newspaper

It is somewhat easier to weave a round model, since it is easier to maintain symmetry, therefore, it is recommended for beginners in this business to start with just such models. To make a basket, you will need straws from a regular newspaper. They can be painted in any two colors. We weave according to the following instructions:

  • Place the eight tubes tightly on the table.
  • We take the next eight and weave at an angle of 90 degrees in a checkerboard pattern of 4 straws. The intersection square should be in the middle.
  • We bend the new tube in the middle and tighten one bundle.
  • On the 2nd beam, we change the direction. We thread the upper one down, and let the lower one go from above.
  • In the same way, we go to each next bundle and weave a full circle.
  • We weave the second level. To build up a working straw, insert the next one into its end.
  • At the 3rd level, we divide the bundles in half. The tube will thus wrap around every two straws.
  • We weave in this way until the eighth circle.
  • On the ninth circle, we divide the bundle in half again and weave two levels, twisting each separate straw.
  • We take the tubes, painted in the second color, and weave 4 levels. On the fifth, add one straw to each base and weave another circle. As a result, we get paired bases.
  • We thicken the horizontal tubes of another one, and we will have a triple bundle.
  • We weave further five circles, we start the tubes one after the other.
  • Smoothly moving on to weaving the side walls of our product. We braid the sixth row with two straws.
  • We gradually expand the diameter of the sides of the basket with each subsequent level.
  • Round off the edges inside the resulting structure.
  • We knit one row and insert the third straw horizontally.
  • We weave three levels in this way.
  • We move five rows with an awl and insert 2 tubes between the paired bundles. We repeat the procedure clockwise.
  • Turn the structure over and do the same for the straws vertically.
  • At the bottom, we bend the vertical tubes, weaving a pigtail out of them.
  • Bend inward with an awl and an extra straw.

The original newspaper basket is ready. You can combine more colors in any order. Such simple models can be woven independently, even without special skills.

DIY round basket with newspaper cover

This model is woven from ordinary tubes and dyed at the end. We will also weave the lid and decorate it. In such a basket you can store threads or jewelry. Please note that it is more convenient to work with tubes with different end diameters. This allows one end to be inserted into the other when extending.

Bottom of a round newspaper basket with a lid

Bottom of a basket of newspapers

To keep the base strong, you need to try to place the tubes as tightly as possible. We make the bottom in this order:

  1. We lay out three pairs of tubes on the table at a distance from each other.
  2. We pass one straw in a checkerboard pattern. Weave the second in reverse order. In this way we weave six transverse tubes.
  3. Bend another tube and put it on the end of the straw in the place of the fold. We intertwine it in a checkerboard pattern, braiding the base of the bottom.
  4. We push the ends of each pair apart. Place the first 2 rows of paired tubes side by side. On the third, we divide and wrap separately. To extend the working tube, if necessary, take a new one, slightly press the tip and insert it into the leading hole.
  5. We braid the base to the desired size.
  6. With a straw from the bottom, wrap the second one from the bottom and thread it up.
  7. Then, in the same way, we wrap the second around the third and continue around the entire basket.

We will have a base with ready-made vertically arranged racks for further weaving.

Round basket walls with newspaper lid

Weaving the walls of a basket of newspapers

The side walls will be more durable and hold their shape better if they are woven from thick tubes. We use the "rope" technique for this.

We work in this order:

  • We bend the working tube and wrap it with both ends of the rack in a crosswise order.
  • We braid to the planned height of the basket. To maintain symmetry, it is recommended to braid around a suitable vessel.
  • Having reached the desired height, we cut the racks five centimeters from the edge, bend them inward and glue them to the inner wall of the product with PVA glue.

You can attach clothespins at the bonding points and leave to dry for 15-20 minutes.

Cover for a basket of newspapers

Cover and basket of newspapers

The lid of the future product is woven in the same order as the bottom. Remember that it should be slightly larger than the top of the model.

We finish weaving the lid upon reaching the desired size, just like the basket, cut it off in five centimeters of the rack, glue it inside and cling with clothespins for 10-15 minutes. We leave a few tubes to attach to the base. We insert the tubes, uncut on the lid, into the walls of the basket in a checkerboard pattern.

Decor for a round basket with a newspaper lid

Decorating a basket of newspapers

If desired, the model can be painted in any color. We do it in this order: prepare a solution of PVA, water and acrylic paint, prime the basket, paint the surface after drying. We cover the structure with varnish, which will extend its service life.

The best option for the final coat is acrylic varnish. It must be applied in several layers after the previous one has completely dried. For decoration, you can tie the basket with braid and tie a voluminous bow.

How to make a rectangular newspaper basket

This technique is more difficult, but it can be quickly mastered if desired. In advance, you need to stock up on a box of thick cardboard, which will act as a form. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to make an even product.

Base for rectangular newspaper basket

Rectangular newspaper basket

Before starting, you need to prepare tubes from newspapers, then we work in the following sequence:

  1. We glue four straws along the length with the help of PVA. To do this, first we fasten two and clamp them with clothespins, then we fasten the pairs together.
  2. Prepare paired glued tubes separately.
  3. We place the parts from two and four straws in the following order: in the vertical position - three paired, in the horizontal position - four bundles of four straws each, on top - vertically two paired. We put the latter in such a way that they are in the intervals between the lower paired ones.
  4. We weave paired beams in a checkerboard pattern with a single straw. If necessary, add elements of four tubes, folding all the details more tightly.
  5. Thus, we bring the bottom to the desired size.

After completing the manufacture of the base, the quarter sticks must be cut off, and the workers must be left to proceed to further weaving.

Weaving the walls of a rectangular basket from newspapers

Weaving the walls of a rectangular basket diagonally

For work, you need a form with the same bottom dimensions, as well as PVA glue and clothespins.

We weave the walls in this order:

  • We glue paired tubes with a step of 5-7 cm at the corners of the future basket and on the sides of the bottom.
  • We take a couple of tubes and glue them in the corners. We intertwine the vertical racks in a cross order and glue them on the other side.
  • We glue the second pair and weave in a mirror order.
  • We braid the racks in this way to the desired height.
  • At the end we cut off one straw, and bend the second and thread it into the resulting depression.
  • We glue the ends of the short free edges hidden under the previous row and fix with clothespins for 10-15 minutes.

You can put the product aside for this time and start preparing additional accessories for the basket.

Lid and handles for rectangular newspaper basket

Basket with lid and handle

To do this, you need a thick and flat cardboard from a box of the size of a basket.

We work in this order:

  1. We make small indentations in the side surface with a clerical knife.
  2. We insert the tubes from all sides.
  3. We braid the edges of the lid, bending one piece over the other.
  4. At the end, we hide the free ends under the lid.
  5. Insert two pairs of tubes on the two upper edges of the basket.
  6. We stretch them to the middle, bend around and weave them together.
  7. Lubricate the edges of the PVA and fasten it with clothespins.

You can make the handles neater by re-coating them with glue and wrapping them with paper.You can decorate the basket lid with newspapers, ribbons and decoupage.

The natural shade and texture of wood will give the product a stain or wood stain. But watercolor and gouache are not suitable for decoration. They are too faded and will quickly lose their attractive appearance.

Depending on the size, this basket can be used both for storing gloves or other accessories, and for laundry.

Workshop on weaving egg baskets from newspapers

Newspaper tube egg basket

To make such a model, you will need a cardboard egg tray and a base made of thick cardboard, the size of the tray. Before starting the process, prepare the tubes.

Then we work in this order:

  • Cut the straws to the length of the bottom of the basket.
  • We glue a newspaper on a thick cardboard base.
  • We glue it with straws around the perimeter on four sides.
  • After drying, we glue the second row using PVA, and subsequent ones in height. Be sure to check the evenness of the corners and the plane of each wall.
  • Apply glue to the convex places on the back of the egg tray and fix to the inside of the bottom.
  • We glue the ends of the three tubes and fasten them with a clothespin. We weave a pigtail out of them. If necessary, build up a straw.
  • Glue the resulting pigtail handle onto the side walls of the product.

If the corners are even and neat, then you can leave them alone. If sections are visible, then you can cut off a newspaper strip 2-3 cm wide and glue them. For decoration, you can cover the Easter basket with acrylic varnish or stain.

How to weave a basket of newspapers - watch the video:

Hand-made products are more and more relevant lately. Functional baskets made of newspaper tubes, varnished, are quite sturdy and durable. They can be used to store jewelry, accessories, pens, and some can even be used for laundry. You can weave an interesting basket of newspapers with your own hands in a matter of hours. And such a product will cost almost free.

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