How to make DIY wedding accessories?

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How to make DIY wedding accessories?
How to make DIY wedding accessories?

Wedding glasses can be decorated with your own hands. Graceful postcards will delight newlyweds and guests, and amulet dolls will become the talisman of a new family! A wedding is a significant joyful event not only for newlyweds, but also for their relatives and friends. For the day of celebration and fun to be perfect, you need to prepare everything you need in advance. You can make or decorate amulets, postcards, wedding glasses with your own hands.

Wedding Slavic amulets

Slavic amulets lovebirds

These 2 dolls are called Lovebirds and symbolize a strong family. Their hands are inextricably linked so that the wife and husband walk through life together, hand in hand. Such amulets were made with their own hands in ancient times. Now you also have this opportunity. Previously, such a couple was attached to a team that carried the young after the wedding to their husband's house. If the bride and groom are used to move horses, then they will be able to place lovebirds in the same way as it was done in the old days. You can fix them in the car, and then keep them sacred in your home.

Here's how to make a talisman for the young. For it you will need:

  • Stick 28-30 long, 1 cm in diameter.
  • White fabric 40 cm long and 12-14 cm wide to wrap sticks.
  • A piece of red fabric for a guy's shirt is 20 cm long, and for a woman's - 30 cm. The width of both flaps is 14-15 cm.
  • A piece of white fabric for a woman's head - width 20, length 40 cm, for the groom - cut 20x20 cm.
  • A flap for a scarf - a fabric cut in the form of a triangle from a canvas 20x20 cm.
  • Fabric for trousers 20x29 cm.
  • Cut for a man's headdress 10x10 cm.
  • Woman's apron flap.
  • Belts woven from threads or braids.
  • Red threads.
  • Sintepon.
  • Boots for a guy, which can be sewn from an old or just an unpaired leather glove and 2 cuts of wire to bend the foot of the shoe.
Materials for making lovebirds

If all the materials are ready, it's time to start making dolls. Place the stick in front of you, wrap it with a white cloth. Wrap a red thread at both ends, tie it in knots that should be at the back.

Making lovebirds step by step

Take the canvas designed for the girl's head, roll it vertically, on one side and the other, and then fold the resulting bundle in half. Put a synthetic winterizer in the front half, tuck it inside, tie a place on the resulting workpiece with a red thread to mark the neck.

Step-by-step making of amulets dolls

Take the already designed hand-stick, on its right side, throw a blank for a female doll (in the photo it is, respectively, on the left). On the other side, attach the trousers for the man, rolled up from striped fabric. Tie them with a red ribbon, like a shirt for him, it is done in the same way as for a girl. On these details of outerwear for both dolls, tie the front crosses in front.

Rules for making protective crosses for lovebirds

Making these vintage wedding accessories further. For a men's shirt, take the prepared red rectangular flap, fold it in half by joining the 2 smaller sides. In the center, right along the fold, cut a cutout for the head. Cut out the right and left sides to show the sleeves. Put the shirt on the guy.

Making lovebird clothes step by step

Take a rectangular piece of red fabric for a woman, in the same way turn it into an outer garment for her, but do not cut off the sides, but only mark the horizontal axillary cutouts for the arms, and here's why.

When you put a red flap on this wedding amulet doll, fold the back of the sides forward and the front back, so that the robe emphasizes her slender figure.

Making clothes for lovebirds

Tie up the woman with an apron and a webbing belt.

It is better if there are several aprons, then you can put on the doll one or the other, changing its image.If you want to turn the dress into a Russian sundress, then cut off its sleeves.

Apron and belt for lovebirds

Put the boots on the guy's feet. To mark the foot, insert wires or flexible plates into them, bend them as needed. The latter can be borrowed from the bread bag, which is often used to tie such packaging.

Lovebird Shoes

Attach the cloth for the hat to the young man's head, wrap it end-to-end at the back, and then tie it with braid.

Lovebird Hats

Tie a scarf over the woman's head. This is how easy do-it-yourself amulet dolls are made.

Ready-made lovebird amulets

After the talismans are ready, it's time to start decorating the hall with accessories, let the wedding candles flaunt in the center of the tables. At the end of the holiday, they can be presented as a souvenir to the guests.

Family wedding symbol

This is what wedding candles symbolize.

Wedding candles

To create them, materials such as:

  • round floristic sponge and a stand for it;
  • deep bowl of water;
  • white candle;
  • PVA glue;
  • openwork white paper napkin;
  • leaves;
  • narrow green ribbon;
  • waterproof pallet;
  • roses.

Submerge the floral sponge in the water until it is completely wet.

To make sure that the sponge is completely saturated with water, pay attention to whether air bubbles float to the surface. If not, then you can remove it from the liquid. Place a plastic stand on a waterproof pallet and place the prepared sponge in it. Cut the paper napkin in half and attach it with PVA to the candle.

Making a candlestick for a wedding candle

Tie a ribbon around the candle and insert into the center of the sponge. Decorate the bottom edge of the sponge with leaves, inserting them into it with petioles. Prepare the roses by cutting their stems to the desired height. Insert them into the sponge, starting from the bottom, from the row of leaves. In this way, shape the entire sponge.

How to make a wedding candle

This is how beautiful wedding candles are made. We continue the theme of this celebration. Check out how to decorate wine glasses for this holiday.

Wedding glasses

Wedding glass

They are specially designed for a young couple. Everything should look beautiful on the festive table, and where the newlyweds are sitting, it is necessary to put wedding glasses decorated just for them. Try to arrange them yourself, based on visual clues.

Glasses for a wedding are decorated in all sorts of ways, using: pearls, satin ribbons, polymer clay flowers, lace, painting with paints.

Two wedding glasses

If you like these, then read how to create elegant decorations for wine glasses, see photos of step-by-step works and prepare a list of things necessary for such needlework, these are:

  • 2 glasses;
  • acrylic paint (in this case, snow-white mother-of-pearl was used);
  • medium-sized sponge;
  • glue used in nail service or super glue gel;
  • glossy spray varnish;
  • gel for the production of pearls;
  • polymer clay for flowers or ready-made made from plastic;
  • paper construction tape;
  • glass contours;
  • rhinestones.
Materials for making wedding glasses

Those adhesives that you can use for work are shown larger in the next photo.

Adhesives for making wedding glasses

Since you will have to attach small parts, it is most convenient to pour the adhesives into syringe bottles, whose noses are so long and thin. Cover the edge of the glass with paper tape, going 1 cm, leave a "tail" for which you will lift the glass at work. But it is better to lay something soft on the table and not raise the glass very high, because if the paper tape comes off, it will fall and may break.

The edges of the glass are covered with paper tape

Dip the sponge into the paint, lean it against the glass and paint in this way.

Wedding glass painting

This is what the wedding glasses should look like at this stage.

Painted wedding glass

Let the paint dry, then stick another tape in almost the same place where the first strip was before, but 2 mm higher, so that you can also varnish the edge of the paint.

Now take a can of varnish and treat the surface with it. When buying, be sure to ask the seller if he is persistent. After all, for example, Krilon has poorly proven itself for such works.When washing glasses, the paint peels off along with this varnish. The photo shows acrylic varnish, which is perfect for decorating wedding glasses.

Acrylic varnish for wedding glass decor

When the glasses are dry, remove the tape and proceed to the next decorating step. Apply the gel to the glasses, make pearls out of it, framing the round stand and the upper border of the glass.

Wedding glasses coated with acrylic varnish

Let the material dry, and then stick polymer clay flowers on the surface. You can read how to make them in the corresponding article on needlework.

Line the glasses with an outline on the glass.

Decorated wedding glasses

And so the stem of the wine glass will be framed.

Making the leg of a wedding wine glass

It remains to glue the rhinestones and after the materials have dried, you can put the wedding glasses, created with your own hands, in a beautiful box, and then hand them to the newlyweds or put them next to the cutlery, where the newlyweds will sit.

Ready-made wedding wine glass

DIY beautiful wedding cards

Not a single wedding is complete without them. You can make a postcard, write wishes, put a bill there, and the newlyweds will know who made such a fabulous message for them with love.

Make invitations, wedding cards using the quilling technique.

Quilling wedding invitations

To make them, you need to learn how to make flowers using the quilling technique and decorate thick sheets of paper with them.

Flowers made using the quilling technique

To make wedding cards, you need to take:

  • White thick paper for the base.
  • Colored scrapbooking paper.
  • White thin quilling paper.
  • Satin ribbon.
  • A quilling tool to twist the rolls (you can use a ballpoint pen rod).
  • Halves of beads.
  • Glue, pencil, scissors, ruler.

Cut a 15 x 20 cm rectangle out of thick paper. Fold it in half, this is the basis for your wedding card. Then cut a 9.5 x 14.5 cm rectangle out of colored paper and glue it to the front of the card.

Cut strips of thin paper for flowers, roll them into rolls by winding them on the shaft of the pen or using a quilling tool.

When removing curls, do not forget to coat their free ends with glue so that the rolls do not unwind. Press with your fingers on one and the other - the opposite end of the workpiece to make a petal out of the curl. Make a few more of these elements and glue them to the card, laying out in the shape of a flower. Glue half a bead in the middle.

Decorate the wedding card with spirals by spinning the rolls a little. Decorate them with beads. The satin bow will be the finishing touch of the design.

Decorating wedding cards with paper spirals

Wedding cards can be like this.

Homemade wedding cards

To do this, you need to cut a 5-corner from pink cardboard, fold it in the form of an envelope. You can also use a plain, light colored envelope. An openwork braid is glued along its edges. 2 strips of gold elastic are rolled up in the form of rings and also glued.

The sides and corner of the envelope are decorated with lace braid. It remains to glue the inscription "Happy Wedding", on the corner - a bow, a flower from a satin ribbon, and in its center - a bead.

In such an envelope, you can give money for a wedding, put in the same warm wishes for the newlyweds, written, for example, on such a postcard.

Wedding envelope card

Its main part is a pink heart of flowers - a symbol of love. Such a voluminous bouquet will decorate any wedding card. To do this, take:

  • white cardboard;
  • colored cardboard for the base - plain or with patterns;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • corrugated paper - for petals: red, pink or white, for green leaves.

If you want to make such a card, then cut out a large rectangle from colored cardboard, and a smaller one from white. You can glue the light one to the darker one so that the edging is even on all sides. If you want to make an original postcard, then glue it at an angle, as shown in the photo.

From corrugated flower paper, cut strips 10 cm long and 1.5 cm wide.Roll each into a tube, then knead it a little with your hands to shape it into a rose.

You will need a lot of blanks. In order not to be mistaken with their number and to make the wedding card neatly, first draw the outline of a heart on white cardboard with a simple pencil. Starting at the edge, you will glue roses into it to fill the entire space. But, in addition to them, it is necessary to make leaves. For them, take green corrugated paper, cut it into rectangles measuring 2 x 5 cm. Cut the large side of each in a zigzag fashion so that you get four triangles. Attach the leaves to the roses with these cloves up, glue the flowers and leaves in pairs. Decorate all the blanks in this way, or start gluing each one to the postcard as soon as you have created a rose.

Try to attach items close to each other so that the cardboard is not visible between them.

Here's how and what accessories for a wedding can be made to please guests and newlyweds on this unforgettable day.

The video will give you some more useful ideas. Enjoy your supervision and inspiration!

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