Cat breed Bohemian Rex: description, photo, character

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Cat breed Bohemian Rex: description, photo, character
Cat breed Bohemian Rex: description, photo, character

Historical information about the variety of cats Bohemian Rex, the official standard of appearance, features of the character of the pet, health, care and maintenance of the animal at home, the price of a kitten. The Bohemia Rex cat can be called the Czech Curly Cat. This representative of the feline world very much resembles Persian cats, but only their fur is unusual - curly. These pets were obtained through long breeding works that were carried out on Persian cats and Rex. And the result is a cute, quiet, gentle and obedient animal, distinguished by a decorative fur coat.

The history of the emergence of the breed of cats Bohemian Rex

Bohemian rex lies

By the name of the variety, it is immediately clear that these cats are related to the Czech Republic, which at that time was called Czechoslovakia. And Liberec became the hometown in which such an unusual animal appeared. It was in this town, located on the Nisa-Luzhitska River, that during breeding work, one of the pedigree cats became the mother of kittens with unusual fur, she was not only long as Persians, but also had an attractive curly structure, which is inherent in German cats. and Cornish Rex.

Many experts in the field of felinology are of the opinion that such a gene, which is responsible for the curliness of the coat in Persian cats, was present in animals before. Apparently, this happened in the 50-60s of the XX century, when breeders were engaged in breeding such a species as the German Rex. But whatever the reality, it was decided to consolidate this newly-appeared feature in a new variety. And in 1989, targeted research began to develop a new breed, which after a few years began to be called the Bohemian or Czech Rex.

However, only in 1994 was the standard for the appearance of these cats fully formed and the breed received recognition only in FiFe (an international organization engaged in breeding and breeding new types of cats). But, despite the beauty of these animals, the variety has a small number of individuals and in the world it still remains not very popular and well-known.

Bohemian Rex: description of the standard of cats

Bohemian Rex appearance

Since the ancestors of this species were still Persian cats, you can fully use the standard inherent in this breed and for cats of the Czech Rex variety. It is clear that with the exception of curly wool. But nevertheless, we present here all the data enshrined in FiFe. The weight of Bohemian rex individuals varies between 3-7 kg.

  1. Head the size of the animal ranges from medium to large. It is rounded in shape, or takes on massive outlines, and is characterized by excellent balance. The skull is rather wide.
  2. Forehead the bohemian rex cat is rounded, if you look at the cheeks, they look full and also wide.
  3. Nose the pet has a short and wide, it is distinguished by a noticeable stop, but it is not protruding. This transition from nose to forehead is usually located on the line of the eyes, without going beyond the upper and lower eyelids.
  4. The chin Rex from the Czech Republic is strong, and the cheeks differ in width and power of forms.
  5. Expression the cat's muzzle is well open.
  6. Ears the Bohemian Rex cat is small, one might even say small, there is a rounding at the tips, thick brushes are also present there. The auricles are located quite far apart and very low on the skull.
  7. Eyes these descendants of the Persians are large in size, have a round shape and good opening, they are also located at a great distance.The color of the cornea is usually in accordance with the color of the coat, as in the Persians. Eye color is characterized by richness and expressiveness. But the clearer the eyes and the richness of the color scheme the cat has, the more preferable it will be.
  8. Neck in cats of the Czech Rex breed, it does not differ in length, but it is quite strong.
  9. Body the animal is dense, knocked down, located low on the legs; cats with a wide chest and massive shoulders and croup. Their musculature is well developed.
  10. Limbs such cats are not long, but they are strong and have some thickness.
  11. Paw pads Bohemian Rex cats are of course proportional to their paws - they are large, rounded, strong. Preferably, when the individual has protruding tufts of hair between the toes.
  12. Tail representatives of the breed are not long, but thick. It is important that this organ of balance in the Czech Rex is completely in proportion to the length of the body. There is a rounding at its tip.
  13. Wool. It is this factor that influenced the appearance of this feline species. It can range from medium to long. The structure of the coat is dense. At the same time, the cat has a well-defined "collar" and "pants", which completely cover the hind legs. In addition to short hairs on the face and ears, the hairs have a distinct curly structure. At the same time, a small amount of curls should be present on the cat's chest, belly and "panties", which look like spirals or small curls. The hair on the shoulder blades, croup and tail does not curl as steeply. It is curious that the woolen covering on the limbs takes the form of letters "J", "U" or "S". If you touch the fur coat of a Bohemian Rex cat, then under your hands it resembles a crumpled plush that has twists.
  14. Color. Both with a general description and with colors, Czech Rex borrowed all shades from the Persians. This includes tortoiseshell and smoky, cream and red, as well as blue, cameo, bicolor and white.
  15. Disadvantages with the standard is the straightened hair everywhere, except for the head of the animal and those defects that are found in the description of Persian cats.
  16. Crosses usually representatives of the Czech Rex breed only with Persian individuals.

Bohemian Rex cat health

Bohemian rex playing

You can please the owners and those wishing to purchase a Czech Rex animal by the fact that their pets can give joy for a rather long period of time - 12-15 years.

However, despite the fact that serious breeding work was carried out in the process of breeding this species, cats of some lines of the Bohemian Rex may suffer from genetic diseases. Among them, polycystic kidney disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and progressive retinal atrophy add to the problem.

Also, unpleasant moments can be organized by the owner himself, who often overfeeds his pet. It is important to take preventive measures for the use of vitamins, which you can purchase and give yourself. Such preparations are multivitamin complexes, for example, Anivital Feliimmun or Beafar Tor 10. These vitamins should be used for 1-3 months twice a year, and preferably in spring or autumn, when cats' immunity begins to decline. When the beautiful coat of the Bohemian Rex cat begins to shed, then Beavers are added to the animal's food.

Important to remember

An overdose of vitamin preparations will do more harm than vitamin deficiency. You must strictly follow the dosage indicated by the manufacturer or the recommendations of your veterinarian. It is clear that in order to preserve the health of the cat, it is necessary to carry out antiparasitic therapy and to do all the vaccinations during the time.

Features of the character of the cat Bohemian Rex

Looks Bohemian Rex

From the Persians, the cats of the Czech Rex breed got a rather calm character. These animals are very fond of affection, show goodwill to all family members and are quite obedient.At the same time, they simply radiate love and abundance. These pets are practically not characterized by aggressiveness and nervous state. All owners of this breed note the softness and kindness of character. At the same time, Bohemians are simply thrilled with affection and respond to the attention of any family member and even visiting guests. They will not mind if people pick them up and squeeze them, but everything is within reason.

Children also wear pets with the Bohemian Rex cat, as the pet will docilely endure everything that the kids do with it. They are always ready to support the game that has begun and even at an old age can run after a string or a ball. If an animal is hurt, then he most likely will not let go when, but will simply try to move away from the source of trouble until the person realizes that he should not behave this way.

Usually a representative of the Bohemia Rex breed prefers to choose one of the household members as his favorite, and most often it becomes a woman. Scientists say all due to the fact that women have a higher voice timbre and cats like it more than low male voices. If we talk about other pets, then even with dogs, Bohemian cats manage to improve relationships. These representatives of the feline world will relatively calmly endure the absence of household members for a long time and will welcome them with love and affection without offense. At the same time, you cannot call them intrusive, their tact and delicacy are noted.

Bohemian Rex cat grooming tips

Bohemian rex sitting


It is clear that due to the long woolly coating, caring for such animals will be quite problematic. It is on wool that judges pay their attention to when evaluating Czech Rex breed pets at dog shows. The best way to groom these cats is through the stomach. And it's important to start doing this from an early age. So for the formation of beautiful hairs, it is recommended to regularly give preparations with vitamin B. Such are Beaphar Kitty's Mix, FeliDerm (AniVital) or Polidex Immunity up. They not only help to improve the condition of the coat, but also help keep the animal active.

Since the hairs are curly and long, it is important to be extremely careful when caring for Czech Rex cats. For combing, use a soft brush intended for children, since the hairs are very thin and at the same time the curls must be held with your fingers so as not to accidentally pull and cause pain to the animal. Each strand is combed separately. Do not use any powders or other products for wool. This is because the wool of the Bohemians is very prone to tangling and tangles easily fall out of it, which then there is no way to untangle, but will have to be cut off.

It is clear that due to the amount of wool, people with a scrupulous character will have to refuse such cats, since even if combing is carried out daily, but the hairs will appear everywhere. This is especially not suitable for those who suffer from allergic reactions.

For bathing Bohemian cats, it is recommended to use a special shampoo, which is designed for long-haired breeds. If the owners believe that there is no need to bathe cats due to the fact that they are constantly licking their fur, then this opinion is erroneous. Since in the natural conditions of living in animals, the glands are tuned to produce a special lubricant, which begins to cover all the hairs of the cat, and protects it from wind, frost, and cold. But our pets live in different conditions and veterinarians recommend bathing them every 3 months, but if a Czech Rex cat walks on the street, then more often.

You can use both dry shampoos, masks, and conventional liquid products. Of the latter, Iv San Bernard Purifying shampoo can be distinguished, which deeply cleanses the pile. Shampoo is applied to the moistened hair of the animal only in a diluted form.Also, after washing, conditioners are used, but if you do not want to use additional funds, then you can take a combined shampoo from AVK (Avtovetzashita, Russia). These preparations will provide easy brushing of the cat's fur coat. After washing, the coat is thoroughly washed with running water and then the pet is gently soaked with a towel to remove any remaining moisture.

General hygiene

Although the coat of Bohemian Rex cats will require a lot of effort, you should not forget about the eyes and ears of the animal. So it is recommended to wipe the eyes with a special “Cliny C” lotion (with silver ions) or “SaniPet” spray lotion. If there is no purchased product, then you can use tea leaves or chamomile decoction. Any product is applied to a cotton pad and wiped without pressing the eye from the outer corner to the inner corner.

The ears of the Czech Rex cat are cleaned with the help of children's ear sticks, on which there are restraints. The cotton tip is moistened in an ear cleaner. They can be funds "AVZ Bars", "Cliny" or the like.

Bohemian Rex cat food

Since representatives of this species are very prone to overeating, it is important that the owner of the pet's diet pays close attention. Since these cats are not very active and can lie on the bedding or the owner's lap for days, being overweight can become a real problem. It is recommended to feed an adult 2-3 times a day, while the total amount of food is kept within 300 grams. You can feed the Bohemians with natural products, but all breeders recommend using professional feed, which already contains all the necessary substances and vitamins. For a pet, choose a diet from a super premium class line, for example, Arden Grange, 1st Choice or similar foods.

Parenting moments

These animals are calm and peaceful, so you can easily accustom a kitten after it gets to a new house both to the tray and to the scratching post. This breed practically does not lend itself to training, since the representatives are characterized by laziness.

General care

To make the Czech Rex cat comfortable in your home, it is recommended to allocate a bed for her, choose a comfortable tray and filler. You need a pair of bowls: one for food, and the other for water, and it must always be poured if the animal eats dry food. When a pet often stays at home, then two or more toys are purchased for him. If the owner plans to walk the pet, then a special harness is bought.

Bohemian Rex cat price

Bohemian rex kitten

Since there are not so many individuals of this breed in the world, then the price for them will be significant. So a kitten of the Czech Rex breed can cost around 30,000 rubles or 1,000 USD. The cost will directly depend on what class the animal is offered, its age, what its pedigree. Also, the price will depend on the nursery, how prestigious it is and many other factors. Naturally, if the nursery is located abroad, then the cost of delivery must be added to the cost. It is important to remember that kittens are recommended to be purchased at the age of 12-18 weeks.

Usually, when providing a pet, a self-respecting breeder must give full information about the pet, which includes habits, vaccinations or possible hereditary diseases. It is indicated which feeding regimen you need to adhere to, what features may come to light in the content of Bohemia Rex and other data about a particular individual.

The mandatory list of documents includes a metric, this is the name of the first official document, which confirms the breed of a Bohemian Rex kitten and information to which club it belongs. It is also important to have a veterinary passport with all marks on vaccinations and so on.

When booking a kitten, and even more so when buying a kitten, you need to check the cattery for reliability.To do this, it is important to make inquiries about this organization on the Internet and if there is such an opportunity, then try to contact people who have already acquired a kitten for themselves in the chosen cattery.

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