Cat breed Napoleon: description, character, content and price

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Cat breed Napoleon: description, character, content and price
Cat breed Napoleon: description, character, content and price

Historical data on the breed of cats Napoleon, the official standard of appearance, features of the character of the animal, health, care and maintenance of the pet at home, the price of a kitten. The Napoleon cat can also be found under the name Minuet Cat. Among all the representatives of the feline world, these animals stand out for their short stature and rather cute appearance. If you want to buy a playful and low-maintenance pet, then this animal is just very suitable for this. The only drawback is the price, since such an unusual cat will cost a lot, since it is one of the most expensive species.

The history of the emergence of the breed of cats napoleon

Cat napoleon looks

There is a version that the name of this species was assigned due to its dwarf size and the fact that the well-known military leader and emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte was also not very tall, and he also had a phobia associated with cats - he was very afraid of them. This disease is called gatophobia.

These unusual representatives of the feline world were bred quite recently. The breeding work was attended by cats of the Manchikin breed and long-haired Persians, which are distinguished by their extraordinary grace. The breed was registered only in 2011 and its price is due to the costs that were put in the process of its breeding. At the same time, the specialists not only wanted to breed a pet with miniature paws, but also have a healthy body, devoid of "defects".

It all happened at the end of the 20th century, when the American cat breeder Joe Smith set out to get an exotic cat with the given parameters. At first, there was no question of the success of this work, since the genotype of Persian cats was not suitable for crossing by a number of parameters. The kittens that were born at the same time were the owners of serious defects.

But the determined and enthusiastic breeder Joe Smith, after thorough work on further research of the genotype, was able to get several pets in 1996 of this rare species that do not have gene mutations. The breeder then contacted the international feline association TICA to add his new breed to the Experimental Breeds collection. By 2002, the status of the species was only registered, but he left the project in 2008, stopped further research in the field of crossing and neutered all remaining individuals. However, the cats that were born were so unusually cute that interested breeders began to continue the work after a whole decade. As a result of their labors, the napoleon cat variety acquired not only its uniqueness, but also received official recognition in TICA.

The official breed standard for the Napoleon cat

The appearance of a cat napoleon

According to the officially recognized characteristics, all cats of this breed are divided into two types, which differ in the parameters of the limbs:

  • Classic cat napoleon, in which the legs have a length inherent in ordinary representatives of the feline world.
  • Dwarf representatives of the breed, distinguished by their miniature size and shortened legs. This species is also called the extreme napoleon.

Since the ancestors of these unusual cats were Persian cats and Munchkins, it is clear that the dominant characteristics of these two species will be reflected in this exotic variety. According to the standard, the weight of an adult should not exceed 2 kg.

  1. Head Napoleon cat is rounded, medium-sized, featuring a powerful chin. The muzzle has a flattened outline, although the nose itself is not very flattened.Therefore, such problems as puffing, inherent in many Persians, pets are deprived. The shape of the nose allows them to breathe well. A small notch can be seen on the bridge of the nose.
  2. Eyes proportional, round in shape, their color partially coincides with the shade of the coat. The eyes are set wide, therefore, even when Napoleon cats grow up (and of course, due to their diminutiveness) they look like kittens.
  3. Ears set at a wide distance, they are short, pointed at the tips.
  4. Body it is distinguished by powerful contours, and in these animals it is elongated, with a strong bone. At the same time, the back is wide and the outlines of the neck are the same. Although the muscles of these exotic animals are well developed, the only prohibition is jumping from a great height or, even worse, falling.
  5. Tail set rather high.
  6. Limbs Napoleon cats are the hallmark of this species. The front legs are slightly shorter than the hind legs. The paws are massive, but the toes look very neat.
  7. Coat color the standard is not strictly stipulated and can take on various shades, as well as combine several tones that are within the same color range (for example, peach, gray, white or red).
  8. Wool in cats, Minuet Cat can be either short or long, but regardless of the length, it is thick and beautiful.

Description of the nature of cats napoleon

Cat napoleon playing

Due to the fact that throughout their life these pets retain a cute expression on their faces, it is clear that they have become favorites not only of children, but also of many adults. However, it is worth remembering that cats of the Napoleon breed absolutely do not tolerate prolonged loneliness and lack of attention to their person, so you should not leave them alone at home for a long time, and it is also not advisable to let them out unattended, take a walk in the fresh air. It is clear that such an animal will attract attention and can be stolen if someone beckons him.

This exotic has a sociable and very trusting disposition, as well as a complete non-aggressiveness. Even if a naughty child accidentally inflicts pain on the cat Napoleon, the claws will never be released. In the house, this animal will get along well with other pets.

Owners of napoleon cats claim that their pets help not only to raise the mood with their presence, but can eliminate headache symptoms and successfully cope with stress. To do this, you just need to let the cat just nap on your lap and start his own "song".

Throughout their life, Napoleon cat are distinguished by their love of outdoor games and even in old age they have a playfulness. It is only important to remember that these cats should not jump, let alone fall from a height.

Health features of napoleon cats

Cat napoleon sitting

If the owner provides proper care, then these exotic animals do not show a tendency to most feline diseases. Their life span reaches fifteen years. But it is important to consider that this factor will directly depend on the pedigree of the Napoleon cat. If the closest relatives of the pet did not have any health problems, then one can hope that there will be no serious diseases that are inherited.

When a kitten of this breed is purchased, it is worthwhile to carefully study its parents. This is because the Persians were the descendants of the Napoleons, it is possible to get polycystic kidney disease, which is so common in the latter. This disease is a slowly progressive, irreversible formation of multiple cysts on the kidneys of an animal. At the same time, both organs are affected at the same time and their function associated with blood purification begins to fall sharply.

The symptom of the disease at the first stage will be some lethargy of the cat and its reduced body weight, at the second stage there is soreness in the kidney area and increased thirst, followed by frequent urination, as well as a change in the parameters of the pupil and a decrease in visual acuity.At the third stage, vomiting may occur, the pet's consciousness becomes depressed, it loses its reaction to stimuli, convulsions and disorders of the central nervous system appear.

It is clear that such a disease is better diagnosed, the sooner the better. For this, not only ultrasound is used, but since 2005, genetic testing has been carried out to determine the possible risk of transmitting this disease to kittens.

It is also important to maintain the health of your pet to take courses of vitamin preparations, which can be given to the cat Napoleon in the spring and autumn, when immunity decreases. Such complexes can be Anivital Felimmun or Beafar Tor 10, which are given for 1-3 months.

Do not forget about taking preventive measures to get rid of internal and external parasites, following the vaccination schedule. Do not think if the pet does not go outside, then it is protected from worms and fleas. This is not the case, all these problems can appear due to the fact that the owner brings pathogens on his street shoes. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to carry out such procedures. The best means for getting rid of internal parasites today are considered such drugs as "Drontal-plus", "Cestal", or use the likes of "Praziquantel", "Pracizid" or "Kaniquantel". There are many similar products, it is only important to read the instructions for use and follow the indicated recommendations, since the dosage of almost all drugs is calculated by the weight of the cat.

From external parasites - fleas or ticks, special collars, which are produced by the firms "Hartz", "Beaphar" and "Bolfo", can be used as a preventive measure. If these funds do not cope, then you can drip special drops on the withers of the Napoleon cat, which are effective. You should buy proven drugs such as "Advantix" or "Stronghold".

If you want to remove such parasites when washing, you can recommend inexpensive shampoos like Celandine, Phytoelita or Lugovoi.

Maintenance and care of a napoleon cat

Color of a cat napoleon

Both classic and dwarf napoleon cats do not require any special personal care.


Since there are individuals of this species with short and long hair, the care for them will be slightly different. For pets with longer hairs, it is recommended to give preparations with a high content of vitamin B to form a fluffy fur coat.Although there are many companies that produce such products, but here are some, they can be considered Beaphar Kitty's Mix, as well as FeliDerm (AniVital) or Polidex Immunity up … These vitamin complexes will help improve the condition of the coat and will also support your playful pet. Shorthaired cats can also be offered a complex of vitamins for their fur - Beaphar Laveta Super for cats. When combing cats with a long six, you will have to be careful, as it can fall into tangles and you need to comb it carefully, holding the "curls" with your fingers. You need to buy a special soft brush for the animal and comb it out every day: in extreme cases, long-haired twice in 7 days, short-haired cats - once.

Of course, if a Napoleon cat walks on the street, then it is worth bathing it once every three months with the use of appropriate cleansing agents. This can be the Perfect Coat Shed Control & Hairball shampoo from the 8 in 1 brand.

After washing, you do not need to resort to drying with a hairdryer, as the animal may get scared, therefore it is recommended to blot the cat's fur with a towel and protect the pet from drafts and cold so that it can dry out on its own.

Eyes and ears

Once a week, you should pay attention to the hygiene of the ears and eyes. For the ears, it is better to purchase children's ear sticks equipped with restraints and a special lotion, for example, "AVZ Bars" or "Cliny". The eyes are wiped with cotton pads dipped in preparations like "Cliny C", which contain silver ions.If you cannot find such, then you can use decoctions of chamomile or calendula, or take tea leaves.


The claws of Napoleon cats also require care as the stratum corneum grows. If there is no experience, then it is better to resort to the help of a veterinarian, and not to cut it yourself, as you can injure your pet.

General care tips

It is clear that such a clean animal as a cat will not walk into a tray with dirty filler, it will also turn away from its unwashed bowl. Therefore, it is recommended to frequently change and clean the litter box and keep the “kitchen utensils” clean. Cats should have two bowls, one for drinking and one for food. So that during your absence your pet does not get bored, they buy 2-3 toys for him and spend some time every day playing games.


For cats of the Napoleon breed, it is recommended to use a balanced diet, which is given to the pet twice or 4 times a day. Food should contain proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Such a diet consists of fermented milk products, boiled sea fish, yolk and white meat, liver and vegetables. You can give Napoleon cat and offal. It is only important to remember that animals should not eat too fatty, salty or sweet foods.

But if the owner does not want to bother with preparing food for his exotic, but tries to provide him with all the necessary drugs, then food from the super-premium class line is selected. Among them are Arden Grange, 1st Choice or the like.

Immediately after acquisition, the kitten is fed 5–6 times a day, the diet of adults varies within 2–3 times.

Price and purchase of a cat napoleon

Napoleon cat kitten

It is clear that the average cost of a kitten of this breed will depend on its pedigree, coat color and length of its limbs. This figure starts from 1,500 USD, and on the Russian market prices can vary between 30,000–75,000 rubles. It is important to note that this cost does not include delivery, and you still have to pay to bring the kitten to the owner.

If you want to acquire such an extraordinary animal, then it is important to know where and how to find it and what to pay attention to. Today nurseries in Russia are located in cities such as Moscow and Voronezh. But there is a large group of breeders who privately breed dwarf cats or you can pay attention to foreign catteries. If you decide to buy from a private owner or abroad, then it is important to learn more about the organization offering such exotic cats, as there are cases of fraud. They can send an animal of a different breed or even an empty parcel.

Here are the main and most common links to catteries that offer napoleon kittens. These organizations are the most recognized for the sale of miniature cats and are fully responsible for all aspects of the sale (pedigree, vaccinations and documents):

  • Murmulet (;
  • Naptime Napoleons (;
  • (;
  • Little Frenchmen (;
  • Megosfera (;
  • (

If the purchase is carried out from a private breeder, then you should carefully study all the documents and make sure that they are selling the declared animal, since careless sellers can slip the "consequences" of crossing completely different breeds.

When buying a Napoleon kitten, you should pay attention to whether the animal meets the official standard. The coat should be shiny and have a shimmer, the cornea of ​​the eyes should be clear, the nail plates should be free of detachment, the pet should be mobile and active.

Video about a cat of the Napoleon breed:

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