What kind of cat is a poodlecat: care and maintenance

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What kind of cat is a poodlecat: care and maintenance
What kind of cat is a poodlecat: care and maintenance

The history of the origin of the Poodlecat breed, a description of the appearance and character traits of curly cats, health and possible difficulties, tips for caring for a pet, the price of a kitten. Poodle cat is a cat that cannot be called a creation of nature. Such extraordinary animals are the result of long, hard breeding work. Even reading the name of this type of feline, the thought is somehow unwittingly admitted that these cats must certainly bear a resemblance to the poodle dogs. And this is really so, with such dogs they have some similarities, manifested in a curly fur coat and not only. Rumor has it that representatives of this species are the owners of a fairly developed intellect and one more trait in common with dogs - loyalty.

Poodlecat: the origin story of curly cats

Poodlecat sitting

Today, such felines cannot be called world-famous celebrities, since the breed was bred quite recently. Around the beginning of the 90s of the last century, the famous German felinologist and cat breeder Rosemary Wulf realized that she had a special mission - to create new cats for the world that would be special in every sense of the word. The specialist pondered the future breeding work for a long time, carefully selected candidates for the founders of the new species, and as soon as the picture more or less began to clear up, the woman, losing precious time, set to work.

At the very beginning of the selection, Rosemary Wulf had no idea who exactly she wanted to breed, but later, oddly enough, the outlines of the cat of her dreams flashed in her head, namely the name of the future breed - "Pudelkatze", which means Pudelkat in German. Proceeding from this idea, the German breeder immediately realized that future animals should be no matter what the size and color of the coat, the main thing is that they resemble "poodle dogs". But one fur coat with curls was not enough, the felinologist knew for sure that such a breed would not interest anyone, since it would be considered just a new subspecies of Rex. Then it was decided to reproduce the new cats in a curly fur coat and with ears twisted like folds.

When the work on breeding started, many representatives of felines of various breeds took part in it. Among them were Devon Rex and Maine Coon cats, French Carthusian cats and Somali cats, not even without a Norwegian forest cat. In addition to these eminent purrs, Scottish folds also took part in crossing, where without them, because without the gene for "lop-earedness" there would not have been a real poodlecat.

Very soon the first kittens of the new breed were born - and they could not but please the breeder. All, as one, the kids had the originally conceived qualities: medium in size, with beautiful, very thick and rather curly hair and, moreover, lop-eared.

For the first time, representatives of a new cat species were presented at one of the major exhibitions in Germany in 1994. It is impossible to say, of course, that the cats made a splash, but they did not go unnoticed either. In the same year, the Poodlecat received its first and so far the only official documents that confirmed its pedigree from the International Cat Federation. Other cat associations with world names are still silent and are in no hurry to recognize new fuzzies, but it may just take time. And who knows, maybe these "poodle cats" will soon break championship titles at all feline events around the world.

Description of the appearance of cats of the Poodlecat breed

Poodlecat's appearance
  1. Torso Poodle cats are average in terms of parameters, the maximum recorded body weight of an adult cat is about 6 kg. The body of these animals is strong, slender, taut with well-developed muscle tissue. In shape, their body resembles a rectangle with smoothed outlines.
  2. Limbs they are also medium in length, strong and stable, ending in oval-shaped paw pads.
  3. Tail process Poodle cat is not too long, small in diameter, wider in projection of the base, but gradually tapers towards the tip. The tail of the animal is well covered with dense curly hair.
  4. Head Poodle cats are of medium size, their configuration resembles a modified wedge with rounded outlines. The forehead is wide and slightly flat, the chin is strong and rounded. The muzzle is wide with well-defined pads under the mustache. The neck is rather thin, but not too long.
  5. Auricles medium in size, wide at the base, slightly diminishing in diameter towards the tip. The ears are located high and at a very impressive distance from each other. It is noteworthy that the ears of the poodle are curled, like those of "fold" cats, but since this gene was inherited from them, there are also "poodle" cats of the "straight" variety.
  6. Eyes in curly cats they are rather large, round in shape, wide open. As for the shade of the iris, the official breed standard allows for any riot of colors, the main rule is that the color of the cat's eyes should be in harmony with the basic color of the coat.
  7. Wool representatives of this breed can not be called either short or long, but it is striking in density, tightly attached to the body of the animal. In texture, it is soft, silky, a little like plush. The main advantage of these cats is their curliness, each individual pet's hair is twisted in its own way, some are simply wavy, while others are like curls that have just come out from under a professional curling iron.

The coat colors of such cats can be very diverse.

Character features of Poodlecat cats

Poodle cat photo

If you read the reviews of the happy owners of such an animal as a poodle cat, then you are unlikely to be able to find at least one negative among them. Such a pet is distinguished by its loyalty, devotion, the ability to love its owner gratuitously and endlessly. These cats always know how to act in any situation: when you need to approach a person and purr compassionately, or at this time it is better to leave him alone, and when you can invite him to the game.

With young children, these curly cats also show their best side, with a child they can play for hours, tirelessly, run, jump and climb in various nooks and crannies of your house. You should not be afraid, such a pet will never bite or release its claws, even if the child has stepped over the line of what is permitted. In such not very pleasant situations, the Poodlecat usually just turns around and goes to its place - just offended. But a few minutes will pass and she will forget about all the troubles to think, and if you still beckon him with new fun or, better than that, something tasty, then she will not stand even a minute in offense.

As for other pets in the house, then there is nothing to worry about, be it another cat or a dog, you can be sure these poodle cats will certainly make friends with them. As for birds and rodents, this is another question. Since this species of feline is new, no one yet knows about their hunting abilities, but it is better to observe such a society. Despite its plush appearance, a cat is a cat, and catching mice and birds is its original natural vocation.

The only thing that a Poodlecat cat can not stand is loneliness, the pet needs your attention, and the more the better.Nobody says that the owner should entertain his cat all day, not at all, but it is best to accustom yourself to the fact that every day you should carve out at least 30-40 minutes for your tailed friend. In the event that such an amount of time is an unaffordable luxury for you, then it is better to refuse such an undertaking as a cat in the house, and even more so from Poodle cat. The fact is that this is not at all a whim or quirks of an animal, such a cat from boredom and despondency can easily fall into depression, and this is fraught not only with a low mood, but also with many somatic health problems.

Poodlecat cat health

Poodlecat lies

In general, representatives of this species of feline cannot complain about health, but due to the fact that they were artificially bred, they still have some problems.

The first thing to remember for the owner of such a pet is that poodle cats have a high predisposition to allergic reactions. And they are allergic not only to food, although you need to be extremely careful with them. Very often, these cats have seasonal outbreaks of allergies, for example, when plants bloom in the spring. Therefore, at such a time, it is better to refrain from walking. In addition, unpleasant symptoms in a kitten may also appear in an apartment where there is a large accumulation of dust, for example, if you have renovations in your house, it is better for the animal to "stay" with someone of your relatives for this time. Tobacco smoke is a powerful allergen for a poodle cat. But, perhaps, the first place is still occupied by a variety of chemicals that are often used for cleaning carpets, mopping and other household chores. Also, Poodlecat cats are allergic to litter in the tray, so the best option for them would be ordinary sand, without flavors and other chemical additives. It is very easy to recognize such a reaction to the filler, in such animals the paws of the paws are very swollen, flaky and redden.

As for food allergies, it is also not alien to poodle cats, so experimenting with food for your pet is not worth it. If you feed him ready-made food, then it is better to start feeding with one type of food, and gradually introduce the fragile feline body to others. The same is the case with natural products, for example, milk and seafood, as well as river fish, it is better to completely remove them from your cat's diet.

Only a veterinarian should treat such unpleasant conditions, but you can suspect a problem without leaving your home, if you know what to look for. The main warning signs include the following: watery eyes of the animal, profuse mucous discharge from the nose, sneezing, general malaise, vomiting, intestinal upset (diarrhea followed by constipation), snoring during sleep, itching, various rashes and irritations on the skin, especially on open areas, for example, on the inside of the auricle. Treatment of such a pathology is not difficult, but it will take some time.

The first thing to do is, if possible, limit the contact of the Poodlecat cat with the annoying fact, after which you can start medication. If your pet suffers from severe itching, you can first bathe it with an anti-allergenic shampoo. Anti-Allergie Beaphar has a very good effect, but the disadvantage of this drug is that its price is about 1000 rubles per 250 ml. After bathing, you can treat the affected skin areas with different sprays, for example, "STOP-ZUD", good value for money.

If your poodle cat had severe itching and the cat, when itched, also got wounds on the skin, then a special wound-healing balm will come to the rescue. It can be bought at any veterinary pharmacy, but the main thing is that its composition is natural. Experts recommend Canina and Espree.

Directly for ingestion, cats need steroid and antihistamines, but since Pudelcat cats are allergic, a specialist should prescribe the drugs and, accordingly, their doses. Another weak point of these curly kittens is their unusual ears, although this shape of the ears looks beautiful, it adds significantly to the problems. The thing is that in the ears of a poodle there is earwax, dust particles accumulate much faster and much more abundantly than in ordinary felines. Therefore, in order to prevent early hearing loss or, moreover, total deafness, the auditory organs of the animal need frequent hygiene procedures.

In the event that you decide to start breeding cats of the Poodle cat breed, then you need to take into account many nuances. The first is that in no case should two lop-eared individuals be crossed. From such a union, kittens must appear with a number of severe congenital anomalies, one of which is congenital defects of the skeletal system. The entire skeleton of an animal grows only in breadth. And pregnant cats need very careful care, healthy, balanced nutrition and rest. For some reason, pregnancy is very difficult for female Poodlekats, frequent miscarriages, fetuses frozen in utero. Scientists have not yet found the reason for this.

In order for your pet to be healthy and happy, you need to love it, feed it well and, most importantly, periodically show it to the veterinarian, this is a must.

Poodle Cat: Care Tips

Three Poodle Cats
  • Hair care. Since the coat of such an animal is not quite ordinary, more careful care is needed. In order to prevent your cat's curls from getting tangled in tangles, it is advisable to comb his fur coat two to three times a week using a massage brush of medium hardness with an average frequency of teeth. During the shedding period, this procedure should be increased before daily carrying out, so the Poodlecat cat eats a minimum of its wool and you will not have additional carpets in the apartment. Bathing the poodle should be carried out either as needed, or at intervals of once every two to three months. When choosing a shampoo, it is best to give preference to products with natural ingredients in the composition, the same conditioner should be the same, it should also be used. The shampoo "Doctor" will be good in terms of price and quality, its cost does not exceed 300 rubles, and "Perfect Coat" also shows quite good results. The same hypoallergenic "Beaphar" is also good to use, but it is better not to use it on an ongoing basis. If you are preparing your pet, for example, for an exhibition, then it will be good to bathe it with professional means, such as the Jerob shampoo. After washing the fur of a poodle with such a means, it becomes simply incredible, but its price bites very much - on average, you need to pay about 2300 rubles for a bottle.
  • Hygiene. Such cats need to clean their ears about once a week, this should be done with cotton swabs with a special stopper. Previously, the Poodlecat cat needs to drip the ears with some kind of agent, the “Otifree” lotion and “Canina” balm well dissolve the pollution. The eyes are wiped weekly with a cotton pad soaked in a decoction of medicinal herbs (chamomile, calendula). Teeth cleaning should be carried out at least once a week, in addition, it is good to include in the cat's diet a special food for cleaning teeth, for example, "Royal Canin", marked "Dental".
  • What to feed? The best food for a poodle cat is considered to be premium or super premium ready-made food, among them Pro Plan, Acana, Royal Canin, Bosch Sanabelle and Hill's. It is also a good idea to feed the cat with holistic food, if material resources permit. These include Orijen, ProNature, Go, Innova Evo, Candidae, Eukanuba.

Pudelcat kitten price

Poodle kitten

In Russia, there is no way to buy such an animal, you need to look only in foreign nurseries. The initial cost of a kitten is 800–1000 USD. excluding delivery and related documents.

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