Usher - the most expensive cats, breed features, care and maintenance

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Usher - the most expensive cats, breed features, care and maintenance
Usher - the most expensive cats, breed features, care and maintenance

The history of the origin of Usher's cat, a description of the standard of appearance, the peculiarities of the temperament of the hybrid pet, the health and rules of keeping the animal at home, the price of a kitten. The Ashera cat is a representative of the feline world, which became famous almost all over the world, not only for its outlandish appearance and benevolent, by no means similar to appearance character. The thing is that so many unsolved secrets and mysteries soar around this extraordinary animal that no one knows if there are answers to all the questions. The most surprising thing about this is that the world started talking about the representatives of this breed not long ago, only since 2007. Some cats, even from the Middle Ages, do not collect so many myths and rumors about themselves. For some time, cats of the Usher variety occupied the first places in the ratings of the rarest, largest, most unusual and, accordingly, the most expensive cats in the whole world.

The history of the origin of the cat breed Asher

Usher's cat for a walk

These cats were introduced to the world in 2007 by a certain breeder and genetic engineer Simon Brody, who at the time was the president of Lifestyle Pets, a biotechnology company. A sensational article was published in one of the scientific journals that a new unusual breed of cats, Ashera, was bred on the planet, through long-term breeding work. As stated in this publication, these "novelties" of the feline world are not just pets that purr, eat and lay their sides on the couch. These animals are happy owners of a rare appearance, which makes them similar to their wild counterparts, in addition, these cats are not inferior in size to dogs. And yet, with all this, their disposition is no different from a sweet, gentle, obedient pet. In addition, another advantage of the new pet was its hypoallergenicity. The cats got their name in honor of the goddess Ashera, who rewards with happiness.

As soon as such information went to the masses, people massively decided that they badly needed such a pet, but not everyone could afford such an unusually living creature. Since the representative of the new breed was estimated, not much, not a little, as in 22,000 USD. But this finest hour of Ushera did not last long.

The owner of a large savannah cattery, Chris Shirk, made an enchanting statement. In which it was said that not so long ago, the well-known breeder Simon Brody acquired several kittens of the same breed in the same cattery. Chris Shirk has stated that the new breed of Usher is none other than the well-publicized Savannah. From that moment on, a long court hassle began, in which the "producer" Ashera cat proved to everyone the many differences of his creation from the Savannah cats. But Chris Shirk remained unshakable and insisted on his own. And yet he achieved his goal through genetic testing. After conducting a DNA test, the result shocked many already owners of the usher, because they had a beautiful, unusual, purebred cat in their house, which turned out to be an individual of the Savannah breed. Of course, the pet didn't get any worse from that, but a colossal amount of money has been lost, since Savannah is worth about $ 20,000. cheaper.

Description of the external standard of Asher's cat breed, photo

The appearance of Usher's cat

Although the court proved the fraud and deception about the existence of this species of cats, there are still adherents of the fact that the breed is, was and always will be.And no one can compare with these purrs, so the standard of appearance has remained separate.

  1. Torso the pet is quite overall, elongated in length, but at the same time slender and fit. At first glance, such a cat may seem very thin, but, looking more closely, it immediately becomes clear how strong, fit he is, and how much muscle tissue he has developed. The back line is straight, the wide chest and hips are in one straight line. The average body weight of an adult Ashera cat is approximately 13–15 kg, the female, of course, is smaller and more graceful, but not significantly. The height of an adult at the withers can sometimes reach 65–70 cm.
  2. Limbs representatives of this breed are very long, very strong and very slender. The forelimbs are noticeably shorter than the hind ones. The paw pads resemble an oval in shape, and are relatively small in size. Curiously, the paw pads should always be dark brown or jet black.
  3. Tail process the Usher cat has an average length, with such body parameters it seems very unusual, but at the same time the overall picture is very harmonious. The tail is small in diameter, smoothly tapering from the base to a slightly pointed, black-colored tip. The rest of the organ of balance has the same bright and beautiful color as all parts of the body.
  4. Head rather small and graceful in relation to the body, its configuration resembles a slightly modified wedge. The neck is very long, but not too thin, strong and muscular. All protruding parts of the muzzle are visualized well, but without any sharp edges. All lines are smooth and soft. The pads under the mustache are not very pronounced.
  5. Nose slightly convex and wide. The lobe of the organ of smell can be colored pink, red and black. The midline of the nose is always colored differently.
  6. Auricles large enough to resemble locators, placed high on the crown of the head. At the base, the ears are wide, and towards the rounded tip they slightly decrease in diameter. According to the breed standard, an Asher cat should have a light-colored mark on the outside of the outer ear.
  7. Eyes they are very unusual, if you look at the upper line of the visual organ, it resembles the outline of a boomerang, and the lower line is similar in shape to an almond nut. The distance between the inner corners of the eyes should be equal to the length of the eye. As for the color of the iris, there are no special requirements. It is not even necessary that the color of the eyes be in harmony with the main tone of the color.
  8. Wool very dense and soft, with no less abundant undercoat. In terms of texture, the cat's fur coat cannot be called plush; on the contrary, it is quite tough. Shines very nicely. The colors of the cat's coat can be very different, the most common are individuals with chocolate, brown, golden, gray, as well as cinnamon. The main thing is that the body of the cat is decorated with a beautiful pattern, no matter what shape the elements of the pattern are, but it should always be presented in dark colors. It is by its color that the animal resembles a small leopard.

Expensive breed of cat Usher: character traits

Usher's cat playing

Despite their completely uncommon appearance, similar to a wild beast, these big cats are the cutest creatures, but such a pet is not suitable for everyone. These cats cannot live without movement, therefore, if you are looking for a companion for yourself to lie on the couch, so that he purrs melodiously at your side - ashera is not the best choice. By nature, they are very active and mobile, they are very fond of long walks in the fresh air, but you should not let the cat go for a walk without a leash. Firstly, due to its curiosity, this "domestic leopard" can wander somewhere and get lost, but an unusual appearance can serve as a reason for the fact that it can simply be stolen.And if you live in a private house, then you can be sure that your exotic will spend most of his time outdoors. A cat can even build a small house on the street, something like a doghouse, the purr will be very happy about this.

As for the relationship between Ushera cats and a small child, then most likely they will become best friends, who, if not children, can share active fun that the animal likes so much. But it is still better not to leave them alone, these cats will not show aggression, however, having played, they can scratch very strongly.

With other pets, the Acherites will also easily find a common language, but if it is not a parrot or a hamster, the cat will perceive such animals not as a friend, but as a future delicious snack.

These cats are very smart, so they quickly get used to all the rules of living at home, a litter box and a scratching post are not a problem.

Asher's cat health

Photo of Usher's cat

Representatives of this type of cats are distinguished by excellent health and immunity, backing it up with all the necessary vaccines, as a result, you will get a healthy and cheerful long-liver.

But no matter how thoroughbred and expensive your cat is, she is not immune from many primordially feline problems. One of these is helminthiases. Many people think that if their Ashera cat lives in a closed apartment and eats exclusively prepared food, then the worms are not afraid of him - this assumption is very erroneous. The fact is that you can even infect your cat with parasites yourself, by bringing them into the house on the sole of your shoes or on a bag with groceries. It is important to periodically conduct preventive courses of anthelmintic therapy. The frequency of taking antihelminthic drugs depends on what eats and where the animal is.

Since the Usher's cat needs to be walked often, it is necessary to fight internal parasites at least once every 3 months. It would be best to contact a veterinarian, pass all tests to identify the degree of infection and the type of helminth. But if you can't visit a veterinary clinic, then there are drugs with a wide spectrum of action. Such means as "Drontal-plus", "Cestal", "Praziquantel", "Prazizid" and "Kanikvantel" are considered quite effective today. If you decide to carry out deworming at home, then carefully read the instructions, as the remedy will work if it is used correctly. As a rule, all antihelminthic drugs must be calculated depending on the weight of the animal, therefore, the cat must be weighed before the procedure.

It is important to remember that if you see worms in the cat's excrement, this is already considered a severe worm infestation, this condition must be treated under the supervision of a specialist.

Also, do not forget about the side effects of anthelmintic drugs, one of which is constipation, which can lead to serious consequences. After the anthelmintic agent, the Usher's cat must relieve itself within a few hours, at most a day. If this does not happen, experts recommend giving the animal petroleum jelly to drink. This should be done using an ordinary syringe (without a needle), a single volume of 4–5 ml. In the event that there is no effect, the procedure should be repeated after 3-4 hours, if after repeated administration of the oil there is no result, then it is better to show the Ashertz to the doctor.

Deworming is necessarily carried out in two stages, so after 10-14 days it must be repeated, but it is better not to delay. The thing is that in the body of an animal, worms are at different stages of development, and the drugs act only on adults. Therefore, after 10 days, all eggs and larvae will grow up and already need to be destroyed. But it is important to remember that if deworming is postponed, then the parasites, reaching puberty, will begin to multiply again and the treatment will be useless.

Another problem faced by the Usher cat, which often walks on the street, is external parasites - fleas.There are a lot of ways to deal with them today, but you need to take into account the peculiarities of the pet's life. If the cat just walks on a leash next to you, and does not really come into contact with other animals living nearby, then it is most optimal to get him a special collar designed to scare away fleas. The most effective are collars of the brands "Hartz", "Beaphar" and "Bolfo".

It is also good to use insecticidal drops that need to be dripped onto the withers. They are easy to use and quite effective. A few milliliters of this product will insure your cat against parasites for several weeks. Experts recommend the most drugs "Advantix", "Stronghold" and "Hartz".

The most popular and effective is the flea shampoo, washing the Usher cat with this shampoo will ensure the complete removal of all unwanted guests and give your ward neatness and freshness. In addition, shampoos are very affordable in terms of pricing policy. Among them are "Celandine", "Fitoelita" and "Lugovoy".

Flea spray is considered the most radical, but it does not need to be used for prophylaxis. Such a remedy is very toxic and it is better to use it only when there are a lot of parasites on the skin of the animal. The "Frontline spray" shows a good result.

Tips for caring for Usher's cat

Asher's cat lies
  • Hair care. Since the Asher's coat is short, it is often not necessary to comb it out, once a week will be more than enough. During the molting period, the procedure should be increased up to 2-3 times a week. As for bathing, it is not recommended to abuse water procedures; you need to wash the cat as needed. But if such a need arises often - it's not scary, since this purr is not afraid of water. It is important to know that these animals are very sensitive to drafts, therefore, after the cat has taken a bath, it must be thoroughly dried with a towel and, if possible, kept indoors until completely dry.
  • Hygiene. The pet needs to wipe the eyes about once a week with cotton pads, previously soaked in disinfectant solutions. It can be like decoctions of chamomile or calendula, or a weak solution of boric acid or potassium permanganate. If there were no such at hand, then it is quite possible to use the usual black tea brew. With the same frequency, the cat of the Usher breed needs to clean its ears in order to prevent blockage of the ear canal with deposits of earwax and dust particles. For this procedure, use children's cotton swabs equipped with a limiter. It is best to use a special lotion for cleaning cats' ears as an aid. Such substances can be purchased at any veterinary pharmacy. Among those veterinarians advise "Hartz", "Veda", "Ead Cleansing Liquid", "Otodepin". The claws of the house cat usher also need to be cared for to keep the furniture intact in the home. For a cat's manicure, you need to use special forceps, which must be very sharp. It is important to remember that a lot of nerve endings pass in the cat's claw, therefore, in order not to plunge the animal into a painful shock, only a few millimeters of the transparent tip can be cut off.
  • What to feed? For such a pet, both natural food and ready-made food can be suitable. But ready meals should be either premium or super premium. Among the premium feeds, the following are noted Hills, Royal Canin, Natural Choice, Flatazor and many others. Super premium - Bosch Sanabelle, ProNature, 1st Choice, Arden Grande. But it is better not to deprive the cat of natural food: lean meats, chicken eggs, dairy products and cereals.

Price of Usher's cats

Usher's kitten

To find out how much a cat of the Usher breed costs, we recommend contacting catteries. The average cost of a kitten will be 1,800,000 rubles (25-30 thousand dollars), but you need to take into account the delivery and all the resulting documents, which will cost about 130,000 rubles more.

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