Bohemian Shepherd Dog Care and Maintenance

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Bohemian Shepherd Dog Care and Maintenance
Bohemian Shepherd Dog Care and Maintenance

The parameters of the Bohemian Shepherd Dog, the manifestation of the pet's temperament and health, how to raise a dog, take care of: hair, ears, dental cavity, organize food and walks. Puppy price. These dogs make an excellent company for jogging or cycling. Bohemian Shepherd are capable of performing any “doggy” activity, no matter how extreme. Pets are a great choice for families who enjoy strenuous weekend adventures and have time to jog every day for the rest of the week.

Bohemian Shepherd Dog Raising

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Bohemian Shepherds are considered extremely intelligent and trainable canines. Compared to other breeds, they will surely take their place in the top ten of both categories. There is probably no task for any dog ​​that the bohemian shepherd cannot handle. These animals have proven that they are capable of serving in law enforcement and military agencies, search and rescue services, pulling sleds, and in fact can master any kind of canine sport.

This breed is highly motivated to please and usually trains fairly quickly and easily. While all dogs respond better to experienced dog handlers, the Bohemian Shepherd is known to work great with beginners too. There is probably no excuse to own a poorly trained bohemian shepherd. Owners who want to spend time and energy on their pet will acquire a fabulously trained animal that will demonstrate a high level of work and sports. Because these dogs are very active, experienced trainers have found that training methods that use play as a reward are actually more successful than those based on treats.

The Bohemian shepherd is not only inherently protected, but also extremely alert, making her an excellent guardian. She is able to deter most potential intruders. The bark response makes the Bohemian Shepherd Dog an excellent and incredibly determined guard dog. This breed is actually better suited for personal protection than property guarding and is quickly gaining a reputation in the protective dog community. The species is considered an ideal choice for those who want their pet to serve as a courageous protective animal and also be a reliable family companion.

Bohemian Shepherd puppy price

Bohemian shepherd puppy

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