Chilean Terrier care and education

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Chilean Terrier care and education
Chilean Terrier care and education

The parameters of the Chilean Fox Terrier, the manifestation of the pet's temperament and health, how to raise a dog, take care of: hair, ears, dental cavity, organize food and walks. Puppy price.

Chilean Fox Terrier temperament

Two Chilean fox terriers

The Chilean fox terrier has a characteristic appearance very similar to those found in other terrier species, although it tends to be less harsh. This breed is almost always extremely loyal and attached to the family in which it lives. Chilean fox terriers are usually very affectionate with the members of their "domestic pack".

When they are brought up with the children of the family, most of the species are wonderful at building relationships with them. However, dogs are not ideal family pets for very young children because not all members of the breed are particularly fond of rough play.

The Chilean Fox Terrier and its ancestors were bred to tirelessly track down and kill small animals for countless centuries. As a result, these dogs are usually very aggressive towards animals. Although the total number of livestock are tolerant of animals of their size or larger (if they are familiar with them from childhood), they pose a mortal danger to small hamsters or guinea pigs.

Chilean Fox Terrier Health

Chilean Fox Terrier muzzle

There has been very little study of the flaws in the chilean fox terrier organism, especially by professional organizations. Therefore, it is impossible to make certain statements about their health. But, amateurs seem to think that the species' physique is incredibly robust. Few tests and interviews with owners have revealed that this species does not have known diseases that are constantly manifested in other canines. Such pets live well up to the age of fourteen and much longer.

The breed primarily benefited from breeding as a working dog, as well as from the presence of a large gene pool. Of course, none of the above means that the Chilean Fox Terrier is immune to genetically inherited factors, but it has fewer of these problems, with significantly lower rates than most purebred dogs.

To identify eye and orthopedic diseases without waiting for mature and old age (although their coefficient is small), owners need to check their pets from time to time in special centers - the fund for orthopedics and registration for animals. This practice is imperative in breeding in order to obtain “non-defective” offspring. If one of the potential parents reveals any flaws, he is removed from the gene pool and kept as a pet.

Although research on the health status of the Chilean Fox Terrier is incomplete, based on data from similar breeds, they may have the following diseases: patella dislocation, cutaneous demodicosis, cataract, progressive retinal atrophy, cervical vertebral instability, glaucoma, lens luxation, myasthenia gravis, deafness, pulmonic stenosis, von Willebrand disease.

Immunization of all representatives of the variety must be carried out without fail, starting from 2 months of age of the dog. This will protect your four-legged friend from enteritis, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, parainfluenza and rabies. Many owners note that their pet does not need vaccinations, as they have a small dog that goes to the toilet on a diaper without visiting the street.But, the owners themselves leave the apartment and can bring anything on shoes and clothes. And if the animal gets sick, it will also have to be taken to a veterinary clinic, where conditions are not at all "sterile". So don't risk it. By saving money, you put your beloved doggie in danger. Vaccination with a combined vaccine is carried out according to the following scheme: in two and three months, and then once a year for the entire subsequent life of a four-legged pet. The Chilean Fox Terrier, like any other dog, should be prepared for the procedure. Two weeks before vaccination, it is necessary to drive out the worms of the pet. This can be done orally (tablet form or suspension) in the morning sixty minutes before feeding. The dose of the medicine is selected based on the weight of the dog - an overdose can lead to poisoning. The tablet can be given by placing it on the root of the animal's tongue. But, not all dogs allow you to do this, try to wrap it in a piece of meat or other tasty food and feed it to the doggie. For puppies, a liquid agent is better; it must be drawn into a syringe and gradually introduced into the mouth, where the premolar row of teeth grows.

The health of Chilean Fox Terriers also depends on the systematic implementation of basic prevention procedures against external parasites such as fleas and ticks. These "pests" carry dangerous diseases, and their bites cause discomfort and dermatitis in various forms. As soon as the "warm season" begins, it is necessary to process the pet every three months. For this, there are drops that are applied to the withers, in proportion to the weight of the animal. Also, before each walk, you can put on a collar on the dog, scaring away uninvited "residents".

Chilean Fox Terrier Care Requirements

Photo of the Chilean Fox Terrier
  1. Wool such a pet is short and therefore does not need professional care, and breeders are not required to pay long procedures. Ideally, all that is needed is to brush your beloved four-legged companion from time to time. The operation is performed once a week, and when the active period of hair change passes - every other day. For combing, a slicker or furminator will not work. You will need a very thick bristle brush or various rubber or silicone accessories (comb, mitten). They will contribute to a better elongation of dead awn and undercoat. If you want your dog's fur coat to shine, wipe his coat with a piece of suede leather upon completion of the manipulation. A well-groomed Chilean fox terrier will not spoil the cleanliness of your home. You will not brush hairs from furniture, carpets, and clothing. You shouldn't bathe your chilean fox terrier often. Usually the dog is washed once every one to two months or in case of unscheduled contamination. Choose shampoos that are non-irritating and non-dandruff. All products must be diluted with water in a ratio of one to five. Apply the prepared composition with a sponge or spray bottle. After soaping and lightly massaging the hairline, rinse the dog thoroughly.
  2. Teeth Be sure to clean the Chilean Fox Terrier every day to avoid infections and tooth decay. The animal brush and paste will help you with the manipulation. The resulting tartar is removed by a veterinarian using an ultrasound machine. Self-intervention by the owner is likely to cause complications. Be sure to inspect your pet's mouth when changing teeth. If at an older age you notice that permanent teeth have appeared, but milk teeth have not yet fallen out, they must be removed in the clinic under anesthesia. Otherwise, your four-legged friend may have a deformed jaw and an irregular bite.
  3. Ears Chilean fox terrier is very volatile. They are upright, hanging and mixed. After all, open ears are better ventilated than closed ones, so the frequency of their cleaning will also be individual. The remedy for the procedure should be preventive, based on herbs.Hold the head of the animal, tilting it slightly, drip the solution into the auricle and massage. Then wipe the outside of your ear with a cotton pad.
  4. Eyes these energizer dogs do not require constant care. You only need to inspect them after games and walks. Small blockages are removed by wiping with a soothing agent. All scratches and damage to the cornea, in order to avoid loss of vision, are treated by a veterinarian.
  5. Claws trim with clippers every 9–12 days. Carry out the manipulation as carefully as possible so as not to touch the living layer of the claw. If you are not careful, you can cut much more than is required and the dog will bleed. The wound must be disinfected and the blood stopped. Therefore, Kwik Stop anesthetic powder should be at hand.
  6. Feeding dry food will provide the Chilean fox terriers with the balance of the body, and the owners will save time. With such a diet, additional intake of vitamins is not needed, and clean water should be freely available. Spoil your dog with cottage cheese, eggs, or other treats occasionally.
  7. Walking. Chilean Fox Terriers are extremely active dogs that require a significant amount of vigorous daily exercise. This breed should receive a minimum of thirty or forty-five minutes of daily exercise. But, if the owners are able to devote more time to their pets, then the dogs will be incredibly happy. Although the chilean fox terrier does not need to be provided with extreme bodily tasks, they are capable of performing any job offered to them.

If the body of such four-legged pets is not loaded enough, their owners are likely to get an inadequate animal. Unnecessary behavior can manifest itself in damage to things, excessive noise of mobility and dominance over household. Although the needs of this species can cause problems in an urban environment, such pets adapt well to life in an apartment if their "desires" are met.

Dog breeding Chilean Fox Terrier

Chilean fox terrier is endowed with a very lively mind. Many dog ​​handlers working with the variety note that these are elementary trainable animals that train much easier than the general mass of terriers. However, all such dogs can be difficult to raise for novice owners. These dogs are unusually stubborn, and some of them are openly and deliberately naughty. The total mass of representatives of the species will do what they see fit, and not obey the commands of their masters. Such pets obediently respond only to firm but calm breeders who are able to maintain a constant position of dominance.

Proper training and socialization is very important for the Chilean Fox Terrier to be tolerant of strangers, although it is not an aggressive breed. Most of these dogs are excellent and very vigilant watchdogs, but lack the size and "spite" to become more effective guards.

Like most terriers, these rat-catchers can often be extremely dominant with their brethren. Terriers of both sexes try to prevail over other same-sex individuals. Purposeful parenting usually significantly reduces such problems, but in most cases does not eliminate them at all.

Chilean Fox Terrier puppy price

Chilean Fox Terrier puppies

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