Bolognese: tips for caring for animals

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Bolognese: tips for caring for animals
Bolognese: tips for caring for animals

Bolognese parameters, pet's temperament and health, how to raise a dog, take care of: hair, ears, dental cavity, organize food and walks. Puppy price. As a rule, the Bolognese is somewhat more active than a number of other companion dogs, such as the Pekingese or Maltese. When used correctly, the species are perfect for the role of a city companion, and adapt well to life in an apartment. Many owners claim that these pets are an excellent choice for active urbanists who have limited living space, but are very fond of taking long walks or other similar activities.

Raising the Bolognese breed

Bolognese sits

Over the centuries, these dogs have been bred to entertain their noble owners with tricks - the bolognese are extremely intelligent and very responsive. These soyaki compete with great success in agility and obedience, and are known to respond well and quickly to training. Many members of the species are always ready and willing to please their owner. Most of them seem to be very fond of the activity, which enhances their "education". This breed tends to get bored with repetitive tasks and does its best to train in as varied ways as possible. Bolognese is extremely sensitive to harsh commands and shouts and responds best to teaching methods that are based on positive reinforcement and emphasize pleasure.

With proper training and socialization, Bolognese dogs are usually very tolerant of other dogs. Although this breed usually exhibits low levels of aggression, similar problems have been known to develop, and especially when they involve competition. While most members of the species enjoy sharing their lives with other fellow companions, the bolognese is also very well suited to being a single pet. Although, any individual that has not been trained and has not interacted with other animals is likely to pursue cats and other small creatures. Bolognese are usually very friendly and affectionate with other pets they don't know.

Bolognese is highly susceptible to developing a behavioral condition known as "small dog syndrome". In most cases, it is caused by the owners themselves, who are not able to discipline their little pet based on its size. A cute and funny dog, who is allowed to do everything, growls and bites, defending his already taken "positions", because once he was allowed to do everything, but now he was suddenly banned. These "spoiled" individuals are usually aggressive, possessive, overly vocal, and out of control. Very often, this behavior in an adult pet is very difficult to correct, but with proper training it can be almost completely prevented.

Bolognese puppy price

Bolognese puppies

The price for puppies is from $ 1200 to $ 1600.

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