Chinese Crested Dog: what is this breed? Photos and Videos

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Chinese Crested Dog: what is this breed? Photos and Videos
Chinese Crested Dog: what is this breed? Photos and Videos

An article about a Chinese crested dog. What is this breed: descriptions, photos and videos. How she looks. This is an ancient breed of dog, its place of origin is still controversial.

Description of the appearance of a Chinese crested dog

The growth of the Chinese crested dog is from twenty-three to thirty-three centimeters, and the weight is from two to six kilograms. There is hairless chinese crested dogs and downy Chinese crested dogs.

Downy dogs are completely covered in soft, veiled hairs. Hairless dogs have hair only on the limbs, on the head and tail. There are light and medium types of dogs. They differ in body weight. The slightly rounded cranium is slightly elongated. The flat muzzle tapers towards the nose. Smoothed transition from forehead to muzzle. Tight-fitting lips. The nose can be of any color. The beginning of the crest comes from the transition from the forehead to the muzzle, and the end is at the neck. The crest may be drooping or not very long. The eyes are dark, almost imperceptible white. Low-set ears are in line with the outer corner of the eyes. Fringed ears are large and erect. Fringes on the ears may be absent. Hanging ears can be found in a downy Chinese crested dog. Strong teeth have a scissor bite. The jaws are strong and strong. Dry, long neck without thickening or dewlap. It is beautifully curved and held high when moving. Strong shoulders. Long and narrow legs are hare-shaped. Elongated and miniature wrist bones. The elongated coat covers the toes. Standing straight at the paws. Elbows, long and slender forelimbs fit snugly to the body. Wide set on the hind legs, low hocks, long legs. The long tail is set high and tapers towards the end. If the dog is not in an agitated state, then he is lowered down. A drooping, long tassel should be at the tip of the tail and should take up one third of the length of the entire tail. The color can be any. The Chinese crested dog lives up to twelve years.


This is an active, small, kind and cheerful dog. She is very strongly attached to the owner. The dog gets along well with people and other animals. The Chinese Crested Dog has a good sense of the general atmosphere and knows what to do. She behaves in the company of other people quite mannered. Gets along very well with children. Don't look that she is fragile. She can stand up for herself and is temperamental enough at the right time. The dog loves not only the owner, but also other family members.

For the cold season, you should prepare clothes for the dog to avoid hypothermia. Take a collar that is soft so that it does not chafe your neck. It is a family dog ​​that needs care, love and attention. She always attracts the enthusiastic eyes of people. The Chinese Crested Dog is popular all over the world and has many admirers.


The price of a puppy of a Chinese crested dog is not big, you can buy it from 3,000 rubles. The average price is 8,000. An adult with documents will cost from 10,000 rubles. You can easily find the sale of this breed in advertisements on sites on the Internet.

Photo of a chinese crested dog

Hairless Chinese Crested Dog Hairless Chinese Crested Dog Hairless Chinese Crested Dog Downy Chinese Crested Dogs

Chinese crested dog video

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