Centrifugal fan

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Centrifugal fan
Centrifugal fan

Types of centrifugal fans, temperatures for operation and where they are used. In order to direct the air in a strictly defined direction, fans are used. They come in different types. And one of these types is a centrifugal fan. It is mainly used in manufacturing. It differs from other species in that it has completely different sizes and the number of blades, otherwise - blades. And the very direction of the bend is different. The bend, in turn, can be external and internal.

There are models of this type of fans that are distinguished by their high explosion protection. Fans for air control of the first and second class of explosion protection are widely used. In this case, the air temperature should be no more than seventy-five degrees. For normal operation of the fan, the air temperature should be from -35 to +35 degrees. This is Celsius. Centrifugal fans are used to directly exhaust the already exhaust air.

The initial stage of manufacturing. The fan casing is made of high strength steel. If it will be installed directly on the street, moisture must be prevented from entering the electric motor. Especially for this, the body is covered with polypropylene.

All fans of this type are divided into two groups. The first group includes general purpose devices. The second group includes - special purposes. Why did they have to be separated? Firstly, this is the temperature regime. Secondly, the air itself, with which you have to work.

Centrifugal Fan - XZ-G and OD-G Series Diagram

Diagram of XZ-G and OD-G Series The general-purpose fan is usually installed in rooms where there is no aggressive environment that subsequently causes corrosion, or any sticky air compounds. As for the temperature, it should not exceed the normal allowable. If the air mass differs markedly from the above parameters, special-purpose fans are used. They are also installed for ventilation in emergency systems. And along with the removal of the exhaust air, the smoke is also removed.

The main advantage is that it is quite reliable and has increased wear resistance. In the manufacture, it is necessary to use only high-quality material. In this case, the fan will last for more than one year. After all, it can work in rooms with high temperatures.

How do you know if a fan is suitable for use in a room with a high smoke content or not?

Centrifugal fan DU, buy

It is necessary to carefully look at the specialization of a particular product. Such species are designated "DU". But still, if there is no confidence, it is better to consult a specialist. He will explain the whole process of work, as well as small details. And this, believe me, will come in handy.

Now, in order to buy a fan, you do not have to go to the store that sells them. All you need is the Internet. Almost all well-known manufacturers have their own website where you can view all existing models and find out the specifications of each of them. But the best thing is that there are special online stores where you can order this or that fan. Plus, they don't charge very high prices. And they are available to everyone.


The price of such a device depends on many factors - size, weight, power, noise level, with or without controlled power, corrosion protection, insulation, and so on. The cost of quality fans ranges from 7,000 rubles to 110,000 rubles (230–3200 dollars). Explosion-proof fans are more expensive. Their price starts from 40,000 rubles. up to 95,000 rubles. (1200-2800 $):

  • The cheapest explosion-proof Systemair EX 140-4C has the following parameters: EX 140-4C, 1 ~, 555 m3 / h, 46 dB (A), 110 W, 7 kg, 261x238x226 mm.
  • The most expensive centrifugal fan is noise-insulated with a sliding door Sys, has the following parameters: CKS 560, 3 ~, 11905 m3 / h, 77 dB (A), 2510 W, 77 kg, 900 x 342 x 1033 mm.

Video about centrifugal fan VTsUN

Centrifugal fan Vts 10-28 No. 2, 5 1, 1 kW 3000 rpm

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