How to choose a refrigerator?

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How to choose a refrigerator?
How to choose a refrigerator?

The article describes the main points when choosing and buying a refrigerator for home: what sizes exist, refrigerator and freezer, possible defrosting system, additional characteristics, refrigerator compressor, energy consumption criterion and which brand to buy. Every home should have a good refrigerator, we need it in order to store food in it, because without it they can go bad. If your refrigerator breaks down, then you definitely need to purchase it and it is important that it works well. Next, we will tell you in detail what criteria you should focus on when choosing a refrigerator in order to choose exactly what you need.

Refrigerator dimensions and volume

Refrigerator dimensions and volume

In order to choose the right refrigerator, firstly you need to understand what size and volume you need, because if you just buy the one you like in the store, you can stumble upon a big trouble, it may not suit you in size.

There are five types in size:

  • small (height from 80 to 160 centimeters, width about 50 centimeters, standard depth 60 centimeters, volume from 50 to 60 liters). Such refrigerators are best taken for a summer residence, hotel or office.
  • refrigerators mini-bars (height about 80 centimeters, width 50 centimeters and depth from 50 to 60 centimeters, volume also from 50 to 60 liters). These types are used to store drinks and fruits for them.
  • European standard (height from 170 to 205 centimeters, width and depth - standard: 60 to 60, volume from 50 to 140 liters). Such models are used for houses and small apartments.
  • medium-sized, low, but wide (more than 80 centimeters wide, about 170 centimeters high, 200-260 liters in volume). They are also used for their houses or small or medium-sized apartments, but they usually store blanks in them for the winter.
  • large (standard width about 60 centimeters, height from 195 to 210 centimeters, volume from 350 to 850 liters). These refrigerators are bought for large apartments or mansions.

Refrigerating chambers

refrigerators compartment

After you have familiarized yourself with the dimensions of the refrigerator, now let's talk about the refrigerator. There are 4 types of them:

  • for short-term storage. In such a chamber, products are stored for 3-5 days, and after that they are replaced with new ones.
  • for long-term storage. In such niches, products are stored much longer, but for this they must be specially frozen. Those. if you often buy chilled or frozen meat or fish, then such refrigerators will certainly suit you.
  • for freezing or cooling. These compartments store any food that needs refrigeration or freezing. If you like to buy only fresh.
  • for shock freezing. In such cells, food is frozen for 1-1.5 hours. If you like to make your own products that require accelerated freezing (for example, ice cream), this camera will suit you like nowhere better.



Now let's get acquainted with the freezers, it is important to decide on it, because some of the types may not suit you. According to the temperature regime, freezers are divided into 4 types, which are denoted by asterisks:

  • 1 asterisk (*). Freezer temperature -6 degrees. Foods are stored for 1 week, this option is not suitable for very long storage times of frozen food.
  • 2 stars (**). Freezer temperature -12 degrees. Products are stored for 1 month.
  • 3 stars (***). Freezer temperature -18 degrees.Products are stored for 3 months.
  • 4 stars (****). The freezer temperature is below -18 degrees and reaches -24 degrees. Products are stored for 6 to 12 months, you can safely prepare meat, fish or berries (for example, learn how to freeze strawberries for the winter correctly).

Defrosting system

Defrosting system in the refrigerator

After getting familiar with the refrigerator and freezer, let's proceed to the next function of the refrigerator, such as defrosting. Defrosting is possible both in the freezer and in the refrigerator.

There are two types of freezer defrosting:

  1. the first type is one of the simplest - manual defrosting. Those. when a certain amount of ice has accumulated, then you need to manually turn off the refrigerator, and it will begin to defrost.
  2. the second type of defrosting is the “No Frost” system, which is installed in expensive household appliances. The principle of operation of this system is to circulate cold air with a fan built into the rear wall. After certain intervals, the fan turns off, and the freezer compartment begins to melt, all the water flows into a special compartment, where it evaporates over time.

Refrigerators also use three types of defrosting of the refrigerating "room":

  1. the cheapest and easiest option is manual defrosting. The principle of operation is the same as in the freezer, more precisely, if you use this method, then both the freezer and the refrigerator are defrosted immediately.
  2. the "No Frost" system is used in more expensive refrigerators. The principle of operation is the same as in the freezer. Only the system can be built in only in the freezer compartment or in both chambers at once.
  3. but there is another type of defrosting of refrigerators, which is installed in most modern appliances. The principle of operation is that during the operation of the compressor, ice forms on the evaporator. When the compressor turns off at regular intervals, the ice in the refrigerator begins to melt.

Any of the defrosting systems has its drawbacks, and the more built-in functions, the more drawbacks. For example, the No Frost system dehydrates food very quickly, especially if it is improperly packaged, and the fan makes the refrigerator noisy.

Additional functions, options and characteristics

Additional functions in the refrigerator - TV

Now let's talk about the additional functions of the refrigerator, nowadays there are a huge number of them, but here are the main ones:

  1. Autonomous preservation of cold. In the event of a power outage, cold remains in the freezer compartment for a long time.
  2. Antibacterial coating. Inside the refrigerator, on the inner walls, a special coating is used that contains many silver compounds that prevent bacteria and microbes from living and multiplying, which very often appear in ordinary refrigerators and spoil food.
  3. Built-in TV - this function is used only in large devices, and significantly increases their price. The screen size of such a TV does not exceed 15 inches. In general, in my opinion, this is an unnecessary function, although …
  4. Ice maker. The appliance has a built-in ice making device.
  5. Noise level. Try to buy equipment that has less than 40 dB, otherwise other models will cause some discomfort.
  6. Protection from children. This is the ability to lock the door or control panel of the refrigerator.
  7. Freshness zone. This is the presence of a separate chamber with a temperature of 0 degrees.
  8. Open door indication. Light or sound signals when the door is open.
  9. Vacation mode. Thanks to this mode, when you leave home on a business trip or vacation, you do not have to turn off the refrigerator and leave the door open. It is enough just to set this function and an unpleasant "musty" smell will not be formed during your absence. In this mode, the refrigerator works and maintains a constant temperature of + 15 ° C, and electricity is saved up to 30-40%.
  10. Left loop. An additional option for the left-hander.
  11. Design and color. Nowadays, manufacturers are not limited to the standard white design, refrigerators of any color and shape are now sold in stores. The most important thing is that it matches the design of your kitchen or other place where it will stand.
  12. Built-in clock. The watch will always come in handy for us, so they are put on most household appliances. But this is an unimportant selection criterion.

Also, don't forget to see what the cameras look like in the refrigerator, and if they are enough for you. Now they have installed from one (in mini-refrigerators) and up to five chambers (in large ones).

Refrigerator compressors

Refrigerator compressors can be divided into 6 types and this is an important point when choosing a device for home:

  1. Piston compressor. With this type, the pressure is created by a piston, which is driven by a special mechanism (crank-connecting rod or crank-rocker).
  2. Variable displacement compressor. This type allows you to save energy, due to the selection of the optimal speed, thanks to the frequency converter.
  3. Rotary compressor. In such compressors, the rotational energy changes in the pressure difference during the rotation of the movable plate and the rotor. With equal cold performance, they are smaller in size compared to piston ones. And they are characterized by reliability, simplicity and less sensitivity. But due to the increased noise and due to the drift of the plates, they lost power and, as a result, did not gain widespread acceptance.
  4. Oil-free compressor. This type is very rarely used in refrigerators, it is usually used in refrigeration units. This compressor runs without oil.
  5. Electrogasdynamic compressors. The pressure is created due to the fact that volume charges of particles arise in the electric field.
  6. Linear compressors. In such compressors, the loss of energy is reduced due to the fact that, under the action of electromagnetic forces, the reciprocating movement of the piston occurs. And because of the low energy loss, the service life and reliability of such compressors are increased, and the energy consumption is reduced by up to 40%.

Also, in addition to the type of the compressor itself, refrigerators come with both one compressor and two. Naturally, preference should be given to two-compressor models. They have a longer service life, can consistently maintain the required temperature, and also allow freezing and refrigerating chambers to be defrosted separately. Their only drawback is the price (it is higher, but not by much), although this criterion is important. As you can see, this type benefits a lot when choosing compared to single-compressor freezers.

Power consumption

Also, when you choose a refrigerator, you should pay great attention to its energy consumption. It is indicated by a special marking.

The ratio of the actual energy consumption of the refrigerator to the standard consumption. The lower the percentage, the less the household appliance consumes energy.

  • A ++ <30% (most energy efficient refrigerator)
  • A + 30-40%
  • A 40-55%
  • B 55-75%
  • C 75-90%
  • D 90-100%
  • E 100-110%
  • F 110-125%
  • G> 125% (such devices require a huge amount of energy)

Cost or price of choice

Refrigerator cost - choice

Well, when you have chosen a refrigerator you need to deal with the price. Not every “freezer” can be affordable for you. As mentioned above, the most expensive of them are large refrigerators with a “No Frost” defrosting system and two compressors. But also any of the additional functions can affect the price of the device. For example, a refrigerator with a built-in TV costs 20-35% more than the regular price. If the "freezer" is energy-efficient, then its price will increase by another 10-20%. And each subsequent built-in function increases the price of the device.

You will have to pay 5% more for a unique design. But don't be upset if you want a good refrigerator with many built-in functions. It will pay off for you, because you will save on other things, for example, on electricity, long-term work.And if you do not have the opportunity to immediately purchase a refrigerator, then in our time there is a wonderful opportunity - this is a loan, the main thing is to find it with acceptable conditions for obtaining it.

Which brand to choose a refrigerator?

According to the quality rating, the top ten brands include:

  1. Liebherr (German quality);
  2. Electrolux (Swedish manufacturer, responsible for the high quality and energy consumption of equipment);
  3. Samsung (the most common brand, not only of a refrigerator, but of all other household appliances);
  4. Bosch;
  5. LG;
  6. Indesit;
  7. Sharp;
  8. Ariston;
  9. Nord;
  10. Whirpool.

The eleventh and twelfth places are occupied by domestic brands: Atlant and Stinol. Of course there are many more brands of refrigerators, but the best and proven ones are on this list, and it does not matter in the second or tenth place, remember these refrigerators are the best, and they will serve you for more a very long time.

According to the models, the most popular "freezers" at this time:

  1. Samsung RL-59 GYBMG (2 chambers; 1 compressor; freezer underneath; volume 374 liters; defrosting of the refrigerator and freezer with the "No Frost" system; dimensions: width 60 centimeters, height 190 centimeters, depth 65-70 centimeters; price: about 28 thousand rubles).
  2. Bosch KGS39XW20 (2 chambers; 2 compressors; freezer from below; volume of about 350 liters; defrosting of the freezer - manual; defrosting of the refrigerating chamber - drip; dimensions: width 60 centimeters, height 200 centimeters, depth 65 centimeters; price: about 19 thousand rubles).
  3. Beko CN335220 (2 chambers; 1 compressor; freezer from below; volume of about 310 liters; defrosting of the refrigerator and freezer with the "No Frost" system; dimensions: width 60 centimeters, height 200 centimeters, depth 60 centimeters; price: about 16 thousand rubles) …
  4. Samsung RL-52 TEBVB (2 chambers; 1 compressor; freezer from below; defrosting of the refrigerating and freezing chambers by the No Frost system; dimensions: width 60 centimeters, height 190 centimeters, depth 65 centimeters; price: about 27 thousand rubles).
  5. As a separate item, I would like to note the novelty from the Indesit company, it differs in its versatility, functionality and efficiency. This model is designed for those who like it when everything is stored in accordance with the temperature standards for different products. To preserve the freshness, tastes, odors and useful properties of the products, a movable box has been developed in which the temperature can be adjusted - Flexi Use Box. It can be installed both under the upper shelf of the refrigerator, in this case, the temperature inside will be at 5 degrees, and the Flexi Use Box can also be located under the lowest shelf, then the temperature inside will be around 0 degrees, it will be possible to store fresh meat there and seafood without freezing.

And in conclusion, I want to tell you, when you buy a refrigerator, look not at its price, but at its quality, because you choose it not for 1 year, but for at least 5-10 years, and if you choose a good device and use it correctly, then it can work for more than 10 years. After all, you can buy an expensive refrigerator, and it will break down when the warranty runs out. We'll have to fix it or buy a new one. Therefore, my advice to you: never buy a "freezer", just because a friend told you that it is good, it is better to check all the characteristics yourself and make your choice, after all, it will stand not with a friend, but in your home.

Watch the video how to choose a refrigerator:

Good luck with your choice and purchase!

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