Emporio Armani - luxury quartz watches

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Emporio Armani - luxury quartz watches
Emporio Armani - luxury quartz watches

Emporio Armani luxury watches for men review: specifications, functions, reviews, cost and where you can buy them. Emporio Armani is a world famous brand that belongs to wrist watches. First of all, it is a stylish expensive design and, secondly, a reliable mechanism. The Armani brand was developed by the very famous couturier Giorgio Armani, who has been successfully “promoting” the style of a successful businessman for several years. The wristwatches were developed preferably in a classic, businesslike, conservative manner, combining renowned Italian design and precise Swiss quality.

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Variety of Armani watch collections: photos

The appearance of belts, bracelets and cases of time indicators from the famous couturier, say his collections. For example:

Emporio Armani Classic watches

1. The Classic collection can emphasize the sophisticated business style of any suit: a rectangular steel case without ornate chains, engraving and other excesses, an elastic leather bracelet in classic colors, a massive clasp. This Armani watch is chosen not only by representatives of the stronger sex, but also by self-confident women.

Emporio Armani Retro watches

2. Retro collection: traditional round dial with three hands (hours, minutes, seconds), classic colors, no frills, the strap can be either leather or steel.

Emporio Armani watches

3. The Emporio Armani collection: this is a luxurious version under the motto "admirable", they are distinguished by originality, very expensive parts, apart from the masculine ones, there are also feminine versions.

Emporio Armani Sport watches

4. Sport collection: with a chronograph and a stopwatch, everything in the case has a luminescent glow, a steel waterproof case with PVD coating, a plastic strap.

Emporio Armani Ceramic watches

5. Armani watches, collection - Ceramic: a combination of modern innovations and classic style (unisex, men, women), their main difference from other collections of this couturier is the admixture of ceramics in the case and in the strap, there are both black and white colors, the case round with chronograph and three hands.

The approximate price of the original watch is from $ 500 to $ 1500-2000.

Emporio Armani watch specifications

Emporio Armani - luxury quartz watches

All Armani watches have a distinctive mark on the case about their belonging to the brand and to a particular collection. In particular, Emporio Armani puts a mark on the dial instead of the number “12”. If we begin to describe the characteristics of this collection from the case, then the dial is 43 mm in diameter and 11 mm thick.

The glass covering the chronograph and hands is wear-resistant, sapphire, with anti-reflective coating on both sides (in bright sunny weather, you will see both hands and numbers). Round body material - IPG coated stainless steel.

In addition to the expensive work of the Swiss, Japanese craftsmen become manufacturers of a quartz movement with a chronograph.

Armani watches weigh about 80 grams. Strap length 240 mm.

Emporio Armani functions

Modern wristwatches would be absolutely unnecessary if they were not multifunctional. This characteristic includes:

  • hands indicating hours, minutes and seconds covered with luminescent composition;
  • chronograph and date (useful to anyone who timekeepers);
  • Emporio Armani watch has impact-resistant glass (for those who like to gesticulate);
  • moisture resistance (walk calmly in the rain);
  • for fashionistas and women of fashion stylish design of the case, dial, strap and buckle. To this function of Armani watches, you can add the high cost determined by the buyer: you can choose the design with diamonds, with precious metal, with engraving, etc.

The classic design will equally beautifully shape the hand of both a young student and a mature man. The designer accessory is easily recognizable and perfectly adorns a woman's wrist.

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