How to choose an epilator

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How to choose an epilator
How to choose an epilator

In this article, you will learn how to choose an epilator - what types are there, what attachments are there, which brands are better and what is more reliable for the price. Everyone knows how to remove excess hairs from the body and face and why. Someone uses wax, someone cream, there are those who visit beauty salons and remove their hair once and for all with electrolysis or laser. It all depends on the abundance of excess vegetation and the availability of financial resources. However, the most common way, at home and the most convenient, but no less effective, is an electric compact device for intimate hygiene - an epilator. Going out and buying this small, hand-held device is a simple matter, but how to choose the right epilator is your question. We will try to answer it as fully as possible. So…

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How to choose an epilator?

I would like to warn everyone who has not yet used the device - the procedure for pulling out hair along with the bulb is very painful. No matter how hard the manufacturer tries to facilitate this process, inconveniences in this regard cannot be avoided. But, there is also a positive point - hair begins to grow again only after three weeks.

On the one hand, choosing an epilator is easy, since they all cause pain, you need to be guided by quality and convenience. There are several other criteria, they are not so important, but they will help you decide on a huge selection of devices that remove unnecessary "cover". All of them are divided into types, the number of attachments and, accordingly, the possibilities of processing the skin, the systems from which they are powered, the availability of additional functions, the price and manufacturers.

Epilator types

Epilator types

If epilation is considered the removal of vegetation together with the "root", and not superficial trimming of the mustache, beard, temples, etc., then the choice of epilators by type (principle of action) is not wide. There are only two: disc and tweezers. These are either discs that rotate and grab the hairs, or small tweezers mounted on the working part in a checkerboard pattern.

It doesn't really matter. But there is an opinion that tweezers remove better. I would add that it all depends on the area to be treated: if it is a bikini area - yes, if legs, then disc is better.


Epilator Panasonic ES-WD72

In the photo there is a Panasonic ES-WD72 epilator with a set. In Ukraine, it costs UAH 1220, and in Russia - 3000 rubles. Choosing an epilator with multiple attachments is the best option. But this is not necessary at all. If the hairs are thin and grow "not willingly", then there is no need to overpay. A standard epilator with a basic attachment is fine.

In general, the basic apparatus consists of a main part, where there is a motor and a fitted working part with discs or tweezers. The kit should also include a protective cap and a hair brush. For those who have a pain threshold that does not allow them to enjoy the procedure, there is a massage attachment that lifts the hair, and a tip: epilate after taking a bath, when the whole body is steamed and the pores are open.

If all measures have not reduced the pain and fear of the upcoming execution, then choose an epilator with a cooling device. These models are more expensive, but whether the overpayment is worth it can only be decided by trying. For the treatment of certain areas of a small area, for example, the bikini area, there is a restrictor attachment. If you have not used hair removal in the salon, then at home with a limiter of terrible pain you cannot avoid. Therefore, I consider it useless.

In addition to the above attachments, you can choose an epilator where it is included in the kit:

  • point attachment (for the face);
  • shaving;
  • for peeling;
  • massage nozzle;
  • trimmer.

A buyer who has chosen an epilator with all these "gadgets" can not only remove vegetation on all parts of the body with a hair follicle almost painlessly, and therefore for a long time, but also shave and equalize (for example, a beard).

Supply system

How to choose an epilator

Which epilator to choose: with a mains power supply or a rechargeable battery?

For those who remove hair and at the same time walk around the apartment - of course, the battery option. So what if you need to additionally purchase a charger or regularly buy and change batteries, but you are mobile! I chose myself with a power supply. A 3-meter cord, allows you to move in order to take a comfortable position, just after a shower, without leaving the bathroom, I eliminate all unnecessary hair. Although, for travelers, the model will be convenient with both.

Additional functions

Epilator Braun SE 3270

On the photo is the Braun SE 3270 epilator, the price is 2,190 rubles. An additional function is the presence of speed change buttons. With a switch epilator, you can pull out your hair either slowly and gently, or so quickly that some people don't notice. Most often there are two speeds: 1 and 2.

Backlight. There is nothing more to say. Decide for yourself what you will highlight for it: the space under the sofa in search of car keys, the keyhole, or wait for the power outage when plucking unnecessary hairs.


Choosing an epilator based on this criterion is perhaps the most important. The quality of plucking, service life, the size of the interval between procedures depend on who and where assembled the device. Europeans are considered to be the proven "white" companies. Of course, you have to pay for the quality. But, I guess it's better to pay for the quality than for the number of attachments and additional features.

Epilator Panasonic ES 2053

The photo shows the model of the Panasonic ES 2053 epilator. The price in online stores is within 1700 rubles. The best epilator manufacturers, brands: Braun, Panasonic, Moser, Philips and Rowenta. The first two brands are the best.

Epilator price

Epilator Philips HP 6581 - price 3400 rubles

In the photo there is a Philips HP 6581 (standing model), the price in Russia is 3400 rubles, in Ukraine you can buy it for 1400 UAH. You can also choose an epilator for a price. A regular one with one main nozzle and a set (brush, case) costs around $ 30 (1000 rubles). If you take it equipped with all possible attachments and functions, then look for it with a price of 120 dollars (more than 3600 rubles). The set of such a unit may include a cooler, tweezers, and a trimmer, and a make-up trimmer.

BRAUN 5280 Silk-epil Xelle

BRAUN 5280 Silk-epil Xelle, cost 3200 rubles.

Epilator BRAUN Silk-epil 5780

In the photo there is an epilator BRAUN Silk-epil 5780, price 4800 rubles. Lastly, I can’t resist good advice on choosing an epilator: it’s important that the handle of this device fits your palm like a glove. And the finger was conveniently located on the switch. A few words about hygiene: don't forget to clean your work area. It is removed and washed under running water or treated with alcohol. In addition, if the hairs remain, then they prevent the tweezers from grabbing the next hair. And if you also read the attached instructions and follow them, then the epilator will fight for the smoothness of your skin for many years.

Watch the video on how to choose the right epilator, expert recommendations:

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