How to choose a vacuum cleaner and which one?

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How to choose a vacuum cleaner and which one?
How to choose a vacuum cleaner and which one?

Thinking about buying a new vacuum cleaner, but don't know what to look for when choosing? Read our tips, we will tell you how to choose a vacuum cleaner and which one. Main criteria. In our large original world, it is completely impossible to find identical apartments or houses. As they say, there are no comrades for taste and color. Each house is unique and original until it looks like a junkyard. Moreover, if all people stop cleaning, it will be possible to forget about the originality of the dwellings. How do modern people maintain order in their houses and apartments? Of course with a vacuum cleaner. In this article on we will talk about this household appliance and how to choose it.

In our time, vacuum cleaners "… well, just heaps." You can easily choose yours from thousands of models, based on the following selection criteria:

Vacuum cleaner power

There is a simple rule for choosing a vacuum cleaner in terms of power: the more powerful the unit, the more it will suck in dust, which means that cleaning will be more productive. Most modern vacuum cleaners have a power of 1.5 - 2.3 kW (1500-2300 W). These are ideal for home. You may not even look towards vacuum cleaners with a capacity of one kilowatt. Why? Yes, armed with a cocktail straw, it will be easier and generally possible for you to clean up than with such a "helper".

Filter type (dust collector)

Earlier, in the days of the Raketa vacuum cleaners, there was only one filter in the form of a bag with an opening bottom. Now everything is different and you can choose from filters in the form of a container, water filters and good old bags. Also, do not forget about the size of the dust collector, which is usually measured in liters, ranging from 0.5 to 5 liters or more. Let's consider each type separately.

1. Filter bag

Vacuum cleaners with this type of filter are the most affordable on the market. Choosing from the "bag" models, determine in advance the type of filter - permanent from fabric or paper, but replaceable.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner - a permanent container made of fabric

In the first case, during the operation of the vacuum cleaner, you will not have to spend extra money on the purchase of replacement filters. However, it is worth noting that it is very difficult to "knock out" the dust from such a filter without the risk of getting on your feet or past the garbage container. In addition, it is recommended to wash frequently filter bags in order to avoid heavy loads on the vacuum cleaner motor. And probably not a single housewife wants to wash such dust collectors in her washing machine.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner - paper container

Another thing - replaceable paper filter bag… With this, the process of emptying the filter will not become a nasty activity for you, followed by washing. It's simple - I opened the vacuum cleaner, took out the filter and threw it out along with the trash. It's that simple!

If, nevertheless, you do not know which type of vacuum cleaner to give preference to, purchase a model that supports both disposable and reusable bags. Experimenting with this at home with your next purchase, you will know exactly what kind of vacuum cleaner you need.

2. Filter - container (without bag)

Vacuum cleaner models with such a filter are much better at cleaning. The advantages of such vacuum cleaners are: high suction power (compared to other models) and a convenient way to empty the filter - the debris in it "collects" into a lump and, if you want to throw it away, the dust does not scatter around the house and your clothes. An insignificant, but still the disadvantage of vacuum cleaners with a filter in the form of a container is their large dimensions. Although if you spend more time searching for the ideal model for you, you can find a not so bulky unit.

3. Wet filter

Models of vacuum cleaners with this type of filter have clear advantages over others: they are more durable, and the suction process into the filter excludes the failure of the motors when dust gets into them, which increases the service life of the vacuum cleaner. Of course, these models of vacuum cleaners also have disadvantages. This is both a complex process of replacing water, and the high cost of the household appliance itself.

Snake cord length

I think it's no secret that vacuum cleaners run on "electric wood". Where can I get them? Yes, nowhere! You just need to connect your vacuum cleaner and the socket with a cord. This raises the question of the length of the cord and it certainly needs to be resolved before buying. Cheap vacuum cleaner models have a 3-4 meter cord. This is often very little, even for the smallest apartment. A six meter cord is ideal. Of course, it is impossible to vacuum the Tretyakov Gallery with it, powered by one outlet, but with such a cord you can easily "wander" around the house and clean without thinking about any outlets.

In addition, I would like to notice the presence of a cord folding mechanism in some models of vacuum cleaners. Agree, although a six-meter cord is convenient to work with, untangling and folding it every time you clean is a thankless task. If your vacuum cleaner has a folding mechanism, then by simply pressing a button, the cord will collect itself inside the household appliance, while independently unraveling from simple loops.

Wheel covers

An important part of the vacuum cleaner is its wheels. Often, the buyer forgets about them when buying. But in vain! No matter how “super quiet” your vacuum cleaner is, it will still make noise. How to reduce it? Yes, at least getting rid of the sound of wheels on the floor. Rubberized wheels will help to achieve this result.

Comfortable handle

Agree, any cleaning should be at least a little bit fun. I don’t think that even the most expensive vacuum cleaner will be able to give you pleasure, but providing comfort while cleaning is quite a feasible task. How? The presence of not just a handle, but a convenient tool for work. During the long cleaning process, the brush can get tired. To avoid this, choose a vacuum cleaner with a tube with a diameter smaller than that of the main tube. In addition, do not forget about the quality of such a tool. I don’t think you buy a vacuum cleaner for monthly cleaning. In this case, the handle of the vacuum cleaner must be strong so as not to break, for example, when hitting the floor.

Internal security

The heart of the vacuum cleaner is the motor. To protect it and the vacuum cleaner itself as a whole, there are functions "Easy start" and protection against overheating. It will not be superfluous to have such functionality in the arsenal of a home electric assistant. Who wants to spend money on a new vacuum cleaner after every half hour of cleaning?

Well, now that you have read this article, you can safely go to the store and purchase what you really need. Believe me, no obstacles will arise for you to do the right thing. Happy shopping!

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