How to choose a USB flash drive and which one?

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How to choose a USB flash drive and which one?
How to choose a USB flash drive and which one?

Are you going to buy a USB flash drive, but don't know which one? Then read our article on how to choose a flash drive, what criteria you should pay attention to when choosing: volume, speed, data protection, beacon. Any modern person knows what a flash drive is. Agree, a flash drive or, in a smart way, USB Flash Drive is an irreplaceable thing of our time. In appearance, such a device seems to be quite simple, uncomplicated. But it only seems so at first glance! It was not for nothing that it was noticed that a flash drive is a device, which means that you need to choose the right one before buying it. As the saying goes, such cases "cannot be solved right away." In this article on the website, we will give tips that will help you find your USB flash drive from hundreds and thousands of flash drive models.

And so, I want to note: right choose a flash drive it is possible, even if you have not "encountered" them before. How? It's that simple! When buying, be guided by the following selection criteria:


Volume is the most important factor in choosing this device. Why? A flash drive is needed to store information - this is its primary task. Therefore, the volume must be taken care of first of all, because it determines the maximum amount of information that can be stored in the memory of such a device. Currently, there are flash drives with a memory capacity of 1 to 256 Gigabytes (GB or Gb). How much volume do you need? It's hard to say. Focus on the purpose of the purchase. Do you need a USB flash drive for frequent transfer of small information? A 2-4 gigabyte flash drive is enough for you. If you spend most of the day at the computer, exchange not only Word text files, but also music, films, then choose a flash drive with the maximum memory capacity. Do you take it not for yourself - as a gift? Stop at an eight or sixteen gigabyte drive. With such it is difficult not to guess the amount of information of the birthday person!

Flash drive speed

What is flash drive speed? This is an indicator of the time it takes to write a certain amount of information from / to a USB flash drive. How to find out the speed of a flash drive? Read the packaging. Found it? So look for that drive model where the indicated read and write speeds are approximately the same. Note: a speed of 10 Mbit / s is the best option for any device (they usually have - "Interface: USB 2.0"). But this is not yet the limit of the capabilities of modern storage devices. You will find a device with a speed of 32 - 50 Mbit / s (new interface: USB 3.0), take it right away without hesitation - you will not regret it! I would also like to note that sometimes speed characteristics are indicated not by numbers, but by inscriptions. For example, it can be "Hi-Speed", "Ultra-Fast". The latter option indicates a speed of 25 Mbps or higher. There are super high-speed USB Flash Drive - 140 Mbps.

Data protection

Flash drives with the ability to protect data are a useful thing. True, it is worth noting that the price of such devices is several times higher than the cost of conventional drives, and they are sold only in specialized stores. There are few options for choosing a "protected" flash drive. Either a cryptography system is implemented in it, or access to its information opens after reading the owner's fingerprints. If you are purchasing a device for storing confidential information, do not miss this point during the purchase.

Flash drives - boot disks

Such flash drives allow you to start a computer with an OS installed on it, configure the PC and treat it from viruses. I would like to note the models of flash drives with U3 technology.This includes the functions of both regular and bootable drives. The memory of a flash drive with this technology is divided into parts: one for storing information, the other for running programs.


How to choose a flash drive - beacon

Many modern flash drives have a special beacon in them. It signals (lights up) at the moment when information is read from or written to the drive. On the one hand, it is convenient. I "stuck" it into my computer, set a movie to be loaded from a friend's flash drive onto my computer, and only occasionally, for example, sitting in the kitchen, you glance when the device stops glowing. But this is only true for a computer. For example, it is very annoying, and the constantly pulsing beacon of a flash drive inserted into the car radio distracts from the road. In any case, be guided by the purpose of the purchase. The presence of a beacon will not be superfluous for using a USB flash drive on a computer. In a car or an MP3 player, this option will not work at all.

These were the most basic characteristics of these devices, and what material they are made of, what color they have and other indicators remain at your discretion and liking.

How to choose a USB flash drive and which one?

That's all! All the secrets of flash drives are revealed and you just have to go to the store and buy the coveted device or order through the online store. Enjoy the shopping!

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