Steam ovens: types and models, operating temperature

Steam ovens: types and models, operating temperature
Steam ovens: types and models, operating temperature

In our time, when more and more people are trying to eat healthy food, steamers have become very popular. However, they are not always convenient, not everything can be cooked in them. As a replacement, steam ovens were invented, which, as it turned out, are capable of much. In addition, they produce combined models that can satisfy the tastes of different people.

It's no secret that steamed dishes are much healthier than fried and baked dishes. Large steamers, however, take up a lot of space. Small ones are designed for one or two people, therefore, in order to make dinner for a large family, the hostess has to cook at least twice. This, accordingly, takes twice as much time and effort too. To avoid such "sacrifices" and spend less time in the kitchen, they came up with a steam oven.

This interesting invention works quite simply. In fact, it is a regular oven in which food is steamed. There is a container with water in the oven, when heated above 100 ° C, the water begins to evaporate, the cooking process has begun. There are also more complex designs in which steam is supplied from the steam generating compartment. This option is preferable because food can be cooked at temperatures below 100 ° C. Furnace pressurized models are available. In them, food preparation is faster. The operating temperature is approximately 120 ° C. Such ovens cannot be opened before turning off, which is not always convenient when cooking several dishes at the same time.

Combined steam ovens

Combined models are also produced, representing a steam and an ordinary oven in one case. It is known that not all types of meat can be stewed at low temperatures, it is in these cases that the combined oven will help out.

The benefits of steam cooking are undeniable. So in meat, seafood and vegetables with such processing, the taste does not change, while vitamins and nutrients remain in greater quantities. In general, it is not advisable to subject meat and especially fish to high-temperature processing, 80 ° C is sufficient. In addition, steam cooking requires almost no oil, which, according to studies, turns into a very harmful product when boiled over.

A steam oven can do a lot. You can cook almost any dish in it, for this it is enough to add water, turn on and set the required temperature and time. Also, this kitchen technique perfectly heats and defrosts food, which does not lose moisture, the taste and structure do not change. Using the steam oven, you can preserve, juice, blanch and even sterilize dishes. In addition, the dough goes well and quickly in a steam oven.

Cooking in a steam oven requires special cookware. Different dishes are prepared in different cups and according to certain rules. However, there is nothing complicated about this: brochures are sold and there are sites dedicated to cooking healthy steamed food.

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