What to do if the computer or laptop turns off by itself?

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What to do if the computer or laptop turns off by itself?
What to do if the computer or laptop turns off by itself?

Does your computer or laptop turn off by itself by accident? If so, there may be several possible reasons for such failures. This article is about diagnosing and fixing such errors. Frequent shutdown of computers is a very common problem faced by a large number of computer users. Many times, when a user is working on their computer, the computer shuts down for a while and restarts over and over again. This behavior of technology begins to enrage.

The computer or laptop shuts down by itself

The frequent occurrence of this problem is very annoying. This article discusses some common problems that may answer your query as to why the computer shuts down on its own.

The computer or laptop shuts down by itself accidentally: Possible causes are as follows

Reason # 1: Virus

If your computer shuts down unexpectedly, then computer viruses may be causing it. The notorious computer viruses are the most common cause of periodic shutdowns of computer systems. Once your system is infected with a computer virus, the virus will degrade the ability of your operating system (OS) to run, causing it to shut down from time to time.


Install a good antivirus program on your computer if you do not have it (I recommend the “avast!” Antivirus, it is both paid and free, the free version is no worse than the paid one and updates itself). It is necessary to scan your computer properly, it is important to avoid any threats of malware or other viruses like "Trojan". Whenever you use USB, make sure you scan them properly. Viruses are usually transmitted from external carriers. In case you are using the Internet, it is necessary to use antivirus software that warns you about sites that could harm your computer. If your computer keeps restarting on its own, malicious code or viruses could be the root cause of this.

Reason # 2: Incorrect computer or laptop settings

If you are using Windows XP, it is recommended that you check your computer settings. This OS comes with a built-in program that reboots the computer in case of errors. Solution: Click on Performance and Maintenance? "Control Panel" "Start"? Isolation? Click System? Select the "Advanced" option? Choose "Settings" from the "Startup and Recovery" section? Uncheck the box and select the Auto Restart option.

Reason # 3: Overheating of your computer or laptop

If your computer or laptop shuts down on its own, overheating may be another possible cause. Let's face it. Computer overheating is a problem that we all face at some point in time when using computer hardware. Many times the laptop overheats and shuts down. This is because most laptops come with a built-in temperature sensor that turns off the computer after reaching a certain temperature, in accordance with the laptop's settings.


There are many ways to avoid this problem. You can choose a good laptop stand for cooling. This will prevent your laptop from heating up and keep it from overheating.You can also go to your nearest computer repair shop and have your computer or laptop cleaned. Also, many who just bought a laptop make a simple mistake, they put it on a bed (blanket), cloth or something else that closes the ventilation from the bottom of the laptop and thereby overheats it very quickly and it turns off. Place the laptop on a flat, hard surface.

Laptop overheats

If dust accumulates inside the computer, this can seriously interfere with its functioning, which in turn can lead to the fire of the power supply, video card or motherboard. Periodic cleaning of your computer helps. Sometimes the processor and motherboard get excessive heat if you open many applications at the same time. Your best bet is to avoid this and tackle your tasks one at a time. Sometimes, faulty capacitors or some kind of problem in the motherboard can also cause the computer to overheat. Try to check your computer RepairShop.

If the computer shuts down on its own, it is very possible that one of the above reasons is to blame. If you cannot solve problems with your own hands, it is advisable to visit a good computer repair shop and discuss the problems with a qualified technician.

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