Interior decoration of the bath from foam blocks

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Interior decoration of the bath from foam blocks
Interior decoration of the bath from foam blocks

Interior decoration is a mandatory stage in the construction of a foam block bath. Without cladding, the walls will quickly lose their original appearance. In this article, we will consider the types of interior finishing materials for a foam block bath and the technology for their installation. Content:

  • Material requirements
  • Plastic sheathing
  • Wooden lining
  • Siding decoration
  • Fastening tiles

The interior decoration of a foam block bath performs very serious tasks: it insulates the room, prolongs its service life, protects visitors from getting burns from wall surfaces, and plays a decorative role. It can be done using any modern materials for decoration. Let's consider the most popular ones.

Requirements for the material for finishing the bath from foam blocks

Finishing a bath from foam blocks with stone, tiles and wood

The material for the interior decoration of the foam block bath must meet certain criteria:

  • Good waterproofing properties… The obvious fact is that the finish must be resistant to moisture and water ingress.
  • Ability to withstand high thermal loads… It is important that the sheathing does not crack or deform during temperature changes. When choosing a material, be sure to clarify this criterion.
  • Environmental friendliness… The decoration for the bath must be harmless to the body and the environment. Make sure the material you choose is free of toxins, harmful resins and allergic substances. Otherwise, they will be released when the room is heated and spoil health. Certain types of wood give off nutrients such as linden and larch.
  • Durability of service… Many developers value the high strength and durability of the finish. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a more expensive but high quality material. A cheap option with a short service life will eventually cost more - after 3-4 years it will need to be replaced.
  • Appearance… Choose a material for a bath with a smooth surface, without roughness and chipping. If it is a tree, it must be carefully polished.
  • Design… Don't forget to consider decorativeness. The material you like should be pleasing to the eye and in harmony with the general style of the bath.

Finishing a foam block bath with plastic

Wall cladding in the bath with plastic panels

It is produced in the form of lining and wall panels. The great popularity of this material is due to its affordability. The plastic is moisture resistant and durable, but easily damaged by any sharp objects. It can also be used for external work - it is resistant to the effects of different weather conditions. It is worth noting that some types of cheap plastic can fade in the sun, so it is recommended to install them only indoors.

The plastic installation procedure is as follows:

  1. Wall plastic and lining are attached very easily. First, a frame (crate) is constructed from wooden blocks, which should be located over the entire plane provided for finishing. This must be done directly on the surface, and not separately from it. Otherwise, you will waste much more time.
  2. The frame structure has horizontal and vertical elements. Fasten them together using a screwdriver and self-tapping screws. Attach the supporting elements to the plane with dowels (they will ensure the strength of the entire structure).
  3. At this stage, immediately insert the insulation into the cells of the frame. For this, it is recommended to use foam, mineral wool, solid mineral insulation or polyurethane foam.
  4. Plastic in the form of wall panels is installed on the crate using a construction stapler or small self-tapping screws. As for the plastic lining, it will be connected with special locks located at the end of the material.
  5. To ensure the strength and impermeability of the finish, all plastic joints must be carefully sealed with a sealant.

Note! To install the interior decoration of the bath, use fasteners (self-tapping screws, screws, dowels, etc.) made of bronze, copper, or galvanized.

Sheathing of a foam block bath with wooden clapboard

Lathing for lining in a foam block bath

Lining is a very convenient and durable material. The tree is often used for interior decoration of a foam block bath, which is due to its environmental friendliness and the creation of comfort. But you should know that it is highly flammable even with high-quality processing, the layers of which lose their properties over time. Wooden lining easily absorbs moisture, so its surface is varnished. Keep in mind that there is a special varnish that does not contain toxic substances to cover the lining in the bath.

The process of installing a wooden lining looks like this:

  • Place the material in a bath and leave it there for a day - this is necessary for acclimatization. To fix the lining, install a frame consisting of horizontal and vertical elements.
  • Install insulation in the resulting frame. It is recommended to use solid types as insulation, such as foam or polyurethane. Mineral wool will absorb moisture well, which makes it not the best product for this purpose. Lay foil on top of the insulation. An air gap should remain between the foil layer and the clapboard, which will help to form a pre-installed lathing.
  • To fit the required size of the lining, use a jigsaw or an ordinary saw. Attach the material to the frame using a screwdriver and self-tapping screws.

Finishing a bath from foam blocks with siding

Wall cladding of a foam block bath with siding inside

This material is also suitable for decorating a foam block sauna inside. In terms of properties, it is very similar to plastic, but its types and sizes are inferior to the latter in variety. The advantage of siding is its resistance to fire and moisture. It is also resistant to damage and will not discolor in the sun.

Siding is fastened in the following sequence:

  1. Use wooden blocks to create a batten consisting of horizontal and vertical bars. It is recommended to use polystyrene or polyurethane foam as insulation.
  2. When installing siding, it is important to leave voids between the panels, as the material is subject to contraction and expansion under the influence of temperature extremes. When the lathing is in place, attach the siding corners at the corners. Subsequently, panels must be attached to them one by one.
  3. The panels are connected to each other using rectangular holes. Attach the launch pad first, then the main one and all subsequent ones.

Tile for a bath from foam blocks

Decorating with paired ceramic tiles

This material is endowed with high strength and rigidity, resistance to damage, as well as fire and chemical attack. In addition, the tiles can be classified as hygienic materials - various bacteria do not accumulate on them. Another advantage of tiles is their beautiful appearance - in most cases, it is this property that pushes people to buy.

If you decide to use tiles, the interior decoration of the foam block bath with your own hands will take more time. To reduce the consumption of glue, the tiles must be pre-moistened. The adhesive mixture is diluted in a special plastic container. Work begins with the floor, for which it is better to choose tiles with a rough surface. As for the ceiling, tiles should not be installed on it.

Start tiling from a corner. Apply glue to the back surface and level it with a spatula.Level the laid tiles using a level. Insert plastic crosses into the voids between the elements to maintain the same size. When the glue hardens, remove them and rub the seams.

In addition to the photo of finishing the bath from foam blocks, we suggest you watch the thematic video:

Some developers use several materials for interior decoration of the bath. For example, the floor is tiled and the walls are finished with wood. You can perform the above procedures yourself without using the services of specialists. And at the same time, you will save a lot, since the work of professionals is not cheap.

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