Stretch ceilings "Arch": installation instructions

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Stretch ceilings "Arch": installation instructions
Stretch ceilings "Arch": installation instructions

The article describes what the "Arch" stretch ceilings are, considers their features, installation, advantages and applications. The content of the article:

  • Design features
  • Dignity
  • Areas of use
  • Installation technology

Stretch ceiling "Arch" is a kind of vaulted structure, smoothly moving from the walls to the ceiling. This shape is often used to visually enlarge the room space. The level of maximum curvature and rise of the arch can be varied according to the required interior design.

Design features of the "Arch" stretch ceiling

Arched stretch ceiling made of glossy film

In an ordinary city apartment, it is difficult to make a vault in the form of a dome. It requires a considerable room height and takes up a lot of space. Therefore, a stretch ceiling with an arch can be a good alternative to a dome structure.

An arch is one of the most affordable volumetric structures in the manufacture, which can be created using a stretch fabric. It does not require a large number of profiles and a structurally complex frame. It is enough to place a pair of curved baguettes on opposite walls of the room, fix the canvas in them and stretch it.

Depending on the characteristics of the room and the requirements for its design, the arched tension structure can smoothly transition to the walls or have sharply limited contours. Such a ceiling can be made with an arch only on one side of the room, leaving its opposite edge in the horizontal plane. This results in a smooth transition of the ceiling to one of the walls of the room.

For arches arranged in long and spacious rooms, it is recommended to divide the canvas into fragments and fasten each of them separately. This will somewhat complicate the design, but will save it from sagging the coating or the appearance of folds due to the weak tension of the canvas.

The bending angle of the coating surface can be selected arbitrarily. It is also possible to vary its height, creating conditions for mounting the composition in a not very high room.

Advantages of arched stretch ceilings

Stretch ceiling "Arch with clouds"

Like all tension systems, the stretch ceiling arch successfully hides the flaws in the base floor surface. The gaps between the concrete slabs of the ceiling, the differences in its surface in height and other external defects can not be eradicated, but simply closed with a stretched film of the arch covering.

Engineering communications can also be reliably hidden behind the canvas, simplifying the task of masking electrical wiring, ventilation ducts, pipes or fire-fighting equipment.

The strength and moisture resistance of the material of the stretch arched ceiling is beyond doubt. Having such a structure at home, you don't have to worry about the flooding of the room by the neighbors from above. The canvas is able to withstand up to 100 l / m2 water, which is easy to drain thanks to the design of the film fastening.

The material does not rot, does not grow moldy, and fungus does not form on it. Modern models of arched stretch ceilings are absolutely harmless to health and do not cause allergy attacks.

Unlike dome-shaped vaults, their arched varieties allow you to install lighting devices along the entire length of the stretch ceiling. For this, the top points of the volumetric figure are usually used. If the overhead light is supplemented with lamps, placing them at the base of the arch, you can get a beautiful and even illumination of the room.

The prerequisites for creating a unique interior are provided by a huge selection of stretch fabrics and the possibility of making photo printing on them.Images that complement the rest of the room's design give a special appeal to the arched ceiling. The sky with white clouds or night constellations looks very good on the canvas.

In addition to the disadvantages inherent in all canvases of stretch ceilings, arched systems do not have significant disadvantages. An exception may be that the height of the room from any of its sides will become slightly lower. However, this circumstance will in no way affect the comfortable stay of people in a room decorated with a ceiling stretch arch.

Areas of use of "Arch" stretch ceilings

Arched stretch ceiling in a sauna

The rounded shape of the arched ceiling is appropriate almost everywhere. This design can be a worthy decoration for a corridor or a spacious living room. The main thing here is not to show too much diligence when creating a volumetric structure. If it becomes too bulky, the design benefits of the entire interior of the room can be significantly reduced.

Offices and any other commercial objects are also perfect for using such decor in them. The large areas typical of such spaces allow the creation of impressive and more voluminous compositions of arch tension systems.

Children's rooms can be decorated with canvases with a photo print applied to them in the form of a blue sky or other image. The main thing is that such a ceiling creates coziness, and the child would be comfortable in a room decorated with such an arch.

Installation technology for arched ceilings made of stretch fabric

Installation of an arch from a stretch canvas

The volumetric composition of an arched ceiling is much more effective than a conventional system. In this case, the film is stretched over the frame, which has a special shape that gives the coating bends.

Three-dimensional systems are mounted using flat coating technology, with the exception of minor differences. The main one is the use of additional dividers in the form of three-dimensional faces.

How to fix the tensioning fabric - watch the video:

To make it easier to transform a boring rectangular room into a parabolic room, for example, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the photo of stretch ceilings with an arch presented on the websites of installation organizations. Good luck!

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