Illumination of a niche in the wall

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Illumination of a niche in the wall
Illumination of a niche in the wall

Design and organization of illumination of a niche in the wall, types and features of lighting devices, design solutions and rules for interior decoration in rooms using additional light sources, installation technology for various types of lighting.

Choosing a niche design in the wall with illumination

Wall niche with illumination

Lighting for niches in the wall is selected depending on their practical purpose. For shelves, it is better to opt for spot lighting, for mirrors - on lighting around the entire perimeter.

What you need to consider when installing the backlight in a wall niche:

  • When installing lamps, you need to take care of their brightness, it should not be more intense than the main lighting in the room.
  • The best and often used option is to illuminate a niche in the wall with LED strip. With the help of such lighting, you can decorate the entire recess around the perimeter or decorate each of its shelves separately.
  • Illumination color scheme. The shade of the glow is selected depending on the style of the room and your mood. Pink backlighting tones are perfect for a romantic style, pale yellow for creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, and white for decorating a room in a minimalist or hi-tech style.
  • LED illumination of a niche in the wall can change the shade of the glow and its intensity. It is better to stop the choice on a soft diffused light flux than on an intense spotlight, which creates a high contrast to decorative accessories placed inside the niche.
  • In niches decorated with photographs or paintings, the installation of lighting is required. Artificial light should be incident so that the image is best illuminated.
  • Wall niche lighting will also be of great importance when placing metal, porcelain and glass items on the shelves that have a glossy surface. The streams of light will shine beautifully and make the niche look more spectacular.
  • Don't overdo it with backlighting: instead of creating a calm and cozy atmosphere, it can lead to an overly formal and chilly environment.
  • The highlighting will be beneficial if you need to transform and shade objects made of gold, crystal or accessories with rhinestones. Such things will flicker in an original way under a directional stream of light.

For the original design of a niche in the wall, the use of lighting is simply necessary. This solution will allow you to add volume to the interior thanks to the spectacular play of light and shadow, as well as color saturation. There are many photos of lighting niches in the wall. With their help, you can create your own design of the structure without the help of professional designers.

Features of creating a backlight in a niche in different rooms

Illumination of a niche in the kitchen wall

A backlit niche is not only an excellent design, but also a building solution. With its help, you can make a functional recess in the wall. It is especially advisable to create niches in the interiors of apartments with a small area. The location and type of lighting for a niche in the wall must be designed before the start of construction and repair work. An electrician should redo the wiring in advance and install outlets for easy lighting connections.

Consider the features of creating backlighting in different rooms:

  1. Illumination of a niche in the kitchen wall… When creating plasterboard niches in the interior of the kitchen, great importance should be given to the organization of the backlight. You can install the lighting for the kitchen niche both on the upper part and on the sides of the recess.For family dinners or receptions, this light source is an excellent element in creating a pleasant home atmosphere. When constructing several plasterboard boxes in the interior of the kitchen, it is necessary that they be decorated in the same style and have identical lighting. However, such lighting is not enough for normal operation, so it is worth taking care of the main light source. When choosing lighting for wall niches in the kitchen, it is recommended to give preference to lamps that create a soft diffused glow. The best option for the kitchen would be a backlight with a yellow tint.
  2. Illumination of a niche in the living room wall… Decorating a niche in the living room wall by installing lighting will give the interior a special uniqueness. If the drywall box is small, then it is better to opt for one spotlight. The niche on the sides is decorated with mirrors that allow the structure to shine and emit light.
  3. Illumination of a niche in the bedroom wall… The plasterboard construction, which complements the interior of the bedroom, will look very bulky and not harmonious without the presence of decorative lighting. In addition to aesthetic properties, such lighting can also have functional characteristics. For example, if you like to read before bedtime, a niche light in the wall can be used as a table lamp or night light. Such a light source will be less bright, but pleasing to the eye. With the help of the LED strip, a niche in the backlit wall can change color, thereby providing a relaxing effect and creating a muted intimate atmosphere. It is not recommended to equip a niche in the bedroom with neon lamps. They have a high illumination intensity, so they will not be appropriate in an environment of complete pacification.

Backlight mounting technology in a niche

LED Strip Light

If you plan to install lighting in a niche in the wall, then you need to take this point into account even at the design stage and create a construction drawing. You must be clear about the type of backlight. If you have to install LED strips or neon sticks, then their fasteners will not be difficult. For spotlights, you will need to make holes in the drywall.

We carry out work on the installation of the backlight in the following order:

  • We lay all electrical communications at the stage when the profile frame of the future niche is fully assembled. We bring the ends of the wires out, sewing the niche with sheets of drywall. We sew the power supply unit for LED strips and the current converter for neon illumination inside the box.
  • If you plan to install spotlights, then we make special holes in the drywall boxes, into which we insert lighting fixtures. Before installation, we connect their contacts inside the niche with electrical wiring.
  • If you are installing an LED strip as a backlight, then it is recommended to choose a self-adhesive device with LED bulbs. We cut the tape only along the marks so as not to damage the bulbs.
  • We attach the tape to the power supply unit in accordance with the polarity, after which we check its performance and fix it on the surface of the niche in the places indicated in the design project.
  • The tape can be attached to the inner wall of the niche. If you want the flow of light to go inside the recess, then we make a special side. To do this, at the edge of the opening or ledge, we attach the starting profile, inside it - a strip of plasterboard. Outside, we sheathe it with gypsum board or metal or plastic overlays.
  • In the same way, using the side, we install the neon tubes.

To decorate a niche from gypsum board, several types of lighting can be used at once. To do this, we additionally equip the lower part of the niche with a special inverter for electricity, which we carefully hide behind drywall.

Watch a video about mounting a backlight in a niche:

Installation of such a structure is a responsible process that requires certain knowledge.Before you do the illumination of a niche in the wall with your own hands, it will not be superfluous to consult with an electrician if you do not have special skills.

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